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Why you should use Watson Discovery Service
IBM Watson Discovery Service lets you rapidly build cognitive applications that extract value from structured and unstructured data. Bring your own data or use pre-enriched content. Save time with automated data ingestion and a simplified query language. Build your cognitive exploration app once with Discovery, and easily integrate it into existing solutions. ibm.biz/WatsonDiscovery
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Watson Explorer Overview
Learn how you can tap into the power of Watson Explorer to explore, analyze and interpret information. Learn more: http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/explorer.html
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Watson Natural Language Understanding Service Overview
IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding analyzes text to extract meta-data from content such a concepts, entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, relations, and semantic roles. With custom annotation models developed using Watson Knowledge studio you can tailor your solution towards industry / domain specific entities and relations in unstructured text. For more information, visit: https://ibm.co/2s995MY
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Watson Discovery Service: 3 things you want to know
Watson Discovery Service automates and simplifies the work it takes developers to extract value from structured and unstructured data. Find out how in 90 seconds. For more information, check out our blog post on Watson Discovery: http://ibm.co/2h5VzkB
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Demo Video: How Watson Explorer Can Help Your Business
Watch this 3-minute video to learn how Watson Explorer combines cloud-based enterprise search and advanced analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities to connect data across silos. Watson Explorer connects all your data to provide a unified view of critical insights, in context, across industries and roles. By fully leveraging Watson’s ability to mine both structured and unstructured data, Explorer helps employees, across teams, make better business decisions, scale human expertise, drive ROI and remain competitive in a data-driven marketplace. Users can find and understand the information they need, whenever they need it. Watson Explorer delivers all of these capabilities at the scale and speed required by today’s ever-increasing data volumes, all while maintaining the security and reliability demanded by global enterprises. If you want to explore how much time, money and resources you can save with Watson Explorer, try our Value Calculator today at http://www.ibm.com/watson/explorer/assessment/index.html
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How IBM Watson learns
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How does IBM Watson work?
What is Watson, and how is it helping businesses across the globe to build a smarter future? Watch the complete video to learn about our technology, or discover the different parts that make up Watson AI by chapter in this playlist: https://ibm.co/2PGyDNm Visit our homepage: http://www.ibm.com/watson
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Why you should use Watson Natural Language Understanding
IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding enables developers to easily and quickly extract and analyze meta-data from unstructured text. The service offers several enrichment options for natural language processing to developers, including incorporating custom models. For more information, visit: http://ibm.co/2lhC4HP
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AlchemyLanguage Overview
AlchemyLanguage is a collection of APIs that offer text analysis through natural language processing. With AlchemyLanguage you can use any of the following functions: Keyword Extraction, Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis, Concept Tagging, Relation Extraction, Taxonomy Classification, Author Extraction and more.
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Why you should use Watson Knowledge Studio
IBM Watson Knowledge Studio lets you rapidly create custom domain models to enhance your artificial intelligence solutions. Subject matter experts can work together at a distance to annotate with machine learning or rules-based methods, without having to create one line of code. Then apply your new model to solutions built with Watson Discovery Service, Watson Natural Language Understanding Service, or Watson Explorer. Save time and improve results with Watson Knowledge Studio. Learn more at ibm.biz/watsonknowledge
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IBM Watson Visual Recognition
The ability to train the Watson Visual Recognition API opens up a world of business and industry specific use cases for computer visualization. Learn more in the blog, try out the interactive demo, and easily implement it in your apps with the help of the online documentation. This cloud-based API in the Watson Developer Cloud family is easily accessible for all developers to start building into apps today. https://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/developercloud/visual-recognition.html
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IBM Watson Studio: Build and train AI models in one integrated environment
IBM Watson Studio (https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-studio) is an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications. It is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud. It gives your data scientists, engineers, developers and domain experts – the tools they need to collaborate – to drive innovation in their business.
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Neural Network Modeler and Deep Learning Experiments on Watson Studio
Use Neural Network Modeler and Deep Learning Experiments on Watson Studio to solve the most challenging and computationally intensive problems with clarity and ease. Here, we'll introduce these powerful tools in the context of an image classification task on large satellite imagery. We build a deep convolutional neural network and use RBFOpt hyperparameter optimization to find a solution quickly using best in class GPUs. IBM Watson Studio (ibm.co/watsonstudio) is an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications. It is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud. It gives your data scientists, engineers, developers and domain experts – the tools they need to collaborate – to drive innovation in their business.
