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Mars Freights - Demystifying Freight Terms
While trading norms are generally known and accepted the responsibility of conveying goods has always been a bone of contention. Well, worry no more. At Mars Freights, logistics is our business. And as a service to humanity, come with us on a short journey to understand what those pesky freight terms actually mean. EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, DDP and other acronyms are explained in this short animation.
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Abahsain Fiber Glass
Abahsain Fiberglass (AFG) is a high-tech ECR glass fiber manufacturing facility based in Salman Industrial City, Hidd, Bahrain. AFG regularly take part in numerous international exhibitions and sales trips and required compelling material to show their capabilities. AFG commissioned Gulf Broadcast to produce the required film which adds dynamic flair to their marketing portfolio. The team at Gulf Broadcast produced a film that could be displayed on multiple platforms; creating a promotional display that adds vibrancy to their exhibition stands, sales presentations as well as their website.
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Bahrain's North Manama Causeway; How to: Modern Causeway Construction Educational Film
The short term goal of the North Manama Causeway falls within the Ministry of Works strategic roads master plan, and aims at easing the traffic movement along Al Fateh Highway at its intersections with King Faisal Highway and Shaikh Hamad Bridge, as well as providing access to Bahrain Bay and Bahrain Financial Harbour. The long term goal falls within the Bahrain Vision 2030 where the new flyover and roads act as an integral part of the planned highway network connecting Al Fateh Highway with the fourth crossing between Manama and Busaiteen. Please visit http://www.nmcproject.com for more information about the project.
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Secrets of Machboos
They say that you can only claim that you visited Bahrain is when you'v had Machboos. As to the locals, well, loving Machboos is part of being Bahraini! But what does it take to make this much loved dish? And why are there so many differences between how one cooks it? Well, part of the secret is the many ingredients that you would need to perfect, time after time, to serve up this delicious meal. Hawar Machboos Mix from Almuharraq Pickles is the answer. That, and taking pride in what you're cooking. Watch this short movie on how the Hawar Machboos Mix can ensure that this dish comes out perfect every single time! Did you try it? Let us know what you think in the comments please.
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Riffa Views International School - Our School
A tour of the Riffa Views International School is shown through this video production.
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Deeko Bahrain company profile (English)
The message of this video is to show how Deeko's products can improve quality of life. We show how their various products transform every day chores from a nightmare to convenience. There is a lot more to packaging than meets the eye!
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Unirol Corporate Documentary
Universal Rolling (Unirol) is the first and only steel reinforcement bars manufacturing plant in Bahrain. Firing up its furnace and commencing production in February 2009 the birth of Unirol marked a momentous milestone for manufacturing history in Bahrain; keeping it in-line with the Kingdoms road to self-sufficiency and Vision 2030. As part of their marketing and sales initiative, Unirol asked Gulf Broadcast to produce a corporate video production about the factory and the premium quality rebars they are producing for local, and regional customers. The objective was to highlight Thermo Mechanical Treatment Technology (TMT) production process, the 8 mm to 32 mm rebar product range, the international standards they work in accordance with and the premier after sales service they abide to. The result: a fast moving, image led, final film, that features a mixture of interviews, voiceover and computer generated graphic work.
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Mars Freights Corporate Video
Mars Freights is a leading shipping and freight forwarding agency based in Bahrain with affiliates in many places around the world. In this video, we present the specific core competencies of Mars Freights and celebrate some of their successes. At Gulf Broadcast, we're thrilled to have satisfy Mars Freights' marketing requirements through the excellent Tamkeen EDSA program. Should you need to contact Mars Freights for your own needs, please do contact them on +973-17258811 and check out their website at http://marsfreights.com
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MTQ Exhibition Reel
MTQ Corporation Limited is a Singaporean Oilfield Engineering and Engine Systems company that has recently established a manufacturing base at Bahrain International Investment Park. They commissioned Gulf Broadcast to produce a short film to be aired at their corporate and sponsored events in the region; the objective of the film was to highlight the core services MTQ is bringing to the Middle East. As the factory was still being built while the film was in production Gulf Broadcast welcomed the creative challenge to produce a representative film that truly encapsulates the full extent of the manufacturing and repair services MTQ will be providing its customers in the GCC.
