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Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - Episode 2
*****************************Read me************************** The moment at least 4/5ths of my subscribers have been waiting for :'D Cos let's face it, Unknown Blood is crap ^^ Again, as I say every time I post an episode, I am SO SO sorry for making you all wait so long, you don't deserve to wait so long ;w; especially when the outcome is a CRAP as this episode is, I cannot apologize enough xD So yeah I guess here you all go :D Enjoy! There's a lot more animation in this episode than I usually do, like more head movement, walking, running, general movements etc. so that's why it probably took a solid month to finish (around 300+ hours went into making this thing). Next episode is also the gathering, so I'll need to figure out Character designs and such which always wastes time. Oh run and walk cycles, how I hate animating thee! *shakes fist* (sorry about the popping in fireheart's lines :'( They were almost non existent until I re-exported them out of Audacity x.x They all kinda... appeared, MY BAD, SORRY ADAM :C (randomclipproduction) I also must say a BIG THANK YOU to all my voice actors in this episode who all did wonderful jobs ^^ and OMG ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS HAVE MALE VOICES :'D Miracles do happen x'D (and before I get a predictable boatload of people asking, YES, BLUESTAR'S VOICE ACTOR IS TRIBBLEOFDOOM'S MUM AND HER BLUESTAR VA. Loveinthewings is her YouTube, and I ADORE having her on my voice acting team 8D) Also, Leafeonglow, I'm sorry I replaced you, but I thought it'd sound really weird if Ravenpaw sounded like Greystripe and Greystripe Sounded like yellowfang :'C You still has the other 2 parts ^^ Editing this episode was an utter PIG to say the least, I could make an endless list of the number of times I swore and threatened to find the computer's mum in her sleep. The volume of Dragon Age music in this episode was the one thing that stopped me from tearing out my own eyeballs in frustration :3 (well, that and squishy my stress pony, who now has nail marks in his side xD) Oh yeah, and before I forget, it would be highly appreciated if you don't ask when the next episode comes out. I can promise you on my life I will not quit this series unless something ULTRA major happens like me having a stroke or loosing an arm or falling off a mountain etc. but I do take a long time to do stuff, rushing me doesn't help :( sorry! !!!!!I OWN NONE OF THE MUSIC USED IN THIS ANIMATED VIDEO!!!!!! ALL OF THE MUSIC BELONGS TO THE RESPECTED OWNERS AND PUBLISHERS, FOR THEY ARE NOT MINE. However, all art and animation is mine, with the backgrounds courtesy of Google and my own camera. The walk cycles and run cycles were referenced from home filmed/YouTube cat videos, NOT another animations (no plagiarism in here :D) Don't forget to vote for me in King of the Web if you really enjoyed this! http://kingofweb.com/users/3662304312 Wait wait wait, HONOURS?!?!?! 8DDDD #12 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation #40 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #88 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Global #41 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation #38 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Film & Animation #107 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation #90 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation ©Lightning Strike Productions
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Rhapsody Of Fire - Warrior Of Ice (legendado em português)
Música do álbum Legendary Tales
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Rhapsody/Thundercross - Warrior Of Ice
↓↓↓ Title: Warrior Of Ice Album: Land Of Immortals (Demo) 1994/Eternal Glory (Demo) 1995 Genre: Symphonc/Epic Power Metal Band: Thundercross/Rhapsody Members: (1995) - Vocals: Christiano Adacher - Guitars: Luca Turilli - Bass: Andrea Furlan - Drums: Daniele Carbonera - Keyboards: Alex Staropoli LYRICS: A while ago the legend told darkness will descend My land will see the light no more, my loved Algalord My horse ride wild, the beast is back to conquer my land The sea, the hills, rivers and lakes call my holy name Fight your holy war, raise your mighty sword and ride You're the chosen face the evil, warrior of ice MY SWORD, MY SHIELD to the legend ride with me From the hills (MY LORD) to the sea of gold My land must be free I cross the forest of the elves while my heart pounds fast The sky is grey, wind blow no more, time has stopped it's race My horse ride wild, the beast is back to conquer my land The sea, the hills, rivers and lakes call my holy name Fight your holy war, raise your mighty sword and ride You're the chosen face the evil, warrior of ice MY SWORD, MY SHIELD to the legend ride with me From the hills (MY LORD) to the sea of gold My land must be free MY SWORD, MY SHIELD to the legend ride with me From the hills (MY LORD) to the sea of gold My land must be free MY SWORD, MY SHIELD to the legend ride with me From the hills (MY LORD) to the sea of gold My land must be free
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Warriors Fire And Ice Book Review!
