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CADENAS 3D CAD digital product catalog
Create your own digital 3D CAD catalog with CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions. Benefit from providing high quality CAD data of your products to your customers and prospectiv clients. Find an example of the digital product catalog of AMF:
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PARTsolutions with Autodesk Inventor
The intelligent parts management system PARTsolutions enables you to get 2D and 3D CAD parts for all CAD-systems. There are about 400 suppliers who provide their 3D CAD parts via PARTsolutions to engineers.
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Engineers profit from CADENAS digital product catalogs
Engineers profit from the digital product catalogs, because of high quality CAD data, available for all CAD systems. Saving time and money as well as shorten the product development processes are the focus on using digital product catalogs.
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eCATALOGsolutions in use of AMF
The digital product catalog increases sales volume and customer bindings. This important sales and marketing tool provides electronic product data to engineers all over the world.
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