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Bahrain Int'l Karting Circuit Launch Video
How would a country build the talent for motorsports? The best method is to invest in the younger generation, bring them into the karting circuit and then mentor them for bigger and greater things. The Kingdom of Bahrain is no exception to this rule, in fact, it went way beyond what is required and built a state-of-the-art fully homologated and FIA approved track and made its use affordable for just about anyone. This film relates the story of that track through the eyes of the people entrusted to run it and some enthusiasts who took us on a ride around the facility. For more information, please visit http://bahrain-karting.com Produced by Gulf Broadcast - http://gulfbroadcast.tv
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Bahrain Bay Corporate Video (2013)
The Bahrain Bay development is the result of a unique and distinctive vision. In creating a metropolis for the 21st century it follows four key guiding principles. The first principle is aesthetic. Working in close association with planners, architects and developers the aim is to create a world-class destination which blends perfectly with its surrounding environment. Diversity of style and design is of paramount importance in creating an environment which is stimulating, surprising and alive. Secondly, there is the social consideration. In order to add to the rich legacy of the Kingdom of Bahrain it is vital to create a place where opportunities exist for all. Where developers’ and residents’ interests meet and Middle East real estate investment proves a profitable exercise. From this will grow our third tenet – community. We are creating varied and distinctive districts and neighbourhoods. A rich cultural and artistic scene will surely develop. Together, these will create many opportunities to form the ties that truly unite a community. As a result, Bahrain Bay aims to provide a quality of life that might otherwise take years to create. Our final and, perhaps most critical principle, will be to create a development that respects its unique environment and shows its commitment to sustainability. Using state of the art technologies in its construction and infrastructure it is the intention to make Bahrain Bay a development that will safeguard the region’s environmental well-being for generations to come.
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The perfect condiment for camping!
Desert life is part and parcel of Middle Eastern customs and going back to the desert for a break is a much appreciated activity. Families spend anything from a day to several days in specially constructed tent encampments. Apart from being at one with the desert, playing various games and enjoying the company, having the perfect accompaniment to meals takes the experience to another level. See how Muharraq Pickles saved the day for these people!
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Profiles: Mahmood Al-Yousif
An introduction to the founder of Gulf Broadcast in his own words. Discover what makes Mahmood Al-Yousif tick, and discover what makes him successful.
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Riffa Views International School - Our Lifestyle
Produced by Gulf Broadcast, this is a video production looking at the lifestyle in Bahrain that teachers and staff of Riffa Views International School can expect when they join.
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MEBA - Metals of Bahrain
MEBA is a modern module industrial center established in Bahrain in 1992 The idea is to produce engineered Ferrous and Non‐ Ferrous Castings and components to the industrial community around the world.
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Muharraq Pickles, Path to Success
يعد مصنع المحرق للمخللات الأول من نوعه في مملكة البحرين والخليج العربي، حيث يتميز بابتكاره لخلطات وأصناف جديدة من المخللات. يمتلك المصنع اليوم مايفوق ١٢٠ صنفاً من المخللات وينتج ٦٠٠٠ عبوة يوميا. جودة المنتجات والالتزام بتلبية حاجات السوق والمستهلكين ساهم بشكل رئيسي في انتشار منتجات المحرق للمخللات على مستوى البحرين والخليج. Pickling vegetables, fruit and meats is an old culinary method used to preserve these foods for long term use. Pickling as a way of preserving foods has been around since biblical times and possibly prior to that. The Chinese are credited to this process' creation, but it is a small Bahraini company which has perfected it in the way that the population of the Gulf prefers it. Muharraq Pickles has become the choice for these condiments not only in Bahrain and beyond. Muharraq Pickles' products now extend to over 17 varieties and include many local favorites like specialty spice mix pastes and other food products. In this film, we're going to show Muharraq Pickles factory in action and emphasize their commitment to quality, their use of fresh well-selected products, their distribution operation, their products on resellers' shelves and talk to its founder about some Muharraq Pickles' secrets of success.