second book of the warriors 1 series :)
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Lord of the Dance - Warriors HD
Lord of the Dance live at The Point Theatre in Dublin on July 2, 1996 / Warriors by Daire Nolan
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Warrior vs Frost Mage in 4.0.6 patch
This is just joke. Enjoy! -It's fragment from "Ip Man - 2008"
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Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice Episode 13
Episode 13 - Good Copy, Bad Copy: A Doppelganger's Revenge After failing to get the Shines back, the fan characters decided to stay in the forest for a bit. They get attacked by someone who looks like Danix, who is looking for the real Danix in order to kill him. How did this person get this way and why does he want to kill Danix?
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Hellhound (JPN) - Warriors of Rising Sun
Pure, regressive heavy metal from Japan. Taken off the album "Metal Fire From Hell" (2008).
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Rhapsody 1995 Warrior of ice lyrics
Rhapsody 1995 Warrior of ice lyrics The old version! we now have up to 4 versions of this epic song
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CodX - Warrior of Ice 99.89%
Not bad for first time doing this. Skip to 0:30 From arvins new rhapsody pack, go download it from AIJ. :)
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Warrior Cats Fire And Ice Casting Call
i'm not copying off of furshatters. Its my account.
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Re: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call
Hope i get a part!!! BTW i got a new mic.! can you tell?
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Warriors Fire and Ice Audition
Audition for Warriors Fire and Ice
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fire and ice warriors talk show
talk show
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CONAN THE BARBARIAN Film Clip: "Fire and Ice"
Corin teaches young Conan how to forge and use a sword. Own CONAN THE BARBARIAN on 3D Blu-ray, 2D Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack 11/22/11.
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Rhapsody Of Fire - Warrior Of Ice
Cancion del album: Legendary Tales
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Pat Benatar - Fire and Ice [HQ] (LYRICS ON SCREEN)
Pat Benatar, an 80s female rockstar legend, presents "Fire and Ice"... I present the lyrics. NOTE: DO NOT ask me for the download link. I bought this song off iTunes. Sorry for this short message delay.
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Goku vs Frezzer  Rhapsody Of Fire "Warrior of ice"
La mejor pelea de los primeros capitulos espero q les guste
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Warriors: Fire and Ice prolouge
I DO NOT OWN THIS! own by http://www.youtube.com/user/Koshaichu?feature=mhum sub her not me Lol. I usually take her incomplete stuff and upload here :p this was a project she wanted to do but didn't have time for. so let it go xD
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iS Clinical Fire   Ice Facial
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Silkroad Apolo at Job Temple D12 Warrior Rogue
NEW VIDEOS COMMING SOON ***SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES*** Silkroad Warrior Rogue Apolo D12 Tibet ***DISCLAIMER NOTE:*** I give full credit to the artist(s) and song(s) used in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own. Inception Soundtrack, Trailer music Mind Heist Kaskade Lick it (feat Skrillex) FIRE AND ICE 2011 Kaskade Room For Happiness (Feat Skylar Grey) [Fire Ice]
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LPS Fire & Ice Episode 1 (The beginning I suppose)
This Video is pretty old. but guess what? I did this without a script. :D My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/InuyashaSkittles831 Blazella And Rosella attend the same school, have the same middle and last name, and have the same hobbies. One Friday, when walking to Rose's house, they find a statue who reveals herself to be a 500 year old fire master, and also claims to be the Mother of Blaze and Rose. Something about her sincerity convinces them to trust the cat, and the cat soon reveals the dark past that surrounds the Felickick Family. Credit to: Kevin MacLeod Song titles: The Other Side of the Door Not as it Seems Aces High Lightless Dawn Dreamlike © 2011 InuYashaSkittles831
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Happy Feet-Warrior of Ice 99.94%
