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BI vs. IT: The Struggle for Data Ends Now
http://www.datastruggle.com #ITBIBridge There is a constant battle between BI and IT over data. BI needs to get crucial business insights from the data FAST but can't get to it due to limited data sources and poor system performance. IT struggles with data silos, costly system administration and a tightly coupled compute and storage. Instead of an elaborate office pranks war, much easier to get Snowflake!
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Snowflake Introduction & Demo
A short video that describes the problem that Snowflake solves and demos key features of Snowflake's data warehouse.
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The Office Bromance: BI ❤️ IT
"They're back, and they're up to more office antics! But this time, our BI and IT duo have turned their battle into a bromance."
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Snowflake Architecture
Hear Snowflake's founders talk about the Snowflake architecture and what makes it unique.
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CEO Bob Muglia Explains Snowflake's Key  Benefits
Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake explains why a data warehouse built for the cloud is the superior tool to extract the value of enterprise business data.
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Getting Started - Key Concepts
This video provides a high-level overview of the key concepts used in Snowflake and the major components of Snowflake's multi-cluster, shared-data architecture.
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See Snowflake in 8 Minutes
Snowflake is the data warehouse built for the cloud that can host all your data, serve all your users, and all with zero management and transparent pay as you go pricing. Take a look at a real life scenario to see how you can load data and find insight with Snowflake. To learn more about Snowflake please go to https://www.snowflake.net/product/ And be sure to check out our blog for the latest news, tips, and feature updates: https://www.snowflake.net/blog/
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Replacing Hadoop with Snowflake
It's true, Snowflake is a relational data warehouse. But with enhanced capabilities for semi-structured data - along with unlimited storage and compute - many organizations are replacing their data warehouse and noSQL tools with a simplified architecture built around Snowflake. Don't take our word for it: see what our customers have to say.
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Getting Started - Introduction to Snowflake
This video provides a quick tour of the Snowflake web interface and introduces some of the key concepts for using the Snowflake elastic data warehouse service.
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Modern Cloud Data Warehouse-as-a-Service vs. Hadoop For Diverse Data Analytics
Break free from complexity. Keep your data architecture super simple with a zero-admin, ACID-compliant, modern data warehouse built for the cloud. Support all your analytic needs on diverse data such as corporate data, JSON, clickstreams, event data, and more with one easy-to-use, SQL platform. Support any scale of concurrent users without a struggle for resources. For even more on this topic, check out our FREE ebook "Beyond Hadoop: Modern Cloud Data Warehousing" at https://www.snowflake.net/resource/beyond-hadoop-modern-cloud-data-warehousing/ Twitter: @snowflakeDB, @miclnixon1 LinkedIn: Snowflake - the data warehouse built for the cloud (https://www.snowflake.net/product/)
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How the Data Warehouse Has Evolved to Enable Better Analytics
Kent Graziano, Sr. Technical Evangelist at Snowflake talks about the history of the data warehouse and how it evolved with the arrival of big data and cloud to enable better analytics.
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Reinventing the Data Warehouse
Hear from Snowflake and our customers what it means to reinvent the data warehouse.
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Eliminating Concurrency Issues with Snowflake Virtual Warehouses
Traditional data warehouses all suffer from the same problem at one point or another: there's just too many people and tools trying to use the data warehouse at the same time. Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, was designed from the beginning to elegantly address this concurrency problem. This video shows -in 3 minutes- how you can use Snowflake to support as many users and use cases as you need to, with no concurrency issues. To learn more about this architectural innovation please check out these blog posts: https://www.snowflake.net/support-multiple-workloads/ https://www.snowflake.net/elasticitycomputeandstorageseparation/
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Automatically Ingesting Streaming Data with Snowpipe
See how anyone can use Snowpipe to automatically ingest their streaming data from S3 directly into Snowflake. You can have automated serverless ingestion running in less than ten minutes.
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Query Multiple Databases Within Snowflake
With traditional data warehouses, it's impossible to query two databases within the same warehouse. Snowflakes unique architecture logically integrates every database within the same account, enabling seamless SQL queries across multiple databases without copying. To learn more about our innovative architecture and features, check out https://www.snowflake.net/product/architecture/ https://www.snowflake.net/engineering-blog/
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Modern data sharing has arrived!
Turn your data into business assets for your customers, business partners and data consumers with the data sharehouse.
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Easily Sharing Data with Snowflake
Sharing Data has traditionally been a manual, repetitive and technical process for organizations. With the launch of Snowflake Data Sharing, anyone can now share data with their customers and partners securely in minutes. Take a look at this short video to see how.
