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Why Buy a Microwave Drawer? [Yale Appliance + Lighting]
Download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05WP430 Learn what a Microwave Drawer is, the different features, and how to buy them!
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The Best 30" Professional Ranges
To learn more download our free Pro Cooking Buying Guide by clicking here: http://hubs.ly/H05xJfV0 What's the best 30-inch professional range you can buy? We review ranges from Wolf, Viking, Miele, Jenn-Air and Thermador. Pro ranges can have high BTU output, low simmer and convection. They come in gas and dual-fuel.
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Scratching Black Stainless Steel Appliances
https://hubs.ly/H092RVW0 - Click the link to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide. Black stainless steel appliances can be scratched a bit easier than you might think. But what does it look like when that happens? We test the durability of black stainless steel refrigerators. We demonstrate what happens when you scratch black stainless Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Samsung, LG and Frigidaire refrigerators with a fork. When you dig into the finish on the exterior of the appliance you will scratch away the semi-opaque black oxide coating to reveal the silver stainless steel underneath. Scratching black stainless is something that can happen very easily because the kitchen is a workspace. So what does it look like when that does happen? Watch the video and find out. Click here to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H092RVW0
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What Are 'Affordable Luxury' Appliances?
https://hubs.ly/H08v25_0 Click the link to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide. If you want to step up to more powerful burners, more consistent heat and a better overall look for your kitchen but don't want to spend a fortune on luxury appliances, there are some great more affordable luxury brands you can check out. This includes Frigidaire Pro, KitchenAid, Bosch Benchmark, Samsung, and Jenn-Air. Click here to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H08v25_0
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2018 Most Reliable Appliance Brands
In this video, you will learn the best brands based on 30,761 service calls logged in 2017. The formula is simple: service calls in each brand, divided by sales for each brand to calculate reliability as a percentage. Reliability is based on actual service calls and does not include damage or any other non-manufacturer issues.
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The Best 30-inch Pro Gas Ranges: Jenn-Air JGRP430WP vs Thermador PRG304GH
https://hubs.ly/H08t-tq0 Click the link to download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide. Two of the best 30-inch pro gas ranges are the Jenn-Air JGRP430WP and the Thermador PRG304GH. Which one has the best burners? The Jenn-Air JGRP430WP has a gas broiler while the Thermador PRG304GH has an infrared (IR) broiler. Jenn-Air has twin convection while the Thermador has only single convection. Thermador has more even Star(R) Burners while Jenn-Air has a lower simmer and power burner. Click here to download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H08t-tq0
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The Best 18-inch (Compact) Dishwashers
https://hubs.ly/H08tZ9b0 Click the link to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide. 18-inch dishwashers are ideal for small homes and city apartments. They allow you more room and cabinet space in your kitchen without sacrificing the size of your range, refrigerator or other appliance. Click here to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H08tZ9b0
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NEW Samsung NZ36K7880UG WiFi Induction Cooktop (Ratings/Reviews/Prices)
http://hubs.ly/H06qTc10 Click the link to download our FREE Induction Cooking Buying Guide. Samsung has an all-new WiFi and Bluetooth-enable induction cooktop. Is it worth the price for the connectivity and possible ease of use? This cooktop comes in 30 and 36" sizes. It has 4800 watts on the most powerful burner, which is better than average. Samsung's Virtual Flame technology allow a safer interface with the cook because it simulates the look of a real burner, letting you know when it's on. Click here to download our FREE Induction Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H06qTc10
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Should You Buy the Maytag Front Load Washer? (Ratings / Reviews / Prices)
http://hubs.ly/H07BgJP0 Click the link to download our FREE Washer Buying Guide. Maytag has a new front-load washing machine. We rate it features, like it's 12-load dispenser, it's 12-hour wash and dry cycle, and it's Fresh Hold cycle - which is convenient because the wash will keep spinning in an air dry for up to 12 hours for fresher clothes. We compare Maytag with to the very popular Korean brands LG and Samsung with their very technologically forward washers and dryers. As well as Electrolux and GE. All are great choices with tons of features, cycles and wash temperatures. But in the end, Maytag should be considered for its better reliability record. Click here to download our FREE Washer Buying Guide http://hubs.ly/H07BgJP0
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Miele Dishwashers: What You Need To Know
Learn more about Miele Dishwashers in our Dishwasher Buying Guide: http://blog.yaleappliance.com/dishwasher-buying-guide/ Miele dishwashers offer perhaps the highest quality and unmatched reliability of all dishwashers on the market. Miele is a German family owned company which controls almost 100% of its assembly, a rarity in today's world of outsourcing.