RAGE will improve soon, song drifts in certain places D:
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A Song of Ice and Fire
» HD for best quality :) » SYTYCV GROUP B: Hate - Fear - Hope Judges Notes: After many failed attempts and different fandoms, I decided to use Game of Thrones, because I think this series/show basically thrives on fear, hate and hope. If I had to describe what the show was about, I wouldn't know where to begin, so I hope it'll make more or less sense even if you don't know the show. ;) I tried to show different aspects of each of the three emotions, and it all kind of meshes together. 0:00-0:25 Fear 0:30-0:50 Hope 0:50-1:27 Hate.. going over into Hope 1:27- Fear I think that's basically it, I hope I got SOME emotion across. ;) And I'm so sorry I'm so extremely late. I hope not TOO late. ------------------------------------------------------------ Haiii, long time no video :') So I guess this would be my first GoT video, or at least the first one I've actually finished :D I've been completely obsessed with this show for a while, and the books too. I'm currently on the 5th book (if anyone has read the books too - I would love to talk to someone I can't spoil xD). So first I had a SPN vid all planned out for this round, but my GoT obsession kind of didn't let me think about SPN... Then I tried a few GoT vids, till I decided to do this one, ha. *wasteoftime* So since I only *really* started this video yesterday, it's very VERY rushed. Also I haven't felt like vidding for a while now, and forcing myself to vid never really works for me... Maybe this time, you decide ;P ANYWAY, sorry long description, I hope you enjoy this :) I'm not sure I like it and I don't think I'll get through this round, BUT I'm so glad I got it done :) (It's fucking 8 AM right now and I haven't slept yet cause I worked on this all night, and I'm deddd, so BAI BAI. I'll write down the voiceovers tomorrow. Song inspired by bmaniavids, LINK TOMORROW.) SONG: Celldweller - Wings of Icarus FANDOM: Game of Thrones Song inspired by one of my favorite LotS videos :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrktCfHjwMo Thanks to Kelly, Mish, and Steph for beta-ing (not just this video but the failed ones too xD) and being so annoying & motivational :D ------------------------------------------------------------ Voiceovers: » Winter is coming. » This one will be long, and dark things will come with it. » There's a war coming, Ned. I don't know when, and I don't know who we'll be fighting. But it's coming. » I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor, for this night and all the nights to come. » I always wanted to be a ranger. - I always wanted to be a wizard. » I want to go home. - We go home with an army. » What do we say to the god of death? - Not today. » Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear. Fear and blood. » I hate them, I hate all of them. » Everyone who isn't us.. is an enemy. » (Once I kill your traitor brother, I'll give you his head as well) - Or maybe he'll give me yours. » I am Daenerys Stormborn, and I swear to you, that those who would harm you will die screaming. » The King in the North! » We will kill them all. » Why is the world so full of injustice? - Because of men like you. » When you play the game of thrones, you win - or you die. » What do you know about fear? Fear is for the winter. Fear is for the long nights. » Run! » You're afraid? - I must be. - Good. - Why is that good? - Means you're not stupid. » When winter does come.. gods help us all if we're not ready. » So is this the sort of story that you like?
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Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors - 07 - Fire and Ice
In a distant galaxy where magic and technology co-exists, Audric, a scientist accidentally creates The Monster Minds, a race of mutated plant creatures that goes on a rampage and sets out to take over the universe. In a bid to correct the creation of The Monster Minds, Audric creates a plant called "The Magic Root" which will destroy The Monster Minds, but The Magic Root got split into two pieces and half of the magic root is given to Audric's son Jayce. Joined by a team of fighters known as "The Lightning League" led by a 1000 year old wizard named Gillian, Jayce embarks on a desperate quest to find his father and put the two pieces of "The Magic Roots" together, which will destroy The Monster Minds and their evil leader, Sawboss, who will try and stop Jayce and Audric from destroying them and stop them from dominating the galaxy.
