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Container Seal opening process technique
Container seal plays major role in protecting the container from other person.container are made for shipping line transport.seal are only broken with authority of custom board for inspection.so seal plays wide role in container protection and security.
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BMCT port ship accident | PSA | epic 2 service | nhava sheva
This video show about how ship got hit to jetty at BMCT port while turning. Ship accident Nhava she a BMCT Bharat mumbai container terminal recent ship accident 2018 vessel accident 2018 ship accident today cargo ship accident 2018 cargo ship accident 2017 container ship accident container ship accident 2018 ship accidents bmct port recruitment bmct port container tracking bmct port form 13 bmct port website bmct mumbai bmct terminal container tracking bmct tracking bmct form 13 nhava sheva port address nhava sheva port container tracking nhava sheva port map nhava sheva port mumbai nhava sheva port vessel schedule nhava sheva port code nhava sheva india nhava sheva port india biggest ship accidents ship accident 2018 cargo ship accidents ship accident video 2012 ship accidents caught on tape ship accidents 2016 ship accident today ship accident 2017
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Adani hazira port-Container Stacking process
Containerization in maritime trade has change the working of port business.container helps the goods for secure and steady movement of goods from one port to destination port.usually container are unloaded at port of destination from shipping line and then by truck carrier it is transferred to customer.
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Mangrol fishing harbour, Gujarat-Arabian sea
Mangrol is large fishing harbour in jungadh district of Gujarat.it is natural port for fisherman going do plough sea and hub for fresh fish business consisting of storing,refridge, export.it ranks 1st in fishing hub and second follows the jafrabad.
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tankers catch fire with 11 dead in Kerch strait of russia
#2tankerfire #11deadkerchstrait #syria #Russia The fire broke out on Monday off Russia's territorial waters. Both vessels were flying Tanzanian flags. One of them was a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier and another one was a tanker. The fire broke out as the two ships were transferring fuel from one to the other. UPDATE 1: Department of Shipping RosMorRechFlot (Ministry of Transport, Russia), said that there was an explosion followed by fire on board of gas tanker during STS operation, fire spread to another tanker. One’s LPG tanker MAESTRO (IMO 8810700, dwt 4811, built 1990, flag Tanzania, manager ?), another one is CANDIY or KANDIY or KANDII – not found in all available databases, also LPG tanker, also Tanzania-flagged. MAESTRO last available AIS is dated Jan 11, Turkey. Most probably, AIS is off, because trading LPG of Crimean origin is illegal according to international sanctions imposed on Crimea and Russia. But what about CANDII/KANDIY… whatever? What about video with fire on cargo deck of general cargo ship? UPDATE 2: Another tanker found – it’s LPG tanker CANDY, IMO 9005479, dwt 4444, built 1992, flag Tanzania, manager ?). Last AIS dated night Jan 20, tanker was crossing Kerch Strait in southern direction, en route from Temryuk Russia to Lebanon. AIS off during last 20 hours. So what ship or ships are on fire? LPG tankers or cargo ship? If LPG tankers are on fire, then, both were involved in illegal trade. Both by the way, are owned by offshore companies, in apparent attempt to hide true identity of the owner or owners. UPDATE 3: Seems like tankers are in major fire, Maritime Rescue Agency said 2 crew died in explosion and fire. Both ships were anchored some 15 nm off Crimean coast, engaged in STS. 17 crew were on CANDY (9 Turkish and 8 Indian nationalities), 14 crew were on MAESTRO (7 Turkish and 7 Indian nationalities). With regards to Video with seemingly, dry cargo ship fire – dry cargo ship was on forefront, blocking the view. UPDATE 4 1820 UTC Jan 21: 10 crew from both tankers died in explosion and fire, 14 were rescued, fate of 7 more remains unknown, SAR under way. UPDATE 5 1930 UTC Jan 21: 12 crew were rescued, 11 died and their bodies recovered, 3 went under water right in front of rescuers (most probably because of hypothermia and shock), 5 still missing. Tragedy roots are more or less clear: Tankers were deployed in sanctioned Crimea shipping, performing STS in Crimean waters. Tankers were operated in “grey zone”, managed by “grey” offshore company or companies. Crews in all probability, were substandard. Tankers are old, and according to risk assessments, both in poor condition. Hence the tragedy, the result of combination of a number of negative factors. UPDATE 6 Jan 22: Both tankers had been involved in illegal gas supplies to Syria since 2016, according to the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC). According to ships tracks and port calls records, both were working as gas-train, where CANDY was cargo collector in Russian Ports (Temryuk), and MAESTRO was cargo shuttle, transporting LPG to Syria with fixed AIS tracks. Of course Russian Authorities knew about the scheme, but were covering it up. Tankers transferred LPG in STS operation on anchorage in Kerch Strait waters outside territorial waters, so legally speaking, outside boundaries of Russian jurisdiction. So it was a “gray” business involving a number of possible negative consequences, read above. IMRRA, FleetMon’s official Vessel Risk Rating Partner, risk assessed CANDY as having a ‘red’ risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 56% (03-SEP-18), compared to the fleet average 35%. New risk assessment reports can be purchased via FleetMon. Red: Poorest performing; Amber: Average value; Green: Good indicator. IMRRA, FleetMon’s official Vessel Risk Rating Partner, risk assessed MAESTRO as having a ‘red’ risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 60% (06-NOV-18), compared to the fleet average 35%. New risk assessment reports can be purchased via FleetMon. Red: Poorest performing; Amber: Average value; Green: Good indicator. INITIAL NEWS: Numerous sources and media report “disastrous major fire” on board of “gas tanker” at Kerch Strait south entrance, Black sea. Some say just tanker is on fire, some say two tankers were performing STS operation and now both on fire, crew jumping overboard. All sources though, say that the ship on fire is Tanzania-flagged. Video was already posted on youtube. Well, according to video, it’s a general cargo ship of river-sea type, major cargo ship type in this region. Only one such ship under Tanzanian flag found in the area – DAISY, IMO 8033120, dwt 3353, built 1981, flag Tanzania, manager MD SHIPPING ODESSA – UKRAINE. In one more report, one rather well-known Russian journalist said, that the ship was attacked by Russian Air Forces and caught fire after being shelled or bombed. What a mess!
