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Software Models and Normalization
Some tips for working with Software Models and Normalization in ServiceNow
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How to Use the Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin Part 1
The first steps needed to get a catalogue up and running on a site with a new install of the Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin. The free version can be downloaded at: http://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/ You can upgrade to premium here: http://www.etoilewebdesign.com/ultimate-product-catalogue-plugin/
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Product Categories: Setting up a category structure for your eCommerce website.
A quick guide on choosing product categories for your store.
Data Model in Salesforce, Creating Objects, Fields & Apps
Salesforce Online Training by Jeet Singh | www.jeet-singh.com WhatsApp: +91 90366 00097 | Phone: US - 408 755 9120 / India - 90366 00097
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Data lineage overview
A short overview of Architector's data lineage product, covering vertical lineage (concept model) and horizontal lineage (data process flow).
CTO of Etiya on Catalog Driven Order Management
Serdar Turan, CTO of Etiya talks to Juliet Media about complexity that operators are facing with product and order management and how Etiya's Product Catalog Management and End to End Order Management Solutions simplify entire product offer definition for Communication Service Providers.
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Product Catalog Website: Part I (Master - Details Pages)
Website project part #1. Deals with Master - Content pages and other simple aspects for developing a C# website.
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SAP SD Pricing
For complete SAP SD Video training visit; http://myerp-training.com/sap-sd-video-training/
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Create Your Own Online Library Catalog
Use Google Drive & Google Sites to create a searchable library catalog
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eyefeelit 3D catalogs
eyefeelit produces 3D interactive shopping experiences that engage and inspire your customers and increase sales. eyefeelit can produce 360 photography for any object eyefeelit enables you to add automatically interactive content to your ecommerce website. eyefeelit’s systsem is already serving hundreds of ecommerce websites, reviews websites, social networks and shopping-related websites as well as importers, manufacturers, online retailers and brands. we allow our costumer to get extensive data and rich insights from eyefeelit’s data analysis ,algorithms that help you understand your shoppers’ behavior and online activity. www.eyefeelit.com
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How to Quickly Create Catalog with a Lot of Pictures [office 2007 only]
Add one by one a lot of pictures in excel 2007 file is time consuming. Here I show you how to quickly make catalog or pricelist in Excel with a lot of picture. Click link below to get file.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugbkjg0hdz1veam/Quick%20Catalog.xltm?dl=0
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Business Requirements Document Overview
The Business Requirements Document is a template that is used to document software requirements. The Business Requirements Document contains a list of Stakeholders, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements. This video takes you through an overview of the Business Requirements Document. For more information, please visit website WWW.SOFTREQ.COM where you will find more useful information such as Business Requirements document template, example completed Business Requirements Document, FAQ's, additional videos, etc.
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How do I Create Variations of the Same Product?
Find out how to create variations of the same product
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Creating a C# Application: From idea to finished product
To sign up for announcements about new videos and exclusive discounts, fill out this form: https://iamtimcorey.com/general-sign-up (your email will be kept safe and you will not be spammed). Walk through all of the steps necessary to convert general application requirements into a finished product. This video will utilize a simple Windows Forms application with a Class Library for the models.
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PARTcommunity 3D CAD Models App by CADENAS
Learn how to use the PARTcommunity 3D CAD Models App and its innovative features. The PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app is a download service for 3D CAD data by CADENAS. This app provides engineers and purchasers in the mechanical engineering, automotive and building industry direct access to thousands of parts from more than 400 certified catalogs of leading global manufacturers. Free Download available for Android & iOS: Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cadenas.cadmodels iOS http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/kostenlose-3d-cad-modelle/id522705054?mt=8&ls=1
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Product Hub | Using the Product Information Management Work Area
This video tutorial applies to Rel 9 through Rel 13. It shows you tasks that can be completed using the Items work area such as managing items, structures, catalogs, and item relationships.
ecommerce database table design - brands, categories and subcategories
ecommerce database table design - brands, categories and subcategories Axure Pro 7 music: Nishang Yonjan (http://youtube.com/enspiremusic)
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MS Dynamics CRM Demo 7 - Product Catalog
Product Catalog Configuration - Products, Price Lists, Unit Groups, and Discount Lists.
