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Breaking down the barriers in transport with GS1 Standards
http://www.gs1au.org/industry/transport.asp GS1 Global Standards are designed to be used by land, air and sea operators, plus all the associated logistics services including warehousing, freight forwarders and regulatory bodies. The Australian transport and logistics industry is worth more than $150 billion dollars and represents in excess of 8.6% of Australia's Gross Domestic Product, making this sector one of the most critical in Australia. It plays an important strategic role in the supply chain of all industry sectors from Grocery, to Steel, to Health, and its success is a key factor in the nation's overall competitiveness and economic performance. The sector is the key link between trading partners nationwide. GS1 Australia is working closely with many of the key associations, transport providers and Government to provide assistance in a wide range of activities. Where in the past GS1 worked towards facilitating an industry 'working group', currently greater emphasis is being placed on targeted project work that helps this sector deliver real value to all trading partners.
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New suppliers onboarding to Woolworths
Woolworths work with the National Product Catalogue (NPC) team at GS1 Australia to onboard new suppliers to get their products on the shelves and through scanning at point of sale for customers to purchase. The importance of speed to market and accurate information are crucial elements in the process. GS1 Australia’s National Product Catalogue a solution that helps you enter, validate, store, maintain and share all your product data.
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How GS1 Barcodes are the key to retail sales - GS1 Australia  - EucoClean
Sean Borg from EucoClean is talking about how GS1 Australia Barcodes can help retail sales. http://www.gs1au.org/index.asp http://au.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/video/-/watch/25998075/gs1-barcodes-are-the-key-to-retail-sales/ http://www.gs1express.com.au/barcodes/
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Myer - An RFID journey - A GS1 Australia success story
Myer identified an opportunity in its flagship store in Melbourne and decided to begin testing the benefits of RFID. With a focus on two areas - inventory accuracy and stock take labour costs - Myer aimed to reduce stock loss and reduce labour costs relating to maintaining inventory integrity in this store.
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Alibaba Group - A GS1 Australia success story
The eCommerce market in China is the largest in the world. There is currently 300 million people from middle class and 600 million people from rural areas. The China market is growing faster everyday with more than 450 million active users on the Alibaba platforms. This is a great opportunity for Australian and New Zealand businesses in the China eCommerce market. Alibaba Group (Australia and New Zealand) signed a Memorandum of understanding with GS1 Australia to formalise, promote and strengthen online trade between China and Australia for the benefit of Australian and New Zealand businesses who are interested in entering the Chinese market through Alibaba's platforms . Watch Maggie Zhou, Managing Director (Australia and New Zealand) at Alibaba Group talk to Richard Jones, Head of Marketing & Training Solutions from GS1 Australia about the demand in the Chinese eCommerce market for high quality, safe and authentic products from Australia and New Zealand.
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The University of Sydney -  ITLS - A GS1 Australia success story
A great story about how GS1 Australia has contributed to the Graduate Program at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) at The University of Sydney with the GS1 Academic Certificate. Hear Professor David Hensher, Founding Director & Head of Discipline at The University of Sydney – Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies talk about the great success story of the partnership between ITLS and GS1 Australia. Students also share their insights about the importance of the GS1 Academic Certificate. Find out how the students who do the Masters Program at the ITLS not only get the skills they need from the ITLS, they also get some very practical and industry focussed skills by doing the GS1 Academic Certificate. Students at The University of Sydney share their insights on how the GS1 Academic Certificate enables students to be ready for the challenges of the supply chain across different industries; develop skills to solve real-life business problems; and broaden knowledge about the many benefits of GS1 barcodes.
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GS1 standards increase patient safety
See how the use of GS1 Standards increase patient safety throughout the healthcare sector. Find more information about GS1 in Healthcare at http://www.gs1au.org/industry/healthcare/
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GS1 Academic Certificate
Career boosting course: Understanding GS1 standards for supply chain management. GS1 Australia is offering tertiary students this interactive course to provide an insight into best practice supply chain management by the strategic application of GS1 standards. The GS1 System enables Australian and international businesses to achieve excellence in supply chain management, product traceability and overall operational efficiency and effectiveness. http://www.gs1au.org/unicert/
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Homebush Cakes - A GS1 Australia success story
Homebush Cakes share their success story with focus on the importance of food safety, traceability and having an effective product recall management plan in place using GS1 Australia Recall. Music: Kai Engel - 'Brooks" Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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GS1 Australian Freight Label
Australia’s freight is expected to almost double by 2030 and nearly triple by 2050. Greater efficiency across freight supply chains is therefore critical to Australia’s growing economy.