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Russian Nuclear submarine explosion Losharik
#Losharik #SubmarineExplosion #Russia Russian nuclear submarine explosion and fire, all on board reported dead Russian North-West Region local media on Jul 2 reported explosion and fire on board of Russian Navy deepwater nuclear research station or submarine AS-12, known as LOSHARIK. Accident occurred on Jul 1. According to news, all staff on board, up to 14 people, died in explosion and fire. Ministry of Defence didn’t reveal name of underwater vehicle, number of crew or any other details. According to official statement, fire was extinguished or put under control. Submarine or whatever it is, was “carrying out water biometric research in Russian territorial waters”, understood in Barents sea. As of 1430 UTC Jul 2, news are sketchy and contradictory, initial news published by local newspaper Severomorsk Life were removed from newspaper website. Russian Navy Research nuclear submarine AS-12 (nicknamed LOSHARIK) – nuclear deepwater station of Project 10831. It is powered by a nuclear reactor and is believed to be able to operate at a depth down to 6,000 meters. Displacement 2000 tons submerged, length about 60 meters, complement 25 officers (no private ranks).
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Chabahar port || All to know about || detailed information 2018
Chabahar Port is a seaport in Chabahar located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman. It serves as Iran's only oceanic port, and consists of two separate ports named Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti, each of which has five berths. Current status of chabahar port. Latest development and infrastructure 2018. Agreement and trade. Chabahar port,Iran Container,bulk,rail,shipping. It will connect Chabahar port to Central Asia, Afghanistan and Central Iran. India agreed to help Iran expand Chabahar port in 2003, construct multipurpose cargo, container terminal.
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2 fishing vessel burned, 1sank and crew dead and missing
#FishingVesselBurned #crewDeadandMissing 2 fishing vessels burned, 1 sank, 11 dead and missing FV ZHONG YUAN YU 11 FV ZHONG YUAN YU 11 sank after collision with Spanish trawler PESCA VAQUEIRO (IMO 8521335) in the morning Feb 15 NW of Falkland Islands, all 30 crew were rescued by nearby fishing vessels. TROPICAL 1 Fire erupted on board of FV TROPICAL 1 undergoing repairs in Durban, South Africa, in the evening Feb 14. 6 people died, reportedly all of them were crew members. The vessel most probably, is total loss. JUN RONG Longliner JUN RONG caught fire on Feb 11 in South Atlantic off Falkland Islands. Of 69 crew, 64 were rescued, 5 Filipino fishermen went missing. The vessel most probably, burned out. FV ZHONG YUAN YU 11, Call sign BZZV4, GT 1096, flag China. FV TROPICAL 1, Call sign C9B2836, length 36 meters, flag Mozambique. Longliner JUN RONG, Call sign BI2605, GT 998, flag Taiwan.
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Container ship and port accident Tanjung Emas Semarang Indonesia
#TanjungEmasSemarang #ShipPortaccident #maritimeNews #CraneAccident www.portship.tech ship accident ship crane accident
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nansha port - ship collision - china
nansha ship collision, ship collision, ship accident, China ship accident, port accident, ship breaking news, China accident, breaking port news,
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16 types of Shipping containers
10 Types of Shipping Containers Used to Build Homes and Other Innovative Uses Types of Shipping Containers Shipping Container Used to Build Homes Shipping Container Uses Shipping Container Homes Shipping Container Innovative Uses Shipping Containers and Other Uses Shipping Containers Build Homes Containers Used to Build Homes Container homes Shipping container uses Innovative uses of shipping containers shipping container types container uses types of containers ships container ships types of shipping containers ship containers container designs shipping container shipping container types export shipping methods import export international trade export shipping shipping fcl lcl less than container load packing sizes consolidated yt:cc=on container logistics shipping documents shipping documentation importing trade international intermodal export documentation ocean shipping/logistics cargo port how to import export business supply chain how to export sea ship containers loading international shipping
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1 crew killed, 20 jumped overboard, Deep in indian ocean
#CrewKilled #IndianOcean 1 crew killed, 20 jumped overboard fleeing violence on board deep in Indian ocean bloody drama is unfolding on Taiwanese longliner WEN PENG in Indian ocean in vicinity 09 30N 82 00E, SE of British Indian Ocean Territory, since early morning Feb 20. Taiwanese Captain of longliner sent distress message at around 0300 Taiwan time, reporting 1 Filipino crew going violent, attacking other crew with knife. One crew was killed, others nearby, who were on upper deck, jumped overboard. Crew consist of 24 people, including 10 Filipino, 11 Indonesian and 3 Taiwanese nationalities. It is said, that 20 people jumped overboard, while Captain locked himself on a bridge, Chief Engineer being also safe in engine room. All Taiwanese fishing vessels in the area got the message and are steaming to assist, Taiwanese National emergency services are on alert, finding ways to assist the crew and secure vessel. Longliner WEN PENG (DAR LONG CHENG 378), Callsign BH3411, IMO 9726657, GT 255, flag Taiwan.
