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Ask the Expert : Real-Time CMDB with Ben Yukich
Post your Question on the Community :https://community.servicenow.com/thread/229681 As service architectures evolve and become more dynamic, how can you keep your CMDB healthy and relevant? Join Ben Yukich for a discussion of the techniques you can use to keep your CMDB up to date in near real time. Specific product areas discussed will include Discovery, Service Mapping, CMDB, and Scripted REST APIs. These parts of the platform work together seamlessly to provide a dynamic CMDB that can keep pace with even the most demanding operational requirements.
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Ask the Expert: Setting up the CMDB Health metrics and applying them to a real world CMDB
Join us for a Presentation on setting up CMDB health metrics and how to apply them. It's an opportunity to see how the new CMDB Health Dashboard can help you manage the data quality of server and network device data. This new dashboard provides an actionable view of CI health and a remediation framework to take corrective actions. Post your Questions on the Community!! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/263110
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TechNow Ep 45 | Kingston Part 2 of 2
In part 2 of our series on Kingston Platform features, Chuck and Pradeep dive in to many of the other platform features that were released in Kingston. Find out what’s new and how it can be applied to your applications and integrations to make development, testing, and deployment faster than ever. Quick tip: Avoiding scripting issues when your field is named “query" or “next". Join the discussion: https://community.servicenow.com/message/1281084
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TechNow Ep 28 | Service Portal - Part 1 of 2
Join Chuck Tomasi and Dave Slusher as they walk you through creating and using a Service Portal widget on the Helsinki release. We will demonstrate how to code the widget itself with the real time editor, how to set up a Service Portal page to include that widget, and how to make that page available to end users. Service Portal is the Helsinki developer feature with the most excitement behind it and for good reason. Come see why! and post your questions on the Community https://community.servicenow.com/thread/230003
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TechNow Ep 61 | Explore the Madrid Platform Features
The focus of ServiceNow's Madrid release is delivering an intuitive and intelligent experience for everyday work. Users get a better experience with Mobile Studio and enhancements to Service Portal. Agents get a modern, intuitive experience with Agent Workspace. Developers and administrators improve their experience with enhancements made to Flow Designer, IntegrationHub, and REST APIs. Join Chuck Tomasi, Kreg Steppe, and Stacey Bailey as they take a look at each one of the platform changes in Madrid and show you why you'll be eager to upgrade. Join the discussion on the community https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=e5fb2ac6db8baf409a64e15b8a961973
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AppShowcase : Be a Rockstar Developer with Xplore: Developer Toolkit
The Whitespace Studios team loves ServiceNow developers. In this session we'll teach you how to use our free Xplore developer toolkit to bring your development to a whole new level. We'll cover how to use Xplore to - explore server side and client side objects - test and debug code and objects - test regular expressions - explore tables - view logs Come find out why Xplore is the most downloaded and highest rated app on ServiceNow share. Post your questions on the community! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/271808
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TechNow Ep 46 | Performance Analytics
The logical follow on from episodes 42 and 43 on reporting is to go to Performance Analytics with Dan Kane. Even if you're not using PA today, you can still start the data collector and gather information for the out-of-the-box indicators and breakdowns. As a ServiceNow System Administrator, Dan provides you with the information to feel comfortable getting started with the very powerful feature. Join the discussion on the ServiceNow Community: https://community.servicenow.com/message/1317254
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2/5 Ask the Expert: CMDB Basics with Steven Bell, MVP
CMDB is always a HOT TOPIC! Now's your chance to ask Steven Bell, Accenture & Community MVP, your CMDB questions. The Configuration Management Database in ServiceNow is the core repository for Configuration Items. The following topics will be covered: 1. CMDB Table Structure 2. Field Inheritance 3. What is a CI? 4. CI Relationships 5. Classification of CIs 6. Useful tips when creating CIs 7. The use of CIs in ITIL, and in Discovery
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10/16 Ask the Expert: ITSM Common Services Data Model (CSDM)
Join us for another session of Ask the Experts! In this session, we'll be covering ITSM Common Services Data Model (CSDM). The Common Services Data Model (CSDM) represents a shared set of service related definitions that span the ServiceNow® product portfolio and the Now® platform. They are being standardized to ensure (1) accurate service reporting, (2) consistent use of standard terms and (3) to provide more prescriptive guidance on service modeling. The data model includes the recommended mappings for the service related tables and CI class mappings. The initial model focuses on ITBM, ITSM, ITAM and ITOM. However, the model accounts for customer extensibility and future versions will include Customer Service Management (CSM), Human Resource Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), GRC along with the Internet of Things (IOT). Post your questions on the Communityhttps://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=67025d4adbc1e748feb1a851ca9619ff&anchor=answer_fab1c3a6db2477c05ed4a851ca9619f1
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TechNow Ep 33 | GlideAjax
Chuck and Dave cover GlideAjax - a common scenario for making server information available to your client scripts. While this can seem complex at first, they take it step by step and explain everything to help you feel confident in creating effective and efficient scripts. Post your questions on the COmmunity https://community.servicenow.com/thread/245528
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CCB1102 - Agent Workspace: Modern Experience for Modern Agents
A deep dive into the Agent Workspace - problems, current features, getting started and configuration setup, plus upcoming designs.