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Supply chain improvement project - A GS1 Australia success story
The Supply Chain Improvement Project aims to increase the visibility of food ingredients and raw materials across supply chains – to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and improve food safety in Australia – with the use of GS1 standards for identification, data capture and data sharing. Our standards enable automation of key ingredient sourcing, and traceability between food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. The adoption of GS1 standards for upstream integration allows companies to translate their internal processes and approaches into a common language that all parties can use. The overall benefits increase as more companies adopt GS1 standards. Both small and large companies can easily implement these standards. Listen to Marcel Sieira, Head of Customer Engagement & Business Development at GS1 Australia, Mandeep Sodhi, eBusineess Manager at Nestle Australia and Christian Lecompte, National Logistics Manager at SPC talk about the supply chain improvement project that aims to increase visibility of food ingredient and packaging supplies across the food chain in Australia using GS1 standards.
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How to create a barcode
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Coles - A GS1 Australia success story
Coles has been part of the Australian retail environment for over 100 years and has a network of 25 Distribution Centres in Australia. Coles rely on B2B eCommerce in conjunction with GS1 Australia and use GS1 standards to move million of cartons, pallets and billions of items into store for sales to customers.
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Matthews Australasia - Strategic Alliance Partner success story
Matthews Australasia share their success story about their Strategic Alliance Partnership with GS1 Australia. Matthews Australasia has operated in Australia for close to 40 years with strong focus on identification products, and traditionally coding, labelling and marking.
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Woolworths supplier sessions
Find out about the next generation of warehouses - Woolworths new Melbourne South Regional Distribution Centre (MSRDC). The new MSRDC will deliver many benefits for Woolworths’ customers including tailored service for stores and improved on-shelf availability. The MSRDC relies heavily on their suppliers to deliver to the Woolworths packaging and barcode specifications using GS1 standards.
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GS1 Australia offers a range of services
GS1 Australia is more than just barcodes. We offer a range of services to help you expand your knowledge, do more with the GS1 system, and create an efficient and effective supply chain.
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NPC (National Product Catalogue) Business Benefits
NPC (National Product Catalogue) Business Benefits http://www.gs1au.org/services/gs1net/industry/npc/index.asp GS1 Australia & NEHTA By reducing errors and increasing procurement efficiency, the implementation of the NPC will facilitate an estimated $200 million savings in Australian Healthcare! The National Product Catalogue, or NPC, is fast becoming the primary source of reliable product data for all healthcare related purchasing in Australia. The NPC is a single repository for product data about medicines, medical equipment and consumables. It is hosted by GS1 Australia on GS1net, the Global Data Synchronisation Network data pool. By utilizing the NPC, organizations can help enable significant improvements in:  Lower costs  Supply chain efficiencies  Streamlined procurement and tender processes  Up-to-date product data communications with trading partners The NPC is a National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) initiative backed by all state, territory and federal health jurisdictions. Soon, all suppliers to the Australian healthcare industry will be required to publish their product data on the NPC for all Public Health Sectors. The NPC creates 'One Standard Process' for providing item details to all health departments, saving time and resources needed for suppliers to manage and communicate their product data to public and private trading partners. A typical tender submission requires more than 50 fields per item -- which can take up to 60 days to complete. By providing a single source of data, the NPC helps reduce the effort, time and cost associated with tender submissions. One supplier has estimated that 47% of all pricing errors in purchase orders result from public hospital data errors, costing the supplier around $40,000 per year. Plus, inaccurate data can have significant and even fatal consequences for patient safety.
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GS1 Australia Knowledge and Event Centre
Ideally located in the business hub of the eastern suburbs and only 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the GS1 Australia Knowledge and Event Centre offers outstanding meeting and training facilities. This modern, well-appointed facility accommodates different types of events from a team meeting for eight people, a seminar for 150, a presentation in the 53-seat auditorium, or other functions to suit your business meeting requirements.
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GS1 Australia Open Day 2018
GS1 Australia hosted its first inaugural FREE Open Day in Melbourne 6 June for its members and other small to medium size businesses looking to grow their business and trade on Amazon other traditional market places. Attendees discovered how the GS1 system could help them sell their products online and through traditional channels. The day included a GS1 barcode basics session with Sue Schmid, a presentation by Renee Giarrusso on how to grow your business, an interactive Q&A session with Amazon expert Calliope Sofianopoulos, a GS1Works tour showcasing the supply chain journey with Fiona Wilson, and a session with Christena Singh from Small Business Australia showcasing the support that is available to from the government. There was also a very busy expo taking place with some of GS1 Australia’s valuable Alliance Partners including ABML, Avery Dennison, Authenticateit, ChannelAdvisor, Payoneer, Uniware Pty Ltd, Datalogic, Peacock Bros, Telstra and B2BE.
