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Quick Start Guide to CRM Data Migration using SQL Server SSIS
If you're unfamiliar with it, SSIS can initially seem intimidating. A quick start approach can get you up and running - without the 700-page manual. See how practical data migration, beyond what you could accomplish using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Import Wizard, can be accomplished quickly with the right guide and tools from SQL Server SSIS. More Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webcasts: http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcasts
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Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management WMS 101
In this webcast, we show you how you can easily configure the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Warehouse Management module so that you can start using it, and also see that it's not that hard to set up either.
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Master Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX
This session will shed some light on various pieces of the master planning module in Dynamics AX. Although some knowledge of the module may be helpful, even users of Dynamics AX that are still in the process of implementing master planning will gain insights. We’ll discuss tips and tricks including item setups, coverage groups, forecasting, and more!
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Microsoft Power Query 101
Power Query is a foundational part of the Microsoft's Power BI family. It allows for easy use, amazing visualizations and it helps your data tell a story. Power Query Reports can be easily used in SharePoint for both data sharing and Collaboration. Power Query allows Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM users to create their own data models that include data from multiple sources (including websites and Facebook). These data models are then shareable and reusable. In this webcast, Dynamics GP MVP Belinda Allen shares with you why she thinks Power Query is the most amazing tool in the Microsoft Power BI family. See how Dynamics ERP and CRM users can take advantage of this awesome interactive tool and improve your BI today!
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Ten Best Practices for Master Data Management and Data Governance
For many companies, it's not if they'll implement some form of Master Data Management (MDM), it's when. This session will help you better understand MDM and data governance, present some useful MDM and data governance best practices, discuss pre-requisites like a robust data integration strategy, talk about what works and what doesn't, cover the importance of a holistic approach, and discuss how to get the political aspects right. In this on-demand webcast on MDM and data integration, Dan Power of Hub Designs discuss topics including: *Understanding master data management and data governance. *Useful data governance and MDM best practices. *Going beyond a "silver bullet" solution, addressing people/politics, process, technology & information.
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Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
Are you looking to find out more about Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Do you want to automate fixed asset recording and depreciation? Do you require Tax Depreciation and MACRS calculations? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then join us for a review of fixed assets functionality and features in NAV 2015. Here is your chance to see fixed assets in action and ask your questions to NAV veteran and solution architect Steve Chinsky.
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Cost Accounting for Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Strategies for Success
Manufacturers that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV are frequently challenged when calculating inventory value and cost of goods sold (COGS). Common challenges include: * Setting up the Interim COGS Account incorrectly. * Dealing with inventory Value Changes in a Closed Inventory Period * Stock keeping * Setting up accounts correctly In this webinar, Dynamics NAV manufacturing veteran Bob Bergman offers some fresh ideas on how to manage these challenges the right way. He will explore the capabilities of NAV 2013 that manufacturing companies should be taking advantage of and will recommend tactics for getting the right roles involved to add clarity and improve operational efficiency.
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Six Steps to Optimize Dynamics AX Performance
Time is money. Nowhere is this adage more true than in the competitive world of manufacturing where productivity and system inefficiencies can have a direct impact on a company's bottom line. If your AX system is not running at optimum performance levels, it is costing your company time and, therefore, money. Don't miss this on-demand webcast to hear an industry expert talk about some of the root causes of this gradual degradation in performance and explore six specific steps you can take to maintain your Dynamics AX system. As you will learn on this webcast, there are many tools and resources available to help you optimize the performance of your AX system. More Microsoft Dynamics webcasts: http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcasts More Microsoft Dynamics live events: http://msdynamicsworld.com/events_list_upcoming
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Creating a Dynamics 365 Demo Environment: Evaluation Options for AX Users (Recorded Webcast)
Are you interested in evaluating a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations demo environment, but aren't sure where to begin? In this exciting session, join us while we walk you through deploying a demo environment using Azure and Lifecycle Services (LCS), discuss any prerequisites for the deployment, and review best practices along the way. The agenda includes: -Introduction -Types of environments -Prerequisites for deployment -Best practices for deployment -Demo of deployment -Post-deployment tasks -Questions
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The New Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow
Workflow has been redesigned in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2. The new system removes the SharePoint dependencies that exist is prior versions of the Workflow module. In this webcast, we will talk about the new Workflow functionality, and highlight some of the new workflows coming in the next release of Dynamics GP.
