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Product Information Manager - Demo Tour
See how a Product Information Manager (PIM) can eliminate bottlenecks and data silos by giving your team a central hub for product content. Learn more at: https://www.plytix.com/product-information-manager
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Plytix Product Analytics - Demo Tour
Get product-level ecommerce analytics from all your sales channels in one place, including 3rd party retailers. Visit https://www.plytix.com/product-analytics-tool/ to get more information. You can find us at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/plytix-com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plytix Twitter: https://twitter.com/Plytix
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How to Create a Catalog - Plytix PIM Tutorial
Learn how to design, and create that perfect catalog for you reselllers, collaborators, or even just internal users. After watching this video you will be able to make a catalog with the specific attributes, files and products to meet every need - the best part: create as many as your want!
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Adding Files | Import & Manual Upload - Plytix PIM Tutorial
Find out how easy it is to upload, import and add your files to the Plytix PIM system. You can also directly link files to your products, as well as upload multiple files at once. Start adding your videos, images, PDF's and more.
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Creating Product Lists | Smart & Static
Learn how to organize your products into different lists, based on individual products, or by using product filters. After watching this video you will be able to share your information through Catalogs and Feed, by using product lists.
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Creating Attributes & Groups - Plytix PIM Tutorial
Learn how to create product attributes in the Plytix PIM, as well as how to organize this information in the most efficient ways possible.
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Adding and Importing Products - Plytix PIM Tutorial
Find out how to upload, import and add products to the Plytix PIM system. As well as create new products, you will be able to enrich and add information to your existing products by creating attributes. Just grab your spreadsheet/CSV and start building up your PIM system.
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Plytix Product Information Management (PIM) system: A brief introduction
Start growing your sales today with Plytix, the no bullsh*t Product Information Management (PIM) platform. More than just help you manage your product data, we provide dynamic and smart features that are easy-to-use, like multi-channel distribution, automated PDF and eCatalogs, product analytics and more - all of which empower ecommerce growth! Plytix PIM - made by content people, for content people! Centralize, Optimize, Distribute and Analyze your product content and boost ecommerce growth. Get started for free today at www.plytix.com
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Build an XML Feed
This video is part 2 to creating your product Feeds. Depending on your feed type the data formatting will be different. After watching this video you will be able to create a custom XML feed for your various channels.
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Plytix Interface Tour
We claim to be, and deliver on these claims, the easiest to use PIM system on the market, but sometimes with so many cool features, maybe you missed some. This video will show you how to locate the extra important features of the PIM, such as changelogs, process queues, contacting support and more.
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Navigating inside the product view
This video explains how you can navigate your way around an individual product view. You will learn how to manage files, images, attributes and more, as well as enrich and update your products.
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Managing product Views
If you want to learn how to create a custom view so that you only see the attributes you want to, then look know further. Find out how simple it is to create your own personalised view in the Plytix PIM, to make finding and retrieving the correct data super fast.
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Ecommerce Product Analytics with Scope
Start selling your products smarter online with Scope, the first ever cross-channel, ecommerce product analytics tool. Find out information about individual product performance on your different ecommerce channels all on one easy to use dashboard. Get insights to all stages of the sales funnel with Scope. By creating product groups and channels to segment your data as you need, you will be able to make informed marketing decisions, and start growing your sales today! Get started for free at https://www.plytix.com/scope
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Manage your Account
Find your way around the Admin Account area, and discover how to change your company info, edit your security settings, add users, view payments, subscriptions and more.
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How to create a product Feed
Learn how to create a basic product feed using either the CSV, XLSX, or XML data formats, and how to customize your Feed settings based on each respective channels requirements.
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Completeness Tracking & Product Status
This video will explain to you the different ways you can use the Plytix PIM features to track and keep on top of your product information. Find out how to make sure you're only ever sharing the most up to date and correct information.
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File Categories
As well as organize your products into Categories, you will be able to create and apply Categories to your product files. This video will show you how to create easier navigation of your files for your internal users, as well as your Catalog users.
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Building a CSV or Excel Feed
This video is part 2 to creating your product Feeds. Depending on your feed type the data formatting will be different. After watching this video you will be able to create a custom CSV/XLSX feed for your various channels.
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How to create Categories | Import or manually
Find out how to apply your existing categories to your Plytix PIM, or how to create new ones to further organize your product data. You will also be able to see how to configure categoriesto make product navigation easier in your Catalogs and Marketplaces.
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Advanced Catalog Settings
Learn how to do more with your Catalogs. From including draft and complete products, to squeezing in those sneaky private files, this video will show you how to customize your Catalog to the max.
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How to use the Customer Service Desk
Learn how to create a customer service ticket to address any questions, problems, feature suggestions/improvements, and sometimes those nasty bugs. You will get insight to the whole customer service process from both a customer and a Plytix team members point of view.
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Adding new Users
In this video you will learn how easy it is to add users to your account - just be sure to have an email address at the ready, and you invite whoever you like!
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Catalog Notifications
Once you know how to use the Catalog notifications area, you will be able to see who is downloading from your catalogs, as well as what they are downloading.
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Public and Private Files
Discover how to make files public and private, as well as where you can display these files. Learn how to use the advanced catalog settings, and data formatting to control who can see your private files when you share your information.
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How to check your Import Logs
Find out how to check your recent imports for any issues and warnings, or to check which of your products were updated. You will also be able to download a fully comprehensive report of your product statuses, including any actions to be taken to complete a 100% successful import.
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How to share and download from your Catalog
This video will show how you and your catalog users can share and download from your catalogs. Learn how to embed and link your catalogs, as well as create custom catalogs to be downloaded as CSV, XLSX (Excel), and PDF files.
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Prepare Your Spreadsheet for Import
FAQ no. 1: How do I get my information into the Plytix PIM system? Answer: Easily. Use this video to find out how to tailor and configure your spreadsheet for a smooth and error free import. Make this the last spreadsheet you handle!!!
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Creating and using Import profiles
This how to video, will show you the best practises when import data frequently with lots of attributes. Bored of always having to match your attributes in the mapping tool - start creating, saving and loading Import profiles.
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