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Close Personal Attention - ASMR
Your face is dirty from a long day at work, let me clean it up for you.
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Rain On A Car Roof - 1 Hour - ASMR
I got a request to make an hour long version of my "Rain On The Car Roof" video so that people could play it and fall asleep.
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Summer Thunderstorm - Binaural Recording
This is a binaural recording of an prolonged summer thunderstorm. This is not looped or layered, this is a real-time recording of the storm.
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Box of ASMR Sounds
In this video a unpack a Christmas present from my sister, a box of items that all make her favorite ASMR sounds plus a few experimental items.
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Junk Drawer Exploration - ASMR
In this video we explore random things that have collected in my desk drawer over the years.
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1968 Election Campaign Memorabilia
I found this box of election materials from 1968 in the barn and thought that you would like to see all of the brochures, buttons, posters and stickers. Spolier alert, Nixon won.
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Travel Items Unboxing - ASMR
To prepare for my impending trip I have purchased a few thing to make things a little easier. Time to unbox!
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Giving Directions With A Map - Roleplay- ASMR
I softly and calmly role play a hotel concierge giving driving directions to you while drawing a map.
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Close Personal Attention - Cleaning Your Face After A Marathon - ASMR
In this video I am cleaning your face after you've had a great marathon run and you are exhausted.
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Unboxing ASMR Goodies - Multiple ASMR Triggers
The ASMR sounds in this box are from Kara at http://www.consciousbox.com who thought that one of their monthly boxes would make wonderful ASMR sounds, and she was right. You can sign up for a box like this to be delivered every month. And using the code FREEASMR, you can get your first month free, all you pay is shipping.
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Doing Your Makeup Role Play - ASMR
For some unknown reason you decide to let me do your makeup.
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Brushing the camera with water - ASMR
In this video I brush the camera with a few different brushes using water and talking softly about several different things.
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Personal Fitting Role Play - ASMR
In this video I am your personal shopping assistant, measuring you for business clothes and then finding some for you to try on. I tried to keep this a gender neutral as possible so it could be for guys are gals.
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Warm Summer Night Binaural Soundscape For Sleep
Fall asleep to the gentle sounds of a warm summer night in the country. Crickets and cicadas drone through the evening while in the distance a dog barks and cars pass by on the highway over the hill.
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Return To Minecraft 2 - ASMR
It is the end of the year 2014 and time to return to Minecraft for an ASMR journey once again. Enjoy.
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My DVD Library - ASMR
Time to reorganize my growing DVD collection to make room for even more! Enjoy.
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How To Shave
In this video I give a lesson on how to shave you face using shaving soap and a razor. Note: You will see part if not all of my face in this video because thats where whiskers grow. :)
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Cleaning Graphic Pens - ASMR
In this video I examine and clean some precision graphic pens.
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Cleaning A Leather Wallet - No Talking - ASMR
After several years of living in my back pocket, it's time to give my Saddleback wallet some TLC. Enjoy!
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Drawing A Map - Role Play - ASMR
I softly and calmly role play a hotel concierge giving driving directions for a evening of shopping for antiques and fine dining in my quaint imaginary town.
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Flipping Through A Catalog - 3D sound - ASMR
In this video I flip through a product catalog. There is no talking in this one, just the sound of the pages.
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Getting Lost in Minecraft 6 - ASMR
The final preparations are complete and our adventures can truly begin and we come to the edge of a new world.
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My Favorite Super Power - ASMR
In this video I ramble about what my favorite super power would be.
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Whisper Hotel - Drawing Map Directions - ASMR
Welcome to whisper hotel, let me give you directions for a wonderful night on the town.
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Boxing up a defective product - ASMR
The wooden clock kit is a bust, literally. One of the pieces was broken and another was missing so, in order to get a refund I need to pack it up and send it back. Welcome to the rare relaxing boxing video on YouTube.