Amazon Product Scraper Demonstration
This video briefly demonstrates a scraping application I created using my proprietary scraping technology: DParser. In this case, it has been put to use to scrape products from Amazon. A category can be selected, multiple keyword searches specified, and the application will harvest the data, display it in the application and allow it to be exported to Excel/CSV in a few different ways.
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Easy Web Extract: Extract product information from Amazon
Show how easy to search products and extract product information from Amazon website. Please go to http://webextract.net to download & evaluate Easy Web Extract software. The best tool for web data scraping.
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WooCommerce Excel Import / Upload - Create & Import Variable Products from Excel to WooCommerce
WooCommerce Excel import tutorial - learn how to upload product data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to WooCommerce using WP All Import and the WooCommerce add-on. Learn more about WP All Import's WooCommerce import capabilities at http://www.wpallimport.com/woocommerce-product-import In this video, you'll specifically learn how to structure an Excel file to group product variations together into variable products and import them to WooCommerce. If you aren't importing variable products, the WooCommerce add-on can import ANY Excel file to WordPress/WooCommerce. Just watch this video to learn how to export your Excel file to a CSV. Then upload your CSV file to WP All Import and import it. You can map the columns in your Excel file to any "end point" in WordPress or WooCommerce. You don't need to use special column names. Try the free version of the WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import and see how easy it is to import Excel or CSV files to WooCommerce products: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-xml-csv-product-import/ Download example Excel/CSV fields from our website - click Documentation, then WooCommerce, then "Example XML/CSV Files". Open the CSV files in Excel and edit them as per your needs. But why do you need to import your Excel file to WooCommerce anyway? Don't you have an inventory management system for your products that automatically exports all your stock to XML or CSV? If so, don't go through the hassle of manually creating an Excel file - just use WP All Import to import your XML or CSV file to WooCommerce directly.
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Building a geological model in Leapfrog Geo - Part 1 of 3
A short and simple introduction to importing data into Leapfrog, as well as manipulating the data to make it easier to model. It's the first video in a series of 3 that will be posted on our blog http://blog.leapfrog3d.com
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Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Working with Files and File Groups
Learn how to work with files and file groups in this Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases 2012 training video. Contact K Alliance for more information. http://www.kalliance.com/ - 1-800-330-9111 Featured Instructor: Sam Polsky Course Catalog: http://www.kalliance.com/it/microsoft/sql-server/2012/75/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/K_Alliance Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KAllianceTraining
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Starrett - 3D Parts Catalog
You can download the program here: http://www.starrett.com/multimedia/starrett-3d You can get more information about Starrett products and ordering details here: http://swissinstruments.com/starrett.html
What is Data Governance?
Understand what problems a Data Governance program is intended to solve and why the Business Users must own it. Also learn some sample roles that each group might need to play. http://www.intricity.com/data-governance/what-is-data-governance/ To Talk with a Specialist go to: http://www.intricity.com/intricity101/ www.intricity.com
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Create spreadsheet list of Cabinets in SketchUp model
Example exporting spreadsheet or CSV file of the Cabinets in your SketchUp model.
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How to map and import a source file in PIM
In this video article I covered how to map and import a source file.