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GS1 standards in action - A supply chain success story in the steel industry
From manufacturer to customer – OneSteel and Pandrol demonstrate the benefits of implementing GS1 standards across the whole supply chain. Both companies have automated manual processes and are now able to track and trace product efficiently, saving time, money and resources.
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Nestle chose Smart Media
Discover how Nestle uses GS1 Australia's Smart Media as a low cost, integrated solution to share data and images with their trading partners.
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Industry advice - How to conduct better product recalls - Food and Grocery
Better recalls through communication, visibility and action https://www.gs1au.org/our-services/recall/
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GS1 Industry Standards Training in action
Industry Standards Training is designed for GS1 Australia's Alliance Partners. It covers the fundamental aspect of what GS1 Australia does to ensure our Alliance Partners have the core skills regarding GS1 standards.
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Toll - A GS1 Australia success story
Toll Group share their success story with focus on greater visibility and traceability in global supply chains using GS1 standards. Toll Group participated in a supply chain visibility project conducted by the Australian Logistics Council Supply Chain Standards Working Group and GS1 Australia and realised the benefits of creating visibility for operations, customers and the supply chain using GS1 standards. Austroads' subsequently released a report on the adoption of GS1 standards to make freight visible from origin to destination.
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Logistics Pallet Labelling Service - GS1 Australia
Helping you get your logistics labels right every time GS1 Australia offers an onsite service for suppliers to assess logistics (pallet) label quality and adherence to the Australian Industry requirements. Not only will our experienced team ensure your labels meet the technical specifications but they will also assess the business process involved. We will provide an ISO grade and scan rate of all labels assessed then assist you to improve your processes, ensuring your logistic labels scan first time, every time. The Benefits - Having logistics labels that scan every time mean your product's time to market is optimum - If your pallets are scanned on leaving your business your inventory can be automatically updated, giving you better inventory control; improved efficiency - In the event of a product withdrawal or recall, you can track and trace your product - Scanning first time every time saves your business time and money http://www.gs1au.org/services/logistics_labelling/
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The RFID Coalition
The RFID Coalition is a group of likeminded retailers, suppliers, solution providers and Associations collaborating to ensure that Australian retail remains competitive on a global scale. The group is working together in a non-competitive and neutral environment to improve visibility and inventory accuracy in the Australian retail marketplace.
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Journey of a GS1 pen
In today’s market place, understanding standards is crucial. Through every step of the supply chain requirements and standards must be met for a business to succeed. Watch GS1 standards in action as a GS1 pen from Artline travels through the journey of the supply chain, onto the shelves at Officeworks.
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Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2012
GS1 Healthcare -- Improving patient safety worldwide http://www.gs1.org/healthcare/news_events/200412 http://www.gs1.org/docs/healthcare/news_events/200412/GS1_Healthcare_Conference_Sydney_Programme.pdf 21st Global GS1 Healthcare Conference Sydney, 20-22 March 2012 When Supply Chain meets eHealth - the importance of laying the foundations in Healthcare Raising the bar on patient safety and supply chain efficiency Join a few hundred key stakeholders at the 21st Global GS1 Healthcare Conference in Sydney from 20 to 22 March 2012. Participants from around the world join the global GS1 Healthcare conferences to: - gather the latest on industry and regulatory developments in automatic identification, traceability and electronic product catalogues - leverage a unique neutral and international platform to network and benchmark with other stakeholders from around the world - learn more about existing supply chain data standards Successfully Bringing Together Supply Chain Stakeholders The Global GS1 Healthcare Conference brings together all related Healthcare supply chain stakeholders to advance the development and adoption of global standards in the Healthcare supply chain. Key stakeholders in the Healthcare supply chain are invited to participate in the global GS1 Healthcare Conference, including representatives from (inter-)governmental bodies and regulators, Healthcare providers, pharmacists, manufacturers, distributors & wholesalers, logistics providers, industry associations, and GS1 Member Organisations representing local communities. ----- GS1 Australia - Healthcare Industry: http://www.gs1au.org/industry/healthcare/ The Healthcare industry sector in Australia is a major part of the economy with total public and private expenditure on Healthcare equaling approximately 10% of GDP and with more than 65,000 million dollars spent on Healthcare per annum. Healthcare is a complex industry sector where patient safety is paramount but where other drivers; such as the ability to authenticate pharmaceuticals and medical devices, track and trace products from manufacture to the patient, and supply chain improvement - come a close second. There are more than 1200 public and private sector hospitals in Australia. The majority of doctors, including GPs, are self-employed with a small proportion consisting of salaried employees of Commonwealth, State or Local Governments. The import and supply of medicines and medical devices is regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in order to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of the products. Medicines, or pharmaceuticals, prescribed by doctors and dispensed in the community by independent private sector pharmacies are directly subsidised by the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
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Elyptol - A GS1 Australia success story
Elyptol are in the business of selling the next generation of hand, skin and surface hygiene products to retailers. GS1 Australia are in the business of helping Elyptol sell their products and convey all important information including ingredients to the retail buyers. Elyptol subscribe to GS1 Australia's Smart Media service to get their products onto retailer shelves faster. Smart Media provides retailers and consumers with quality images and accurate product data. It is a trusted, cost effective solution to make your products stand out from your competitors. Smart Media provides exceptional images at a low price. Product data is generated directly from your products and validated against global standards.
