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East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra DEMO - Original Compositions
This little compilation of different tracks - and the use of different styles, could give you an idea what the Library is capable of. Not saying it can't be done even better. I know it can ;) I composed all tracks between 2015 and early 2016. I decided not to Upload them because I wasn't satisfied with the result at that time.
Views: 21276 Tobias Scheel
Discovering Atlantis - Cubase Studio 5 - HALion Symphonic / East West - Movie-Theme
I think this theme (actually there are 3 themes :D) could fit into a scene in which a lost city is discoverd...
Views: 3915 Tobias Scheel
Queerish - FL Studio + East West - Own Soundtrack ♫
I composed a new piece in an Elfman-style. I love that kind of music! Its not very acurate because I didnt have much time to compose. So some parts may sound a bit out of count...
Views: 2189 Tobias Scheel
Tension - A Story of Victory [FL Studio & EWQLSO Gold]
A new piece i composed! Enjoy and tell me what you think -or feel about it! :) I used EastWestQuantumLeapSymphonicOrchestra Gold... The best libary I ever used!
Views: 1132 Tobias Scheel
Star Wars - Force Theme Demo - LMMS
Just a little demo of the Force Theme ... Again done with LMMS and some help of "MIDI-line-in".
Views: 8298 Tobias Scheel
A Dream Journey - Original Composition - East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold
Have a good rest listening to this short piece!
Views: 1521 Tobias Scheel
Those Glorious Horns - Original Composition - East West Gold / Cubase
As I am a Trumpet player myself, i really enjoy writing pieces with a lot of Brass in it, what do you think?
Views: 2238 Tobias Scheel
Learning from History - Original Composition - EastWest Gold
Only Brass and Woodwinds this time...
Views: 404 Tobias Scheel
The Air Is Burning - Original Composition - East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold
I was in a Zimmer mood and used some typical Zimmer-sounding styles in this one!
Views: 807 Tobias Scheel
Mhysa - Piano Version - Game Of Thrones
Its not the exact piece i did everything by ear :) I love GoT and its Music!
Views: 616 Tobias Scheel
Star Wars - Across The Stars -new, better version ! ♫
Better version of Across The Stars...Done with LMMS und lots of plug-ins Best Movie-Theme of all time I think! :D
Views: 9230 Tobias Scheel
The Forest Lives - Original Composition East West Gold / Cubase
This is more of an atmospheric piece. I kind of tried to mix the styles of Hans Zimmer and John Williams in this a little bit. It's also the first time I heavily used big drums!
Views: 252 Tobias Scheel
August Rush - Trailer + My New Music
I just watched the film and decided to compose a theme for the trailer! Btw its a great movie! © Warner Bros. Pictures
Views: 2440 Tobias Scheel
Requiem For A Soldier-Trumpet & Piano
I like this piece so much that i decided to cover it. I played the trumpet and the piano myself. Sry for the quality... the mic is pretty bad :( I used audacity to record it.
Views: 2780 Tobias Scheel
Genius - Albert Einstein - Hans Zimmer Challenge [East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold]
This is my submission for Hans Zimmers #showusyourmusicalgenius challenge. I have to admit, I prefer to make my own music but still, this was fun!
Views: 801 Tobias Scheel
The Dark NIGHT - Own Soundtrack - Cubase Studio 5
hey guyyys... smart as i am - i found ways to compose even thought i cant use HALion anymore! This track is OBVIOUSLY influenced by HANS ZIMMER - its NOT a cover though Windows Moviemaker failed so a friend of mine edited the video GO WATCH HIS VIDS TOO: http://www.youtube.com/user/ITZmaNiacMENZ
Views: 9765 Tobias Scheel
Beyond The Stars - Original Composition [EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra]
Heavily influenced by Steve Jablonsky I just wanted to try out some Synths and effects for this piece. Overall it's a quite simple piece which I composed just for the purpose of practicing.
Views: 939 Tobias Scheel
Morgenstimmung - Morning Mood
A short cover of the lovely morning mood from Edward Grieg. It just took me around 6 hours to do it so its not very acurate. And maybe a bit to slow?
Views: 1136 Tobias Scheel
The Da Vinci Code - FL - Version
My First FL-Project
Views: 654 Tobias Scheel
Transformers - Scorponok Lmms-version ♫
The "Lmms"- version of "Transformers - Scorponok" Its a great audioprogramm which you can download completely free! :) please notice that LMMS is NO pro programme and its hard to create a sound, which doesent sound like computer-crap! :D
Views: 3456 Tobias Scheel
Short Demos - HALion Symphonic - Cubase Studio 5
This upload will probably be my last one for a couple of weeks:(
Views: 2105 Tobias Scheel
Where Am I ?-Own Soundtrack-[East West Gold & FL-Studio]
I tried a new style... I was inspired by Danny Elfman! I really enjoy his music... so I tried to compose something according to his typical style! This IS NOT a cover!!
Views: 781 Tobias Scheel
FL STUDIO: Beautiful Orchestral Piece of Music!
A short epic theme i have done with FL Studio. I haven't got much experience in using it but I think i did quite a good job!:) Tell me what you think!
Views: 7308 Tobias Scheel
After The War - Original Composition - Cubase / EastWest
Influenced by J. T. Williams ;)
Views: 356 Tobias Scheel
The One I Love - Original Composition - Cubase/East West QLSO Gold
I did not steal anything from "Pearl Harbor"! The orchestration is very similar but this piece is in 3/4 not 4/4 - also the chords and the melody are different! Still, I was inspired by Hans Zimmer!
Views: 695 Tobias Scheel
East West Orchestra - Original Composition - Adventure Time [Cubase]
I finally got it (back) and its awesome! :)) This piece is a try on some typical john williams string-lines and the certain feeling he creates...
Views: 1330 Tobias Scheel
Across The Stars - Beginning FL- Studio ♫
I did it AGAIN :D tell me what you think Should i finish it!?
Views: 362 Tobias Scheel
Let The Games Begin - Original Composition - Cubase / East West Gold
Was in a Williams mood :) took me a few weeks to compose it, so i hope you guys like it!
Views: 790 Tobias Scheel
Epic Orchestral FL- Piece
Tell me, what to improve... its not perfect at all, there is still much to do! :) The picture you see is not acutally from the song sry for that :D
Views: 362 Tobias Scheel
Company of Heroes - Cubase Studio 5 [East West / HALion] ♫
I found a way to at least compose new themes... cubase crashed several times though -.-
Views: 434 Tobias Scheel
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Testsong - Cubase Studio 5
another test :) I mostly used edirol orchestral for the song so the sound/instrument quality is not the best.
Views: 979 Tobias Scheel
The Universe - Original Composition - EastWest/Cubase
inspired by Immediate
Views: 403 Tobias Scheel

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