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Customer Service Management with ServiceNow, AWS Connect and VoiceFoundry
This quick demonstration video provides an overview of OpenFrame, the native CTI capabilities within ServiceNow, and its ability to integrate with Amazon Connect.
TechNow Ep 29 | Service Portal - Part 2 of 2
Post your Question on the community https://community.servicenow.com/message/982239#982239 Join Chuck Tomasi and Dave Slusher as they continue their discussion on Service Portal based on your input! We get in to some more advanced topics around creating widgets and solving problems you asked about. Service Portal is the Helsinki developer feature with the most excitement behind it and for good reason. Come see why!
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Ask the Expert : Workflow Demonstrations in Helsinki with Steven Bell MVP
Steven Bell, Community MVP, will be presenting a couple of workflow demonstrations within Helsinki. Steven will show advanced features on the IF activity, as well as how to use the Branch and Join activities (typical and atypical). Post your Questions on the Community!  https://community.servicenow.com/thread/224590   Featured Expert Steven Bell is an Architect Manager and ServiceNow Trainer for Accenture Cloud-First.  He has over 30 years of Developer experience.  His areas of expertise include Application Development, Development Process, Orchestration, Discovery, Asset Management, Software Quality Assurance.  Steven's prior experience includes web services development in C#/.Net.  He earned a BS in Computer Science from Texas Tech University - Lubbock.
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Ask the Experts:  Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Please join us as we go through an overview of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) applications and discuss best practices for our most common use cases. This will include an overview that starts with Demand Management and then expands into Project and Resource Management as well as Portfolio Planning. PPM applications are part of ServiceNow’s IT Business Management product, helping IT run like a business delivering Visibility, Strategic Alignment, and Increased Velocity in service and application delivery. Please Post your Questions in the Community https://community.servicenow.com/thread/276174
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A GlideRecord Survey – Beginner Walkthrough of GlideRecord, with Steven Bell
Join us with Steven Bell MVP as he demonstrates constructing various GlideRecord queries in ServiceNow. Starting simple and moving a to a bit more complex. Some of the topics covered: What is a GlideRecord query? Accessing the elements of the records returned Limiting records returned Various simple operators .get function OrderBy Or Condition Null checking Dot walking the WHERE clause Dot walking a reference field in a WHERE clause Error detection and handling issues Updating a record Scripting and GlideRecord Best Practices will be covered!
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TechNow Ep 38 | Advanced Workflow Tips and Tricks
Join Kreg Steppe, Dave Slusher and Chuck Tomasi as Kreg shows some tips and tricks with the ServiceNow Workflow GUI. We will take away a little of the mystery behind it and make it a more useful for you. Learn a bit about Timers, Waits, Scripting in Workflows and building your own activities to make Workflow work exactly as you want it to.
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Ask the Expert:  Solving the CMDB Puzzle with Special Guest Speaker Rob Pickering
(Rescheduled) Post your Questions on the Community ! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/276210 Solving the CMDB Puzzle with Special Guest Speaker Rob Pickering - Champion Enablement Solving for all of these questions can feel like quite the brain teaser. That’s why Champion Enablement is pleased to announce a special edition Ask the Expert session with special guest speaker, Rob Pickering, who will answer these questions and even share experiences from his time as a customer executive!
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Ask the Expert: Live Chat -Discovery, MID Server, CMDB, Automation, SCCM
Watch live: Thursday, November 13, 2014 | 11:00 AM (PDT) / 2:00PM (EDT) Join Aleck Lin (Aleck Lin) and Amit Dhuleshia (Amit Dhuleshia) as they share with you Discovery troubleshooting and best practices. Each month a common issue encountered by Discovery customers will be addressed. There will be a brief presentation of the issue that covers troubleshooting techniques and design recommendations suggested. The bulk of the session will be an open QA on any Discovery related topic.