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IBM Watson Tone Analyzer
People and organizations show various language tones in their daily writing communication, which can impact the effectiveness of communication in different contexts. They can come across aggressive when their intention is to be straightforward, or needy when they are excited. We have designed a tool that provides insights on the emotional, social, and writing tones reflected in text to ensure every message is tone-checked. Learn how IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer capabilities are helping businesses pull insights from text and guide them to more positive tones that ultimately drives brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit: https://ibm.co/2NiBl6B
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How Autodesk sped up customer response times by 99% with Watson
You can check out the full Autodesk case study here: https://ibm.co/2gfXMf4 Autodesk is a global leader in 3D computer-aided design, engineering and entertainment software. The company used Watson Conversation service to build AVA, a virtual agent that interacts with customers and responds to questions in real-time. AVA is designed to quickly answer common customer queries 24x7x365 and has already helped Autodesk significantly improve customer response times by 99%. Learn more: https://ibm.co/2zwllHE Customers can ask AVA questions in natural language, as they would with a human agent. AVA recognizes keywords and phrases to understand the conversation’s context and the purpose of the query, and returns high-confidence answers quickly and effectively. Since implementing AVA, inquiries that took 38 hours for a human agent to respond to, now only take 5 minutes or less. Learn how Autodesk is able to: • Support 30,000+ conversations per month via a Virtual Agent • Cut resolution time from from 38 hours to 5 minutes for Tier 1 inquiries • Reduce their cost per case from $15-$200 (human agents) to $1 (Virtual Agent) Explore how your business can use AI and chatbots to improve resolution time, reduce costs and delight customers. https://ibm.co/2zwllHE
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IBM Watson Concept Expansion
Concept Expansion enables you to build a specialized dictionary for your cognitive applications. You can enable your app to correctly understand industry specific terminology, or local euphemisms and colloquial terms. With your data and basic training, Watson Concept Expansion rapidly produces a dictionary of concepts that you can use to perform powerful tasks.
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Watson Assistant – Slots tutorial
Building better bots with Watson Assistant. This video will explain the slots functionality and handling user digressions.
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Watson Assistant: Digressions
This video will go over how to use the feature Digressions. Check out our docs to learn more: https://ibm.biz/BdZPc5
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IBM Watson Education : Personalizing the teaching and learning experience
IBM Watson Element empowers teachers with a 360 degree view of their students. For more information visit: https://ibm.co/2qrAqcl
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IBM Watson Classroom
Watson Classroom is a revolutionary education solution that helps teachers cater to the whole student. Learn more: https://ibm.co/2EIfNzX
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Watson Discovery Service technical deep dive demo
IBM Watson Discovery Service combines automated ingestion, natural language processing enrichment, query and relevancy capabilities to help developers rapidly build insight engines -- apps that extract value from large amounts of data. Gain familiarity with the tooling UI, and see how you can use direct API calls to embed Discovery in existing applications. Learn more here: https://ibm.co/2gmsVMU
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IBM Watson Ecosystem Partners Build Cognitive Apps
IBM is expanding the industry’s largest and most diverse set of cognitive APIs, technologies and tools for developers who are creating products, services and applications embedded with Watson. Try out the APIs on the Watson Developer Cloud: http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/developercloud/
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What can you build with Watson Conversation?
Use your imagination to unlock the potential of Watson Conversation. What kind of bot will you build? Learn more here: https://ibm.co/2pCkPXO
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IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Tutorial Walk-through
In this video, Steve Martinelli, Engineering Manager @ IBM, walks through the tutorial for Watson's Natural Language Classifier service. Watch him create the service, download a dataset, create a classifier, and attempt to classify a few strings of natural language text. Learn more here: https://www.ibm.com/watson/services/natural-language-classifier/
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Watson Knowledge Studio Technical Deep Dive Demo
IBM Watson Knowledge Studio gives subject matter experts the ability to collaborate and create machine learning or rule-based custom domain models with no coding. Gain familiarity with the tooling UI, and see how you can define model types, use dictionaries, establish ground truth and annotate data sets. ibm.biz/watsonknowledge
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Gemstone Medical Demo
This demonstration showcases the power of Watson Explorer's unified information access applications incorporating content analytics and cognitive services from Watson Developer Cloud.