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Dutch inland cargo ship sank, 1 missing
Dutch inland cargo ship sank, 1 missing Inland cargo CARDIUM sank on Western Scheldt neat Vlissingen in the afternoon Mar 9, being en route to Vlissingen with cargo of sand and 2 crew on board. Reportedly, there was massive water ingress when the ship sailed into the open, and was caught in heavy seas. One crew was rescued and hospitalized with hypothermia, another is missing, large-scale SAR is under way. Inland cargo ship CARDIUM, MMSI 244670086, length 110 meters, flag Netherlands.
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Ro ro ferry lost bow ramp in Pacific ocean
#RoRoFerry #LostBow #PacificOcean Ro-ro ferry lost bow ramp in Pacific ocean Fiji inter-islands ferry LIAHONA 2 encountered a frightening accident early in the morning Apr 19 while en route from Suva to Kadavu island, with passengers and vehicles on board. Ferry lost her bow ramp in fresh seas, and of course, immediately started to take in water, on a cargo deck, while other compartments remained waterproof. Ferry issued distress signal, received by MRCC Fiji. Private plane from Kadavu resort took pictures of the distressed ship, and assisted with communications. Fiji Navy ship was deployed. Ferry managed to slowly proceed towards Kadavu, escorted by Navy ship, and safely reached island. LIAHONA 2 was operating just for a week after undergoing repairs. Ro-ro passenger ship LIAHONA 2, MMSI 520294000, length 36 meters, flag Fiji.
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fishing vessels types
types of fishing vessels, trawlers, Seiners, longliners, Tuna clippers, Cutter and Stern, gilnetters, crabbers, ship, ship sinks, ship collision, ships vessels, marine vessels, fish boats, tuna, VLCC, ULCC, tankers, bulk ships,
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MT varun tug blasts - rescue operations - gogha alang area
#MT varun tug blast, #gogha, #dahej, #ship blast, Bhavnagar ... A Tiger blast for boarding from Ghogha ... Varun blasts a tug named .. Tug was 14 to 15 people ... 4 people die of doubt ... 2 tugs for rescue operations depart from Ghogha ...
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Cruise ship aground in Sulu sea – sheer madness
#Cruiseshipaground #luckyforever #Sulusea Cruise ship FOREVER LUCKY ran aground on Jan 7 in Sulu sea 15 nautical miles northeast of Cagayancillo, Cagayancillo island, Palawan province, Philippines, while en route from Bataan to General Santos for repairs. 15 crew were evacuated. As of Jan 12, the ship was still aground, monitored for possible oil leak. Filipino salvage company was said to be contracted for salvage. In July last year, MV Forever Lucky was stopped by port authorities in Orion, Bataan from leaving for Micronesia for allegedly smuggling 139 Filipinos to illegally work overseas. Comment: It looks crazy and sounds crazy – Russian inner waters are still full of cruise ships of this type, but these ships are strictly and only inland waters ships, they are not seaworthy, though sometimes irresponsible owners and authorities allow them to take short sea coastal trips, in Black/Azov seas mostly. Fresh sea and wind will sink such ship in no time. It is absolutely irresponsible for Filipino authorities to allow such ship to navigate Filipino waters. Thankfully, the ship went into trouble without passengers on board. Inland cruise ships Projects 302M/302K – 27 ships series built in East Germany during 1983-1991, length 130 meters, depth moulded 4.5 meters, dwt 3850, 3 engines, speed 25kilometers/hour, capacity 300 passengers, crew 100. 3 such ships built in early 90th were sold to China and transported in floating dock, all 3 were exploited as cruise ships, later as casions and hotels, probably one of them was sold to Philippines.
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Port road-Mundra to adani port-Gujarat
Port road play imp part in development of any port here, I show you how is the mundra port road connecting from mundra to adani mundra port....
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Haldia port harbor crane fire
#haldiaPort #HarborCrane #Fire
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Container Ship “MSC AJACCIO” Moorings Break In Strong Wind
Container Ship “MSC AJACCIO” Moorings Break In Strong Wind Strong winds lead to breaking of moorings of container ship MSC AJACCIO  at Paranagua port, Brazil. The ship initially started drifting in the harbour but was then taken under control by tugs and brought to anchor after some 2 hours struggle with the gale-force wind. funny video 2014,funny cats 2014,funny fails,funny cat fails,funny videos,cat falls,CRASH COMPILATION,cras,cars,funny,usa,people awesome,music,Crash,Crazy,Epic Crazy Boat Ship (Product Category) Ship Launch Biggest Ship Funny Ocean Best Ever Giant Ship Largest Cruise Cruise Ship ocean storm Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera funny video amazing awesome ship boats Boat Amazing Sailing Film (Media Genre) Ocean Cruise Islands Top Cool ships in storm ships in storms ship storm ship in a storm small ship cruises small cruise ships ship by sea sea storm videos huge waves at sea video ship of sea ship and boat boat ships small cargo boat boat cargo small cargo boats small boat in storm ship by boat a cruise boat cruise ship inside inside of a cruise ship SHIP IN STORM
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Ships in rough sea || container and bulk ||
Ships move through sea and is very large.when ships are in mid sea,it passes through huge monster waves...which is given in the video.