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Solar One company launch. Opening keynote speech video
To celebrate the launch of Solar One we created this special motion graphics video which ran before the Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs H. E. Dr Abdulhussain Mirza's keynote speech. It's a quick summary of the company's mission, vision and plans. See http://solarone.me for more
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Hevea Cafe Bahrain - Signature Dish  Escoffier Madras Kingfish Tonneau
Introducing Hevea Cafes Signature Dish by renowned International Chef Guy Gateau
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Riffa Views - Harmony of Nature Villa
What's the best way to view real estate if you can't go to it for any reason? How would you allow a lot more people into your property without expending a lot more time and energy? Well, one way of doing this is to create a virtual tour, and this is exactly what Riffa Views asked us to do. So please join us on a tour of the Riffa Views 'Harmony of Nature' villa, one of the most contemporary properties in the Kingdom, and if you wish to visit the site physically, you can always call Riffa Views on 1775 7999. I'm sure they would love to show you around. Riffa Views Signature Estates is introducing Harmony of Spring; a contemporary villa with five en suite bedrooms situated in the heart of the Lagoons Estate. Featuring an open plan layout, state-of-the-art appliances and furniture, as well as a lush spacious garden, this packaged villa offers the perfect space and lifestyle for modern family living. Please press "Play" on the video above for a guided tour. To book a private viewing, please contact us for an appointment.
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VIVA Bahrain Launch Documentary
When VIVA wanted to summarise their presence in Bahrain for their launch event, they tasked Gulf Broadcast to tell their story through a corporate video production. The result is a concise presentation of the preparation of the companys infrastructure, their employment policy, their staff induction and training, the companys future vision for Bahrain and the huge excitement the company generated at its launch, breaking all previous records and ending up registering some 75,000 subscribers for their mobile services and over 7,000 Internet subscribers in just a few days after their highly successful launch. Gulf Broadcast is thrilled to have been involved in this project and gratified that this film was shown in the companys official launch celebration.
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SADAD Corporate Video
SADAD Electronic Payment System WLL is a software development company that came to Bahrain market with a breakthrough idea for the Gulf region of how to make payments easier and cheaper for everyone. We have been in payment processing business for nearly 10 years and thus can be qualified as experts.
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What does it take to make the perfect pickles?
Yes. There is a secret and here, the founder of Almuharraq Pickles shares some of his to help you make the perfect pickles mix. He shares real experience based on years of testing. We're sure you'll benefit from listening to some of Jehad's wisdom.
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Market 338
Al-Riwaq Art Space organised an innovative approach to both exhibiting art and showcasing new and established artistic talents in Bahrain, not only in art, but also in jewelry accessories design, music, delicious food and even gave the public a chance to try their hand at stop-motion animation. This event took place in November 2010 and promises to be a cyclical event in the art scene in Bahrain. MyBahrain.ME was there to film and report on the event. We hope you enjoy this retrospective look at Market 338.
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Metals of Bahrain Promotional Film
Metals of Bahrain [MEBA] is a modern module industrial center established in Bahrain in 1992. Its mission was to produce engineered ferrous and nonferrous castings and components for the industrial community around the world. Manufacturers of pumps, valves, hydraulic power transmission, water line fittings and others have been MEBA’s trade partners for the last 17 years. In 2003 MEBA launched its latest production line for casting bronze and steel alloys. The no‐bake casting line uses the latest technology for metal casting and analysis.
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What unites a country? What unites people? What unites a family? Food, probably, is one of the most uniting factors known to man! So in celebration of Bahrain and its people, in an attempt to show that we are all really one with the same passions, needs and aspirations. In an attempt to show that what unites us, are actually an awful lot more than what could ever drive us apart, this is a small offering from all of us at Gulf Broadcast, to the great people of Bahrain... Please come with us on a journey of discovery of the most dextrous and loved of Bahrain cuisine. Follow the story of the simple (or not so simple!) Khobiz from its raw material to the mouth-watering varieties on offer. Now go and buy a couple of khobiz and share it with a friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger. Go ahead. Be bold! Be Bahraini!