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The startup that makes your startup look cool: Small Empires Ep. 7
Sandwich has become the most sought-after producer of videos for tech companies large and small. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theverge Building and launching an app is actually cheaper and easier than ever. With free tutorials and open source toolkits, the barrier to entry is low. Much of the complex backend work can be offloaded to big providers like Amazon or Facebook, who handle cloud storage or identity. Getting people to actually notice your company among the throng of new startups launching every day, however, is very tough. Unless you're featured in an app store or make it into the top 10, it can be difficult to find your initial traction. That's where a viral video comes in. Sandwich is a video production company that has found the perfect tone for the moment. Dry, self-deprecating, and hilarious, while simultaneously conveying lots of information and a sense of cool that comes from being a part of the near future. We've covered many of the companies they crafted videos for, from Casper to Coin to Push For Pizza. The company is taking a unique approach to working with startups, many of whom don't have the cash on hand to afford a slick, professionally produced video. They are accepting equity in the young businesses that they work with, and they're sometimes negotiating a revenue share. That gives Sandwich the same kind of upside that a venture capitalist might enjoy if the startup they are working with becomes the next rocket ship headed for an IPO. Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/theverge/videos Visit our playlists: http://www.youtube.com/theverge/playlists Like The Verge on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/verge Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/verge Follow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/verge Read More: http://www.theverge.com
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The Power of Meta Data in Your Photo Library
Jay Goodrich explains how useful meta data can be when sorting through your photo library. http://cr8.lv/jgadventureyt Lightroom makes keeping track of thousands of photo files easy. In this clip Jay talks about how he tags his photos so he can quickly and easily find the photograph he is looking for. Learn more about Jay’s photography in the complete Intro to Adventure Sports Photography class here: http://cr8.lv/jgadventureyt CreativeLive unleashes your creative potential by connecting you directly with the world's most inspiring visionaries. Access courses on Photo & Video, Art & Design, Business & Life, Music & Audio, and Craft & Maker at http://www.creativelive.com
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Evolution® Esophageal Controlled-Release Stent – Partially/Fully Covered Fluoroscopic Animation
Evolution® Esophageal Controlled-Release Stent – Partially Covered / Fully Covered INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (IFU): https://www.cookmedical.com/data/IFU_PDF/IFU0061-4.PDF MORE INFO: https://www.cookmedical.com/product/-/catalog/evolution--esophageal-partially-covered-controlledrelease-stent?ds=esc_evo_webds https://www.cookmedical.com/product/-/catalog/evolution--esophageal-fully-covered-controlledrelease-stent?ds=esc_evo_fc_e_webds INTENDED USE: This device is used to maintain patency of malignant esophageal strictures and/or to seal tracheoesophageal fistulas. STENT DESCRIPTION: This flexible, self-expanding stent is constructed of a single, woven, nitinol wire. The stent foreshortens due to its design. The total length of the stent is indicated by radiopaque markers on the inner catheter, indicating the actual length of the stent at nominal stent diameter. There is a lasso at the proximal end of the stent (partially covered) or the proximal and distal ends of the stent (fully covered), purpose is to reposition the stent in the event of incorrect placement. DELIVERY SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Stent is mounted on an inner catheter, which accepts a .035 inch wire guide, and is constrained by an outer catheter. A pistol-grip delivery handle allows stent deployment or recapture. NOTES: Do not use this device for any purpose other than stated intended use. Part numbers with the prefix EVO-FC are Fully Covered. If package is opened or damaged when received, do not use. Visually inspect with particular attention to kinks, bends and breaks. If an abnormality is detected that would prohibit proper working condition, do not use. Please notify Cook for return authorization. Store in a dry location, away from temperature extremes. Use of this device restricted to a trained healthcare professional. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Those specific to upper GI endoscopy and any procedure to be performed in conjunction with stent placement. Additional contraindications include, but are not limited to: total esophageal obstruction, strictures that cannot be dilated a minimum size as outlined in the precautions section, placement requiring positioning of stent within 2 cm of the cricopharynx, surgical resection candidates, hiatal hernia and gastric prolapse in the esophageal area, patients with a perforated esophagus, placement in actively bleeding tumors, benign diseases. Relative contraindications include, but are not limited to: uncooperative patient, coagulopathy, tracheal compression, recent myocardial infarction, cervical arthritis with fixed cervical spine, large tumor mass occupying the mediastinum, nonobstructive tumor, gastric outlet obstruction, necrotic esophageal mucosa, acutely angled stenosis. POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS: Those associated with upper GI endoscopy include, but are not limited to: perforation, hemorrhage, aspiration, reflux, fever, infection, allergic reaction to medication, hypotension, respiratory depression or arrest, cardiac arrhythmia or arrest. Additional complications include, but are not limited to: stent misplacement and/or migration; tumor ingrowth or overgrowth; esophageal ulceration and erosion; nausea; chest or retrosternal pain; foreign body sensation; food bolus impaction; gasbloat; sensitivity to metal components; fistula involving trachea, bronchi or pleural space; intestinal obstruction secondary to migration; mediastinitis or peritonitis; airway compression; tracheal obstruction. PRECAUTIONS: A complete diagnostic evaluation must be performed prior to use to determine proper stent size. Stent should be placed using fluoroscopic monitoring. Stent should only be placed with the Cook delivery system, which is provided with each stent. Note: Prior to advancing system, area to be stented should be dilated to: For (18mm x 23mm) stent – a minimum 9 mm and a maximum of 11 mm. If area is dilated greater than 11 mm, stent may migrate. For (20mm x 25mm) stent – a minimum of 10 mm and a maximum of 14 mm. If area is dilated greater than 14 mm, stent may migrate. This device is intended for palliative treatment only. Alternate methods of therapy should be investigated prior to placement. After stent placement, alternative methods of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation should not be administered as this may increase risk of stent migration due to tumor shrinkage, stent erosion, and/or mucosal bleeding. Long-term patency of this device has not been established. Periodic evaluation is advised. After stent placement, patients should be instructed to chew food well or eat soft or pureed food. This device shortens upon deployment. With proximal strictures near the upper esophageal sphincter, deployment should be preformed under fluoroscopic visualization as this may enhance placement accuracy.
