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Cartoon Wars 3 | YES!!!!! We Beat IT
Im bored i put no effort D:Lol. Cant play for like a week D: But see ya guys ill try to reply
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True religion Real vs Fake, not all are made in USA
These 2 pairs are both real, bought of true religion website and app, took about a 4 to 6 days to arrive. Geno slims are hemp and 78% cotton Straights are 100% cotton There a tags on the back that says true religion one cloth with a red Buddha and one leather. The leather will have eveyone has a religion but everyone wears jeans And cloth have the red buddhas The inner pockets on red Buddha’s will be stained a little blue it pre washed if not then there raw denim and could make your cloths turn blue Every pair is handmade so they have a lot of little details so if your stitching is jank then it’s fake and also the buttons and stuff all have true religion front and back and the zipper is chrome and light and has a perfect CLEAN cutout of the horse shoe
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 17 We Beat it!
Today i beat lvl 16 on easy mose because u know of course im bad :) Ur all guud
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Cw3 | Gameplay
Sorry i wasny paying attention to the volume and it got loud
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Cartoon wars 3| ep 2 "4 Star Hype"
Today we play cartoon wars 3 this is the 2nd ep and if y want to add me my ign is KronicNitron. Hope u like the game. .... (I want to be sponsered) Lol
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 23
L0l tHe END :D
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Moving to Normal Mode
Watch me get rekted in easy mode. Yo yo shout to my friend Knightmare Minecraftian
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Fast Gold! Ep10
I figured out a fastwats to make gold u need fast mana and 1 star troops on the firsr mission
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2nd Xbox one Elite controller but its defective too
I had a elite controller for over a year and a half and it had many defective problems including stick placement and bumbers and the grip. Microsoft sent my another 1 that was out of the 90day warranty but they have a ontime exchange and its has a defect too. My 2nd controllers right trigger hits the right bumber and hits hard and is loud af.
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Cartoon Wars 3 | I hate 4 stars
Hi ther3 person3. Thanks for goin all the way down here. Comment #CommentSection
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Do not Buy a Xbox Elite controllee After You See This
Xbox 1 elite controllers rb and lb buttons have been breaking afyer 6 to 9months of use and ive had mine for 7 and my lb broke Game stop does not repair so.
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Channel update | Cw3 Gameplay
Ill rec vids when my voicebin like 3 days alsoy troughts hurting so that 2
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Cartoon Wars 3 |  Dual 5 star TANKS!
Omg look theres some on in the comment section
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 21 We Beat It!
We finnaly beat this lvl guys im going camping tommarow so ill see you guys later ill try to respond to your comments and peace kronic out
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Corsair Rgb Strafe Review and software
Links for software: http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/downloads Link for key board its self: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B014W3FGYU/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490324266&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=corsair+rgb+strafe&dpPl=1&dpID=51QJ4IjgdsL&ref=plSrch Link for my mouse: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00IRHE892/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490324317&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=logitech+g502&dpPl=1&dpID=41jTfTUmnXL&ref=plSrch
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Cartoon Wars |3 Super "OP"
Today we play a fun game know as cartoon wars 3 i played the francis for about 6 years. Its very fun u can add me ign:KronicNitron.i'll accept it.u can use my 3 star 2 help u.
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 11
Today i play Cartoon Wars 3. I just got increased gold upgrade.Leave a Like Comment And Subscribe.
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iPhone X EarPods into iPhone 6 case
I made another desc bc it failed to upload but yes this is possible just make straight lines don’t overlap a lot and reroll from top to bottom to middle then when you get to the lighting adapter just put it straight. If you have questions leave it in the comments and I’ll try to respond fast
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Roblox Miners Haven | Guide To New Players
Today i do a guide on miners heaven for new players. On how to play how to make money. Comment if u want me to do more vids of this game. Ign:NinjaKilla457
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 38 5 Star Dounut-Man
Hello random person whom is looking threw the comment section. Well hello and thank you for watching :D Click to view more Haha i rember that comment trend that went on
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 7
Today we play cartoonwars 3. But i might play other ganes like clash royale,clash of clans,marvel contest of champions,boombeach.
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Roblox Azure Mines | Glitch
I found a glitch in azure miens to get out my ign name is NinjaKilla457 use and abuse. iwould just like to say this glitch was founded at july 21 1:30 2016 at pst time my Roblox name is NinjaKIlla457 and i sent berreza a msg about his do not copy this fir the win i won it KIDS
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 6
Sry guys i couldnt talk rn im driving. But i just wanted to make a vid for u guys. We might start working with a friend. But in this vid i use Nillow Neapoliton like ice cream. THXS 4 Waching.
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OMG thank you so much for 50 subscribers :D read deem words im applying for rank youtube so i can make vids on this server :D It took meh 2hours to edit
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Cartoon Wars 3 |Ep 18 Almost Got It!
