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Mr Ridley's Product Design 007 Composite & Smart Materials
These come up in both AS and A2 exams
How To Photograph And Composite A Commercial Beverage Image In Photoshop.
Learn even more here: https://fstoppers.com/product/hero-shot-how-light-and-composite-product-photography Fstoppers teams up with Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. to demonstrate the process of shooting commercial product photography in a studio environment. In this video, Brian demonstrates how to shoot multiple frames of a liqueur bottle then seamlessly blend and composite them together in Photoshop to produce and incredible standalone hero shot for advertising. To learn more about commercial product photography or to subscribe to more tutorials with Brian Rodgers Jr., check out the full post here: https://fstoppers.com/node/178446 View Brian's full tutorial with Fstoppers here: https://fstoppers.com/product/hero-shot-how-light-and-composite-product-photography
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How to Shoot Products: Photography and Background Retouching
Today we take an in-depth look at a professional product photoshoot. Join product photographer Ross Floyd as he discusses his approach to lighting and photographing a handmade leather bag. Then, Aaron takes the image into Photoshop to retouch and extend the background. Download the Sample Image (.jpg from a Medium Format) Here: https://phlearn.com/tutorial/product-photography-background-retouching These tutorials contain just a portion of what you’ll learn in our latest PHLEARN PRO releases: The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography http://phlearn.com/prod-photog How to Retouch & Composite Product Photography http://phlearn.com/product-retouching Also, follow Ross! He's pretty awesome 😀 IG: @rossfloyd & thank you to our model/video editor Angela for lending a 'hand'! - VISIT PHLEARN.COM FOR MORE FREE TUTORIALS https://phlearn.com SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE FREE TIPS AND TRICKS http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=phlearnllc LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/phlearn/ Facebook ► https://facebook.com/phlearn Twitter ► https://twitter.com/phlearn Phlearn ► https://phlearn.com
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Composite Pattern – Design Patterns (ep 14)
Video series on Design Patterns for Object Oriented Languages. This time we look at the Composite Pattern. ► The playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhzvIcii6GNjpARdnO4ueTUAVR9eMBpc ► Head First: Design Patterns http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com?id=0596007124 ► Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com?id=0201633612 📣 Ask Me Anything https://app.scaleabout.com/christopherokhravi 💪 Patreon Community https://www.patreon.com/christopherokhravi 📚 Products I Recommend http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com 🎧 Audiobooks for the win http://audible.christopherokhravi.com/ ⭐️Donations BTC: bc1q4k330f3g0mjd70g8ws4zwxheu4ym065f8j8djh ETH: 0xa9342b308d480239d64c967bf7d53c4877474f25 LTC: ltc1q7ja5xvnkj32knp3mnhmgagdcwk8atevdswnft0 BCH: qqa8xpggmx68udkwjvpmmmv22rw6rx68p5ehe5rgmu ZEC: t1XyiVNTTEoSxWT8WdESwsUsp6fbySesYc2
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Manufacturing composite products with PowerMill at Kreysler
Kreysler & Associates use Autodesk PowerMill to machine large art pieces at their custom fabrication shop. Specializing in the design, engineering and manufacture of composite products for architecture, sculpture and industrial applications. They chose PowerMill to drive their range of CNC hardware, including machines with working volumes up to 65' x 25' x 10' in size. When machining composite materials on machines this big, it is essential to have confidence in the quality and safety of the NC code being sent to the machines. "PowerMill is above and beyond the other programs I've worked with when communicating with a CNC machine. It's the best I've used." - Justin Butros, Designer Visit our Website: http://www.powermill.com Visit our Product Knowledge Network: http://www.autodesk.com/powermill-support Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutodeskPowerMill Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adskPowerMill
WPC Wood Plastic Solid Composite Grain Fence Panel
COOWIN GROUP ,focus on wpc product’s development and design,commit to create the most perfect product,service to every family and the whole society. One hundred years, we facus on the WPC. Learn more at http://www.coowingroup.com/ OR http://www.coowinmall.com/ COOWIN is a MANUFACTURER specialized in High Quality WPC Outdoor Decking and Wall Panel for 17 years. Featured product-200x25mm Modern (3D embossed) Composite Decking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhjufbuGZy8&feature=youtu.be Hot sales product- 3D Embossing Wpc Solid Decking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAUmsyZV1IE&feature=youtu.be Wpc Wall Panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aT4izbJUQk&feature=youtu.be Email: [email protected] Skype: coowinwood Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coowindecking/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coowin_composite_decking/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3837775/admin/updates/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coowin_wpc Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106962722959356618523 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/coowindecking/pins/
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NASA 360 - Composite Materials
Find out how NASA and industry are using composite materials to change our world. Segments include: Composite spacecraft, Airplanes and the X Prize winner.
