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The Port Lands
Toronto’s Port Lands, just east of downtown, is nearly a thousand acres of underutilized land, much of which sits within a designated floodplain. A massive planning effort is underway to plot the future of the Port Lands, which can only start once the area is flood protected. The solution to this challenge is to make more room for the Don River to flow – a green approach to vital infrastructure that will improve Toronto’s resiliency and help clean our water. Check out this video to see what the new mouth of the Don River will look like when complete.
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Sustainable Urban Design on Toronto's Waterfront
A video outlining new development plans for Toronto's Lower Don Lands. Designed to connect the surrounding neighborhoods of eastern and central Toronto, the Lower Don Lands will provide the city and the world with a new model of sustainable urban living for the 21st century. The project has been selected as one of 16 founding projects of the newly launched Climate + Development Program, a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the US Green Building Council. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalization.
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The Don of a New Community on Toronto's Waterfront
Take a tour of Toronto's Lower Don Lands and learn about Waterfront Toronto's plans to revitalize the industrial area into new sustainable parks and communities centered around a re-naturalized mouth of the Don River. This project has been selected as one of the 16 founding projects of its Climate Positive Development Program. Toronto's Lower Don Lands selected for newly launched Climate Positive Development Program - http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/May2009/19/c5310.html Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalizatio
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#TOtheWaterfront - This is Mine
For more than a decade, Waterfront Toronto has been working diligently to make Toronto’s post-industrial waterfront a place for people. We’ve created some of the city's most beloved parks and public spaces, like Corktown Common and Canada's Sugar Beach. New neighbourhoods like the West Don Lands are demonstrating how dense urban neighbourhoods can be livable, affordable and sustainable. Toronto, this is your waterfront. Come explore it. Join the conversation. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Ask us questions about revitalization. Even better, come down to the waterfront, see what’s changed and learn more about the changes to come. And then, let’s talk about it. Discover more by visiting www.waterfrontoronto.ca
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Introducing Bayside: Toronto's Next Great Neighbourhood.mp4
Following an extensive competitive selection process, Waterfront Toronto has chosen Hines, one of the world's premier real estate firms, to develop Toronto's next great waterfront neighbourhood. Hines will help Waterfront Toronto transform the Bayside development site into a vibrant and diverse mixed-use neighbourhood, complete with 1,700 homes, a bustling retail, restaurant and entertainment corridor, and office and employment space for 2,400 jobs. Situated in a prime downtown location in the emerging East Bayfront waterfront district, the Bayside site consists of 4 hectares (10 acres) of underutilized city-owned land south of Queens Quay Boulevard between Lower Sherbourne and Parliament streets.
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Rebuilding Queens Quay Above and Below Ground
Queens Quay -- Toronto's main waterfront street -- is being completely transformed. From an uninspiring thoroughfare to a beautiful waterfront boulevard. The new Queens Quay will connect waterfront destinations and help create a lively and active urban waterfront. But the makeover isn't limited to above ground improvements. Much of the construction on Queens Quay is for new underground infrastructure -- the municipal services we need but rarely think much about. In this video, we'll peel back the pavement to show what we're building underground and how that is coordinated with the landscape work we can see above ground. Waterfront construction is complex but despite the challenges the Revitalization of Queens Quay is on schedule for June 2015. The Construction Manager for the project is Eastern Construction and the design is by renowned landscape architects West 8 + DTAH.
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Naturalizing the Mouth of the Don River: Challenges and Opportunities in the Port Lands
As Toronto’s downtown experiences continued population growth, the Port Lands remains the last significant undeveloped space in the heart of Canada’s biggest city. Formerly the largest natural wetland in Lake Ontario and now a primarily underutilized industrial area, the Port Lands has the potential to transform Toronto and support the city’s competitiveness. Working together over the last decade, Waterfront Toronto, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the City of Toronto have developed a plan to naturalize the mouth of the Don River, providing critical flood protection and unlocking the potential of the Port Lands.
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Toronto Star - Keating Channel
Once the mouth of the Don River was the largest wetlands in the Great Lakes. But during industrial times, its value was unseen and the river was redirected. For a long time it's been a neglected eyesore, but the mouth of the Don and the Keating Channel is slated for transformation. As part of his tour of the waterfront series, The Star's Christopher Hume says it's got great potential, providing it's done right.
