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Introducing Westcon (English)
Westcon is a UCC solutions distributor with a difference. With a portfolio of category leading vendors -- we are agile and innovative, able to respond to the needs of our partners with the speed and precision of a local specialist; and being part of Westcon Group, we have the financial strength and logistical reach of a large global organisation. Westcon are experts at supporting our business partners growth. So, if you're looking for a forward thinking technology partner with the stability, strength and logistical reach of a multinational, the agility and innovation of a local specialist, and a vendor portfolio that represents the very best the industry has to offer -- talk to Westcon. http://www.westcon.com
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Avaya Aura Release 7 – Overview
A full overview of the recently launched Avaya Aura Release 7.0 and find out how to maximise opportunities with this product update.
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Westcon-Comstor Supply Chain Services
End-to-end support strengthens every stage of the sales cycle. Westcon-Comstor Supply Chain Services provide you with vital end-to-end solutions worldwide. Our integration options are available in 26 logistics and stocking centers serving more than 190 countries around the globe. With our Supply Chain Services you can offload system setup, testing and basic configurations for installations, instantly freeing up your staff to concentrate on more profitable work
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Juniper Networks - The value proposition explained (EN)
Westcon, the Juniper distributor, explains in less than 2 minutes, what makes Juniper different and unique from the competition.
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Westcon Avaya IP Office Release 11 Sneak Peek Webinar
Watch this webinar for a sneak peek at the upcoming Avaya IP Office Release 11. If you have any other questions that this video didn't answer, feel free to get in touch with our Avaya Mid-Market Pre-Sales team at [email protected]
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Juniper Networks - Su propuesta de valor (ES)
Westcon, distribuidor de Juniper, le explica en menos de 2 minutos, qué hace Juniper diferente y exclusivo frente a la competencia.
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Westcon-Comstor Academy, Education Services
Enabled learning and certifications help you get ahead of the rest. Westcon-Comstor Education Services provide focused training, including product launches, sales force development and channel enablement. Through the Westcon-Comstor Academy, you will find a comprehensive range of technical training programs, both certified and non-certified, that extend your knowledge base and expand your capabilities.
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Westcon-Comstor Services Q&A (Short)
Watch this video to find out more about our extensive and flexible services offering with Dominic Chapman. http://bit.ly/ServConsultation
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Die Aktivität "Heraus mit der Sprache!" des Lesson Activity Builders (LAB) - SMART Notebook® 2015
Eine kurze Demonstration der Aktivität "Heraus mit der Sprache!" des Lesson Activity Builders der SMART Notebook® 2015 Software
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Avaya IP Office R9.1 Overview
Missed the sneak peak webinar introducing the new features of Avaya IP Office (9.1)? Watch it now with presenters from the Westcon UK Pre-sales team Ray Woods and Richard Thomas.
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Westcon-Comstor Services Q&A
Watch this video to find out more about our extensive and flexible services offering with Dominic Chapman. http://bit.ly/ServConsultation
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Westcon-Comstor Support Services
Tailored, global capabilities nurture, expand and enhance your own offering. Westcon-Comstor lead IT distribution with unique technical support capabilities that enable solution providers to deliver proactive monitoring support capabilities across multiple vendors and multiple technologies, so you can focus on your business, not your technology.
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SMART kapp iQ video for authorized reseller
With our "How to sell/How to use" video we would like to provide a tool to show your customers how easy it is to use a SMART kapp™ iQ. 00:00 - Overview 03:06 - SMART kapp iQ™ video (EN) 04:34 - Unboxing 04:56 - Plug it in 05:21 - Sync your device 05:44 - Start writing 06:42 - Share & save content 07:58 - SMART kapp™ app 11:52 - SMART kapp™ web app 12:47 - SMART Board® interactive flat panel
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Best practices for migrating your PBX infrastructure to Microsoft Lync with AudioCodes
Recording of a webinar to help partners with the best practices at identifying and implementing PBX migration to Lync. What's covered? ----------------------- • How to integrate an existing PBX with Microsoft Lync to reduce costs • How to migrate from a legacy solution in order to support new UCC features • How to replace an end of sale/life PBX or key system in an existing deployment • The opportunity of enabling Office 365 with Lync Enterprise voice • WebRTC -- what's happening and are you ready? Speakers Mark Thompson and Aemon Burke, AudioCodes
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Avaya OneSource Training – Design session
Join this tour of the OneSource design features, find out what “blueprints” are and how to use them, how to search for an EGB, how to piece parts & design adjustments and how to add promotions.
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Westcon Avaya Breeze & Oceana Overview (UK)
Watch this video for information on Avaya's Breeze & Oceana solutions and advice on how you can position them with your customers. For more information, email [email protected]
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Westcon-Comstor Apprenticeships 2019
March 2019 - Westcon-Comstor is announcing 10 new apprenticeship positions at its Bracknell office, which hosts Westcon Sales. The roles are across sales, marketing, pre-sales, business administration and technical engineering. Interested? Click on https://bit.ly/2SNpRdM to find out more and to apply.
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SMART Notebook® Maestro (Deutsch)
Dieses Video erklärt kurz, wie das neue SMART Notebook® Maestro eingesetzt werden kann und welche Voraussetzungen für dieses AddOns gegeben sein müssen.
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Avaya OneSource Training – Mid Market session
Learn about IP Office OneSource configuration, server edition OneSource configuration, manual design adjustments and how to add promotions.
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SMART Response™ VE in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software (Deutsch)
Dieses Video zeigt wie sich SMART Response™ VE in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software nutzen lässt.