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TUDelft - Forze VIII | Bodywork production of composite components at Airborne
Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing is a Dreamteam from TU Delft. The team consists of 65 students from various studies, from aerospace engineering to industrial design. They work together to promote hydrogen technology by designing, building and controlling this unique race car. Airborne provides space and technical support in the production of all composite components of the Forze VIII. The parts are made in the Digital Factory for Composites (hall 42) and in Airborne’s hall 70. Airborne supervises the production. In addition, Airborne also provides other facilities (ovens, vacuum pumps, etc.) and auxiliary materials.
Reducing Composite Development Time with Fibersim
For more information about Fibersim visit http://structures.aero/products/fibersim Request a Fibersim demo at https://structures.aero/fibersim-demo/ In this webinar, Andrew Jabola will demonstrate a typical workflow process for composite development in Fibersim. This process will include ply layup creation, producibility and deviation studies, flat pattern development, and other export options integrated into Fibersim. Core sampling, dart creation, and other features of the basic environment will all be described and demonstrated. Effective incorporation of all these features should lead to reduced development time and lower costs in composite development for complex structures. ... Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT_qHckHnPO85O0cEpGxveQ?sub_confirmation=1 Structural Design and Analysis (Structures.Aero) is a structural analysis company that specializes in aircraft and spacecraft structures using composites. We utilize Femap, NX Nastran, Fibersim, Simcenter 3D, and HyperSizer in our analysis work and provide these programs, training, and support as a Value-Added Reseller for Siemens PLM and HyperSizer. CONNECT WITH US Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StructuralDesignandAnalysis/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/StructuresAero LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/structural-design-and-analysis-inc- Website: https://structures.aero
Carbon composite product process of manufacture【2013 UCHIDA Factory】
UCHIDA is a producer of "high precision, high heat resistance, high quality" CFRP prototypes. UCHIDA can provide total support for design, analysis,five-axis machining, AC molding, secondary processing, bonding, measurement, inspection, and painting of composite prototypes. Propose optimization of other materials and composites by confidential continuous operation. http://www.uchida-k.co.jp/ UCHIDAは、1968年創業時造形品からスタートしました。デザインから塗装に至る製造をすべて社内で構築して、現在では最先端技術に向け炭素繊維を用いる複合材の研究開発に着手しています。他社では実現不可能な高精度・高耐熱・高品質に挑み続け、深海から宇宙の部品までの実績で、次世代開発全般の広範囲に貢献します。 株式会社UCHIDA http://www.uchida-k.co.jp/
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New Course: Photoshop CC Creating a Product 3D Composite by Corey Barker
Learn more: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/adobe-photoshop-cc-creating-product-3d-composite Are you a graphic artist who really wants implement 3D into your design skillset but without the massive learning curve of 3D applications? In this course, Photoshop CC Creating a Product 3D Composite, you will learn how to create a 3D mock-up of a commercial product and then composite it with realistic lighting and atmospheric effects - all in Photoshop CC. This is a project-based course so you will have a chance to learn the process from the beginning with a blank canvas, to a full rendered 3D composite. Visit us at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pluralsight Twitter: https://twitter.com/pluralsight LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pluralsight Instagram: http://instagram.com/pluralsight Blog: http://blog.pluralsight.com/ 5,000+ creative and tech training courses unlimited and online. Digital-Tutors is now part of the Pluralsight technology learning experience! Enjoy all the creative learning you've come to love from Digital-Tutors on Pluralsight and MORE! Gain access to THOUSANDS more expert-led courses.