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Planning and Designing Your CRM Project
This session, the second in a three part series, provides practical steps on how you can run a CRM project that achieves its goals and leads to successful outcomes. Join Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and sales strategist Rick McCutcheon at this live educational event to learn about topics including: * Setting budgets, time requirements, priorities, and project objectives * Mapping your CRM business processes in areas like business development, account management, marketing, and customer service * Best practices in customization, including: * Leveraging pull downs, pick lists and workflows * Template requirements and design * Integration with email * Data management
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How to Get Started with Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Lifecycle Services (LCS) is a new cloud-based offering from Microsoft that changes everything about the lifecycle of the Dynamics AX projects. Customers and partners can now track and manage not only the implementation phase of the Dynamics AX projects, but also the pre-sales and post-implementation support phases. LCS offers customers, prospects, and their partners access to a broad and constantly improving range of tools and resources without any additional software to manage. And any customer and partner that is registered with Microsoft gets LCS for free, making it impossible not to use. Join Dynamics AX MVP Murray Fife to look at some of the most important LCS capabilities that customers should be using today, including: * Business Process Flow - create recordings directly from Task Recordings and upload them to LCS to document your system * Customization and issue tracking, including access to knowledge base materials never previously available to customers * Access to Microsoft Azure to create test and sandbox environments on the fly with no additional hardware investments
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Common Data Service Basics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365
In this recorded webcast, we explain what the Microsoft Common Data Service is. We discuss the core components of the Service including the Common Data Model and how it is being used today and its planned future. We then explain the use of the Common Data Service with Dynamics, Office365, PowerBI, PowerApps, and Flow. Finally, in a live demonstration, we showed the use of Microsoft Flow to address a common function utilizing Dynamics 365 for Sales (MSCRM) and Dynamics for Operations (MS AX).
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The CRM Superhero’s Secret Utility: The XrmToolbox for Dynamics CRM
Delivering a high-quality and refined Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration through the CRM administration interface is typically fine. But some tasks can become tedious if you have to repeat several steps over and over for multiple views, fields, or users. If you've ever scratched your head and thought "there's got to be a better way!" then you are in luck! The free XrmToolbox from CRM MVP Tanguy Touzard is full of amazing utilities that every CRM Administrator should be familiar with. In this webcast, we introduce the XrmToolbox and demo several of its component tools to solve common administration challenges. You'll discover how the XrmToolbox can transform you into your organization's CRM Superhero. (Mask & Cape not included.)
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EDI for AX7 – A Radical Transformation for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX7 is a dramatic departure from earlier versions of AX and data integration is one area that has undergone a radical transformation. This new approach introduces expanded opportunities for tight EDI integration without customization. Learn how the evolution of Dynamics AX7 can be a huge benefit for AX users that need tight and robust EDI integration complete with a detailed demonstration.
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Using Sales Goals and Charts:  How to Visualize Sales Progress in Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM goals and charts gives sales departments an up-to-the-minute view of their progress toward targets. Define goals for each sales rep, and track actuals and in-progress opportunities against the sales rep's quarterly target. In this webcast Dave Carr from Trovare Business Solutions explores features introduced in the Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 release wave that make it simple to get the sales chart views your team needs.
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Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics Using Management Reporter 1
In this concise, fast-paced session, we teach you the basics around Management Reporter - the new financial reporting package for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the replacement product for FRx. Don't worry about losing your FRx reports. They can be migrated from FRx to Management Reporter. Join us to learn the things that matter most during the migration and how you need to get ready to proceed.
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Introducing the New Microsoft Dynamics AX
Pepijn Richter, Director Product Marketing Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Satish Thomas, Group Program Manager Microsoft Dynamics AX, introduce the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX. Learn how this next generation ERP solution can help you make smarter decisions quicker, help you transform your business processes faster and grow your business at your pace.