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New Thermador Freedom Refrigerator and Freezer
https://hubs.ly/H0949Nf0 - Click the link to download our FREE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Buying Guide. The New Thermador Freedom Refrigerator and Freezer columns are a great upgrade from the older Thermador refrigerator models. They feature push-to-open and open-assist functionality, Thermafresh drawers to keep food fresher for a longer period of time. The door has a new air flow system that cools the door to keep produce and other food stored on the door much cooler. The touchscreen interface gives you total control of temperature and other customization features to make it your own. Is it better than Sub-Zero refrigerators? To learn more, click here to download our FREE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H0949Nf0
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BlueStar's NEW 36" Pro Refrigerator
http://hubs.ly/H07tq1D0 - Click the link to download our FREE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Buying Guide BlueStar is primarily a manufacturer of professional, high-output gas ranges and wall ovens, but now they're stepping into the refrigeration market with their new 36" Professional Refrigerator. It features a high-grade stainless steel exterior as well as interior, all glass and metal shelving, dual-compressors, full-extension baking sheet tray, and much more. Plus you can get it in over 750 color combinations. But the question is: how does it stack up against Sub-Zero, Thermador and Miele? Click here to download our FREE Counter-Depth Refrigerator Buying Guide http://hubs.ly/H07tq1D0
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The Most Important Kitchen Appliance Decisions
http://hubs.ly/H07BP9h0 Click the link to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide. There are tons of options for major appliances. However, rather than confusitng yourself with dishwashers, hoods, washer and dryers, we will show you the two most important decisions in your kitchen. This includes cooking - which is defined by choosing a wall oven combination and cooktop or rangetop vs a full range of many different sizes. The second most important decision is refrigeration. Whether it's professional, integrated, counter-depth or just a standard-depth refrigerator. After that, you can narrow down to brands. Like SubZero, Samsung, Frigidaire, LG, Miele, Bosch, Thermador, BlueStar, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Electrolux. But those two decisions affect every cabinet as well as every other appliance in your kitchen. Click here to download our FREE Appliance Buying Guide http://hubs.ly/H07BP9h0
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BlueStar Platinum Ranges [Yale Appliance + Lighting]
Download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05WP7K0 Learn about the BlueStar Platinum Professional Ranges. This includes, BTUs, custom colors and special features.
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Samsung NX58H5600 All-Gas Freestanding Range
The Samsung NX58H5600 is a versatile and affordable all-gas range. It has a convection fan in the oven for more even heating as well as a 5th burner on the top for longer pans or a griddle. It's very affordable and even comes in finishes like black stainless.
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How reliable is the Maytag MHW3505FW front-load washer?
https://hubs.ly/H09rk_s0 click the link to download our FREE Washer Buying Guide. Maytag is the top laundry brand in the Whirlpool Corp. But is the MHW3505FW reliable? We measured our repair rate and compared it to all the other brands we service and found out that it is actually the most reliable washing machine. In this video, you will learn the different cycles, special features and large capacity of this washer. It has 4 wash/rinse cycles and 4 spin speeds. It also has steam cleaning to get rid of tough stains. To learn more, download our FREE Washer Buying Guide by clicking here https://hubs.ly/H09rk_s0
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New Jenn-Air JIS1450DS Induction Range (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)
Can the new Jenn-Air induction slide-in range compete with Electrolux and Bosch? We review their new oven, burner and controls to see how it stacks up...