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Design Of Composite Slab- Eng/Osama Gomaa
Design of Composite slab 4th Grade Civil Department - Menofia University 2017
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Composite Tooling Design
Quality tooling is a fundamental requirement for the manufacture of composite parts. This is due to the fact that every step in the composite part manufacturing process must be tightly controlled to ensure superior material properties and predictable performance in the final product. Part of SME's Fundamentals of Tool Design video series, this progra explores the composite materials used for tooling, and tooling design. The Tooling Materials segment details the wide variety of materials used to create composite tooling, including: -glass reinforced polyester/vinyl-ester laminated tooling -carbon/glass fiber reinforced epoxy/bismaleimide laminated tooling -invar -invar coated carbon fiber reinforced tooling -steel The Tooling Design segment highlights mold, die, and mandrel tooling design for a variety of composite processes: -layup -spray up -vacuum infusion -vacuum assisted resin transfer molding -resin transfer molding -pultrusion -and more Support tools are also featured, including: ply and core kit-cutting templates, ply and core locator templates, trim fixtures, drill jigs and fixtures, and tooling supports. For more information and to purchase, visit http://www.sme.org/ftd. [email protected] | 800.733.4763 | http://www.sme.org/store
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Design of Composite beam- Eng/Osama Gomaa
Design of Composite Beam 4th Grade Civil Department - Menofia University 2017
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Composite Materials Overview for Engineers | UWashingtonX on edX | About Video
Composite Materials Overview for Engineers Register for Composite Materials Overview for Engineers at https://www.edx.org/courses Introduction of composite materials from engineering design, manufacturing, and repair viewpoints. About this Course Composites are used in many industries today to enable high-performance products at economic advantage. These industries range from space to sports and include manufactured products for aircraft, transportation, energy, construction, sports, marine, and medical use. There are many material, economic and aesthetic advantages to using composites, but a solid knowledge of the physical properties, including the mechanics, tooling, design, inspection & repair, and manufacturing options is required for working in this medium as they are intrinsically linked. This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of composite materials for high performance structures from the point of view of Aerospace engineering design, manufacturing, and repair. It is designed to address critical areas of composite technologies that focus on materials, manufacturing, mechanics, design, inspection, and repair. In this course students will learn how composite materials achieve properties of strength, weight ratios and durability that surpass aluminum in aircraft design. For these high performance applications engineers typically rely on laminated structures, which are built up from many varying layers of ply-materials. Using this process the mechanical properties of the composite part can be tailored to specific applications resulting in significant weight and cost savings. Tailoring specific properties and designing innovative laminate structures highlights the multidisciplinary nature of this industry and how it touches the expertise of many disciplines including engineers, mechanics, and inspection specialists. After successfully completing this course, students will be able to identify the unique characteristics of composites and understand how advanced composite structures are designed, manufactured and maintained. When you have finished this course, you will be able to: Demonstrate understanding of fundamentals in materials, manufacturing, mechanics, design, and repair of polymeric matrix composites Identify advantages and disadvantages of polymeric matrix composites with respect to metals Apply the knowledge acquired to the design and manufacturing of high performance composite structures
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Fibre reinforced composite bridge with everStick C&B– ovoid pontic design by Dr. R. Novotny