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Salman Industrial City
Celebrating Salman Industrial City is a lively informative look at this industrial area in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Featuring interviews with the Minister of Industry and Commerce and major local and international industrialists, this film examines the reasons why companies are choosing to make Salman Industrial City their location of choice for manufacturing and internationally traded services in the Middle East Region. Covering a full range of facts and figures this film offers a glimpse into the thriving industrial country that the Kingdom of Bahrain is set to become.
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PennWell Branding Video
A branding video originally created for a high level CEO presentation which was liked so much by the client that they chose to have it as the main feature of their home page on their website! Check out http://pennwell.com Sweet!
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Riffa Views Homeowners - "Settling In"
The promise is delivered with homeowners receiving their houses and living in them within Riffa Views. There are over 50 villas handed over to resident home-owners up to September 2009. This video production by Gulf Broadcast explores the beginnings of the Riffa Views community, its features, and most importantly its pioneering residents. We talk with a few of these champions of Riffa Views to get their reactions as they are settling down into their new life within Riffa Views Signature Estates.
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Metals of Bahrain's 3D Scanning Capabilities
MEBA has a high-resolution 3D scanner to engineer and reverse-engineer products.
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Triumph of Insight Trailer
TRIUMPH OF INSIGHT is an ambitious 61-minute documentary film that takes a fresh look at the genius of one of the Arab world’s most insightful artists. Nasser Al-Yousif lived true to his art. He prolifically painted stories which preserved customs, traditions and heritage. He had overcome challenges and continued to produce highly acclaimed art even after he had completely lost his sight. This documentary film takes an intimate look at this pioneering Bahraini artist through interviews with his fellow artists filmed in Bahrain, Paris and New York, and reflects back at a life lived with integrity and dedication for art. The film explores the subjects that he depicted in his paintings through a period of explosive change in his country and the region. It reflects on the nature of Nasser Al-Yousif’s art and his continuous quest of relating his stories through various media; from oils on canvas through to linoleum-cut prints, a material he resorted to after he had lost his sight completely due to illness, but continued to produce block prints using the sense of touch alone until his death some fifteen years later. The last part of Nasser Al-Yousif’s life is a testament to art truly crossing boundaries - even that of loss of sight - and proves that if insight is present, even sight becomes secondary. By visiting Nasser Al-Yousif’s powerful story, this film provides an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten a new generation of artists and art lovers, and dispel the myth that art has any boundaries. This film is in Arabic and subtitled in English. It is being shown to private audiences only at the moment to accompany the Spotlight Series Retrospective Exhibition of Nasser Al-Yousif at the bin Mattar House in Muharraq. Showings are scheduled at 11am and 5.30 pm.
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UNEECO Corporate Film
Universal Electro Engineering Co. is the prime division of UNEECO Group of Companies, represents a number of prestigious and world-renowned manufacturers in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Security equipments, products and services. This has enabled us to extend our services and support in the areas of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Security Engineering Systems and activities. We deal with Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical power protection, control, monitoring and distribution equipments and their services.
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إنفوغرافيك مراكز البيانات - إطلاق خدمات الويب من أمازون في مملكة البحرين
طلب منا إنتاج فيديو إنفوغرافيك يشرح ما هو مركز البيانات و الفوائد التي يمكن أن يوفرها للشركات المحلية والمحيطة وكذلك تأثيره على اقتصاد البلاد من قبل مجلس التنمية الاقتصادية في البحرين. سيناريو، إخراج وإنتاج: محمود ناصر اليوسف رسوم ومونتاج: أريك ريتانيا إنتاج: Gulf Broadcast 2017 http://gb.bh
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خواطر - The story of a wall, wishing you an Eid Mubarak - مذهبي بحريني
خواطر ناس تُكتَب للزمن بدون ما تتحسس أو تحاسب مِن بيقراها ومِن بِجاورها خواطر تجتمع على جدار و تبني مجتمع متآخي ومتقارب خواطر كل المبتغى فيها تقبلنا للبعض والإحسان بالظن خواطر ما تعرف لا تفرقة عرقية ولا دينية أو حتى مذهبية لأنها تعرف مذهبنا….  بحريني فالبحرين تجمعنا تظمنا تحبنا فيا حبنا لهالدار... الله يديم الشمل ويجعل التقارب والأخوة منهجنا ومقصدنا يالبحرين… عيدچ مبارك وكل عام إنتي وأهلچ بخير This is a story of a wall. Bahrainis don't need an excuse to come together, nor do they habitually look for affiliation before they make friends. In this film, we explore how a wall - which traditionally divides people - actually brought people together. Eid Mubarak.