Data Domain Navigation
OS: Model: DD610
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Nintex for Office 365: How the App Model Will Change the Workforce
For more information visit www.nintex.com In this co-presented webinar with Avepoint, recorded on January 15th 2014, see us demonstrate how apps will transform the way businesses think about collaboration through user demand and the consumerization of SharePoint. In this 60-minute video, Jeremy Thake, VP of Global Product Innovation at AvePoint, and Mike Fitzmaurice, VP of Product Technology at Nintex, show how the Microsoft Office 365 Store and App Catalog are leading this evolution and how business users can best evaluate apps to fit their needs. They will take this concept a step further by showing how Microsoft® SharePoint® apps can enhance each other by demonstrating AvePoint Meetings and Nintex Workflow working in tandem, through a common real-world scenario. Attendees will leave this video with a clear understanding of: • The new Office Store for SharePoint apps • How business users can tap into the App Catalog & evaluate apps • Best practices for easily assembling enterprise solutions from apps
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Standard Motor Products taps TFI Envision for SMP Parts app development
Standard Motor Products® selected TFI Envision to develop the SMP Parts App, which allows users complete access to all SMP aftermarket parts and more, across all of their brands on both iPhones and Androids. TFI Envision worked closely with SMP internal IT group to integrate all Standard Motor Products brands into the app. “Merging data across multiple brands into one user friendly app was a challenge, but in the end we were able to create a seamless integration.” said Roy Barker, Content Director at TFI Envision. The SMP Parts App allows you to find parts from all of Standard Motor Products brands include TechSmart, Intermotor, BWD Automotive, Hayden, Standard Brand, ACI, Compressor Works, Four Seasons. The user can search for parts by part number or by year, make, model and engine-type. Users can also search all of SMP’s brands at once or as few individual brands as you like. All parts are clearly showcased in the search results. When you choose a part you get all the information that pertains to that part including multiple image views, installation instructions, videos, features & benefits, Part Specifications, and Related Parts. Users can also save their search for future use with the results save feature. The App also scans the UPC code on any SMP brand box for direct access to that product’s images, installation tips, videos, part description and more. Users can also scan a car’s VIN number to get all parts available for that particular vehicle. Since the SMP app is continually updated users will always have the latest product information and catalog data at their fingertips. TFI Envision developed the design and UX for the app as well as programming, troubleshooting and final launch package. In addition, TFI Envision also developed a brochure, an overview video and the digital ad campaign to promote this exciting new app.
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Odoo OpenERP Automobile spare Parts Retail POS
Spare-parts management is the main component of a complete Strategic Service Management process that companies use to ensure that right spare part and resources are at the right place (where the broken part is) at the right time. Spare parts , are extra parts that are available and in proximity to a functional item, such as an automobile, boat, engine, for which they might be used for repair. We have customized the module for Manufacturing , Construction ,Automotive , Electrical , electronics , Sports and Athletic Equipment domain also. Key Features 1) Has large amount of data. 2) Data available in tree view. 3) Is helpful to categorize data which in turns helps in effective management of the products. 4) Easy to locate products from a large chunk of data. 5) Helps in Identification of spare-parts. 6) Helpful in inventory control system. 7) Readily available set of data for usage 8) Ability to add or delete the data present by default. 9) Data available for different domains like Manufacturing , production etc. 10) Detailed categorization can form basis to develop reports and identify trends. 11) Form basis for inventory analysis 12) Helpful in decision making decisions related to Establishment of spare parts bank , reconditioning of spare -parts etc. 13) Helpful in spare part inspection . 14) Products provided with the spare-part numbers which make it easy to locate products. 15) Facility to add make , model , year of manufacturing , fuel type used etc for the products.
