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USS Caron getting rammed by the Russians in the Black Sea - Feb 1988
In February 1988, Caron operating with Yorktown, entered Soviet 7 miles ) territorial waters limit in the Black Sea off the Crimean Peninsula. Under international law, this act could be permissible if the ship was progressing from one point in international waters to another point in international waters via the shortest course possible, but according to the Soviet Union, it was the right of the USSR to authorize or prohibit travel in selected areas within the 12 mile limit. The United States however did not recognize the Soviet's claim in this case. To prevent it from becoming accepted precedent, the US Navy claimed that it had sailed warships through such areas at regular intervals in the past, which we had, not just two years prior. On this occasion, Caron had onboard a ships signal exploitation spaces system, operated by a crew of 18 in support of the U.S. National Security Agency. This system was capable of recording data on Soviet defense radars and communications. In response, the Soviets deployed a destroyer and a Mirka II class light frigate as well as a KGB and "civilian" ships to intercept the U.S. ships. Several times, Soviet vessels obtained radar "lock" on the Caron and Yorktown. Both American ships maintained a constant course and speed throughout the incident. Eventually, the Soviets lightly rammed both ships. No significant damage resulted to any of the ships involved. Both US warships sent an account of the incident to the Commander in Chief of United States Naval Forces in Europe. The Caron reported at 13:20 local time, it was informed on channel 16 VHF by the Bezzavetny: "Soviet ships have orders to prevent violation of territorial waters, extreme measure is to strike your ship with one of ours."[1] The reply of the Caron was "I am engaged in innocent passage consistent with international law."[1] The Yorktown, in its report stated that on 9:56, local time, it was contacted by the Bezzavetny via channel 16 and told to leave Soviet territorial waters or "our ship is going to strike on yours."[1] Then, according to the report, the Bezzavetny came alongside port side of the Yorktown at 10:03 and bumped it by turning into the ship.[1] As for the music, take note that this was shot on VHS and back in 1988, when we did not have Youtube. The only people we thought would see this was friends and family, not a bunch of people from all over the world. No the music is not masking the screams from the crew on the USS Caron, so if you don't like it, there is a volume button - use it Also check out the video from the USS Yorktown at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SME4w037FgA This is the video that the Russian news showed on the 10th Anniversary - All I can say is I can't believe that the Russian people believed and animated version of what happened over the real tape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dl_WNdiShs&list=FLq9THf99pIznRTXM7P8JIWw&index=54 Also the video the Russians did on the 25th anniversary - They asked me for an interview and I declined for the very reason I that I knew they would not portray it accurately and they didn't let me down http://www.tvc.ru/showspecrep.aspx?id=e1564dbe-d8e8-4ba2-a142-218db8a6e14c Here is the Russians account of what happened http://fishki.net/19391-stalnye-jajca-sovetskogo-flota-9-foto--3-video.html
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Snakes at the Lake 2016
Songs: 65 Mustang - Five for Fighting Daddy's Mustang - Laurel Taylor Wild Wild Mustang - Dick Dale and the Del Tones Last Night I Dreamed - Blues Traveler My Mustang Ford - Chuck Berry
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Kickstart BBQ sauce review -First time tasting all my flavors
Tasting my Kickstart BBQ sauce for the first time. Great reaction. You can check out what the fuss is all about at www.kickstartbbqsauce.com and www.facebook.com/kickstartbbqsauce
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SFO plane crash scene
This the path the plane took from point of impact and the 1/2 mile debris
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Sons of Arthritis
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Catching a nice salmon at Rocky Point
James catching a nice 18 lber off of Watermelon Apex
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My first time doing electrical work and it works -Custom Dynamics 8" Plasma rods
Putting plasma rods on my 2011 street glide http://www.customdynamics.com/plasma_rod_led_lights.htm
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Alli Truttmann from Wicked Sheets pitches HSN on wicked cool bedsheets.
Alli did a kickass job and really knows her stuff. I was impressed check out her page and get your incredible set of sheets today https://wickedsheets.com She also has great reviews on Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Sheets-Moisture-Wicking-Bed-Sheet/product-reviews/B00A5ZART4 Tell her Perry sent you
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Remons first roller coaster in ages
It was a chilly day, but a great day https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom
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white water rafting American  River
Whitewater rafting on the American River South Fork. Met some cool guys from San Diego, Brandon, Brent and Justin. Our guide from Italy, Yagabam was awesome. Enjoy Music Take me to the river - Talking Heads What you call hell II - Dustin Craig Green river - CCR I go swimming - Peter Gabriel
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3500 Lm motorcycle LED headlight with KURYAKYN L.E.D HALO HEADLIGHT TRIM RING LED 7" 4 HARLEY 7785
Bought the 3500 Lm motorcycle LED headlight kit from opt7-lighting bulb and totally stoked - its fricken bright as you can see. On the other hand, the KURYAKYN L.E.D HALO HEADLIGHT TRIM RING LED 7" 4 HARLEY 7785 didnt really impress me
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Carroll Shelby Memorial Classic Car show at revving of the engines
In honor of Carroll Shelby all 40 cars in attendance at the 2014 Carroll Shelby Memorial Classic revved up their engines - what an awesome sound and a great tribute
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He shoots he scores
Logan Couture scores winning goal in overtime
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Bait ball
This is what a bait ball looks like off of Pacifica
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Reunion with dad
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Cole Churchill SKYDIVES!!!