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Adorne Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting System
The new adorne by Legrand under cabinet lighting system allows amazing flexibility in the kitchen. You can add and move accessories like electrical outlets, usb outlets, iPad holders, iPhone/iPod docks, bluetooth speakers and LED lighting quickly and easily to suit your needs. The system also offers a cleaner backsplash because there are no electrical outlets to cut out. For more information including profiles of all the components check out our article: http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/88583/Legrand-LED-Under-Cabinet-Lighting-Guide-Reviews-Ratings-Video
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Legrand Adorne Switches and Dimmers
Click here to download our free Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H04SPy50 The new Adorne series of wall switches and dimmers by Legrand offers a stylish and highly functional alternative to standard wall outlets and switches. The new series offers great products like the wave switch and and pop-out outlet.
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What are the Best Rangetops? [Yale Appliance + Lighting]
Download our FREE Gas Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05X8Js0 Learn about the best rangetops you can buy. We discuss features, BTU output, design and different brands.
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How do you buy an Induction Cooktop? [FAQ] (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)
http://hubs.ly/H06nrqX0 Click here to download our FREE Induction Buying Guide. If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional or gas cooktop, induction is one of the most efficient and safest ways to cook. Eddie and Dennis discuss brands such as Thermador, Miele, Wolf, Jenn-Air, Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, Frigidaire and more.
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Yale's Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen
Chef Kurt shows the features of the appliances in our Wolf/Sub-Zero Professional live kitchen.
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AGA Total Control Oven Review
The new AGA Total Control Oven features the traditional features of the AGA range with all new electronic controls. For more information about the new AGA Total Control see http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/85683/The-New-AGA-Total-Control-Oven-Ratings-Reviews
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LG's new Signature Kitchen Suite 30-inch All Gas Range
https://hubs.ly/H09Ptnj0 - Click the link to download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide. The SKS 30-inch All Gas range is more expensive than an all-gas slide-in and a little less than a professional style all-gas range. This range, designed and made by LG, has a few smart controls including remote diagnosis, moderately powered range top, and a true convection gas oven. The design is very modern with chromium infused stainless steel and sharp sleek lines. This range looks great in a package with the other SKS products such as an over-the-range microwave, counter-depth French-door refrigerator, and American style dishwasher. To learn more download our Pro Cooking Buying Guide by clicking here https://hubs.ly/H09Ptnj0
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Replacing Ventilation Hood Lights
http://hubs.ly/H06TpcW0 Click the link to download our FREE Ventilation Buying Guide. Learn how to replace the lights in your ventilation hood. Click here to download our FREE Ventilation Buying Guides: http://hubs.ly/H06TpcW0
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New Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerators Review
The new introduction of Sub-Zero's integrated refrigerators adds quality features to the lines already strong offering. The new touchscreen control and LED lighting ensure that your food will stay fresher for longer.
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Different Types of Crystal Chandelier Quality
The best way to tell the quality and type of crystal chandelier is to turn the fixture slowly while the lights are turned off. The more sparkle you see this way indicates a higher quality crystal. There are three types of crystal; Legacy, Heritage and Swarovski.