Data Lineage using SSIS, SSAS and Power Pivot
Recorded on 30 Oct 2013 at PASS Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter (PASS DW/BI VC) Data Lineage is the concept of enabling a client ability to analyze data in a NEW way yet still be able to see the original values, critical in Big Data. Ira Warren Whiteside and Victoria Stasiewicz will demonstrate how to do this in SSIS AND SSAS using Power Pivot, Power BI ,Office 365 and Power Query. We have several case studies for our current clients. Speakers: Ira Warren Whiteside, MDM Architect / BI Architect Ira has over 40 years of IT experience and has extensive knowledge of data warehousing. His roles have included management, Technical Team Lead, Business Analysis, Analytical Application Development, Data Wa rehousing Architecture, Data Modeling, Data Profiling, Data Mining, Text Mining, E-Commerce Implementation, Project Management, Decision Sup port/OLAP, Financial Application Development, E-Commerce, B2C, B2B with primary emphasis in Business Intelligence Applications and Data Warehousing Management. Mr. Whiteside has managed multi-million dollar projects from start to completion. His experience includes the planning, budgeting, project management/technical leadership and product management for large projects and software companies. In addition, Mr. Whiteside has been hands on, in that he has extensively used Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2012 tools, including SSIS, SSAS, SSRS (Microsoft Reporting Services) and Data mining. In addition Ira has authored and published various white papers, articles, provided numerous training seminars and presentations on the methodology required for data-driven application cogeneration in the Microsoft stack. Victoria Stasiewicz, Lead Data profiling Analyst and SSIS developer Victoria is a senior business analyst and data profiling analyst. She has extensive experience in the healthcare industry in analyzing and implementing the Sundial metric decomposition methodology as well as extensive experiencing in developing SSIS packages Join PASS DW/BI Virtual Chapter at http://bi.sqlpass.org Follow us on Twitter @PASSBIVC
EHC Service Catalog Overview
Learn more about EMC Hybrid Cloud by visiting our Cloud page on the Everything VMware at EMC community: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-26195 The Service Catalog is the heart of the EMC Hybrid Cloud solution. This is where the business value of the cloud is exposed to your users. Applications, Virtual Machines, and many other types of "services" can be presented here, with a transparent cost model baked right in!
Model as a Service
Knowing the information about your data means gaining and winning a strategic control point in your enterprise to better understand the impact of change on your business.
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Magento MD Product Fast Finder Extensions
Magento Product Fast Finders Extension enables you to create make-model and analogous filters to make finding parts and components really easy. Admin can easy to update drop-down options list. Customers can easy use product fast finder module. Customers can easy find product.
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Magento. How To Put A Shop Into Catalog Mode
In this tutorial you will learn how to remove add to cart and checkout options in Magento. Enjoy Premium Magento templates at our website: http://www.templatemonster.com/magento-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=magtuts46 Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TemplateMonsterCo/ Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TemplateMonster/ Twitter https://twitter.com/templatemonster Instagram @template_monster Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/templatemonster/ Dribbble https://dribbble.com/TemplateMonster LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/templatemonster-com
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LeBron 12, Curry Clutchfit, Adidas Tubular, and more on the Heat Check1