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Tanker lost lifeboat with two crew, Atlantic sea
#TankerLost #Lifeboat-twoCrew #AtlanticSea Tanker lost lifeboat with two crew in the Atlantic Tanker CHEMTRANS NOVA lost lifeboat with two people in it at around 1830 UTC Feb 6 some 75 nm SE of Delaware Bay, Atlantic. Two crew, both said to be engineers, were carrying out maintenance in lifeboat when it suddenly broke free and fell into water. US Coast Guard was called, USCG Cutter RELIANCE luckily, happened to be nearby, and rescued both seamen – one was picked up from water, another from lifeboat. Both sustained injures, including lacerated stomach and broken leg, said USCG in a statement. Helicopter was called, both seamen were transferred to Norfolk Hospital. Tanker continued her voyage, after some 5 hours break. She’s en route from Marcus Hook to Bahamas. Crude oil tanker CHEMTRANS NOVA, IMO 9316232, dwt 73870, built 2006, flag Cyprus, manager CHEMIKALIEN SEETRANSPORT GMBH (EQUASIS).
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Post Panamax container ship blocked Suez Canal
#postPanamax #Blocked #SuezCanal Post-Panamax container ship blocked Suez Canal Container ship APL DANUBE ran aground in Suez Canal while transiting in southern direction, en route from Istanbul to Jeddah, at 1715 UTC Apr 19, in southernmost Great Bitter Lake. According to AIS, all traffic was suspended. 1905 UTC Update: The ship was refloated by two tugs at 1900 UTC, started moving south. No information yet on the cause of grounding. APL DANUBE as of 1915 UTC seems to be under tow, and not under command. 0630 UTC Apr 20: APL DANUBE towed by at least four tugs as of 0630 UTC was approaching Suez, still in Canal. According to AIS, Canal traffic is still blocked. The ship was moored or anchored soon after refloating, near grounding site, resumed moving under tow about an hour later, at a dead slow speed. What happened to the ship, is still unknown – she could suffer damages running aground, or she could be disabled by some major problem. 0800 UTC Apr 20: The ship under tow reached Suez, traffic resumed. Container ship APL DANUBE, IMO 9674517, dwt 112580, capacity 9365 TEU, built 2014, flag Malta, operator CMA.
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12 major ports of india
Ports play an important role in increasing foreign trade,that is export and import. This video shows the major ports of India and its locations. 1) kandla port,Gujarat 2)Nhava she a,Maharashtra 3)Magma Goa 4)Cochin port,Kerala 5)port Blair,Andaman 6)turticorin port,Tamil nadu 7)chennai port 8)vizag port,Sandra Pradesh 9)paradip port,orrisa 10) haldia port,west bengal 11)Mumbai port 12) panambur port,karnataka Like my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/portship.tech/ Website - www.portship.tech Follow me on Google ---https://plus.google.com/+RohitMakwanaTutorials Subscribe to my YouTube channel
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Post panamax container ship fire in Chinese waters
#PostPanamax #Fire #China Post-panamax container ship fire in Chinese waters ZEABORN Ship Management Report on E R KOBE fire: On board the post-Panamax container vessel “E.R. Kobe” (5,700 TEU, built 2001) on its way from Haiphong (Vietnam) to Qingdao (China), a fire occurred on 13 February 2019 in three containers on deck loaded with charcoal. The crew reacted quickly and prudent and brought the fire under control. The vessel was diverted to Hong Kong, where all containers concerned were safely unloaded under close supervision of a salvage company, local authorities and fire experts. The vessel continued its journey towards China, when another three containers got on fire while approaching the port of Shanghai. Again, the fire could be extinguished due to the professional and effective actions taken by the crew. At no time during the events there was any immediate risk for our valued seafarers or the vessel. No one was injured, crew are safe and there was no environmental pollution or any damage to the vessel at any time. E.R. KOBE is safe at Luhuashan anchorage where all remaining 43 containers loaded with charcoal have been safely discharged. The vessel will shift from Yuanyuansha anchorage to Waigaqiao terminal later today. The detailed investigation of the cargo damage and the claims handling is ongoing. All actions are taken in close coordination with charterer, agents, P&I and Port Authorities. E.R. Kobe will continue her way with an adjusted schedule. Mar 15: The ship was taken to Shanghai on Mar 9, probably moored at Changxing, but on Mar 13 taken to Shanghai inner anchorage. As of 0500 UTC Mar 15, she was on inner anchorage, but not at anchor, surrounded by SAR/firefighting ships and boats. As it became known, the ship suffered fire in containers on upper deck, reportedly on Feb 14. E R KOBE was re-directed to Hong Kong, fire thought to be extinguished, but restarted on Feb 24. Initial news Mar 5: Post-panamax container ship in trouble in Chinese waters Container ship E R KOBE was rumored to suffer fire on board on Mar 1 or earlier while being in Chinese waters, no other information was available. The ship was on scheduled voyage from HK to Shanghai, she arrived on one of Shandhai outer anchorages as early as Feb 23, and is located at Luhuashan anchorage area since that date, moving around or anchored. Interestingly, as of Mar 5, she’s surrounded by SAR ships, tug or tugs and service boat or boats. It may be assumed, therefore, that the ship is in some kine of trouble, probably major trouble. Container ship E R KOBE, IMO 9222974, dwt 68196, capacity 5762 TEU, built 2001, flag Liberia, manager E.R. Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie. KG, Service ICS: China-Singapore-Malaysia-India-Sri Lanka.