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Should you buy Electrolux Compact Laundry? EIFLS20QSW Washer and EIED200QSW Dryer review
https://hubs.ly/H08tCk-0 Click the link to download our FREE Laundry Buying Guide. Compact laundry is great for tight spaces or small city apartments and homes. But which one is right for you and your family? The Electrolux Compact Laundry EIFLS20QSW Washer and EIED200QSW Dryer are 2.4 cubic ft, which is about the same amount of usable space as a top load washer. The steam cycle is good for eliminating tougher stains. The condenser dryer allows you to put the machine anywhere you have access to power without worrying about running a vent through the house. To learn more, download our Laundry Buying Guide by clicking here https://hubs.ly/H08tCk-0
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Samsung DW80K7050 StormWash dishwasher
https://hubs.ly/H09spnN0 Click the link to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide. The Samsung DW80K7050 dishwasher is a great premium dishwasher with modern, sleek design but is less expensive than comparable brands such as Bosch. At 44 decibels, the Samsung DW80K7050 is a quiet dishwasher. It has adjustable racks and a top rack for silverware. The main feature is the Samsung StormWash feature for a concentrated spray to combat baked-on dishes. Another one of the DW80K7050 features is that the dishwasher door pops open when it finishes drying to allow quicker drying. Some of the cycles include extended wash, China/crystal cycle and express wash. Click here to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H09spnN0
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Gas vs Dual-Fuel Pro Ranges: What's the difference? [Reviews/Ratings/Price]
http://hubs.ly/H06gt6r0 Click here to download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H06gt6r0 Want to learn the difference between Gas and Dual-Fuel? In this video review, we'll discuss the differences, the ratings, as well as the pricing.
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LED vs Xenon Undercabinet Lighting
Our new display shows different types of undercabinet lighting side by side including LED undercabinet lighting and Xenon halogen undercabinet lighting.
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All About KitchenAid Dishwashers (Review)
The updated KitchenAid dishwasher series is quiet, reliable and offers loads of features and settings. Compare KitchenAid to other popular brands in our Dishwasher Buying Guide -- http://blog.yaleappliance.com/dishwasher-buying-guide/
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KitchenAid KDPE234 dishwasher - premium without the price
https://hubs.ly/H09rkxf0 Click the link to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide. The KitchenAid KDPE234 is a great step up from KitchenAid's most economical dishwasher - the KDFE104DSS. But how does it compare to Bosch? It features a simple stainless-steel exterior, very adjustable racks, it's very quiet and has plenty of cycles and options. This is essentially a premium dishwasher, but without the premium price tag. Click here to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide https://hubs.ly/H09rkxf0
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Wolf 36-inch Dual-Fuel Range
Download our FREE Pro Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05ZwLJ0 Learn about Wolf's new Dual-Fuel 36" Pro Range, the DF366. We discuss BTU output, convection, styling, and other brands.
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The Best Induction Slide-In Ranges for Your Home
Induction cooking offers great benefits like quick response and child safety. Slide-in ranges offer great style and cleanup. Here we cover the best induction slide-in ranges you should consider for your home. Learn all about induction cooking in our Induction Cooking Buying Guide at http://blog.yaleappliance.com/induction-buying-guide/
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Dual-Fuel Professional Ranges
Download our free Pro Cooking Buying Guide here: http://hubs.ly/H05xJwf0 What's the best dual-fuel professional range? What's dual-fuel? We look at the best ranges in this category, looking at grills, griddles, BTU output, simmer, controls, convection and price.
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Miele 30" Professional Range [Yale Appliance + Lighting]
We discuss the Miele 30" Pro Range. This includes output, price, looks and much more. To learn more, download our free Pro Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05Kl160
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Buying a New Refrigerator? Here's What You Need to Know
https://hubs.ly/H08v3SV0 Click the link to download our FREE Refrigerator Buying Guide. There's a lot more to buying a refrigerator than just size and door type. You can get a professional refrigerator with a compressor on the top, integrated into your cabinets, French door refrigerators, 4 doors, ones with touchscreen interfaces, counter depth refrigerators, the list goes on. The value is in its functionality and how it fits in with the design of your kitchen. Some of the best brands are Sub-Zero, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Samsung, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Miele and True. Click here to download our FREE Refrigerator Buying Guide.
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LG WM3270CW Front-Load Washer
The WM3270CW is LG's entry-level front-load washer. It has all the standard features you should expect for a quality washer. LG is one of our most reliable brands based on over 30,000 service calls. Much of this is due to easy-to-use electronics and a well-built direct-drive motor.