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Riffa Views - Inter Gulf Netball Championship 2009
News report from the Inter Gulf Netball Championship sponsored by Riffa Views in 2009.
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Data Centres Infographic - Amazon Web Services Infographic (AWS) - Bahrain Launch
We were asked to produce an infographic video that would explain what a data centre is, what benefits it may provide local and surrounding businesses and how it may also help the country's economy by the Bahrain Economic Development Board. We accepted the challenge and created the concept, wrote the script and created the full animated infographic in both Arabic and English. This is the English version. Let us know what you think. And of course, if you have such a requirement, please get in contact with us. Visit our website at http://gb.bh for more.
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Installux Gulf Corporate Video
INSTALLUX Group is one of the leading French manufacturers of high quality aluminum products for building & interior design industries. This film features Installux Gulf, based in Bahrain. Installux Gulf serves a variety of customers throughout the GCC and headed by Mr Basim Al-Sai'e. Backed by more than 80 years of experience in the design of high quality architectural aluminum systems, it fulfils various specifications & needs of the demanding & highly sophisticated customers in the markets of Europe, East Asia & Africa.
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Muharraq Pickles: What people think
Here are a few random testimonials from people approached at restaurants and invited to sample some Muharraq Pickles products. Have you tried any yet? What do you think?
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POWER-GEN Asia 2015 Keynote and Plenary Sizzle Reel
A sizzle reel which sets the tone and theme of the POWER-GEN Asia conference. This film is shown to the audience as a set piece before the keynote and plenary sessions attended by the top decision makers in the power industry and government from across the ASEAN region and the rest of the world.
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Power-Gen Europe 2011 June 8 Video Daily
This PGE11 Video Daily reflects on the Plenary Session moderated by Stephen Sackur who explored some of the important issues facing the Power Industry today. The Plenary discussion had an open and frank assessment of the industry's ability to meet energy and climate goals, challenging them where necessary. The discussion included an appraisal of the ability of renewables to replace large amounts of conventional capacity, the prospects for carbon capture and storage, the role of nuclear power and the changing outlook for gas fired power generation. Other key factors that which were considered included the role of electric vehicles, increasing public resistance to new infrastructure, the changes required to the grid network and the impact of the economic climate on financing required investments -- including new plant and refurbishments. This Video Daily also features Hauke Petersen of M+W Group, CCS Industry Expert Philippe Paelinck of Alstom, Kai Maenpaa of Metso Power, Gerhard Dreier of TUV Nord, Michael Stolze of Pruftechnik Alignment Systems, Simon Reeve of Lloyd's Register and Steve Kidd of the World Nuclear Association for demonstrations of their products and discussed technological innovations displayed at Power-Gen Europe 2011 and reflected on the latest trends in the industry. This program was produced by Gulf Broadcast in-situ in Milan, Italy at the Fiera Milano City exhibition and conference complex and constitutes one of three Video Daily news programs. Video Daily 1 (7 June 2011): http://goo.gl/hXC7t Video Daily 2 (8 June 2011): http://goo.gl/twyGR Video Daily 3 (9 June 2011): http://goo.gl/1TWff
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Venture Capital Bank Corporate Video
For their AGM, VCB wanted to make a corporate video which can show their investors some of their investments and their corporate ideology. We shot this film in several locations: Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt. Gulf Broadcast was thrilled to be working with VCB on this video production project.