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Age of Learning: Improving User Experience with Data & Snowflake
Thuy Kim, VP of Business Intelligence at Age of Learning, creator of ABCmouse.com shares how the educational technology company benefits from the improved query performance, flexible scaling and more reliable daily reporting of Snowflake.
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Using Tableau + Snowflake - Short Demo
In five minutes, see a short demo on how Tableau can be used to explore data in Snowflake.
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Capital One: Enabling the Future of Banking with Snowflake
Linda Apsley, VP of Data Engineering at Capital One, shares how Snowflake empowers the the financial technology company to create personalized, unique experiences for their customers. For more customer stories, visit https://www.snowflake.net/our-customers/
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OfferUp: Powering Enterprise Growth with Snowflake
Tolga Gesli, Director of Data at OfferUp shares how Snowflake's separate compute and storage layers and "all the data in one place" capability powers enterprise growth for the largest mobile marketplace in the US.
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Getting Started - Introduction to Virtual Warehouses
This video provides a conceptual overview of virtual warehouses and illustrates how to create a warehouse using the Snowflake UI.
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Introducing the Snowflake Data Sharehouse – A Live Demonstration
Director of Product Marketing, Ross Perez, demonstrates how to work with semi-structured data within the Snowflake Data Sharehouse.
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The Snowflake X-Factor: Separate Metadata Processing
Metadata-driven cloud services is the brilliance behind Snowflake. Lead software engineer, Ashish Motivala explains why, including a special bonus.
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Why data-driven companies chose Snowflake's cloud-built data warehouse
Customers reduced query times from hours to seconds; pushed their cloud data warehouse to all business users; accessed all of their structured and semi-structured data; and do so quickly and more affordably than other data analytics platform.
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Easily Loading and Analyzing Semi-Structured Data in Snowflake
Organizations today need to store and analyze a growing number of JSON, XML, Avro, and other semi-structured data sources, but it's a challenge. Hadoop is an easy place to store data but it's awful for analysis. Relational databases require transformation and negate the value of the semi-structured data. Snowflake lets you store and analyze your semi-structured data with ease. Take a look to see how. To learn more about using JSON in Snowflake, download our FREE ebook "How to Analyze JSON with SQL" https://www.snowflake.net/resource/analyze-json-sql/ And check out these technical blog posts: https://www.snowflake.net/snowflake-sql-making-schema-on-read-a-reality-part-1-2/ https://www.snowflake.net/snowflake-sql-making-schema-on-read-a-reality-part-2/
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Lacework: Mastering BI for Security with Snowflake
Learn how Lacework, the first zero touch delivery platform for cloud security chose to build their technology on top of Snowflake's cloud data warehouse and how they benefit from features like easy scaling up and down, no database admin and Native JSON support.
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Snowpipe: Load data fast, analyze even faster
Getting the volume and variety of today’s data into your data warehouse is paramount to obtain immediate, data-driven insight. Unfortunately, legacy data warehouses require batch-oriented loading and scheduling at off-peak times to avoid contention with the crucial needs of data analytics users. Snowpipe is a new data loading service for Snowflake that significantly improves the process of making data available for analysis.
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Lionsgate: Supercharging Business Insights Delivery to Better Serve Fans
Hear how Lionsgate, a global leader in filmed entertainment blends multiple critical data types and returns data faster, more accurate and with more volume than ever before using Snowflake's data warehouse built for the cloud.
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Snowflake Security Overview
Hear about how Snowflake designed to help customer make sure that their data is secure.
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Data Protection with Time Travel in Snowflake
Mistakes happen, it's a fact of life, but far too often organizations suffer when data is mistakenly deleted or modified in their database. Snowflake's unique Time Travel feature enables anyone to seamlessly revert their databases, tables, and schemas to any point in the past. This video shows, in less than 3 minutes, how you can use Time Travel to enable your team to experiment and find insight without fear of accidental deletions or mistakes.
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Crucial Security Controls for Your Cloud Data Warehouse
Johnston Chu, Software Engineer at Snowflake explains the highest security measures needed to protect your data warehouse in the cloud.
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Data Warehouse as Service
Hear Snowflake's founders talk about what it means to deliver data warehousing without the overhead of management and tuning.
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PDX: Reducing ETL from weeks to minutes with Snowflake
John Foss, Director of BI & Manufacturer Analytics at PDX shares how the leading pharmacy software provider serving 9,000 pharmacies decided to migrate from Oracle to Snowflake's scalable cloud solution and how it is benefiting from redirecting DBA support to focus on strategic initiatives.