Nike Basketball drops the LeBron 12 Instinct, Under Armour rocks a special colorway on the Clutchfit Drive for Steph Curry, adidas goes Tubular and more on the latest episode of the Heat Check Presented by Finish Line. Subscribe to Kustoo!: http://www.youtube.com/user/kustoo?sub_confirmation=1 ***Click for Details below!*** See more on Kustoo.com: http://bit.ly/16MIRN0 Follow Jacques on Twitter: http://bit.ly/11Nw0oo Follow Jacques on Instagram: http://bit.ly/19jV3FT Under Armour Scorpio ($140) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod761213&CMP=YT-JS-ua-scorpio adidas Tubular ($110) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod762172&CMP=YT-JS-adi-tubular Roshe Run Print ($75) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod758568&CMP=YT-JS-roshe-print Air Jordan 13 GS ($130) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod757492&CMP=YT-JS-jordan-pink adidas Forum Hi ($99) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod761003&CMP=YT-JS-adi-forum Micro G Clutchfit Drive “Curry” ($125) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod762111&CMP=YT-JS-curry-clutch LeBron 12 “Instinct” ($200) - http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod757973&CMP=YT-JS-lebron-instinct Script 15, yes I said 15 kicks are set to hit retailers this weekend, some OG, some new colorways, and some for the very first time, I am your host Jacques Slade, and this is the heat check. Lets start with something brand new. The adidas Tubular has been getting some crazy love on the blogs and the model is finally getting its debut at retail. There are a total of four colors that are dropping this weekend burgundy, grey, black, and navy and they will be at Finish Line on the 21 for $110. Speaking of Navy, or blue in this case, the Kobe 9 will be releasing the gym blue color. Looks a bit like golden state, but you didn’t hear that from me. Those will cos you $160 Switching to the lifestyle sneakers, the Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium drops this weekend in the Flax colorway that was all over the uppers of the pack that released a few weeks ago, pricing is $120 for the boot inspired look. Under Armour also has something in store this weekend with the Scorpio training shoe. There are 4 colorways of this one dropping for $140 and a chrome version dropping for $160. Now lets talk about Saturday which is blending the lifestyle and performance world as well. First up the folks with small feet get love from Jordan Brand on the Air Jordan 13 in Hyper Pink. These only go up to 7Y and will be at Finish Line for 130. Keeping with the Retro vibe, the adidas Forum Hi returns in the black and OG white colorways and its only going to cost you $100 for a classic. Switching to the Future, literally, Jordan Brand is going premium with a black leather version that features a very nice gum outsole. Pricing on that one is $375 and they drop on Saturday. Another lifestyle sneaker dropping this weekend is the KD VII in black tumbled leather and tumbled leather eyelets. That one is only $115. On the performance side Under Armour is bringing the Micro G Clutchfit Drive Curry in taxi and white. These have received some great reviews and will cost you $125. Finally, the LeBron 12 Instinct makes its debut this weekend for all to see, Finish Line is going to have these for you and they will cost you $200 when they drop on Saturday. If you want premium performance, the KD7 is getting an upgrade with new metallic gold touch on the upper surrounded by navy mesh. Those will cost you $170. Back on the lifestyle front, Kyrie Irving is doubling up on the see-through Air Force 1s with matching socks. Each pair has Kyrie’s logo, signature, and his personal mantra, Hungry and Humble. Those release in limited numbers on the 22 for $150. Keeping it lifestyle, the Roshe Run is back this weekend with a printed upper. There are two colorways and Finish Line is bringing these to you on Friday for $75. Last but not least is the Doernbecher collection which drops on Sunday. All of these are nice from the Jordan 8 to the Air Max Thea and the money from these obviously goes to Charity to help the Children’s hospital. Prices range from $95 to $180
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PointSense Plant: Industrial Plant Design from AutoCAD Point Clouds
kubit PointSense Plant for AutoCAD allows for industrial facility design from laser scan data in AutoCAD. Work with native Autodesk point clouds (Recap RSP, RCS or classic PCG). Detect industry catalog components along a pipe line and automatically convert to AutoCAD Plant 3D objects. Extract multiple standard and custom structural steel shapes in batch mode, detect tie-in points. Work from a high resolution view rather than the raw scan view. Perform equipment analysis on tanks and vessels.