Today i play cw3(cartoon wars 3 ) and i attacked and almost beat the lvl was so hard :(
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Instant Win
sorry for the delay of this Episode. My parents had came into the room D: I know im not into youtube as much as i used to but im still here to make vids and help yall out :D.
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 37
Today i play cw3 a cool game that uses different units :D. Come on in and tell me about your units and how u enjoy the game. If u wish to add me comment ur ign and ill try to add you my friends list is getting full
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 24 So OP
Tommarow i have school D:
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 19 Its So Hard!
today i play cw3 but i would just like to thank you guys for 40 subscribers ad i never thought i would hit this i never earned it i just started youtube as fun at first but kknow where like a family. thank you and i didnt do anything to earn this. Thank you so much and have a good day.
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Dungeon & UPDATE!
Sry havnt been posting guys have school ughhh and kinda sick not rly any more before it was Really bad. See you guys later peace
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Catch and Cook with the Homies
Catch and cooked bass spent whole day sorry the audio is bad the go pro case is to protected also sorry night time only got fish in the night time.
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Bloons BTD Battles | Rainbow Ruins
Yo rnadom subscriber looking three the comment sectiin here
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Derp
Rip forgot to un mute ny self :D. Yoyo His vid too long
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Why is He So OP!
Today i play cartoon wars 3 and i get mad because this lvl is so hard ughhhh (SPONSERS MEH PLZ I NEED DEM CRYSTALS LOL)
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep Idk
I made this vid late so rip meh Its jard to upload on tuesdays and thursdays so yeah sorry guys. Xbox 1:NinjaKilla457 Ps4:Dont got psn anymore ran out so i dont play on there ill let u know if i will. Skype: Not gonna say #Nice thank you if your reading this have a nice day c ya. Im Out-
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HyperX Cloud Core Pro Gaming Headset
I reviewed the Hyperxcloudcore.There are 2 other hypers hyperxcloud 1 and 2.This on the Core is basically all of them conbined at 59.99. It has Leather Really good materials and detacthable mic. NOTE:NO VOLUME CONTROL
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Cartoon Wars 2 Challenge Live
Cw2 yes cw2 challenge with KronicMLGBoy
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Christmas Spirit
Today i play cartoon wars 3 a cool game by gamevil. I am trying to get 2 prem unit summok but it isnt working good at the moment. But abyway have a good time :D
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Beating NUBS
Hello my name is ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Jk its Kronic call me kronic if u want. I wont give out my real name If u say it i will block u and stop u from seeing my channel
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When u get banned on xbox for no rrason
I got banned for a day for no reason. All i was doing was screaning when no one was in the party.
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How to clean/make a fidget spinner spin longer?
So my tip is to run it under WARM water. Waring dont blame me if it rust becaseu you didnt dry it like i did with compressed air
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Team fortress 2 | Ep 1 Part 2 of 2
Today i play Teamfortress 2 on Steam u guys can play with meh if u want just msg me and ill try to reply :D To lazzy to put more desc look at first vid of TeamFortress
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Cartoon Wars 3 | New Update
Today i played some cartoon wars3. They made a new updateb:). So if u guys want i can help me about what this stuff is.
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Cartoon Wars 3 | Ep 14 5 Star Hype!
We are getting close to a 5 star guys! If u want me to play differnt games comment them
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Minecraft Ep1 | Mystic Smp
Today we play minercraft on my friends server we are starting a series called Mystic Smp,smp stands for Survival Multiplayer. So i`m not sure if its smp im guessing ill tell you guys if its not but we were going to do smp, I actually recorded a vid for smp but it got messed up and it was very short. Ign:xxXRangelXxx Server:Mystic Server (NO IP WHITELISTED) Thanks for watching my first smp ep on Mystic Smp my friend ItsRazyy owns it.
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Roblox Murder Mystery 2 | Ep 1
Today i play roblox Muder Mystery 2 IGN:NinjaKilla457
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Were Almost at 50 SUBS!
Omg thank you guys for 50 subscribers were about to hit that milestone. ive on been on here for 5 months and i`m this big WOW. I have nothing to say you guys helped me when i was having trouble like my uncle. Thank you guys for 50 subs tell me what u should do and ya ill see guys later.
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Sorry I Did`nt Stream
2 twitch acounts xx22forlyfe thats reg coolandwarm which is xbox and ps4 and thats what im usally signed into. Alsoi cant stream today again my parents surprised me that were going fishing wow?
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Clash Royale | Stop The PRINCE
Why do many princes. Next gen xbox 1 username:NinjaKilla457
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Got In a Car Accident
Today at 4pm pst (pacifstandardtime) i got un a car crash il post picks in a day or to
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