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Toronto Star's Christopher Hume tours George Brown College's new waterfront campus
The Star's Christopher Hume gives a tour of the George Brown College waterfront campus, a new building that he says will change everything for the waterfront. It's home to the college's Centre for Health Sciences, which is devoted to creating a collaborative and interprofessional learning environment for students from the Schools of Dental Health, Health and Wellness, Health Service Management and Nursing. The campus opened in September 2012, shortly after this video was produced. To learn more, visit www.georgebrown.ca/waterfront
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Building Our New Blue Edge: Central Waterfront
Take a tour around the Queen's Quay area with renowned landscape architect and urban designer Adriaan Geuze as he describes Waterfront Toronto's plan to transform the busiest stretch of Toronto's shoreline into one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalization.
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East Bayfront
On the lakefront just steps from Torontos downtown core, East Bayfront is the jewel in the waterfront crown. It will be a magnet for business and human capital and a destination for residents and visitors alike.
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Celebrating Corktown Common – the heart of the new West Don Lands
This past summer, Waterfront Toronto officially opened Corktown Common with two exciting events. On July 10th, our government partners, stakeholders, media joined us for an official ribbon cutting in the morning. In the afternoon hundreds of community members enjoyed free food and live music at the community picnic we hosted with development partners Dundee Kilmer and Urban Capital. Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, this stunning new park is innovatively positioned atop the area’s massive flood protection landform, leveraging essential public infrastructure to deliver a magnificent public amenity for the West Don Lands community and the City of Toronto.
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Grand Opening of Sherbourne Common North
Sherbourne Common is a stunning waterfront park that has transformed a former industrial area into much needed public greenspace on the lake. It is also the first park in Canada to integrate a neighbourhood-wide stormwater treatment facility into its design.
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Building the New Queens Quay
Construction is well underway transforming Toronto's main waterfront street into the world-class boulevard that the city deserves. The visionary new design for Queens Quay, from West 8 + DTAH, will link major destinations along the water's edge and create pedestrian and cycling-friendly promenades that will make the street a destination for locals and visitors alike. In this video, Waterfront Toronto's Christopher Glaisek and West 8's Jelle Therry take you on a tour of one of the largest and most complicated construction projects we've undertaken and they discuss how the vision for the new Queens Quay is being realized.
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Waterfront Toronto: Welcome to our new blue edge
Waterfront Toronto is the public advocate and steward of waterfront revitalization in Toronto. Created by the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto,with a 25-year mandate to transform 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of brownfield lands into beautiful, sustainable mixed-use communities and public spaces. The revitalization of Toronto's waterfront is the largest urban redevelopment project currently underway in North America, and it is one of the largest waterfront revitalization efforts ever undertaken in the world. Waterfront Toronto's vision is to work with community and public and private sector partners to create waterfront parks, public spaces, cultural institutions, and diverse and sustainable commercial and residential communities. By employing global best practices and made-in-Toronto solutions, the city's new waterfront communities will protect and enhance our natural environment, and will ultimately establish themselves as global models for sustainability.
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Don River Park - A Vibrant Neighbourhood Park
On September 8, Waterfront Toronto together with the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto officially broke ground on Don River Park, a massive new park that will be the cornerstone of the new West Don Lands community. The 7.3-hectare (18 acre) park will connect the long neglected area southeast of downtown to the rest of the city. Designed by renowned design firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the park will become a vibrant and inviting feature of the new neighbourhood as well as a destination for the entire city.
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Reimagining Toronto’s Ferry Terminal through Design
Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto have launched an Innovative Design Competition for the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and Harbour Square Park. Meet the five design teams from around the world that have only eight weeks to put together their vision for reimagining this unique site.
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Waterfront Toronto Unveils First Private Sector Development in East Bayfront
Join Waterfront Toronto as we unveil the details behind Parkside — the first private sector development in East Bayfront. Great Gulf Group of Companies, the developer selected to lead Parkside, plans to build a major mixed-use complex designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Parkside will be Mr. Safdies first residential project built in Canada since his landmark Habitat 67 in Montreal. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Torontos waterfront revitalization .
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Underpass Park
Join Waterfront Toronto and landscape architect Greg Smallenberg (PFS) as we unveil plans for Underpass Park, the most extensive park to be built under an overpass in Canada. Located under the Eastern and Richmond/Adelaide overpasses in Torontos West Don Lands area (home of the 2015 Pan Am Games Athletes Village), this new park will transform a derelict part of the city into a bright, new, urban neighbourhood amenity. Construction begins later this spring and the park is expected to open in the spring of 2011.