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TechNow Ep 37 | Understanding JSON
Constructing easy integrations to other systems is a big part of what makes ServiceNow such a wonderful application development platform. Sometimes the challenge lies in figuring out exactly what you have been given and how to apply it in ServiceNow. In this episode, the TechNow crew will guide you through one of the most common data exchange formats - JSON. Even though the results from your remote system are text, it may be difficult to understand it and get access to the specific property or value in JavaScript. As always, the team starts with some easy examples to help you understand the fundamentals and build more complex scenarios to help you interpret and access complex data objects. Community quick tip: Avoiding pitfalls with platform objects. Post your Questions on the Community! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/258310
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Ask the Expert:  Creating a Database View with Steve Bell
Post your Questions on the Community https://community.servicenow.com/thread/231240 Steven Bell, Community MVP, will be presenting hints, tips & tricks to getting multi-table reports.   Join us on August 4th at 10am PT   (est 30mins)   Featured Expert   Steven Bell is an Architect Manager and ServiceNow Trainer for Accenture Cloud-First.  He has over 30 years of Developer experience.  His areas of expertise include Application Development, Development Process, Orchestration, Discovery, Asset Management, Software Quality Assurance.  Steven's prior experience includes web services development in C#/.Net.  He earned a BS in Computer Science from Texas Tech University - Lubbock.
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Ask the Expert: Resource Management in Project Portfolio Management
Post your Questions on the Community! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/284535 Please join us as we go through Resource Management for Project Portfolio Management (PPM). This will include an overview of the Resource Management application including how to configure users, roles, groups and their capacity and a discussion on how to create resource plans effectively to request resources. We’ll also look at best practices for our most common use cases. Resource Management and its related PPM applications are part of ServiceNow’s IT Business Management product, helping IT run like a business delivering Visibility, Strategic Alignment, and Increased Velocity in service and application delivery
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TechNow Ep 62 | Madrid Mobile
Today's mobile users expect a consumer-like experience to get information and work quickly. ServiceNow Mobile Studio makes creating mobile applications that take advantage of your device's camera, location, and other native services. What's more, developers are not required to learn the iOS or Android SDK. Join Stacey Bailey, Chuck Tomasi, and Kreg Steppe of ServiceNow for an introduction and demonstration how to build an application using Mobile Studio. Join the discussion: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=3b24e4f6dbbba34423f4a345ca9619ea
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TechNow Ep 54 | Save Time and Headaches with ServiceNow's Script Debugger
Hunting down bugs can be a real time killer. Find out how you can develop complex solutions faster using a scripting debugger in this fun, informative webinar. Join the discussion on the ServiceNow community: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=aaf1fab2dbdf9740200f0b55ca961959
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CCB0825 - Build Beautiful Service Portal Experiences...
Learn how to customize the Service Portal user experience by building beautiful ServiceNow widgets, Angular services that provide widget to widget communication, search using speech recognition powered by machine learning, and enable real-time sentiment analysis on incident conversations. This session will show you how to accomplish all of this through ServiceNow's powerful scoped application capability and will be co-presented by one of ServiceNow's own Joe Harris. https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_article&sys_id=49a98422dbf557002328f3231f961972
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Ask the Expert: GlideRecords with Steven Bell
Post your Questions on the Community  https://community.servicenow.com/thread/231953 In this Expert Event, Steven Bell, community MVP, provides insights and best practices using GlideRecords.   Four ways to do an “Or” Condition, Reworking a GlideRecord inside of a loop,  Current Factory – a way to model a Business Rule with Fix Scripts.
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ITOM Alert Intelligence - ServiceNow
ITOM Alert Intelligence - ServiceNow
CCB0529 - Flow Designer, It's All About Re-Usable Actions!
Have you ever wanted to get more discoverability and re-use out of your common Platform scripts and Business Rules? The ServiceNow Platform dev team wants to show you how. We will take you through a step by step on how we exposed Connect and VTB Actions in Kingston to the Flow Designer and explain how you can construct no-code flows that solve real world business problems by using a simple Trigger-Action paradigm. https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_article&sys_id=97a98822dbf557002328f3231f9619de
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Getting started with Policy, Compliance & Risk Management:​ How to prepare for implementation.
A step by step guide to get you ready for implementation of Policy & Compliance, Risk Management. The focus is purely on the pre-implementation phase and its 5 critical steps. To get answers to your questions: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=8d3c9e31db5c778454250b55ca961925 To download the slides with links: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=8d3c9e31db5c778454250b55ca961925 To provide feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NFKH32Y Thank you Video content: ----------------------- Agenda 1:35 Introductions 3:56 Stages of GRC maturity 6:54 Overview of the 5 steps for pre-implementation 8:16 Step 1: Identify teams and business outcomes 9:25 Step 2: Identify use cases, processes, workflows, 11:00 Step 3: Document current state 11:56 Step 4: Select your Partner or Professional Services 12:30 Step 5: Train the teams 13:14 Conclusion ---------------------- This will be followed by a video tutorial on implementation. Stay tuned.