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Warriors, Fire and Ice Audition - Extra Cat 1
Trying out for Dawnedrapier's fire and ice animation as the extra cat 1 - Hope you like it ^o^ (Sorry if I mispronounced your username D:)
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Re: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
Here you go! Hope I get a part! :3
Within Temptation - Fire And Ice (Official Music Video)
"Fire And Ice" is a new music video from Within Temptation's album "The Unforgiving". It features both live footage and video footage specially filmed for the band's live performances! Stay up to date on any Within Temptation news: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/wtofficial Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/wtofficial Hyves - http://www.withintemptation.hyves.nl iPhone app - http://bit.ly/wtiPhone iPad app - http://bit.ly/wtiPad Lyrics: Every word you're saying is a lie Run away my dear But every sign will say your heart is dead Bury all the memories Cover them with dirt Where's the love we once had Our destiny's unsure Why can't you see what we had Let the fire burn the ice Where's the love we once had Is it all a lie And I still wonder Why heaven has died The skies are all falling I'm breathing but why In silence I hold on To you and I Closer to insanity Buries me alive Where's the life we once had It cannot be denied Why can't you see what we had Let the fire burn the ice Where's the love we once had Is it all a lie And I still wonder Why heaven has died The skies are all falling I'm breathing but why In silence I hold on To you and I You run away You hide away To the other side of the universe Where you're safe from all that hunts you down But the world has gone Where you belong And it feels to late so you're moving on Can you find your way back home And I still wonder Why heaven has died The skies are all falling I'm breathing but why In silence I hold on To you and I Every word you're saying is a lie
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Fire and Ice - The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote - Temple Stage Music
Music from the temple stage of Fire and Ice, a cool platformer from way back, possibly older then some of you! Recording this was a pain. This is an in game recording and I couldn't find a way to just cut sound instead of music in the emulator. The track actually starts in quite a cool fashion without the background "bass", but I couldn't find any point where I could record this where sound from enemies or environmental effects wasn't interrupting that first bit. Maybe it'll encourage someone to do a proper recording or fish out one from the internet that I couldn't find. There needs to be more fire and ice vids on youtube anyway:) I couldn't find the music on the web and this is probably my favourite track from Fire and Ice, so I decided to at least record a decent chunk. The glitch at :30 is purely my error. I have actually managed to find an mp3 rip of this song now complete with the beginning, but the quality seems really poor compared to this...What a shame! I considered uploading this on my alt, but meh, I'm kind of shifting into music for a while instead of playing poke games. I will probably cover the English version of Black/White sometime (already played the JP version), but in all likelihood probably not for at least six months if at all! Anyway, I'll be uploading afew (2-3) more pokemon music vids from Black/White in the next few days before I probably dissappear from putting up vids for six months. I''m going travelling...