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Design Competitions: Creative City Building
Design competitions are playing an important role in the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront – and major city-building projects around the world. In this short video, three design professionals – Christopher Glaisek, VP Planning and Design, Waterfront Toronto, Harold Madi, Director of Urban Design, City of Toronto and Bruce Kuwabara, Founding Partner, KPMB Architects – explain what a design competition is and the benefits they bring to the quality of design in Toronto.
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Public Art in Toronto's West Don Lands
The West Don Lands is the first of Waterfront Toronto's new neighbourhood to integrate public art in the early planning phases. As we designed the public realm – streets, overpasses, parks and other public spaces – public art was considered from the start, rather than added as an afterthought. Waterfront Toronto is committed to commissioning contemporary art works that are publicly accessible and part of everyday life in our new neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a cohesive program that meaningfully integrates artwork into the streets and public spaces, by pooling funds from our development partners and creating a collection for each waterfront neighborhood that highlights the character of the place and creates exceptional opportunities for public engagement and encounter.
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Waterfront Toronto: Year in Review 2011-2012
In 2011/2012, our mission to revitalize the City of Toronto's waterfront brought many highlights and milestones. Come with us on a quick tour of the major events and media coverage of the past year. To learn more about our work, and the progress we've made to-date, read our 2012 Report to the Community: http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/2012/landing-page/ Waterfront Toronto is the public advocate and steward of waterfront revitalization. Created by the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto, it is mandated to oversee, lead and implement the revitalization of Toronto's waterfront. Explore our new blue edge at www.waterfrontoronto.ca
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Five Proposed Designs for Toronto's Ferry Terminal
In January 2015, Waterfront Toronto launched an innovative design competition to reimagine one of Toronto’s most important waterfront destinations: The Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and Harbour Square Park. Five international design teams were selected to compete. In March 2015, they presented their visions for the ferry terminal in an exhibition at Toronto’s city hall. At a public meeting, each team presented their design and members of the public were permitted to submit their feedback. As the gateway to the Toronto Islands – one of the City’s most unique and cherished parks – the Ferry Terminal and park lack the amenities and infrastructure to support the approximately 1.3 million visitors who use the ferry each year. The design competition was intended to produce a master plan that would outline a vision that can be constructed in phases, as funding becomes available over time. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning team on Friday, April 10, 2015!
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Toronto's Revitalized Waterfront: The New Don River
What will our waterfront look like when revitalization is complete? This 30-second animation gives an idea of what the naturalized mouth of the Don River and nearby neighbourhoods might look like in a decade's time.
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The Official Opening of Mimico Waterfront Park Phase 2
On Friday, June 7th, 2013, Waterfront Toronto and Toronto and Region were joined by their government partners and members of the community to celebrate the opening of the second and final phase of Mimico Waterfront Park. The park provides over a kilometre of beautiful new shoreline park space in a section of Toronto's western waterfront which has historically lacked public access to the lakeshore.
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Aitken Place Park – Preliminary Designs for Public Feedback
Situated in the emerging East Bayfront neighbourhood, Aitken Place Park will be in the heart of the new Bayside development. The design team for the park is Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. and Thomas Balsley Associates. In this video, Scott and Tom walk you through the first stage in the design process – the preliminary design concepts for the park. The video and presentation materials give an overview of the site and area, wind and sun analysis, best practices, the goals and design principles, the park program and the concept plan. Waterfront Toronto will be collecting your feedback on the design until April 30, 2015. To submit your feedback, go to: http://tiny.cc/aitken
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Shaping the Future - Villiers Island Precinct Plan
The City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto are nearing the completion of a series of plans that will guide the transformation of the Port Lands and better connect the Port Lands and South of Eastern areas. This is one of five videos prepared for the Shaping the Future: Placemaking in the Port Lands and Connecting South of Eastern public open house and information sessions held on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Please visit www.portlandsconsultation.ca for more information and to participate in the online discussion. If you require closed captioning for this video, please contact [email protected]
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Construction Continues in the Port Lands
Materials for the Cherry Street Lakefilling project arriving at Essroc Quay. This stone is being used to create berms that will contain clean fill material taken from other local construction sites. This lakefilling will create new land around Essroc Quay to make room to realign Cherry Street and build a new Cherry Street Bridge over the Keating Channel. It's all part of a plan to better manage stormwater and avoid flooding during major storms. We're also creating new fish habitats in two coves along the new shoreline. This work is part of Port Lands Flood Protection, a seven-year project that will protect 240 hectares of land on the eastern waterfront from flooding. Find out more about this project here: https://bit.ly/2KjREzv
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Understanding Your New Queens Quay
We've built a completely new street, designed to let you walk, ride or drive safely along the waterfront's main boulevard. This short video demonstrates the basic rules for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians on the new Queens Quay. Following signs and signals helps make sure that everyone enjoys this space.