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Harness the Power of Advanced Finds in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
CRM veteran Jackie Heineman of Tribridge presents an educational webcast that explores the range of ways to use the Advanced Find tool to display, mine, edit, and share data from your CRM system. Specific topics include: * How to access Advanced Find * The difference between System Views and Personal views * How to create a new Advanced Find * How to use an existing View in Advanced Find * How to edit/add columns and use filters and sorting in the Advanced Find view * How to save an Advanced Find query as a new CRM View * How to Share/assign a saved View to other users * How to export an Advanced Find query to Excel
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Changing Lease Accounting Requirements: Get to Know IFRS 16 and ASC 842
Changes in the IFRS 16 and the FASB ASC 842 lease accounting requirements could have a significant financial effect on your organization. Compliance with the updated requirements is not optional, and companies need to prepare now to minimize the effect on staff and help avoid rework in the future. This webcast offers guidance on understanding the new standards and a look at the Crowe Leased Asset Calculator, a cloud-based tool available to help your company turn this regulatory change in to an opportunity. As a result of watching this recording, you should be able to: -Identify critical elements of the standard changes and timelines for implementation -Assess the financial and regulatory risk of the changes to your organization -Determine affected systems and processes that can be automated -Outline next steps for compliance -Help prevent audit-adjustment and material weaknesses through proper and timely preparation
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How to Become a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Master: Training Resources, Certification Path, and More
Once you set your mind on learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you quickly realize there is a whole universe of people and resources specific to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It's incredible! In this presentation, Gretchen Opferkew of PowerObjects explores that CRM universe. From the various online communities, technical resources, and training tools to the top CRM events you should attend, find out if you're missing anything in your CRM toolbox. In addition, we talk about how to get to various levels of CRM expertise you can attain, including the formal certification path. We discuss what certifications you need, where to take them, and the tips and tricks to passing the exams. After this webinar, you will be on your way to becoming a CRM master!
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Financial Enhancements
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has added a number of outstanding financial management features for everything from Bank Management to Revenue & Expense Deferrals to additional Word templates. Join this session to learn about these great features and understand how your customers will benefit from the Finance Enhancements.
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Using Management Reporter for Financial Statements: It's Easier than You Think
In this concise, fast-paced session, we'll teach you the basics around Management Reporter - the new financial reporting package for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the replacement product for FRx. Don't worry about losing your FRx reports. They can be migrated from FRx to Management Reporter. Join us to learn the things that matter most during the migration and how you need to get ready to proceed.
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Dynamics NAV 2017, In Office 365 Experience
Dynamics NAV 2017 has become more fully embedded in Office 365, including Outlook, Excel, and the new Bookings module. NAV processes can now be performed directly in Office, where you are already doing your work. In this session we'll show how you can now manage business interactions in Outlook, synchronize records between NAV and Outlook, invoice customers through Bookings, and work with your NAV financial data in Excel. We will present the full functionality of the new add-ins and synchronization tools that bring NAV financial functionality and data to Office.
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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015?
The latest Dynamics SL version, SL 2015 (codename SL 9), is packed with new features and enhancements. Let us show you the relevant changes so you can take advantage of them while implementing or upgrading Dynamics SL.
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Microsoft Power Query: An Excel Users Dream for Data Extraction and Cleaning
Self Service BI (Business Intelligence) is all about users being able to access their data and build reports/dashboards to fit their individual needs. Data cleansing is an important part of getting timely and accurate information. In this hour Microsoft MVP Belinda Allen uses Power Query to extract, cleanse, and combine data that will allow me to build an Excel Report or a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard.
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Cross-functional Advanced Resource Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
oin Microsoft solution architect Alex Anikiiev for a look at Cross-functional Advanced Resource Scheduling in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Alex will take the audience through a scenario that uses a single, continuous process flow to deal with: Production scheduling (Operations and Job scheduling) Project scheduling (WBS estimation + Microsoft Project, Project Hour forecast scheduling) Master planning Planned production scheduling (Operations and Job scheduling) Production dispatch Service dispatch
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Linking Dynamics AX and SharePoint to Create Your Own Document Management System
If you have Microsoft Dynamics AX up and running, then chances are you should already have SharePoint installed and configured, since it is also the foundation for all of the Role Centers and enterprise portals that are delivered with Dynamics AX. But there are many more features that you can take advantage of in conjunction with Dynamics AX to make your system even better. In this presentation we explain an alternative to the standard approach to document attachments in AX. Join us to learn how a more sophisticated approach to document management can: * Allow you to create your own document libraries within SharePoint to allow users to store documents, such as scanned invoices; * Index and link documents back to Dynamics AX; * Allow multiple records to be linked to the same document list; * Add other document management features, such as file check-in and out to control who updates the documents.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release Management Best Practices   Revisited
Last year, we reviewed the rapid evolution in the best practices and toolsets for releasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and configuration data. This session will serve as an update on the tools and best practices for release management for Dynamics CRM with an enhanced focus on the role that the development effort plays in this process. The session will explore the roles that development, automation, and release validation play in improving the quality of releases and reducing manual effort. It will also explore the latest tools and techniques that help CRM professionals can use to gain these benefits.