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Krishnapatnam port || defence ship berthing || port and ships
Krishnapatnam is a port town in Muthukur Mandal of Nellore District, the southernmost coastal district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The history says that Vijayanagar Emperor, Sri Krishnadevaraya operated this port, hence the port was named as Krishnapatnam Port. The port operated small boats through Buckingham Canal, which runs behind the port and was used as a waterway for transportation between Chennai in the south and Krishna river delta in the north. Later in 1960’s iron ore was exported by wooden boats from this port and in early 1980’s Government of India declared this port as a minor port. www.port ship.tech
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Seafarers identity document-Apply online-Easily
#SeaferesIdentityDocument #ApplyOnline #MarinersDay apply for SID seafarers identity document mariners day
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Container ship capsized, sank in Iranian port
#ContainerShipCapesized #IranianPort Container ship capsized, sank in Iranian port General cargo ship SL STAR capsized and sank along berth at Rajaee Port, Bandar Abbas, Iran, Persian Gulf, in the morning Mar 19, while performing cargo operations. Reportedly discrepancies between dockers and crew led to stability loss, either cargo shifted or was wrongly loaded. The ship had 153 containers on board, some of them already surfacing and floating around. 14 crew, mainly Indians, are reported to be safe. General cargo ship with container capacity SL STAR, IMO 9432452, dwt 4210, built 2007, flag Comoros, manager SEA LINK SHIPPING LLC, UAE.
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Cocaine seized on board ship, crew arrested
#CocaineSeized #CrewArrested #russianCrew 9.5 tons of cocaine seized on board of cargo ship, Russian crew arrested General cargo ship ESER was detained in Praia port, Cape Verde, on Jan 31, after police found and seized 9.5 tons of cocaine on board. All 11 crew, said to be Russian citizen, were arrested. The ship sailed from Colon Panama on Jan 4, bound for Tangier, Morocco, but had to make an emergency call at Praia, after one of the crew died, cause of death unknown. By the time the ship docked at Praia, Jan 31, local police already knew about possible drug smuggling. General cargo ship ESER, IMO 8415158, dwt 3800, built 1985, flag Panama, manager GEMICILER DENIZCILIK NAKLIYAT, Turkey (EQUASIS).
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Galapagos majestic ship aground and sank
Passenger ship ran aground, sank in Galapagos waters Passenger ship GALAPAGOS MAJESTIC ran aground at Santiago island northern coast, Galapagos Archipelago, at around 0930 UTC May 31, with 26 people on board. Hull was breached in bow area, and despite salvage attempts which lasted some 6 hours, the ship capsized and sank, with some 2 tons of fuel on board. All 26 people were rescued, no injures reported. Photos ecuavisa.com Passenger/tour SHIP GALAPAGOS MAJESTIC, IMO 9695999, gt 227, BUILT 2013, FLAG Ecuador, manager LOPEZ PRG, Galapagos.
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GRIMALDI’s ro ro ship on fire, abandoned, 27 crew rescued
#GrimaldiRORO #Abandoned GRIMALDI’s ro-ro ship on fire, abandoned, 27 crew rescued GRIMALDI’s ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE AMERICA reported fire on board at around 1900 UTC Mar 10 in Biscay Bay some 140 nm southwest of Penmarch, Finistere, France, while en route from Germany to Morocco. The ship stopped and started to drift, at around 0100 UTC Mar 11 Master informed MRCC on his decision to abandon the ship, because fire in containers, initially under control, started to spread. All 27 people on board, 26 crew and 1 passenger, went into a lifeboat, and were rescued by Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll at around 0300 UTC, all safe and sound. Ship’s AIS missing, as of 1430 UTC Mar 11, during last 18 hours, condition and status of the ship unknown. Ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE AMERICA, IMO 9130937, GT 56642, built 1997, flag Italy, operator GRIMALDI Group.
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Swiss passenger ship collided with tanker on Western Scheldt, heavy damage
#SwissPassengerShip #Collision #update Swiss passenger ship collided with tanker on Western Scheldt, heavy damages UPDATE: Please find Viking’s statement below: We can confirm that just after midnight (CEST) on 1 April, Viking Idun and a cargo vessel collided while sailing from Antwerp to Ghent. No guests were injured. The ship sustained some damage near the bow and is currently docked in Terneuzen with all guests. While damage of the ship is being assessed, guests will continue with a modified version of the itinerary. We hope to have the ship in operation in time for its next departure on 4 April, if that should not be so future guests will be accommodated on another Viking Longship. Viking’s Customer Relations team will communicate directly with the guests or their travel agents. Chemical tanker CHEMICAL MARKETER collided with inland passenger vessel VIKING IDUN at around 0010 UTC Apr 1 on Western Scheldt in front of Terneuzen, Netherlands. Tanker loaded with petroleum was en route from Turkey to Antwerp, VIKING IDUN was en route from Antwerp to probably Terneuzen. Both ships said to suffer serious damages above waterline, a number of passengers on board of VIKING IDUN suffered injured, some probably, heavy injures, as they were seen to be taken to ambulances on trolleys. VIKING IDUN was taken to Knol Terneuzen, and berthed. Tanker was anchored near collision site, as of 0530 UTC Apr 1 she was at anchor with tug at her side, no leak reported. Chemical tanker CHEMICAL MARKETER, IMO 9304291, dwt 14298, built 2004, flag Malta, manager CHEMSHIP BV, Netherlands. Inland passenger ship VIKING IDUN, MMSI 269057388, length 135 meters, built 2012, flag Switzerland.