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Welcome to Your New Queens Quay
On Friday, June 19th, Queens Quay will reopen – just in time for the Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival – and we’ll be celebrating our beautiful new waterfront street. Soon we’ll be strolling along the revitalized Queens Quay’s generous pedestrian promenade with a double allée of London plane trees, riding our bikes down the new Martin Goodman Trail. It isn’t always easy to imagine what the future will look like. It can be particularly difficult in the case of a large urban construction project like the revitalization of Queens Quay West. It may be hard to look past three years of construction – the dust, the noise, the traffic disruptions – and keep your eye focused on the end result. But it will be worth the wait. To help everyone visualize what’s in store, we’ve created this video to show you what the completed street will look like. Welcome to your new Queens Quay. … Join the conversation using the #TOtheWaterfront hashtag and stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for announcements about our plans for the opening celebration. Learn more at www.waterfrontoronto.ca
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Underpass park
Christopher Hume has an exclusive preview of Toronto's next waterfront destination, Underpass Park.
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Shaping the Future - Port Lands Vision + Urban Structure
The City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto are nearing the completion of a series of plans that will guide the transformation of the Port Lands and better connect the Port Lands and South of Eastern areas. This is one of five videos prepared for the Shaping the Future: Placemaking in the Port Lands and Connecting South of Eastern public open house and information sessions held on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Please visit www.portlandsconsultation.ca for more information and to participate in the online discussion. If you require closed captioning for this video, please contact [email protected]
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From Parking Lot to Waterfront Destination
Waterfront Toronto and Harbourfront Centre transformed a former surface parking lot in the heart of Toronto's waterfront into a dynamic new waterfront destination. The new public spaces created have revitalized the area and the design, by renowned landscape architects, Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, brings nature back to the site. Two new public squares now provide space for Harbourfront Centre's arts and cultural programming. This work is part of Waterfront Toronto's overall revitalization of the Toronto's central waterfront which is creating new public spaces, linking major waterfront destinations and giving the city the grand waterfront boulevard it deserves.
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The Official Opening of Port Union Waterfront Park Phase 2
On Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, Waterfront Toronto and Toronto and Region Conservation were joined by their government partners and members of the community to celebrate the opening of the second and final phase of Port Union Waterfront Park. This shoreline park in the eastern reaches of the city features cobblestone beaches, pedestrian lookouts and connections to waterfront trail. The multi-use trail and shoreline improvements make a stunning route for a water's-edge walk, cycle or skate.
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Sugar Beach Sugar Shack 2016
For one weekend in March, Waterfront Toronto brought a sugar shack vibe to Sugar Beach. The free community event, filled with music and maple syrup, drew more than 10,000 people to this waterfront park. Music in this video: Artist: Stef Paquette Song: Fait pour Rester Album: Salut de l’arrière-pays A/C: Stéphane Paquette, Normand Renaud, Daniel Bédard copyright: Les Éditions Shozay
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Waterfront Toronto Starts Construction at Canada's Sugar Beach
Join Waterfront Toronto at the groundbreaking of Canada's Sugar Beach Torontos second urban beach located at the entrance to East Bayfront. Designed by Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes in association with The Planning Partnership, Canadas Sugar Beach is like three parks in one with a plaza space, urban beach and tree-lined promenade. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalization.
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Bayside Animation Flythrough
Located directly on Lake Ontario and surrounded by parks and public spaces, Bayside will be Toronto's next great neighbourhood. This animated video will show what Bayside will look like in the future.