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'Black Fire'→  | The Ultimate Warrior |
Black Fire welcomes you indianinjas warrior http://www.indianinjas.webs.com other related tags vfx, sfx, powerrangers, he-man, spider-man, spiderman, batman, krrish, shaktimaan special effects lightning light saber fight action evil fun funny after effects after effects particle illusion fire ice wind green lantern daredevil fantastic four magic power indian ninja martial art final fantasy home made single location hot summer microsoft action fight fighting camera kamehameha effect trailer theme dragonball pokemon music cool commercial visual anime magician magic video editing fireball greenlaser
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LPS: Fire & Ice (Episode #2 the lines of loyalty are set)
My channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/InuyashaSkittles831 Subscribe!!! ^_~ Blaze and Rose now have an acceptable amount of knowledge about their past, and now that they do, it's time to begin their training. However, they may not be as ready as they think they are. Blaze's loyalties to her mother and sister are tested due to an unexpected visit from Yang, and eventually Blaze falls under the control of evil. Yang seizes the opportunity to accomplish her sinister goal. Will she succeed? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to: Kevin MacLeod Song titles: Padanaya Blokov Darkness is Coming Redletter Rains Will fall Dreamlike Showdown Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" ©InuYashaSkittles831 2011
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Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
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Warriors Cats *ALL BOOKS* Download
***NEWS*** UNFORTUNATELY, Sunrise does NOT work for most people! But, better to buy just ONE book than ALL the books, right? Also, the last 3 books (Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, and The Last Hope) ARE NOW INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD! WOO! Enjoy everyone!!!! A download of all download books that have been released. LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?rkimfz293je88uk WinRAR: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html Kindle For PC (Amazon Account Needed): http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000426311 Kindle for PC is for the .azw files, which can only be read with a Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, I suggest you get this. ***PLEASE READ THE README NOTE IN THE DOWNLOAD FOLDER, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT* Order of Books in Chronological Order: 1. Dawn of the Clans, The Sun Trail (Not Released Yet) 2. Dawn of the Clans, Thunder Rising (Not Released Yet) 3. Super Edition, Bluestar's Prophecy 4. Super Edition, Crookedstar's Promise 5. Super Edition, Yellowfang's Secret (Not Included) 6. Warriors, Into The Wild 7. Warriors, Fire And Ice 8. Warriors, Forest Of Secrets 9. Warriors, Rising Storm 10. Warriors, A Dangerous Path 11. Warriors, The Darkest Hour 12. Super Edition, Firestar's Quest 13. Super Edition, Skyclan's Destiny 14. The New Prophecy, Midnight 15. The New Prophecy, Moonrise 16. The New Prophecy, Dawn 17. The New Prophecy, Starlight 18. The New Prophecy, Twilight 19. The New Prophecy, Sunset 20. Power Of Three, The Sight 21. Power Of Three, Dark River 22. Power Of Three, Outcast 23. Power Of Three, Eclipse 24. Power Of Three, Long Shadows 25. Power Of Three, Sunrise 26. Omen Of The Stars, The Fourth Apprentice 27. Omen Of The Stars, Fading Echoes 28. Omen Of The Stars, Night Whispers 29. Omen Of The Stars, Sign Of The Moon 30. Omen Of The Stars, The Forgotten Warrior (Not Included) 31. Omen Of The Stars, The Last Hope (Not Included)
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[XBOX360] Dynasty Warriors 7 - Bow Setup
PLEASE READ THE VID DESCRIPTION FIRST Stage: Flowers Amidst the Chaos Difficulty: Chaos Weapon Setup: Qilin Bow (Fire Lv.2) - Elemental Attack Up - Officer Assassin - Walking Speed Up Fenghuang Wing (Wind Lv.6) - Elemental Attack Up - Officer Assassin - Walking Speed Up - Double Element - Combat Resistance Bow: Fire (Qilin Bow)/Wind (Fenghuang Wing) - yes, the first weapon I recommend NOT to use Ice between Fire, read further for explanation - pretty tricky weapon to use - C6 does the most elemental damage (shaves off about 85% a layer of HP), but let me explain the tricky part: 1) C6 is divided into two parts: a. the first set of arrows that rain on the target's position b. the second set of arrows that rain around you 2) it's actually the second set of arrows that deal the elemental damage, or at least, activates Double Element (the first set can still torch/freeze the enemy) 3) the enemy needs to be next to you to be hit by the second set 4) if your target is hit by the first set of arrows WHILE IN NEUTRAL STANCE, he/she will get knocked down and will NOT get hit by the second set, which is bad 5) hitting the enemy while they are in JUGGLED state makes them rebound sooner, and make your second set of arrows fall on them just in time - so basically these unconvenient conditions can be alleviated by stunning first with C3, then execute C6 at point blank. - you do NOT want C3 to freeze the enemy, it CAN MESS UP C6, the enemy will be frozen, and while you're on the way to performing your C6, the enemy will be thawed, his stance will reset, and #4 above will happen 50% of the time - [EAUx3] C3 to C6 combo shaves off 1 1/5 of a layer of HP *Some additional info: - Ice can also work sometimes, however, after freezing with C3, you have to be close to enemy. You have to be precise with the thawing of Ice, and be able to calculate the time it takes for you to run towards the enemy, and make sure he/she thaws WHILE or JUST BEFORE C6 - C6 will also do nicely if the first set freezes the enemy. Then again, the kicking of Ice is not 100%, and other elements (the Bow is only Fire/Ice) are still more consistent (no way to mess up or do extremely good by chance and calculation with Ice) So basically the point is that the Fire Bow will provide a more consistent way of making C6 connect than taking your chances with the Ice Bow System: XBOX360 Region: NA
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RE: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
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"Black Ice" 57 Chevy on fire
The supercharged warrior on fire after his crash at Capitol Raceway June 25, 2011 ______________ 6/27/11 Hey guys. I just wanted to say I will delete any name calling comments made. (Weather about the driver, the track, or each other) I will not tolerate that in light of this serious situation. I will delete any negative comments.