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Das GeoGebra AddOn der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software (Deutsch)
Eine kurze Demonstration des GeoGebra AddOns in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software
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Avaya OneSource Training – Enterprise session
Learn about the Aura UC OneSource configurator, manual design adjustments and promotions/ Program addition.
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Juniper Networks - Come JNP adatta la vostra infrastruttura di rete aziendale...  (IT)
Juniper Networks - come Juniper adatta la vostra infrastruttura di rete aziendale alle nuove esigenze del business. Scarica l'infografica per saperne di più. http://be.security.westcon.com/documents/53255/Ten_Good_Reasons_To_Buy_Juniper-From-Westcon.pdf
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Die neuen WIdgets in der SMART Notebook® 16 Software
Neue Widgets in der Galerie der SMART Notebook® 16 Software lösen einige der älteren Flash-Objekte des LATs ab. Wir zeigen, welche Widgets dies sind.
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Juniper Mentor Program from Westcon
Mentor is a Partner enablement program that helps Westcon Partners deliver significant revenue growth, by helping you plan, engage and generate Juniper revenues. More information at http://juniper.westcon.mentorprogram.info
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Video as a Service with Polycom and BlueJeans
Tune into this on-demand webinar to find out how Polycom and BlueJeans' partnership will increase revenue and margin opportunity, extend your sales discussion from CAPEX to OPEX, offering customers more choice and a truly best-in-class solution. To find out more, please get in touch via http://bit.ly/ContactUCC.
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Introducing Blue Jeans Cloud-Based Video Conferencing
Watch BlueJeans and Westcon-Comstor experts introduce the BlueJeans cloud-based video conferencing portfolio and its benefits to you and your business.
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Das Add-On Bild-Websuche der SMART Notebook® 16 Software
Mit Hilfe der Bild-Websuche lassen sich direkt aus der SMART Notebook® 16 Software heraus lizenzfreie Bilder und Cliparts im Internet finden und auf die SMART Notebook® Seite einfügen.
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SMART kapp iQ Trainingsvideo für autorisierte Reseller
Mit unserem "How to sell/How to use"-Video möchten wir Ihnen ein Werkzeug an die Hand geben mit dem Sie Ihren Kunden zeigen können, wie einfach das SMART kapp™ iQ zu bedienen ist. 00:00 - Überblick 02:44 - SMART kapp iQ™ Video (DE) 04:12 - Auspacken 04:33 - Einschalten 04:58 - Verbinden 05:22 - Schreiben 06:19 - Teilnehmer einladen 07:38 - SMART kapp™ App 11:43 - SMART kapp™ Web App 12:38 - SMART Board® Interactive Flat Panel
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Comstor Mentor Program (Netherlands)
Become a Comstor Mentor Partner @ http://bit.ly/MentorNetherlands The Comstor Mentor Program - CMP - is a global award-winning Partner enablement program that helps Cisco Partners deliver significant revenue growth. In fact, on average, Partners can expect to see over 64% year on year growth through participating in the CMP. It helps Partners understand how to plan, engage and generate Cisco revenues for their business and has been in place for over 8 years helping over 200 Partners grow their business with Cisco. ----- Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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Juniper Networks - Das Nutzenversprechen (DE)
Westcon, Ihr Juniper-Distributor, erklärt in weniger als 2 Minuten was Juniper so einzigartig macht und vom Wettbewerb unterscheidet.
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Die Aktivität "Monster Quiz" des SMART lab der SMART Notebook® 16.1 Software
Eine kurze Demonstration der Aktivität "Monster Quiz" des SMART lab der SMART Notebook® 16.1 Software
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Symantec Advanced Threat Protection kurz erklärt
Symantec Advanced Threat Protection. Besucht uns einfach auf: https://m.westconcomstor.com/Symantec-Offensive um weitere Informationen bzgl. Symantec zu erhalten oder auch unsere Homepage: http://de.security.westcon.com/
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Maskieren von Bildern in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software (Deutsch)
Dieses Video erklärt wie sich Bilder in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software maskieren/zuschneiden lassen.
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Der neue Textstift in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software (Deutsch)
Hier wird gezeigt wie Sie den neuen Textstift in der SMART Notebook™ 2014 Software nutzen können.
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SMART lab in der SMART Notebook® 16 Software
Der ehemalige Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) wurde in der SMART Notebook® 16 Software in SMARTR lab umbenannt. Dieses Video gibt einen kurzen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten von SMART lab.
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The Westcon LEAP Centre
Located in our Astral Towers office next to Gatwick, the Westcon LEAP Centre is the place to Learn, Experience, Architect and Plan UC & Collaboration Solutions
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Microsoft Surface Hub with Westcon
Watch this short and sharp overview of the sales opportunities with Microsoft Surface Hub, the product’s features and why selling it with Westcon is QUICK, EASY and PROFITABLE. For more info visit: www.westconcomstor.com/surfacehub
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Westcon - Your Lync Hardware Distribution Partner
Westcon - Your Lync Hardware Distribution Partner, Making Lync Simpler & More Profitable Lync connects people everywhere. Ensure you provide your customers with the best possible Microsoft Lync experience by choosing a hardware distribution partner with the expertise, UC heritage, and comprehensive support designed to enable you to succeed. http://discoveruc.com
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Juniper Networks - Presentazione della value proposition (IT)
Westcon, distributore di Juniper vi racconta in meno di 2 minuti cosa rende Juniper unica e diversa rispetto i suoi competitor.
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