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Tackling High Concurrency with Multi-Cluster Warehouses
Many organizations struggle with concurrency: having too many users and use cases using the database at the same time. Snowflake's innovative cloud architecture provides a uniquely simple solution in the form of the Multi-Cluster Warehouse. For more details on this innovative feature of Snowflake, please check out this blog post: https://www.snowflake.net/auto-scale-snowflake-major-leap-forward-massively-concurrent-enterprise-applications/ To learn more about our ground break multi-cluster, shared data architecture you may want to check out these posts too: https://www.snowflake.net/support-multiple-workloads/ https://www.snowflake.net/elasticitycomputeandstorageseparation/
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Introducing the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse
Learn why and how Snowflake built a new data warehouse from the ground up for the cloud.
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Snowflake Tableau Demo
See how easy it is to connect and use Tableau with the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse! Tableau's recent release includes native support for Snowflake so that Tableau can take full advantage of Snowflake.
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Concurrency in Snowflake
See how Snowflake's unique cloud data warehouse architecture allows you to run diverse workloads in parallel, without contention or performance impact.
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How to integrate semi-structured and structured data
Loading, integrating and analyzing varying data types is simple with a modern cloud data warehouse. eBook Download: How to Analyze JSON with SQL http://bit.ly/2y9QRha
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Rue La La: Personalizing Marketing Through Data Driven Decisions with Snowflake
Hear Erick Roesch, Director of BI & Data Warehouse share why the popular flash sale site with nearly 18 million members replaced its legacy data warehouse and Hadoop data lake with Snowflake to merge data sources for fast, data-driven business decisions.
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Overstock.com - Powering the eCommerce Marketplace with Data Sharing
Hear how Overstock.com uses Snowflake’s Data Sharehouse for live, governed, secure data sharing to make customer data and insights easily available to partners as it scales to deliver 4 million products across 35 million visitors per month.
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Blackboard: Accelerating Performance & Predictive Data Modeling with Snowflake
Jay White, Director of Software Engineering and Mike Sharkey, VP of Analytics at Blackboard, a leading educational technology company explain how they accelerated performance 16x with Snowflake by scaling storage, compute and users independently and rapidly.
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Processing JSON data in Snowflake
See how you can store and query JSON data in Snowflake without transformation. To learn more about using JSON in Snowflake, check out these blog posts: https://www.snowflake.net/snowflake-sql-making-schema-on-read-a-reality-part-1-2/ https://www.snowflake.net/snowflake-sql-making-schema-on-read-a-reality-part-2/ And download our FREE ebook "How to Analyze JSON with SQL" https://www.snowflake.net/resource/analyze-json-sql/
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Sharing data with Snowflake
Watch this short video to see how organizations of all types can escape the constraints of file based data sharing tools with Snowflake Data Sharing. By enabling anyone you wish to securely access your data (instead of transmitting it to them), you can save time, resources, and significantly reduce the burden of data sharing on your customers. Learn more about data sharing at https://www.snowflake.net/data-sharehouse/.
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Cloud Analytics Summit: Fireside Chat with Capital One
Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia, and Capital One VP of Data Engineering, Lisa Apsley, sit down and and discuss Capital One's move to become a fully cloud-native company and its focus on delivering a data-driven experience to its customers.
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Adding Custom Datatypes to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM)
In this video, Kent Graziano, The Data Warrior, will show you how to easily add a new user-defined data type to your Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler installation. This will let you define and model a Snowflake table with a VARIANT column, but can be used for any new data type you need to add. For additional detail see his blog post here: https://www.snowflake.net/customizing-oracle-sddm-to-support-snowflake-variant/
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Making the Most of the Snowflake Worksheet
The Snowflake Worksheet offers a fluid and seamless user experience. Customers can use Snowflake’s web interface for entering and submitting SQL queries, performing DDL and DML operations, and viewing the results side-by-side as queries/operations complete. Learn more about this and other Snowflake features on our blog: https://www.snowflake.net/blog/
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HotelTonight delivers advanced analytics with Snowflake's cloud-built data warehouse
The travel site replaced its ailing and cloudified legacy data warehouse with Snowflake's fast, powerful, affordable and easy-to-use solution to handle all of HotelTonight's data.
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Snowflake and Informatica - Lead to Cash Demo
Watch this demo to see how Snowflake and Informatica can be used together in a scenario that integrates the data needed to analyze the connection between leads and purchases.
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