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Eddyo to the world
you dun know a push we self to the fullest mi say you no if want for bookings call 1876-277-5773 or 1876-831-2131 or contact at Facebook at [email protected]
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Eddyo  Pussy Ninja
New boom" Pussy Ninja" running the streets HOT!!!! Danger look out the Pussy Ninja is here
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these ghetto
you it me Eddyo this is a song of the day to day crimes we face everyday but only spirital been stop these crimes is god you can contact me at Facebook Ainsley McDonald or twitter McDonald Ainsley or contact 1876-277-5993 or 1876-831-2131
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there is no power powerful then the most high this is Eddyo speaking for bookings call 1876-277-5993 or 1876-831-2131 contact at facebook [email protected] twitter [email protected] yahoo [email protected]
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World Wind
spinning like the storm baby girl spin your skirt off new way off the ladies to move their waist line and their baby
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Wine up you body Girl
wine up you body girl new hit its head off the block. artist you know its me you guy Eddyo for contacts or booking call 1(876) 277-5992 or 1(876) 831-2131 contact at Facebook= Ainsley McDonald twitter = McDonald Ainsley
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Cum Girl
yeh u no the new way now we call girl fi da same way a Eddyo to the fullest for booking call 1876-277-5993 or 1876-8312131or cantact at facebook [email protected]
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cum fi the money gal
Up and running this song of the chart this song was written by me Eddyo if you want contact for bookings called you can call 1876-277-5993 or 1876-831-2131 or contact at face book at [email protected] or twitter [email protected] so good listing
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