Dr. Rudolf Novotny shows how to make a direct, fibre-reinforced bridge with an ovoid pontic to replace a second premolar. The fibres are anchored in fillings of the neighbouring teeth, which makes it a very minimally invasive solution. The ovoid pontic design is aesthetic as well as cleansable. If necessary, the gingiva can be slightly recontoured and an impression can be made before extraction of the root. A concavity is made on the cast in the outline of the tooth intended for extraction. The isolated concavity is then filled with composite to shape the ovoid pontic base. After extraction of the tooth, this ovoid pontic will exert slight pressure that will shape the emergence profile and the surrounding gingiva in the healing period after the extraction. The gingival side of the base is polished to a high lustre to obtain a smooth surface, necessary for periodontal health. Tip: if you make a pinhole on the upper side, it is easier to manipulate the pontic base with a probe. It is then tested in the mouth to verify if it fits into the alveolar space and after placing the rubber dam, the tension of the rubber dam is checked. A highly filled flowable composite like G-ænial Universal Injectable is used to seal the bottom of the cavity and to fix the pontic in the right position, connected to the base with the adjacent teeth. All transitions need to be smooth and cleansable. The fibre length needed is measured and cut through the silicone. After placing it and holding it in position with instruments (e.g. Stick Stepper), it is polymerised with a short burst. After verifying the position, it is fully cured. Two bundles are placed like this, fixed and covered with flowable composite. Tip: use opaque shades to mask the fibres. The restorations on the adjacent teeth are completed before building the rest of the pontic. A transversal fibre bundle is incorporated inside the body of the pontic to support the cusps. After completion, it is important to verify the occlusion. Note that there should be enough composite over the fibres to prevent exposure when adjusting the occlusion If you want to know more about glass fibre reinforcement and its many applications in dentistry, please visit https://www.gceurope.com/products/everstickcb/ or subscribe to our channel for more tips and tricks!
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Advanced Carbon Fiber Composite Technologies
Carbon fiber - the superman of material demonstrating stiff, strong, durable, yet lightweight properties - is used in many processes to create excellent building materials. Carbon fiber material comes in a variety of "raw" building-blocks which are, in turn, used to create composite parts. Particularly in structural design, where added weight may translate into increased lifecycle costs or unsatisfactory performance, carbon fiber components should be considered. Lawrie Technology, Inc. (LTI) specializes in the optimization of both the structural design and manufacturing process for parts made from advanced composite materials. While traditional structures previously used for these capabilities are typically metal, they are heavy, tend to corrode and have a shorter life span than composite material. With over 20 years of development in advanced composite products, LTI carries a matchless level of expertise across all aspects of design, stress analyses, and manufacturing. More so than with any other class of materials LTI considers a concurrent engineering approach essential to successful product development. LTI has learned on numerous projects how to get it right the first time by linking design for performance with process design and has undertaken this for clients in all industries. To learn more about Lawrie Technology, Inc., please visit http://lawrietechnology.com.
How To Correctly Composite Glassware In Photoshop
In this tutorial, I show you the proper way to Composite Glassware in Photoshop with practically no painting! We'll take the glass and split it into the four main components needed for compositing and then end up with a glass that we can use on practically any background. Plus, since all the layers stay intact and we are using non-destructive editing, we can adjust anything as needed after we are done. Then I'll show you how to bring it into InDesign for compositing in your designs.. This is a moderate difficulty tutorial and it's helpful to have some knowledge of Photoshop Layers, Layer Masks, Layer Styles and Paths. Stay Connected: Web: http://www.rift3d.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/edrift3d Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rift3d/ Like, Share, Follow! Assets used in the video: http://www.123rf.com/photo_483814_white-wood-planks-with-floor-background.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_8139269_an-image-of-a-nice-steel-floor-background.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_9893222_wall-with-wallpaper-and-wooden-floor-inside-an-empty-room.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_5465689_glass-of-white-zinfandel-isolated-on-a-white-background.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_443877_transparent-goblet-with-a-drink--whiskey-cognac-rum-port-or-even-juce-concept-of-holiday-romance-or-.html Thanks, Ed
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Shubhwood Composite
WPC Product Presentation By Ideation Design Studio
How to Composite Products into Your Photos with Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows how to create realistic product shots by combining 3D elements with Adobe Project Felix and of course Adobe Photoshop CC.