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Three crew lost and found, UK
Three crew lost and found, Uk Three crew of a Dutch freighter ALANA EVITA, anchored in Bristol Channel off Minehead, UK, went ashore on an inflatable in the evening Mar 20, to relax in local bar. They sailed back to ship at around 0345 LT Mar 21, and were declared missing some 3 hours later. They’ve been found at around 0830 LT by rescuers, on a Flat Holm island, more or less safe and sound. They’re Russian, Dutch and Philippine nationals. It was quite a large-scale SAR, deploying RNLI life boats and Coast Guard helicopter. General cargo ship ALANA EVITA, IMO 9356529, dwt 3261, built 2009, flag Netherlands, manager WAGENBORG.
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tanker attacked - both hit and fire
Two tankers attacked including Aframax, both hit, both on fire. Both tankers are afloat, dead in the water. If there’s major fire, it’s on board of FRONT ALTAIR, while second damaged tanker, KOKUKA COURAGEUS, understood to be more or less safe. According to Japanese sources, KOKUKA COURAGEUS was hit by something in engine room area starboard, above waterline. Hit and probably, explosion, caused fire in engine room. FRONT ALTAIR is suffering fire starboard in middle – stern tanks area, judging from photos published by Iranian News Agency. Looks similar to Iranian crude oil tanker SANCHI (IMO 9356608, dwt 164154) fire in Jan 2018, after collision. Tanker burned out and sank, claiming lives of all crew. If photos are real, it’s a major fire which probably may lead to total loss, if no salvage actions taken ASAP. Crude oil tanker FRONT ALTAIR with cargo of crude, en route from Al Ruways UAE to Taiwan, and chemical tanker KOKUKA COURAGEUS with cargo of methanol, en route from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, caught fire after reportedly, being attacked in Gulf of Oman, in roughly the same area in vicinity 25 20N 057 30E, see pic. Both tankers were under way, what exactly hit them is yet unknown, though some sources mention torpedoes. FRONT ALTAIR was attacked at around 0230 UTC, KOKUKA COURAGEUS was attacked some 3 hours later at around 0600 UTC. Reportedly crews of both tankers abandoned ships and were picked up by nearby merchant ships. As of 1610 UTC Jun 13 both ships were drifting, but their AIS were still on, meaning that fire didn’t destroy or damage superstructure and bridge. Nothing decisive can be said about attacks, who, why and how, and any version is nothing more than speculation, as of now. Including torpedoes hits version. Crude oil tanker FRONT ALTAIR, IMO 9745902, dwt 109894, built 2016, flag Marshall Islands, manager FRONTLINE. Chemical tanker KOKUKA COURAGEUS, IMO 9568495, dwt 27000, built 2010, flag BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT SINGAPORE (AIS).
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Triple collision of US/German container ships in Yokohama
Triple collision of US/German container ships in Yokohama  UPDATE: Confirmed the ships involved in accident were correctly identified by Maritime Bulletin/FleetMon in initial news. According to latest news, APL GUAM after collision with MARCLIFF hit HANSA STENBURG, see photos below. Triple collision between container ships reportedly occurred at Yokohama Anchorage off Nonmoku Terminal, at around 2330 Tokyo time Mar 21. Local sources didn’t identify ships, including their types, and mentioned only their flags. Antigua-flagged ship, according to local sources, struck anchored USA-flagged ship, and later, Liberia-flagged ship, also anchored. According to AIS tracks, three container ships were involved. Antigua-flagged MARCLIFF has just left Yokohama Nonmoku, bound for Nagoya, and collided with USA-flagged APL GUAM, which was either approaching port or dropping anchor, it’s unclear. After separating from APL GUAM, MARCLIFF collided with, or contacted, anchored HANSA STEINBURG. All three ships, as of 1500 UTC Mar 22, were at anchor on Yokohama anchorage, no information on damages, except that “there was no spill”, so planet is safe, I guess. I mean, are ships’ damages less important than oil spills? Nowadays, it’s oil spill/no spill first, the rest goes second. Insane. Container ship MARCLIFF, IMO 9343663, dwt 13400, capacity 1043 TEU, built 2007, flag Antigua, manager MARCONSULT SCHIFFAHRT GMBH (EQUASIS and AIS). Container ship APL GUAM, IMO 9229609, dwt 16418, capacity 1078 TEU, built 2001, flag USA. Container ship HANSA STEINBURG, IMO 9436094, dwt 23285, capacity 1740 TEU, built 2010, flag Liberia, manager LEONHARDT & BLUMBERG SHIPMGMT.
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Ferry disabled, more than 100 passengers evacuated, Philippines
#ferryMELRIVIC2disabled #100passengerevacuated #Philippines Ferry MELRIVIC 2 with 126 passengers and crew, and 14 vehicles on board, suffered engine failure in the morning Jan 19 while en route from Isabel town, western Leyte island, to Danao city, Cebu island, Philippines, reported SunStar Cebu. Disabled ferry started to drift, being north of Camotes islands. Philippines Navy and CG managed to evacuate all passengers. And deliver them to Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Status and condition of ferry unknown, AIS is absent. On Philippines Navy photo disabled MELRIVIC 2. Passenger ro-ro cargo ship (LCT) MELRIVIC 2, IMO 7855399, GT 334, built 1973, flag Philippines, operator AZNAR Shipping, Cebu.