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Fix Your Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Before It Trashes Your GL
Have you ever wasted time or questioned numbers as a result of manual data entry, mixed period posting, or unfinished production orders? Then learm more in this presentation about real world inventory problems and how to fix them in Microsoft Dynamics NAV! Catapult ERP Sr. NAV Specialist Jeff Landeen walks you through common inventory problems and share best practices and industry tips from his experience working with Dynamics NAV.
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Introduction to ODATA Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 introduces OData Web Services as a new way to access your NAV data from outside the system, greatly reducing the complexity of developing reports and NAV access from third party applications. In this webinar, join Dynamics ERP BI expert Cristian Nicola as he illustrates how you can use OData to access your data from many other applications like Excel, SQL Reporting Services, Internet Explorer, smartphones and tablets. Topics of the webinar will include: Setting up ODATA web services in NAV ODATA and Excel PowerPivot reports ODATA and SQL Server Reporting Services Highlights of .NET applications using ODATA web services
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI Working Together
Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 is a collection of new features and services that, together, enable you to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways. But bringing together CRM, ERP, and other data sources is no easy task.
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Dynamics 365 Update Whats New
In this recorded webinar, we dive into the latest and greatest features and functionality related to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 July Update (v.9.0) for Sales (CRM). For those on previous versions, or if you're brand new to Dynamics 365 and CRM, get a taste of what's in store with the new release.
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Integration Design Patterns for Dynamics 365
Data migration and integration in Dynamics 365 can be a complex topic because data is often more complex than what people realize. When delivering a new implementation of Dynamics 365, or when considering making your CRM system communicate with other IT systems, a proper design for data migration and/or integration is key to success. This recorded webinar provides an overview of data migration and integration patterns and processes to and from Dynamics 365, integration with SharePoint as well as other systems. After presenting best practices and design patterns to model your data migration and integration strategies for Dynamics CRM, the second part of the session focuses on putting the integration patterns in practice by building connectors to and from Dynamics CRM that respond to different requirements of data migration, aggregation, correlation, etc.
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Using Microsoft Social Engagement Together with Dynamics CRM
In this webcast Microsoft MVP Jukka Niiranen explores the new functionality introduced in the Fall 2015 release of Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE) that ties the product more deeply into Dynamics CRM. How does the new Link-to-CRM feature allow organizations to enrich their customer database with Social Profiles and Social Posts? What are the current limitations of the integration when using MSE for providing social customer service via channels like Twitter? How could the social information be made more useful in the CRM context with a few customizations to the system?
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The XrmToolbox for Microsoft Dynamics CRM   Part 2
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM administration interface is fine for everyday tasks. But some tasks can become tedious if you have to repeat several steps over and over for multiple views, fields, or users - If you've ever scratched your head and thought "there's got to be a better way!" - you are in luck! We'll dive into new information including some of the new utilities, some of the lesser-known ones, and a couple of the more advanced utilities in the XRMToolBox. Mastering the XRMToolBox will help transform you into a CRM Administration Superhero. (Mask and cape are optional.)
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Management Reporter for Financial Reporting
In this one-hour, information-packed session, Noah Moseley from the MSX Group will teach you the basics for creating dynamic financial statements using Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Group several reports together in a package to all run at the same time. Distribute all of those reports to your managers using a single report page. Control access to sensitive data. Schedule reports to run on a regular schedule. All of these topics and more!
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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to AX 2012 Upgrade Insights
If you are planning a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 upgrade for your organization or your customer, this webinar will give you a head start. Visionet's AX experts will draw on their upgrade expertise to explain: * The steps involved in carrying out a standard AX 2009 to AX 2012 upgrade * Common upgrade issues and best practices for resolving them * Value added tips on upgrading to the latest release, AX 2012 R3. More Microsoft Dynamics live events: http://msdynamicsworld.com/events_list_upcoming More Microsoft Dynamics Webcasts: http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcasts More Microsoft Dynamics news and information: http://msdynamicsworld.com/
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Reporting in Excel
Microsoft Dynamics NAV BI expert Cristian Nicola explains how to export financial data from NAV to Microsoft Excel. Our session will cover standard options available in NAV 2009 and NAV 2013. In addition, we will present how to use Microsoft Power Pivot to start building your financial statements in Excel.