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IBM and Sesame: Cognitive Vocabulary Learning App Pilot with Gwinnett County Schools
V is for Vocabulary. W is for Watson. IBM and Sesame Workshop today announced that Georgia’s Gwinnett County Public Schools, one of the nation’s top urban school districts, has completed an initial pilot of the industry’s first cognitive vocabulary learning app, built on the IBM and Sesame Intelligent Play and Learning Platform. The new platform, powered by IBM Cloud, enables an ecosystem of software developers, researchers, educational toy companies, and educators to tap IBM Watson cognitive capabilities and content from Sesame Workshop’s early childhood research to build engaging experiences to help advance children’s education and learning. The cognitive vocabulary app is one of the first of many cognitive apps, games, and educational toys that will be built over time on this new platform, as a result of the two companies’ collaboration announced last year. The Gwinnett pilot program marks the first time that Sesame Workshop content and Watson technology have been introduced into classrooms to be tested by students and educators. Featured Speakers: Akimi Gibson, VP and Education Publisher, Sesame Workshop Satya Nitta, Global Head and Program Director of Cognitive Science and Education Technology, IBM Research Grover, Sesame Character Shon Hardy, Kindergarten Teacher, Gwinnett County Schools Antonio, Kindergarten Student, Gwinnett County Schools Press Release ibm.co/IBMandSesamePR IBM THINK blog post ibm.co/IBMandSesameT Find out more ibm.co/IBMandSesameWE
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LivePerson and IBM Watson created an AI-powered chat and messaging platform for customer service
LivePerson seamlessly integrated Watson's AI and conversational technology with their human agents to create LiveEngage, a customer care platform that get smarter with every interaction.The conversational agents or chatbots can address up to 80% of commonly asked Tier 1 support questions, but can also escalate issues to a human agent if necessary. As customer service becomes more self-service and messaging-driven, brands must deliver solutions that make the most of AI capabilities, while still empowering agents to continue doing what they do best. The new "Cognitive Care Centers of Excellence" enable brands to drive this change at scale, allowing customers to interact via mobile apps, SMS, Facebook Messenger, mobile sites etc. Explore how your call center can use AI and chatbots to improve resolution times, reduce costs and delight customers. https://ibm.co/2zNO0Zw
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Visual Recognition in Watson Studio
Try Watson Studio for free: ibm.com/cloud/watson-studio Find meaning in visual data on Watson Studio! Analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, and other custom content. Take advantage of pretrained models, or create your own custom classifier. Develop smart applications that analyze the visual content of images or video frames to understand what is happening in a scene.Then, deploy your model for use in applications. We develop portable code snippets in cURL, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Scala. Our integration with CoreML means you can drop your Watson Visual Recognition model directly into your iOS applications as well. IBM Watson Studio (ibm.co/watsonstudio) is an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications. It is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud. It gives your data scientists, engineers, developers and domain experts – the tools they need to collaborate – to drive innovation in their business.
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IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Discover data and analytic assets to fuel AI
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-knowledge-catalog) powers intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models and more. Access, curate, categorize and share data, knowledge assets and their relationships, wherever they reside. Dynamic masking of sensitive data elements unlocks information for AI application development. IBM Watson Studio (ibm.co/watsonstudio) is an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications. It is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud. It gives your data scientists, engineers, developers and domain experts – the tools they need to collaborate – to drive innovation in their business.
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Watson Discovery Service Overview Demo
IBM Watson Discovery Service offers simple tooling, powerful APIs and automated document ingestion processes to save developers time. Uncover insights within structured and unstructured data with less effort and greater accuracy. https://ibm.co/2gqJgE6
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Watson Assistant Demo
Watson Assistant delivers engaging experiences across your business, transforming how you interact with customers and employees. Learn more: https://ibm.co/2QOahPA
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How Vodafone UK Is Transforming Customer Service with Watson
Using Watson, Vodafone UK built TOBi, an AI assistant, to answer frequently asked customer queries. Their AI assistant has allowed them to improve customer satisfaction while empowering their human agent support team. Learn more about how AI can transform your call center here: https://ibm.co/2viJII5
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IBM Speech to Text
Enhance existing applications or build new solutions with advanced, cognitive Speech to Text capabilities using this IBM Watson API. Translate multiperson conversational speech, and speech from videos, not just speech commands. IBM Speech to Text can be integrated into any REST-compatible platform or device. Robots, anyone? Learn more: http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/developercloud/speech-to-text.html
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Use Watson to discover meaningful insights in unstructured text without coding
Watson Knowledge Studio is a cloud-based application that enables developers and domain experts to collaborate and create custom annotator components for unique industries. These annotators can identify mentions and relationships in unstructured data and be easily administered throughout their lifecycle using one common tool. Annotator components can be deployed directly to Watson Discovery Service, Watson Natural Language Understanding Service and IBM Watson Explorer. Learn more at ibm.biz/watsonknowledge
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Build four powerful Discovery News queries in under five minutes
In this demo, we’ll show you how to quickly set up several types of queries to explore the pre-enriched news content in Watson Discovery. To get to the screen where you can make your own queries, simply create a Discovery instance on Bluemix at https://ibm.co/2oIXX8x Click "Launch Tooling" on the main page, select the News collection, and click "query." These are the five queries used in this video: 1. concepts.text:”artificial intelligence” 2. term(entities.text) 3. nested(entities).filter(entities.type:Person).term(entities.text) 4.enrichedTitle.relations.subject.entities.type:company,enrichedTitle.relations.action.lemmatized:acquire 5.nested(enrichedTitle.relations).filter(enrichedTitle.relations.subject.entities.type:Company).filter(enrichedTitle.relations.action.lemmatized:acquire).nested(enrichedTitle.relations.object.entities).filter(enrichedTitle.relations.object.entities.type:Company).term(enrichedTitle.relations.object.entities.text)
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Watson Visual Recognition Demo
Watch how Visual Recognition can be used to understand information in images to drive insight and create value. You can even train Watson Visual Recognition to understand custom content. http://ibm.co/1LP3JEO
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Pathway’s OME - Your Personal Healthcare A.I.