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Tanker JANA DESGAGNES disabled in heavy ice
Tanker JANA DESGAGNES disabled in heavy ice Product tanker JANA DESGAGNES got stuck in heavy ice in Cabot Strait off the southwestern coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, on Mar 21. Rudder was damaged by ice, the ship asked for assistance. Canadian Coast Guard sent an icebreaker CAPTAIN MOLLY KOOL (IMO 9199646) to generally, take situation under control and prevent tanker drift towards shore. Tanker was taken on tow same day and moved further offshore. As of 0400 UTC Mar 23, tanker was off Cape Anguille. Heavy icebreaker LOUIS S ST LAURENT (IMO 6705937) understood to be already deployed, to take tanker out of heavy ice. After tanker is taken to free water, she’s to be towed Sydney Nova Scotia for repairs, by already contracted tug. Tanker is loaded with some 8000 tons of oil products, she was en route from Toronto to Come By Chance, Newfoundland. No leak yet. All in all, it’s rather a common accident for shipping in heavy ice conditions. Product tanker JANA DESGAGNES, IMO 9046564, dwt 10550, built 1993, flag Canada, manager DESGAGNES TRANSPORT INC.
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Tanker collided with oil barges, one capsized, major spill, Houston
#GenesisRiver #Houston Tanker collided with oil barges, one capsized, major spill, Houston LPG tanker GENESIS RIVER collided with barges pushed by tug VOYAGER on the Houston Ship Channel at Light 71-74, at around 1515 LT May 10, while proceeding down the Channel, en route from Houston to Port Said. One barge capsized, another one was badly damaged, leaking its’ cargo of reformate, refined product that is blended with gasoline to boost octane. Each barge carried some 25,000 barrels of reformate. Some 25,000 barrels feared to already leak. Port Houston Fire Department fireboat plus oil spill response, air monitoring and salvage personnel are responding, the Coast Guard said. Tanker, which suffered bow damages, was taken to Shady Oaks harbor, just abeam of collision site, and berthed. LPG tanker GENESIS RIVER, IMO 9791224, dwt 54149, built 2017, flag Panama, manager K LINE ENERGY SHIP MANAGEMENT, Japan (EQUASIS).
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Saipem’s pipe layer explosion, fire, 14 injured, Caspian sea
#SaipemPipeLayer #Explosion Saipem’s pipe layer explosion, fire, 14 injured, Caspian sea pipe layer ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV suffered fire on board, which started at around 1730 Moscow time May 8 after reportedly, an explosion, south of Baku, Azerbaijan, Caspian sea. The ship was carrying out pipe laying works at the time of fire. 14 people were injured to a different degree (3 of them said to be in critical condition), all injured were evacuated. Explosion and fire originated from one of pipe handling mechanisms, said Caspian Shipping Company. According to SAIPEM officials, fire is already out, or taken under control. As of 0300 UTC May 9, ship’s AIS was working, no interruptions recorded. Pipe layer ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV, IMO 8705125, GT 17592, built 1990, flag Azerbaijan, owner Caspian Shipping Co., operator SAIPEM.
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Indian research vessel fire, Arabian sea
#SagarSampada #Fire Indian research vessel fire, Arabian sea Indian research vessel SAGAR SAMPADA, engaged in research works, caught fire at night Mar 15 off Mangalore, Western India, Arabian sea, with 36 crew and 16 scientists on board. Two ships of Indian Coast Guard , SUJAY and VIKRAM, were deployed, and reportedly, fire was extinguished. It was said, that vessel was to be towed to Mangalore, and crew and scientists were safe. As of 0400 UTC Mar 16, SAGAR SAMPADA was about in the same position, with SUJAY and VIKRAM at her side. Research vessel SAGAR SAMPADA, IMO 8300080, GT 2661, built 1984, flag India, owner SCI.
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Container ship damaged Gantry crane
#NagoyaExpress #hapagLloyd #GantryCranedamage
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Tanker quarantined with influenza outbreak
#TankerQuarantined #InfluenzaOutbreak Tanker quarantined with Influenza outbreak Product tanker PUMA has been quarantined since Feb 14 on Manzanillo Anchorage, on arrival from San Francisco Cal., with 21 crew on board, 11 of whom fell ill with influenza, including 2 positive cases of H3HN2. Crew were given necessary treatment and in general, they don’t show symptoms of illness any more, but they have to undergo quarantine period with every day medical check. Nost of the crew are Europeans, including Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine nationalities. Product tanker PUMA, IMO 9420758, dwt 51215, built 2009, flag Panama, manager PTMC Chile (EQUASIS).
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COSCO England collides with another ship at port kelang
#CoscoEngland #PortKelang #Collision COSCO England, a Neopanamax containership owned by COSCO Shipping Lines, collided with another vessel while berthing at a port in Malaysia. The incident occurred at Port Kelang on April 21, 2019, according to a statement issued by Westports Malaysia. As informed, the Hong Kong-flagged COSCO England and another, yet unnamed vessel collided while approaching the wharves of Westports through the South Channel. “Both vessels were subsequently safely secured at our berths to commence their operations and, at the same time, the relevant authorities also commenced their investigation into the incident,” Westports said on April 22. “As of now, both vessels are presently conducting relevant surveys and repairs at our berths and it is anticipated that we would be losing 600 meters of wharf space due to this for the next 7 days.” In a separate update, OOCL said that there were no casualties or OOCL container damage as a result of the incident involving the 13,386 TEU COSCO England. Westports added that it expects some berthing delays in the next week. However, the incident has not impacted channel and port operations. “We continue to facilitate the requirement of both vessels to ensure safe sailing from here to their next destination,” Westports continued.