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Barcode Check - How to send products in
When a GS1 barcode is verified using a GS1 Barcode Verification Report, we make sure your barcodes scan effortlessly through the supply chain so your business ensures getting the right product to the right marketplace at the right time and price. Retailers and manufacturers have come to rely on GS1 Australia's barcode expertise, knowledge and understanding of scanning environments to give them confidence that their barcodes will scan successfully. The GS1 Australia Barcode Verification Report will provide you with the peace of mind that the quality of your barcode is at the same exceptional level as the quality of your product. The video takes you through the simple steps to sending your barcode into GS1 Australia for checking.
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GS1 Product Launch
GS1 Australia's Product Launch service will measure, weigh and photograph your product, saving you time and money, and get your product onto retail shelves. Barcode Check, Photography, Smart Media and National Product Catalogue are all rolled into this one service.
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GS1 Australia Celebrating 35 years
Celebrating 35 years, GS1 Australia has revolutionised the way industries do business.
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GS1 Australia - Our success stories - Margo and Steven
Listen to Steven Pereira, Chief Information Officer and Margo Fraser, Coordinator - Testing & Photography Services as they share their successful career highlights at GS1 Australia which combined span over 35 years.
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GS1 Hackathon 2016
The first GS1 Australia Hackathon was held in December 2016 to increase collaboration, innovation, creativity and fun across the IT business unit. The theme was GS1 standards in a virtual-reality augmented world.
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A product recall in 4 easy steps - Recall portal
Fast and effective removal of faulty products protect customers and companies alike. GS1 Australia Recall is a secure online portal used by the food, grocery and general merchandise industries in Australia to significantly streamline and improve the communications, visibility and actions in the case of a product recall or withdrawal. For more information or to subscribe to the GS1 Australia Recall portal visit https://www.gs1au.org/our-services/recall/
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Debunking barcode myths
The GS1 barcode has been around for over 40 years. Find out what the numbers really mean and why that familiar beep is heard approximately six billion times around the world every day.
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Introducing GS1 Australia
GS1 Australia is the leading provider of standards and solutions for over 20 industry sectors. We enable more than 17,000 member companies of all sizes to become more efficient by implementing the GS1 system.
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V/Line – A Project i-TRACE success story
Project i-TRACE – setting the foundation for effective Life Cycle Management (LCM) of parts, components and assets in the rail sector. V/Line have embraced Project i-TRACE and are leading the industry with the implementation of the GS1 standards. V/Line are already seeing the benefits of working with the ARA and GS1 Australia on the standardised identification and marking of parts and components.
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Shping app introduction
Authenticateit, a Strategic Alliance Partner with GS1 Australia, introduces 'Shping' - a user-friendly app that opens up a whole new world for consumer engagement. Shping will allow consumers to scan a product's EAN GS1 barcode to check product information such as ingredients and nutritional information, certifications and reviews - while being rewarded for doing so. Through a simple scan of the GS1 barcode, the consumer can make a more considered purchasing decision and have better information in the case of a product recall.
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Country of Origin food labelling – Time to act!
The Australian Government has introduced new County of Origin Labelling (CoOL) reforms for food sold in Australia. New labels will make it clearer where produced are produced, grown, made or packed. Businesses will have until 30 June 2018 to transition to the new requirements. Food manufacturers can populate their CoOL information with GS1 Australia's National Product Catalogue so major retailers will be kept up-to-date.
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Smart Media - your complete digital marketing content solution
The Smart Media service has been developed in collaboration with major retailers and brand owners. Smart Media provides digital assets and data content to hundreds of brand owners and retailers and buying organisation. Smart Media continues to be a leading digital image and content creation, storage and distribution service in the Australian market.
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GS1 Australia - Our success stories - Aleesha
Spend two minutes with Aleesha Chambers, Business Process Analyst as she shares her GS1 Australia success story and development opportunities available for her career path.
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