NOWCommunity Live Stream - 2019-02-28
Episode topics include: * Scripting help * Workflow - Create Task activity - Get task number * Another use case for name-value pair fields Code snippets shown in this video are available at: https://github.com/chucktomasi/sn-community-live-stream/tree/master/2019-02-28 Join the discussion on the community: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=27d3611bdbfbe384f7fca851ca9619f7
NOWCommunity Live Stream - 2019-06-21
Episode topics include: * Metrics overview * Surveys: Send survey to assignment group instead of user * Scripting: Workflow script to populate task fields * Logic: Flow Designer Approvals and Logic Issue * Scripting: Script to compare dates Code snippets shown in this video are available at: https://github.com/chucktomasi/sn-community-live-stream/tree/master/2019-06-21 Join the discussion on the community: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=41f4e367db0ef784656a5583ca9619cf
TechNow Ep 42 | Basic Reporting
Join Kreg Steppe, Dave Slusher, and Chuck Tomasi as Kreg demonstrates the reporting features of ServiceNow. Take a look at the ServiceNow Report Writer and it's features. Leverage data we all collect in our systems and turn them into reports as well as mix it up into various styles and see how many ways we can look at our data. Plus the community quick tip: global code search Join the discussion on the community: https://community.servicenow.com/message/1252021
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12/19 Ask the Experts: Knowledge Blocks
Has your knowledge base gotten out of control because of regional variations? Do you have multiple knowledge articles on the same topic to accommodate for different employee populations? If so, join us as we review the Knowledge Blocks enhancement introduced in the London release. Attendees will learn about Knowledge Blocks, see a live configuration of a knowledge article containing knowledge blocks, and participate in Q&A with product experts.
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TechNow Ep 31 |  Regular Expressions Part 1 of 2
Chuck, Dave, and Kreg are back to help you understand the world of regular expressions. These powerful patterns can be extremely useful in scripting, Edge Encryption, and more. Find out how to understand, build, and maintain your regular expressions to take advantage of some very powerful features. Post your Questions on the Community https://community.servicenow.com/thread/239008
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TechNow Ep 43 | Advanced Reporting
Following up on TechNow episode 42, we dive a little deeper into ServiceNow reporting and taking a look at some advanced features. Now that we are visualizing our data in reports, let’s make our reports a little more robust by exploring drilling down, interactive dashboards, related lists, and database views. Quick tip: Best practices with reference fields. Join the discussion: https://community.servicenow.com/message/1274112
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11/8 Ask the Expert: What's New in London for Knowledge Management
With the London Release, ServiceNow® Knowledge Management includes the following features and enhancements: Knowledge blocks: Simplify knowledge authoring for writers and knowledge consumptions for readers with reusable knowledge blocks, which can be inserted into knowledge articles and are secured by user criteria. Actionable Knowledge Feedback: Manage high volumes of article feedback by enabling automatic task generation for negative feedback. Knowledge User Criteria Diagnostics: Run user criteria diagnostics to view which users have what type of access to knowledge bases and articles. Improve knowledge search rankings using SEO: Improve knowledge search results from external search engines like Google by using the content in an article template field to generate SEO tags for articles created using that template. Post your questions on the Community : https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=947030aadb156780d6a102d5ca9619d5
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TechNow 57 | Build your first app with ServiceNow
In this session we start you out with the basics and explore some of the no-code capabiliites of the Now Platform to help transform legacy spreadsheet processes in to valuable applications. The great part for experienced admins and developers is that you can delegate this work to your line of business process owners and other "builders". Join the community discussion: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=0f8d4ecadbf06f848e7c2926ca9619fa
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4/24 Ask the Expert:  CSM Advanced Work Assignment
In this session, we will introduce you to the latest in our ServiceNow platform innovations for routing and assigning work. Advanced Work Assignment enables organizations to manage work proactively by availability, capacity, and skills. By attending this webinar, you will see the power behind Advanced Work Assignment and use it to optimize the customer experience while driving operational efficiency. Join Prithvi Yoganand and Jeff Hoffman from the Customer Service Management product management team to learn how to get started. What is Advanced Work Assignment? Defining Service Channels Creating and Managing Queues Managing overflow strategy Assigning work items using AWA Skill based routing
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Parsing the JSON Result from a Web Service - Ask the Expert Steven Bell
Post your questions on the Community https://community.servicenow.com/thread/239601 Steven Bell, Community MVP, will be presenting on how to create an Outbound REST Message to a REST Web Service, and then how to query the service, and parse the JSON returned results via a Fix Script.