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Building Intelligent Communities
Toronto's waterfront will be home to Canada's first open-access, ultra-high-speed broadband community network, making these communities among the most connected in the world. Affordable and unlimited access to the Internet at speeds up to 500 times faster than typical North American residential networks, this new fibre-optic network will revolutionize how residents and businesses receive telecommunications services. This essential infrastructure will promote economic growth and development and foster innovation and creativity. To learn more, visit Intelligent Communities on our site: http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/our_waterfront_vision/innovation/_intelligent_communities
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Waterfront Transit "Reset" Study Public Meeting
The City of Toronto, in partnership with Waterfront Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has initiated a Waterfront Transit “Reset” Phase 1 Study that will help create a vision and plan for a comprehensive waterfront transit network, from Long Branch in the west to Woodbine Avenue in the East. On May 25, 2016 we held a public meeting that included a presentation of the study progress to date and a range of preliminary transit concepts under consideration. For more information about the Waterfront Transit "Reset" Study visit http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/explore_projects2/the_wider_waterfront/waterfront_transit_reset If you require closed captioning for this video, please contact [email protected]
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Queens Quay Construction Timelapse - Facing East
View construction timelapse footage of Queens Quay – Toronto’s main waterfront street - as it was revitalized into a showpiece for the city and a world-class waterfront destination. This view was taken from the rooftop of the Radisson Hotel Admiral Toronto-Harbourfront and is looking east with the Simcoe WaveDeck and Harbourfront Centre in the foreground.
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Timelapse: The Construction of Sherbourne Common South
Watch a timelapse video depicting the construction of the southern portion of Sherbourne Common, one of Toronto's newest waterfront parks. Today, Sherbourne Common is a stunning waterfront park that has transformed a former industrial area into much needed public greenspace on the lake. It is also the first park in Canada to integrate a neighbourhood-wide stormwater treatment facility into its design. Located just east of Lower Sherbourne Street, the 1.5 hectare park spans more than two city blocks, from Lake Ontario in the south to Lake Shore Boulevard in the north, on both sides of Queens Quay. Sherbourne Common was designed by renowned landscape architects Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg to bring a feeling of "life at the lake" to the area. The park features a wide open greenspace, a skating rink that doubles as a splash pad in the summer, a striking zinc-clad Pavilion, and a stunning water channel with three dramatic sculptures. Sherbourne Common has rapidly become a destination for city residents and visitors all year-round. Learn more: http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/sherbourne_common
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Toronto Star - Canada's Sugar Beach (v2)
Chris Hume from the Toronto Star continues his tour of Toronto's waterfront and shows us the plans and progress at Canada's Sugar Beach. This video replaces the previous one that had a defective audio track.
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Waterfront Toronto: Pilot Soil Recycling Facility in Toronto's Port Lands
In 2010 Waterfront Toronto established a pilot soil recycling facility in the Port Lands to assess the economic and technological viability of recycling contaminated soil. The pilot project determined that a full-scale soil recycling facility would have significant environmental and economic benefits; most notably associated truck travel would be reduced by roughly 80 per cent and associated greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by approximately 75 per cent. In early 2012, the Federation of Canadian municipalities awarded a $350,000 Green Municipal Fund™ grant in support of Waterfront Toronto's Pilot Soil Recycling Facility. The success of the pilot enabled Waterfront Toronto to seek a private sector operator to finance and operate a long-term soil recycling facility in the Port Lands. Following a competitive process industry leader Green Soils was selected as the operator in 2011. Learn more how we're creating a cleaner, green environment in our Report to the Community 2012: http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/2012/a-clean-green-environment/
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Port Lands Flood Protection Community Consultation #2 - July 2018
On July 18, 2018, we hosted a community consultation to share information about Port Lands Flood Protection, a seven-year project that will re-naturalize the mouth of the Don River, create a new river valley through the Port Lands, a new island, and new parks, roads and bridges. We collected public feedback on the design of the river valley and ecosystems, new roads and bridges. This video features welcoming remarks from MP Julie Dabrusin, MPP Peter Tabuns, and Councillor Paula Fletcher, project background from Waterfront Toronto's Chris Glaisek and Julius Gombos, an overview of the preliminary proposed design for the river valley and ecosystem from MVVA's Herb Sweeney and Matthew Urbanski, an overview of the new roads from DTAH's James Roche, and an overview of the new bridges by Entuitive's Mike Meschino.
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Canada's Sugar Beach Launch
Two inviting and exciting public spaces officially opened on August 9, 2010 in part of Toronto's downtown waterfront that was until now mostly derelict industrial land that few people had visited. Canada's Sugar Beach and the Water's Edge Promenade (phase one) are unique new urban spaces that have transformed a lakefront parking lot and underused area in waterfront attractions.
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