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Bosch Black Stainless Scratch Test
Finally we got our hands on the new Bosch Black Stainless 800-series refrigerator! How scratch-resistant is the finish of this refrigerator compared to KitchenAid, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool or Frigidaire? Spoiler alert: it's pretty durable. Click here to watch our original Black Stainless Scratch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8gFJF9mSxk
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Everpure Water Filter Demonstration
Demonstration of the effectiveness of Everpure water filters.
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Benefits of Convection Cooking
The benefits of convection cooking include speed and more thorough cooking. Convection can save up to 25% cooking time in some recipes. For more information convection cooking read out blog article http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/83839/Convection-European-Convection-and-Dual-Convection-Cooking-Ratings-Reviews
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LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting
Here we take a look at new LED bathroom vanity fixtures from Modern Forms. These LED fixtures offer advantages like longer life and better energy efficiency, but also are stylish and very contemporary. For more information see http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/94775/Best-LED-Decorative-Bathroom-Lighting-Reviews-Ratings-Prices
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Sub-Zero BI30 Refrigerator Features and Review
SubZero is more than a name. Its reputation is based on keeping food fresher for a longer period of time. The BI-30 is SubZeros highly popular 30 inch model. We focus on the vacuum seal, air scrubber and magnetic crisper bins as well as different finish options For information on all professional, integrated and counter depth refrigerators., read the Yale Counter Depth Buyers Guide with specs, features and insider tips on every counter depth refrigerator. http://blog.yaleappliance.com/counter-depth-refrigerator-buying-guide
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Best Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings)
Learn about the different beverage centers for temperature control, flush design and capacity. Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air and Uline all have a competitive beverage center. For more information click this link for the article http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/91886/Best-Under-Counter-Beverage-Refrigerators-Centers-or-Coolers
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Weber Summit Review
http://hubs.ly/H07jzDq0 - Click the link to download our FREE BBQ Buying Guide We discuss the Weber Summit - Weber's top-of-the-line grill. This includes features such as the extended interior hood, stainless steel grates, handle lights, enclosed propane tank enclosure, side burner and more. Also featured are power output and Flavorizer bars. The Weber Summit is Weber's top grill series. You can purchase them in freestanding or built-in with cabinets and other outdoor kitchen pieces. It comes with two handle lights for working in the dark. It also has a shroud for better cooking in the wind and colder climates. The built-in foldable rotisserie has a dedicated infrared burner in the back. The heavy gauge stainless steel grates conduct heat much better than most other grates. The integrated smoker bo has its own burner for adding smoky flavor to your grilled food. The knobs are LED backlit as well. The Sear Station in the middle has high-output burners for the perfect sear. It is priced from $2100-$2700 and is compatible with the iGrill 2 system. Click here to download our FREE BBQ Buying Guide - ttp://hubs.ly/H07jzDq0
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Jenn-Air 30" Pro Range
Download our FREE Gas Cooking Buying Guide: http://hubs.ly/H05Zpvf0 We discuss Jenn-Air's 30" Professional Range, including BTU output, touchscreen interface, convection, price, and deals.
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Samsung DW80J3020 dishwasher
https://hubs.ly/H09ss980 Click the link to download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide. The Samsung DW80J3020 may be the best dishwasher you can get for under $500. It is the lowest priced dishwasher in the industry with a stainless-steel tank. It has a grinder at the bottom to dispose of leftovers, which means there is no filter to clean either. To learn more, download our FREE Dishwasher Buying Guide by clicking here https://hubs.ly/H09ss980
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Everpure Water Filtration Options Video Review
Everpure water filters offer many options and sizes to fit every type of home or project. Paul Groux of Yale Appliance + Lighting walks you through the different models and explains how each is different.
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Yale Appliance University - Ice Cube Shapes by Brand
Here we discuss the different ice cube shape options available when you purchase an undercounter ice maker and the advantages of each. It's important to specify which shape you require before you make your purchase. For more information see: http://blog.yaleappliance.com/bid/99171/Yale-Appliance-University-Ice-Cube-Shapes-by-Brand
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