Pathway's OME Application Powered by Watson is a consumer healthcare advisor that combines evidence-based medical knowledge with dynamic personalized data, in order to provide precision recommendations. Users of the OME mobile app will be able to ask healthh-related questions, ultimately encouraging curiosity and better lifestyle choices through better knowledge about themselves and the world they live in. The user will be able to type in health questions, and OME will combine its knowledge of the user with other data sources to assemble an answer.
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Deep Learning: How AI Works
Check out the playlist to learn more about different parts of IBM's AI technology: https://ibm.co/2PGyDNm Visit our homepage: http://www.ibm.com/watson
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Getting started with Watson Assistant
This tutorial introduces the main concepts of creating a virtual assistant with Watson Assistant. Learn more about Watson Assistant: https://ibm.co/2F8mM6B
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Demo: Trust and Transparency for AI on the IBM Cloud
See a demo of the new trust and transparency features for AI being made available in IBM Cloud. Explore the main features of the tooling using examples based on fraud detection and loan approval workflows. Learn more at https://ibm.co/2xmpQFM
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Watson Assistant – Advanced dialog tutorial
Learn how to utilize more advanced dialog features for your bot. This tutorial goes over how to handle two intents, manage handlers, use pattern entities, and add a counter. Check out more details in our docs: ibm.biz/wcsdocs.To learn about slots (as mentioned in the video), check out ibm.biz/slotstutorial
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How to build entities in your chatbot with Watson Assistant
This tutorial introduces the concept of entities and shows how to create them with the Watson Assistant. An entity represents a term or object that provides context for an intent.
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Watson Assistant Disambiguation
Disambiguation is a new feature in Watson Assistant that allows Watson to clarify a user's question when unsure. Learn more about Watson Assistant here: https://ibm.co/2Ok87Gd
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IBM Watson Data Kits
Train AI applications in as little as minutes instead of months because IBM Watson Data Kits contain pre-enriched, industry-specific datasets, speeding time to AI value. Learn more at ibm.biz/watson-data-kits
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Watson Natural Language Understanding Technical Deep Dive
IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding enables developers to easily and quickly extract and analyze meta-data from unstructured text. Gain familiarity with the enrichment features and see how you can incorporate Natural Language Understanding in your applications. For more information, visit: http://ibm.co/2lhC4HP
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UC Berkeley - Watson University Competition Demo
University of California, Berkeley came in 3rd place in the Watson University Competition. With the increasing number of patent applications, there is growing pressure to secure and protect intellectual property from patent infringement and litigation. UC Berkeley presented "Patent Fox" for the Watson University Competition, an idea that provides a comprehensive landscape when conducting a prior patent search.
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How Watson Discovery Service helps cyber security analysts detect threats faster than ever before
Today’s volume of security incidents and available threat data far exceed the capacity of even the most skilled security professionals. You need to be able to read and analyze all available threat data faster so you can protect your company's and customers' data when it matters most. IBM’s Cyber Security service “QRadar Advisor” powered by Watson Discovery Service, is modernizing threat detection by supercharging security analysts’ ability to identify and understand threats more rapidly, and with greater accuracy. We trained Watson to read and make sense of millions of blog articles, threat research documents and other unstructured security-specific content to identify threat actors, exploits, malware and other risk indicators, in real-time. Explore how you can enhance your solutions and products with Watson Discovery Service. Learn more and sign up for free trial. https://ibm.co/2uWNKWf
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