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Designing Composite Slabs in SCIA Engineer
Composite beam floor systems dominate the steel multi-story building sector, due to their efficiency, and their ability to provide adequate strength and stiffness. Additionally, they take advantage of the inherent benefits of both concrete (strong in compression) and steel (strong in tension). As a result, engineering software must make it easy for users to model, analyze and design composite floor systems while also being able to transfer the data to documentation software like Autodesk Revit. With SCIA Engineer, the entire process is now more efficient and accurate than ever. In this webinar, you will learn how to: - Easily model any composite floor including composite decking, cantilevers, openings, etc. - Automatically create code required load combinations for all strength and serviceability conditions. - Execute all required design checks for strength and serviceability (in both construction and final stages), including optimization of member sizes, studs and camber. - Perform floor vibration checks according to Design Guide #11, 2nd Edition. - Transfer all composite floor information (studs, camber, deck type, etc.) to Autodesk Revit for inclusion on drawings.
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Composite Design for Stress and Safety
Part 2 of 8 A race car is a constant evolving prototype with the need to deploy innovation on a weekly basis. Fibersim helps the Renault Sport Formula One Team optimize the structure of ever composite part before it hits the track, making it a critical aspect of the Renault composites workflow. This short VLOG series explores the behind the scenes technical partnership between Siemens PLM and the Renault Sport Formula One Team. A partnership full of passion for innovation, overcoming design and manufacturing challenges and technical support to achieve racetrack aspirations. https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/products/nx/fibersim.html
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Using Fibersim to Guide the Renault Composite Design Process
Part 6 of 8 A race car is a constant evolving prototype with the need to deploy innovation on a weekly basis. Fibersim helps the Renault Sport Formula One Team optimize the structure of ever composite part before it hits the track, making it a critical aspect of the Renault composites workflow. This short VLOG series explores the behind the scenes technical partnership between Siemens PLM and the Renault Sport Formula One Team. A partnership full of passion for innovation, overcoming design and manufacturing challenges and technical support to achieve racetrack aspirations. https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/products/nx/fibersim.html
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Difference Between Composite and Decorator Pattern – Design Patterns (ep 15)
Video series on Design Patterns for Object Oriented Languages. This time we discuss the differences and similarities between Composite Pattern and Decorator Pattern. ► The playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhzvIcii6GNjpARdnO4ueTUAVR9eMBpc ► Head First: Design Patterns http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com?id=0596007124 ► Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com?id=0201633612 ► Composite Pattern https://youtu.be/EWDmWbJ4wRA ► Decorator Pattern https://youtu.be/GCraGHx6gso ► SOLID Design Principles https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhzvIcii6GMsfGSgRL1xmS3Bvo4TPliQ 📣 Ask Me Anything https://app.scaleabout.com/christopherokhravi 💪 Patreon Community https://www.patreon.com/christopherokhravi 📚 Products I Recommend http://amazon.christopherokhravi.com 🎧 Audiobooks for the win http://audible.christopherokhravi.com/ ⭐️Donations BTC: bc1q4k330f3g0mjd70g8ws4zwxheu4ym065f8j8djh ETH: 0xa9342b308d480239d64c967bf7d53c4877474f25 LTC: ltc1q7ja5xvnkj32knp3mnhmgagdcwk8atevdswnft0 BCH: qqa8xpggmx68udkwjvpmmmv22rw6rx68p5ehe5rgmu ZEC: t1XyiVNTTEoSxWT8WdESwsUsp6fbySesYc2
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Versa plank- Wood Plastic Composite Wpc Product Promotion
Versa is the answer to the market need for an aesthetically unique, yet durable and versatile product that can be easily used in a multitude of exterior applications. 10 TIMES BETTER. 100 TIMES SMARTER. http://versaplank.com/
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Design Composite
design composite hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht individuelle Lösungen für spezielle Ansprüche im Bereich Sandwichpaneele bieten zu können. Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, mit seiner langen Erfahrung in Sachen spezieller Klebetechnologie maßgeschneiderte Elemente mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften zu bieten. Ganz nach dem Motto "design your composite" kümmert sich deshalb eine eigene Abteilung um die umfassende Beratung, Planung und gegebenfalls die Neuentwicklung von maßgeschneiderten Produktions- und Produktlösungen im Bereich Sandwichpaneele. Design composite has the task to offer individual solutions for special requirements in the field of sandwich panels. The goal of the company is to provide tailor-made elements with unique properties based on its long experience in special bonding technology. According to the motto "design your composite" a dedicated department is responsible for the comprehensive consulting, planning and new development of tailor-made product solutions. www.design-composite.com
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ComFlor - Composite Steel Floor Decks - Product Overview
ComFlor is a new generation of composite steel floor decks developed by Tata Steel that offer longer spans, reduced concrete usage and improved construction stage efficiencies, including elimination of the need for temporary propping.