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German freighter cuts 2 Peruvian passenger ship, Amazon jungle
#GermanFreighterCuts #2peruvianPassengerShip #AmazonJungle German freighter cut in two Peruvian passenger ship deep in Amazon jungle General cargo ship BBC ZARATE in the morning Feb 15 collided with local passenger ship MEN DEL NORTE 2 on Amazon river near Iquitos, Belen district, Peru. BBC ZARATE struck passenger ship portside near midshipsection, inflicting heavy damages and practically, cutting MEN DEL NORTE 2 in two. Luckily, all passengers on board were rescued, no injures reported. It seems like BBC ZARATE remained stuck in MEN DEL NORTE 2. BBC ZARATE was in Iquitos since Feb 12. it looks like BBC ZARATE was anchored, while carrying out cargo operations, with No.1 Hold open. Passenger ship lost control or miscalculated her movements, and rammed into BBC ZARATE bow. General cargo ship BBC ZARATE, IMO 9337236, dwt 12834, built 2007, flag Antigua, manager BOCKSTIEGEL REEDEREI GMBH & CO.
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MSC Joe container overboard
#MSCcontainers #MSC #MSCjoe #containerfall MSC, container fall, MSC Joe, Coast guard, containers, ship overboard, ship fall, marine accidents, ship accidents, ship collision,
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LNG tanker struck VLCC tanker at Fujairah, heavy damages
#LNGtankerStruck #Fujairah LNG tanker struck VLCC tanker at Fujairah, heavy damages LNG tanker ASEEM struck anchored VLCC tanker SNINYO OCEAN at around 2000 UTC Mar 24 at Fujairah Anchorage, UAE, Gulf of Oman. SHINYO OCEAN suffered a huge portside hull-height breach, ASEEM reportedly, suffered severe bow damage. After collision, ASEEM was anchored, SHINYO OCEAN was relocated to other position. Both ships as of morning Mar 26 remain anchored in the same positions. According to track, ASEEM in ballast arrived at Fujairah anchorage from India, probably for bunkering, because initially she was bound for Qatar. SHINYO OCEAN is anchored at Fujairah since Mar 16. LNG tanker ASEEM, IMO 9377547, GT 97874, built 2009, flag Malta, manager SCI India. Crude oil tanker SHINYO OCEAN, IMO 9197868, dwt 281395, built 2001, flag HK, manager NAVIG8 VL8 POOL (EQUASIS).
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Grimaldi Ro Ro ship cocaine bust grande Nigeria
#Grimaldi #Cocaine #GrandeNigeria Grimaldi’s ro-ro in record cocaine bust. What’s going on? Senegalese Customs officers announced record cocaine bust on Jun 30, after they found 750 kilo of pure cocaine hidden in 15 Renault brand new cars, on board of Grimaldi’s ro-ro GRANDE NIGERIA in Dakar, Senegal. The ship arrived at Dakar on Jun 24 from Paranagua Brazil. 4 cars with cocaine bags hidden inside were bound for Hamburg, 11 for Tema Ghana. Officials were tipped off by reportedly, whistleblower, who was approached by smugglers with an offer to assist them in clearing cars. Reportedly, two persons who were accompanying cars shipment were arrested, also two Senegal nationalities in port. The ship is detained or under arrest. Grimaldi’s ro-ro ships are regularly caught with cocaine trafficking, but so far cargoes and ports personnel were involved, not crews. Maybe the problem is in ships, maybe because of some technical reason, they’re ideal for cocaine trafficking from South America? The point is, the ships are becoming increasingly dangerous for crews, to become suspects in criminal collusion. That should be the theme of International Day of the Seafarer, not idiotic gender gap. Ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE NIGERIA, IMO 9246580, GT 56738, built 2003, flag Italy, owner GRIMALDI.
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Ship berths at nhava sheva India gateway terminal
Ship during its berthing get helps from tugs for proper and precise berthing. In this video I had shown you how MSC ships is being berth at nhava sheva India gateway terminal. Nhava sheva Tugs MSC Jnpt port Mediterranean shipping company Berth Mooring Visit our website - https://www.portship.tech Have a nice day
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Dutch dredger seized for alleged waste dumping
#DutchDredgerSeized #WasteDumping Dutch dredger seized for alleged waste dumping Indonesian Navy fast respond unit on Apr 8 detained or arrested Dutch hopper dredger VOX MAXIMA in Galang Island waters, Riau islands, Indonesia, south of Singapore Strait, for alleged waste dumping, without clarifying the character of dumped waste, and its’ quantity. According to available information and AIS records, dredger was working in South East China sea waters for years. It is not clear and it wasn’t explained, why did dredger sail to Indonesian waters and why it was illegal, if according to Master’s statement, dredger was managed by Singaporean company. It can be assumed from Indonesian reports, that the Captain (of Dutch nationality) and 15 crew (including Dutch, Ukrainian, Polish and Filipino nationalities) were detained or arrested, for investigation. Captain is facing 2-year imprisonment or fine of some $21,000. Hopper dredger VOX MAXIMA, IMO 9454096, dwt 53839, built 2009, flag Netherlands, manager VAN OORD SHIP MANAGEMENT BV.
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