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Reef Arabia Corporate Video
Find out more about the great work that Reef Arabia are doing and the role they play in protecting our underwater environment with the manufacture, design and deployment of artificial reefs. http://www.reefarabia.com
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Power-Gen Europe 2011 June 9 Video Daily
In this last PGE11 Video Daily, we continue to investigate the power industry trends and latest technologies on the exhibition floor and take a look at some of the conference papers where knowledge and expertise continued to be shared. With over 600 exhibitors under one roof, there's bound to be something for everyone. We visited with Stefan Salzgeber of Bertsch Energy who talked about his company's latest win, Geoff Gilmore of Climax Portable Machine Tools who demonstrated some of their new portable machine tools, Peter Ward of Centrax Gas Turbines explained their relationship with Siemens to provide complete solutions, Jim Crouse of Capstone Turbine who explained how innovative their micro-turbines are, Jelmer Brugman and Sytze Voulon of Stork Technical Services who explained the innovation that won their company a coveted industry award, Gert Lindgreen of Aalborg Energie Technik who explained how their new boiler installed in Scotland and is fueled by the by-products of the Whiskey production industry, Mehdi Hashemian Nik of Andritz Hydro who explained their recent win of the installation of a boiler for the paper industry in the UK, Jamie Pratt of Bowman Heat Exchangers talked about how their innovative heat exchangers can reutilize waste energy and turn it into productive heat generation. We also celebrate with the best conference paper winners Barbara Orlandi, Paolo Stanchi and Monica Frogheri each in their respective track and talk to them briefly about their papers. PennWell's Nigel Blackaby and David Wagman also shared some insights and reflected over the past three days of Power-Gen Europe, Renewable Energy World Europe and Nuclear Power Europe 2011. This program was produced by Gulf Broadcast in-situ in Milan, Italy at the Fiera Milano City exhibition and conference complex and constitutes one of three Video Daily news programs. Video Daily 1 (7 June 2011): http://goo.gl/hXC7t Video Daily 2 (8 June 2011): http://goo.gl/twyGR Video Daily 3 (9 June 2011): http://goo.gl/1TWff
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Power-Gen Europe Promo 2009
Power-Gen Europe 2009
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Riffa Views International School - Our Work
Produced by Gulf Broadcast, this video explores the attention given to the vocation of teaching by the educators at Riffa Views International School. These videos are used not only to show various aspects of RVIS, but are used as an active tool for promotion and recruitment.
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Turk Mechanical Industries Corporate Video
Established in 1985 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Turk Mechanical Industries is a specialist in the heavy and light fabrication, casting various types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous products and has one of the largest machining facilities.
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The Value of Corporate Video
There are many areas which can directly benefit from corporate videos; from explaining the company's processes, creating training material, celebrating a company win, documenting a staff activity, production of sales presentations and of course telling the overall company story. Creating such videos protect the company's investment. The message a corporate video contains continues to be displayed in a consistent manner regardless of the number of times the video is shown! Video is quite prevalent. Due to current technologies, they are no are longer restricted for display on television screens, in fact, research confirms that the majority of videos are now watched online and on mobile platforms like smart phones, iPods/iPads/iPhones, projection systems, giant LED screens, uploaded to the various video sharing websites like Facebook and Youtube, produced as Podcasts and webisodes made available for downloading and viewing offline or streamed online on a company's website. We take you on a short tour of the benefits of video in your communicaions mix with this video. Do you feel ready to discover more ways to help spread your own message and increase your audience engagement? Please give us a call on +973-17599059 or email us at [email protected]
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UNEECO Promotional Film
Universal Electro Engineering Co. is the prime division of UNEECO Group of Companies, represents a number of prestigious and world-renowned manufacturers in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Security equipments, products and services. This has enabled us to extend our services and support in the areas of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Security Engineering Systems and activities. We deal with Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical power protection, control, monitoring and distribution equipments and their services.
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Deeko Bahrain company profile video (Arabic)
رسالة هذا الفيديو هو اظهار كيف يمكن لمنتجات ديكو أن تحسن نمط الحياة، وتبين كيف أن منتجاتها المختلفة تحول الأعمال المنزلية من كابوس إلى راحة.
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