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e catalog virtual
Make your own FREE e-catalog virtual http://ecataloage.blogspot.ro/
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Microsoft Access Parts Inventory Tables
In this Microsoft Access Tutorial I will teach you how to set up tables for a parts inventory database that has unique items with serial numbers. #msaccess #access Learn More: Many-to-Many Relationships: http://599CD.com/XXWCAG Inventory Control Classes: http://599CD.com/XIJCNA
TC Show Off Ep 14: A look at Infinite Analytics’ flagship product SocialGenomix
In the fourteenth episode of TC Show Off, a weekly show that provides startups a platform to showcase themselves, their business models, the core USP etc., Infinite Analytics’ head of business development and marketing for India Radhika Shah showcases how the startup’s flagship product, SocialGenomix, provides an advanced personalisation engine for the web. “We use advanced personalisation techniques and advanced semantic technologies to improve product discovery, increase customer engagements and conversions. The way this works is we acquire social data of the users from social media networks, look at their click stream behaviour on e-commerce sites as well as their past transactional data. We then merge all of this data into the ‘social genome’ and analyse it,” said Radhika. “Our patent pending algorithms then match it with the product catalogue of e-com sites, which in turn helps us predict user intention in order to serve them recommendations in real-time, as well as come up with user insights which help marketers to target them with better offers,” she added. The startup basically creates a social genome of a user, based on his/her structured and unstructured data on social networks. The product uses predictive analytic tools, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to predict user behaviour for e-commerce, media & content, travel and enterprise businesses. Co-founded by two MIT graduates Akash Bhatia (CEO) and Purushotham Botla (CTO), Infinite Analytics has its genesis in a class taught by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. The startup was founded in June 2012 and its clientele includes companies like Comcast (media), Zovi, Nordstrom and Being Human (apparel), and Roomstory & Croma (home goods), among others. When asked about how the startup plans to tackle the challenge of leading e-commerce players implementing similar algorithms in-house rather than out sourcing it to companies like Infinite Analytics, Radhika said, “A lot of players are trying to build a recommendation engine in-house, but it’s largely focused on the user’s click stream behaviour. It does not take into account their social data, past transactions, and macro economic data etc.” For more logon to vccircle.com/vcc-tv.
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Excel Tutorial : How to Display Images Dynamically based on Specific Cell Contents
http://exceltemplate.net - This is a simple video tutorial that will show you how to create dynamic Image reference in Microsoft Excel without macros. With this formula, you can display pictures dynamically in your excel spreadsheet based on specific cell content. It combines VLOOKUP, INDIRECT and LINKED PICTURE functions with simple trick. You can see this formula in action in my World Cup 2014 schedule and spreadsheet.
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UEI General Product Introduction
This video covers the four dimensions for considering the UEI product line. 1. Form Factor, 2. Deployment Mode, 3. I/O Requirements, 4. Software Development tools.
Wpsc   Excel Like Product Manager for WP E commerce and WooCommerce
http://www.holest.com/index.php/holest-outsourcing/joomla-wordpress/excel-like-manager-for-woocommerce-and-wp-e-commerce.html Must-have super simple utility component for WooCommerce or WP e-commerce online shops that lets users change prices and stock very easy and fast lake they do in MS Excel. UI and keyboard behavior is same as in MS Excel. This is the right thing for you if your users give you a blank stare when you're trying to explain them how to update prices in stock using default WooCommerce(or WP e-commerce) default interface. - You can edit - WooCommerce: Price, Sales price, Sku, Category, Slug, Stock, Name, Featured, Attributes, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Shipping class , Tax status, Tax class WP e-commerce: Price, Sales price, Sku, Category, Slug, Stock, Name, Tags, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Taxable amount, International and local shipping costs - CSV Export/Import available for: WooCommerce, WP e-commerce, Joomla
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The CRM Superhero’s Secret Utility: The XrmToolbox for Dynamics CRM
Delivering a high-quality and refined Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration through the CRM administration interface is typically fine. But some tasks can become tedious if you have to repeat several steps over and over for multiple views, fields, or users. If you've ever scratched your head and thought "there's got to be a better way!" then you are in luck! The free XrmToolbox from CRM MVP Tanguy Touzard is full of amazing utilities that every CRM Administrator should be familiar with. In this webcast, we introduce the XrmToolbox and demo several of its component tools to solve common administration challenges. You'll discover how the XrmToolbox can transform you into your organization's CRM Superhero. (Mask & Cape not included.)
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HP Tuners Credits - How to buy, install and license!
0:20 How do credits work? 0:40How many Credits do I have left? 2:12How do I buy credits? 4:06Installing your new credits 5:48Applying credits to a single vehicle 6:57Applying credits to entire model 8:37Applying credits to unlimited vehicle group Are you new to HP Tuners? Do you need to know how to buy credits, install them, or properly license them? This is the video for you! Your host, Bob Morreale, will show you how to properly license a single vehicle or entire model/year lines so you can save money when tuning with HP Tuners! When your done watching, you can Learn more about HP Tuners and how to tune, from The Tuning School by visiting us at www.thetuningschool.com. Pick up your package today here: http://www.thetuningschool.com/product/enthusiast-gm-tuning-package/ or Call 727-264-8875 with any questions. Be sure to follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTuningSchool Instagram: https://instagram.com/thetuningschool/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/TuningSchool
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