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Upgrade or Migrate: Understand your path from Dynamics AX 4.0/2009/2012 to Dynamics 365
In this recorded webinar we discuss in detail how organizations using Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009, or 2012 can move to the latest edition, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition. You will learn the steps you can take to prepare your system beforehand, the gotchas, and major hurdles to success.
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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Its Application for Dynamics AX
In this session we'll illustrate how Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can be applied to solve real-world business problems in different industries. The session itself will be divided into several logical parts. First we'll explore different Machine Learning algorithms and how to craft your own experiments in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio for your own needs. Then we'll consider an example of how Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Forecasting leverages the power of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. And finally we'll spend time working with data, understanding how to make sense of the results obtained from using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and interpret them effectively.
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Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Architect
In this webinar Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP Mitch Milam discusses the basic technical areas of expertise and skillsets that must be developed on your path to becoming a Dynamics CRM technical architect. He reviews several CRM-related design scenarios that will highlight the types of things you need to consider when developing solutions for Dynamics CRM. More MSDW webcasts: http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcasts MSDW Live Events: http://msdynamicsworld.com/events_list_upcoming
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Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
Planning for CRM Success.Customer Relationship Management is the business philosophy that lets you know your customers better, share information more thoroughly, and interact more completely. In business this can only be achieved through the integration of people, business processes, and the use of CRM technology. In this session, the first in a three part series, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and sales strategist Rick McCutcheon shows you a step by step game plan on how to successfully implement CRM strategies, technologies and processes into your business.
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Deliver Better Financial Automation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 offers an improved range of capabilities for finance and accounting professionals, in areas like AP invoice management and AR. Whether you are upgrading or planning a new solution, improving financial automation with NAV 2015 requires that both the power users and the technical team have a solid understanding of core software and the underlying Microsoft technology that enables it. In this session, Dynamics NAV MVP Mark Brummel explores both the standard and custom options for financial management with NAV 2015. The webcast will cover: * How to use standard features of NAV 2015 to automate finance and accounting related business processes. * Guidance for a non-developers on how NAV 2015 can be extended by developers to provide even more benefits that match the specific needs of your company. * How non-developers can take NAV application design into consideration when working with a development team.
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Microsoft CRM 2013 Readiness: Support, Training, and Change Management
With so many the changes just around the corner in the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers need to begin preparing to manage critical upgrade decisions. During this webcast, CRM expert Cory Johnson and CRM MVP Chris Cognetta will discuss the key changes coming with CRM 2013 and how to prepare for them now.  Join Chris and Cory for a look at CRM 2013 from the perspective of the customer. Learn about some of the most critical updates and how to handle them, including their recommendations regarding: * Upgrading and upgrade planning, * Maximizing your current support, * Key questions to ask your partner to help your organization get the most out of Microsoft CRM.
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End to End Budget Planning on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9
Join this webcast to discover how to execute a "boxed" approach for budgeting based on the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9. Topics will include: * Why Budget Planning * Planning for seamless experience * Planning timeline * Planning foundation * Planning Orchestration * End to end demo * Common issues and solutions
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 What Does it Mean for Dynamics ERP VAR's
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is launching this fall and represents the end of the traditional business model for Dynamics ERP resellers. Industry veterans Terry Petrzelka and Joe Longo discussed the challenges posed by Dynamics 365 and highlighted changes that partners will have to make to meet these challenges. Watch this webcast to learn: 5 things resellers need to know about Dynamics 365 5 actions resellers need to take to survive the disruption that D365 will cause 3 strategies resellers can leverage to profit from D365
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Reinventing Supply Chain Finance: Unlocking Strategic Value
In most companies, supply chain finance is seen as a tactical tool. As a result, a lot of unrealized value is left on the table. Done right, supply chain finance can generate strategic value throughout the P2P lifecycle, in assuring continuity of supply, reducing COGS, meeting profitability targets, creating more sustainable supply chains, and reducing time-to-market and lead times. In this webinar, we explore a holistic approach to supply chain finance: * Full lifecycle, end-to-end supply chain financing-across the entire P2P order lifecycle including pre-shipment, post-shipment, and post-invoice financing options for suppliers. * Unified network-connecting all parties participating in the various transactions, management and movement of goods. * Using SCF (supply chain finance) to impact margins, COGS, time-to-market, continuity of supply, reduction in errors, and more. * Core capabilities required for holistic SCF.
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