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Ninja Warrior Birthday Party!
Tweet it! http://bit.ly/RTnwbday We told Ninja Warrior that it's our birthday, so they let us run the course for free! Nothing beats the American birthday system. -- 2nd Channel! http://www.youtube.com/rocketjump2 Twitter! http://twitter.com/rocketjumptweet ‪http://twitter.com/fwong‬ ‪http://twitter.com/brandonjla‬ Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/rocketjumpdotcom Website! http://www.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]
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Ice Warriors Possible Theme Songs
One Final Effort - Martin O'Donnell Final Hour - X-Ray Dog
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We Have No Choice -- Warriors Speedpaint
Anyone who knows me even the slightest should've seen this coming XD I was thinking of doing a TallxNight one but then you'd all hate me because Nightfall isn't really in the books and bla dee bla something about conservation of mass... ANYways... This is like a scene from the beginning of Fire & Ice or something. I've been re-reading the book so it's upstairs and I was too l.azy to get it. So. This is going by memory alone o3o And the random blurry cat is Ashfoot. This took like NEARLY an hour... so not too bad XD Music: Wake Up - Arcade Fire I DO NOT OWN AND NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE MUSIC. And since I has stated the music here, I will not reply to you if you ask ^w^ Pic: http://thedogzlife.deviantart.com/art/We-Have-No-Choice-204399407
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Warriors'  Way
The most romantic part from the comsics-like-movie. The fight between The Fire and The Ice has never been so lovely.
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Mirko Hirsch - Queen Of Ice
This song is taken from Space Holidays vol.3 from 2011 - freedownload from http://www.spacesoundrecords.com/
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Northland - Warriors Of Ice - Traducido al español
Nortland Warriors Of Ice (Guerreros de Hielo) Northland warriors of ice traducida al español extraida del demo Freezing Sadness de la banda española Northland. http://www.northland.cat/ http://www.myspace.com/northlandmetal http://www.youtube.com/user/northlandofficial#p/u
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Let's Play Final Fantasy - Chapter 4 (Warriors in the Sky) #8: Lethal Lava Land
In today's episode, we visit the Circle of Sages, acquire the Canoe, and head into Gurgu Volcano. --- Table of Weapons and Armor Silver Axe - 4500 G - Damage 25 - Hit% 10 - Fi, Kn, Ni Giant Sword - 8000 G - Damage 21 - Hit% 20 - Fi, Kn, Ni, RM, RW - (BUGGED) Effective against GIANT monsters. Ice Sword - 15000 G - Damage 29 - Hit% 25 - Fi, Kn, Ni, RM, RW - (BUGGED) Deals Fire damage. Buckler - 2500 G - Absorb 2 - Evade Penalty 0 - Fi, Kn, Th, Ni, RM, RW Silver Gauntlet - 2500 G - Absorb 6 - Evade Penalty 3 - Fi, Kn, Ni, RM, RW Flame Armor - 30000 G - Absorb 34 - Evade Penalty 10 - Fi, Kn, Ni - Halves Ice damage. Flame Shield - 10000 G - Absorb 12 - Evade Penalty 0 - Fi, Kn, Ni - Halves Ice damage. Table of Items (KEY ITEM) CANOE - Travel along rivers. Table of Spells SOFT - White L6 - 20000 G - Removes "Stone" status. Only works outside battle. - WM, WW EXIT - White L6 - 20000 G - Transports party out of dungeons. Only works outside battle. - RW, WW FOG2 - White L6 - 20000 G - Boosts all party members' ABSORB by 12 points. - RW, WM, WW INV2 - White L6 - 20000 G - Raises all party members' Evade by 40 points. - RW, WM, WW LIT3 - Black L6 - 20000 G - Deals 60 to 240 Lightning damage to all enemies. - RW, BM, BW RUB - Black L6 - 20000 G - Instant death to one enemy. Does not work on undead. - BM, BW QAKE - Black L6 - 20000 G - Instant death to all enemies. Does not work on flying monsters. - BM, BW STUN - Black L6 - 20000 G - Paralyzes one enemy with 300 or less HP with a high rate of success. - BM, BW Table of Enemies River Monsters: CARIBE - 92 HP - 22-44 AP - 240 EXP - 20 G - WATER type - Weak: LIT - Resist: QAKE, FIRE HYDRA - 212 HP - 30-60 AP (3x) - 915 EXP - 150 G - DRAGON type GATOR - 184 HP - 42-84 AP - 816 EXP - 900 G - WATER type - Weak: LIT - Resist: QAKE, FIRE OCHO - 208 HP - 208 HP - 20-40 AP:Po (2x) - 1224 EXP - 100 G - WATER type - Weak: LIT - Resist: QAKE, FIRE Gurgu Volcano R.GOYLE - 94 HP - 10-20 AP (4x) - 387 EXP - 387 G - FIRE, FIR2, HOLD - Resist: QAKE, ICE, FIRE FIRE - 276 HP - 50-100 AP - 1620 EXP - 800 G - Weak: ICE - Resist: QAKE, FIRE, RUB, BANE, BRAK, STUN, SLEP Red D - 248 HP - 75-150 AP - 2904 EXP - 4000 G - DRAGON type - Weak: ICE, BANE, BRAK - Resist: QAKE, FIRE - Special attacks: BLAZE (FIR3) PEDE - 222 HP - 39-78 AP:Po - 1194 EXP - 500 G CEREBUS - 192 HP - 30-60 AP - 1182 EXP - 500 G - Weak: ICE - Resist: FIRE - Special attacks: SCORCH (Damage) AGAMA - 296 HP - 31-62 AP - 2472 EXP - 1200 G - DRAGON type - Weak: ICE - Resist: FIRE - Special attacks: HEAT (Damage) R.GIANT - 300 HP - 73-146 AP - 1506 EXP - 1506 G - GIANT type - Weak: ICE - Resist: FIRE PERILISK - 44 HP - 20-40 AP - 423 EXP - 500 G - Weak: ICE - Resist: QAKE, FIRE - Special attacks: SQUINT (RUB) HYENA - 120 HP - 22-44 AP - 268 EXP - 72 G R.HYDRA - 182 HP - 20-40 AP (3x) - 1215 EXP - 400 G - DRAGON type - Weak: ICE - Resist: FIRE - Special attacks: CREMATE (FIR2) Grey W - 280 HP - 50-100 AP - 1671 EXP - 400 G - Weak: ICE - Resist: QAKE, FIRE (BOSS) KARY - 600 HP - 40-80 AP (6x) - 2475 EXP - 3000 G - Weak: STUN, SLEP - Resist: LIT, ICE, FIRE, BANE, BRAK - Special attacks: FIR2, DARK, HOLD
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Fire on ice-Princess
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TESV Skyrim Warrior 87 Vs Frost mage and fire mage
TESV Skyrim Warrior 87 Vs Frost mage and fire mage Difficulty : Master Warrior : 87 Lvl Graphic Setting : Ultra
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