For my son's 18th birthday he wanted to go skydiving - Heck, a chance to push him out of a perfectly good airplane - I'm in. It was an amazing experience
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15th Annual Refinery Food Run
The 15th year that y'all have come together to help the local food banks. $350,000 raised in 15 years so far. What a great day for a ride with a bunch of like minded individuals who love to ride and help those in need. The Motorcycle Song - Arlo Guthrie Motorcycle Drive by - Third Eye Blind Motorcycle - Kip Moore
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christmas eve fishing
Took Eric and Mark out fishing on Chrismas Eve. Mark is a Vietnam Vet and Gold Star dad. It started out nice and ended with 10-20' swells. Went over one 20' and got some good air, wish we had it on video.
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screaming rides
Remon's first Roller Coaster Ride in ages - Watch and boogie to the tunes
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ensenada zipline   remon
Great day at the Las Candanas in Ensenada Mexico - what a blast http://www.lascanadas.com/en/Canopy-Tour-Zipline-in-Ensenada-Baja-California.php
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Kickstart BBQ Sauce - better than Kinders
Not the first time I've heard that. Catered 100 people by myself - 34 racks of ribs, 120 chicken quarters, hamburgers, hot dogs and of course all 4 flavors of kickstart bbq sauce www.kickstartbbqsauce.com
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LED lights
Looks great on the 2011 Street Glide and easy to install
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On the way to Half Moon Bay
I have fun riding and she has fun singing and dancing - but the rule is no dancing in turns - thats a no no. its funny, people will slow down and watch her do her thing as we drive by
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Yonna's 50th birthday
It was Yonna's birthday, I think it was the 30th, or so - Ka wanted to surprise her with a experience of a lifetime and take her skydiving 18000 feet. It was awesome experience and we have it here on tape. Enjoy Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters Sound recording 5:48 - 9:40 Fall Free - Alan Parsons Sound recording 1:42 - 5:46 play match
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Werner Surprise Party
Songs Leave your hat on - Joe Cocker Lets get it started - Black Eyed Peas Thriller - Michael Jackson
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Splitting lanes is safe when done safely. Going from Vallejo to San Francisco. Shaved 45 minutes off of our time by splitting lanes. There are a few spots on the video where i doubled the video speed, so you can keep the comments to yourself about driving too fast. Music is Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind
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Going to Sonora
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Remon Zip lining in Sonoma
Remon's first time zip lining at Canopy Tours http://www.sonomacanopytours.com/
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scuba cabo san lucas
Our ocean dives for certification at Cabo San Lucas - Went to Pelican Point and Lands End with the sunken Japanese ship from 1954 called Ludenburg (http://www.cabovillas.com/blog/hidden-shipwreck-uncovered-in-cabo-san-lucas-by-hurricane-odile/) Met some cool people from Sacramento, David & Katie Redwine and saw a couple of white tip sharks - great day altogether
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Stockton ride
Every weekend we go somewhere, anywhere to ride. My wife loves porkchops so i'll find a place a couple of hours away that has great chops and we'll ride. This weekend it was Market Tavern in Stockton, great food and service
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ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Concentrator
Title says it all
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We be smoking
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Remon walking on sunshine
walking the rope bridges in Ensenada Mexico
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Remon and Brandons dad bullriding
Ramon and Brandons Dad bull riding the South Fork in American River - Good times
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Kickstart BBQ Sauce - Another happy customer
Catered 100 people by myself - 34 racks of ribs, 120 chicken quarters, hamburgers, hot dogs and of course all 4 flavors of kickstart bbq sauce www.kickstartbbqsauce.com
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Sunday Drive through Rio Vista
Little did I know that was a hail storm up ahead - Hail storms sting
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ECHO 2 Plus training
All four stages of the treatment
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SBFreaks hosting a great ride from Fairfield, to Emeryville, to Lathrop then to Sacramento Raceway for the annual FXR's of California event. Great job by all. looking forward to next year.
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hollister ride
What a great day for a ride with a great group of people - doing what bikers do, celebrating July 4th by enjoying our freedom the best way we know how - out in the open on the road on our motorcycles with a group of friends.
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Scuba Diving Cenotes in Cancun for the first time. What a great experience
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Intro to game 3 playoffs - Sharks vs Kings
Intro to game 3
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Great day for a ride to Mustards in Yountville then the back roads to hwy 121. It was a nice 103 outside. music : Fun Time - Joe Cocker Slow Ride - Foghat
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Lower forks family rafting
Fun trip with the whole family, Remon, Yonna, Afi, Ka, Cam and that guy Perry.
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