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4/4 Ask the Expert w/ Steven Bell : Scripting Best Practices
Steven has noticed a lot of questions on Scripting lately... SO... Steven will review several best practices you, as a developer, should be observing when you are creating/updating your ServiceNow scripts.
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Success in a Snap Webinar: Normalize & Prioritize: Keys to effective Software Asset Mgmt
ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) normalization processes are the key to effective asset management. Learn how to get the most out of software normalization with insight into SAM normalization processes and functions, and how to establish priorities around manual normalization such as spending time on normalization outliers and selecting publishers that might require special attention. Come join us for a 30 min session
Ask the Expert: What's New in Knowledge Management in Kingston
The Kingston release adds many new capabilities, including: - Article types, offering a templated approach to structure and organize knowledge content The ability to search external content sources, with results unified and displayed from both external and internal knowledge content - In-context knowledge capture, allowing the creation of knowledge during work processes - The Article Quality Index enables scoring the quality of an article, its author, and even groups of authors - Search engine optimization support allows knowledge articles to be indexed and located using popular search engines Post your Questions on the Community! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/300410 Featured Expert: Sarup Paul is the Product Management Director at ServiceNow for Knowledge Management. He comes to ServiceNow with a rich experience in Knowledge Management and Online Customer Support systems. He has spent more than a decade in Integrations and Product Development. He is Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) v5 Certified, and has helped various companies implement their KM programs using the KCS framework. saruppaul
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9/6 Simplify your process using Personalized PDF Document Templates in HR Service Delivery
HR Service Delivery, the focus is on further improving the employee service experience and increasing HR agent efficiency across the enterprise. We have introduced new features specifically designed to help streamline the HR service experience for both the employee and HR. One of these features being the Personalized PDF Documents. Are you a ServiceNow customer looking to streamline your processes using this new feature? If yes, then don’t miss this session! We will be discussing the benefits of the Personalized PDF Document Templates and where this new feature can help to automate your document signing processes. FEATURED EXPERT: Michael Sheridan is a Product Manager at ServiceNow responsible for HRSD Implementation Success and Partner Enablement within the HR product. In his role, he helps customers and partners alike with common practices for the HR product. Michael has more than sixteen years of experience in application development, 8 of them in the HR Technology industry.
CCB0442 - Building a Better Service Portal: Lessons from the Field
Service Portal provides an incredible new opportunity to improve service experience in your organization. It offers a fresh and modern approach to development. But with anything new, there is always a learning curve and some growing pains. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, delivering a new service portal experience to your organization can be a smooth and rewarding journey. After helping dozens of organizations deliver Service Portals, we want to share what works and what doesn't. If you are starting your service portal journey, this session will help you take the right path. https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_article&sys_id=45a98422dbf557002328f3231f961975
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TechNow Ep 55 | London Platform Features
ServiceNow's London release has a lot of new platform features and enhancements to existing capabilities. New features include: Agent Workspace, Virtual Agent, new notification types, delete recovery, and new APIs. We'll also cover some significant enhancements to Service Portal, Guided Tour Designer, ATF, Service Catalog, REST APIs, MetricBase, Flow Designer, IntegrationHub and more!
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TechNow Ep 49 | Faster Integrations with the REST API Explorer
Find out how you can build faster inbound integrations from third party applications using the REST API Explorer, built-in to the ServiceNow platform.
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TechNow Ep 44 | Kingston Part 1 of 2
ServiceNow’s Kingston release is packed with new platform features - so many that we need to make this a two part series. In this part, Dave Slusher and Pradeep Sharma guide us through two of the hottest new features: Flow Designer, our next generation workflow, and IntegrationHub, our new orchestration engine. Watch and learn as we demonstrate how to use and build the components around these cornerstones that will change how you build applications. Quick tip: Chuck shows a short hand notation for retrieving one record using Javascript. Join the discussion: https://community.servicenow.com/message/1281081
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ITSM Value Realization Webinar Series  Change Management: CAB Workbench
Join this ServiceNow webinar to learn more about the new CAB Workbench feature introduced in the Istanbul release. This webinar will provide a detailed background about the feature, its benefits, and include a demonstration that will show how to schedule, plan, and manage CAB Meetings using the CAB Workbench. If you have questions while watching the recording, post them on the Community https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_article&sys_id=af4ca2a1dbd0dbc01dcaf3231f961951
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