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What's In My Library - New Books - ASMR
Since my last library tour I have added some books so I need to integrate them and move some things around.
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Traveling Around The World - ASMR
I speak softly while going through an envelope of documents someone collected on their travels around the world. Some documents are from the '70s and some from the '20s. We piece together the clues found in the envelope to get an insight into their journey.
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Restaurant Role Play - ASMR
In this video I role play a waiter taking you order in a restaurant.
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Sculpture Toy 9  - No Talking - ASMR
In this video I build something different with the floam sculpture toy. Can you guess what it is?
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Lord of the Rings Figures - ASMR
Action figures from Lord of the Rings
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Banking Role Play - ASMR
In this video I role play a bank teller / cashier leading you through the steps of opening a bank account.
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Sculpting Toy 3 - ASMR
I found a different brand of the sculpting toy I used in my other videos. It's a bit more sticky, but it comes wrapped in a nice crinkly package. :)
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Homemade Sculpture Toy - ASMR
In this video I show off the results of my homemade sculpture toy recipe and talk about how similar it is to Floam.
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Flash Cards - The 44 US Presidents - ASMR
In this video I go through flash cards about each US President and talk about each one of them. Relax and learn something too.
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Pure ASMR - Page Turning - No Talking
It's time to pick out some items for our new business, time to browse the ULINE catalog and highlight what we need.
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Soothing Storm - ASMR
I gently talk to you while a spring storm approches as we sit on the back porch of my house. We listen to the birds, squirrels and distant thunder and wind, the gentle approaching rain and the water as is splashes on the ground. There are several nice peals of thunder the echo into the distance. Put your headphones on, sit back and relax and imagine yourself with me in an evening in Spring listening to the storm.
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Face Painting Role Play - ASMR
It's time to get your face painted again. This time little fluffy clouds!
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Calm Rambling Talk and Silver Polishing - ASMR
I calmly talk about random stuff while polishing silver in the bright sunlight. This is my first rambling talk but I think it came out okay.
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Mystery Phone Brushing, Cleaning & Tapping
Cleaning off a telephone type mystery device that looks kind of like a phone. But it is dusty and needs to be brushed and cleaned before we can look at it properly.
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Calm Teacher Role Play 7 - Vocabulary
In this role play video we are back together for another round of vocabulary words with you. As before, I quietly read the words, talk about their meaning and use them in a sentence. I printed the words on heavy paper so there are lots of nice paper sounds.
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Workshop Tool Tour - ASMR
In this video I explore the old tools that are in several drawers in an old workshop.
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Cutting Paper With Old Fashioned Scissors - ASMR
In preparation for another vocabulary video I cut some thick paper into small flash cards.
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Opening A Pomegranate - ASMR
Half of this video was blooper, so here is the other half. :) Hopefully there is some ASMR is here somewhere. I got the idea from this video http://youtu.be/Nj9G9C4bo_U
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Folding Puzzles - ASMR
In this video I work with two folding puzzles which make great clicking sounds I work with them.
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Making Candy Treats - No Talking - ASMR
In this video I put together a candy kit that came in the February box from https://tokyotreat.com Enjoy!
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500 Subscribers Contest!
I have reached 500 subscribers and as promised I am starting a contest. *** The contest is over, thank you to all who participated! **** The contest will last to one week, on Feb.2 I will pick two people who have commented on this video and do a custom ASMR video just for them.
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Deluxe Car Wash - ASMR
I love the cozy sounds from inside a car during a car wash. Enjoy!
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Sculpting Toy 6 - ASMR
The pink sculpture toy is back, this time it's not too much of a mess. Enjoy.
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Incredible and Inedible Snacks! - ASMR
Another box of awesome snacks, with one very notable exception!
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Tissue Paper Crinkle, Crumple, Crush - ASMR
Tissue paper makes some the best ASMR sounds when it is folded, crumpled, and pulled back apart. There's also some plastic bag sounds. I am really happy with how this turned out, like is and share it!
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