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Globe Composite Solutions  - Corporate Video
Globe Composite Solutions possesses a broad set of design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities to address just about any product challenge. As a result, the company has built a solid reputation among its Fortune 1000 customer base as an innovative and reliable provider of cost-effective composite-based solutions. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for both design and manufacturing, Globe's credentials are unique among non-metallic specialists, including an extensive machining and fabrication center to allow for rapid prototyping and testing. When compared to other composites manufacturers, Globe Composite is truly an "American-Made" company, with virtually all of our design, tooling, prototyping, and production services supported in-house at our state-of-the art design & technology center located in Stoughton, MA. When it comes to transforming complex problems into extraordinary solutions, our values are simple: - We strive to be a great place to work, learn, and do business - We relentlessly pursue improving product performance for our customers - We treat all suppliers, customers, and employees as partners - We continuously improve our business and quality management systems - We provide cost-effective, quality products and services - We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction through honest and hard work - We exist for the glory of God. Learn More: www.globecomposite.com
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Coyote Composite Product Information 2015
Coyote Composite is a great alternative to itchy, expensive carbon fiber braid! Coyote Composite, made from basalt filament is a safe, tough material for composite sockets and AFOs. Also relatively easy to cut and finish compared to other materials.
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ComFlor - Composite Steel Floor Decks - Concrete Placement
ComFlor is a new generation of composite steel floor decks developed by Tata Steel that offer longer spans, reduced concrete usage and improved construction stage efficiencies, including elimination of the need for temporary propping.
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Creating a composite design - TruPlan 2018
Design composite layups, sequences, and plies at any orientation For more information visit: www.autodesk.com/products/truplan
Structure-Lite Composite Products - Innovative Composites International
http://www.innovativecompositesinc.com/structure-lite-composite-materials/ Structure-Lite Composite Products: The industries that can benefit from ICI's state-of-the-art composite technology affect nearly everyone on the planet in some way. However many of these industries have seen little change for the past 30 years and are prime for new innovations such as the patented Structure-Lite panels. Each of these composite panels have an unmatched strength to weight ratio, are more durable, long lasting, eco-friendly and less expensive. These unique qualities make Structure-Lite an ideal replacement for many traditional materials currently in use today. What makes these panels so unique? ICI's Structure-Lite composite panels have been designed to be lighter, stronger and more durable than traditional counterparts. Made from readily available recycled materials and taking less energy to manufacture, the composite panels have less of an impact on the environment and an excellent eco-friendly alternative to steel, wood and other composite panels composed of virgin materials. The materials that make up the Structure-Lite panels are also lighter compared most modern materials allowing for an unmatched strength to weight ratio and durability. Every panel is rot, mould and rust resistant, with an impact resistant skin that won't decay when exposed to UV light. Sandwiched between 2 layers of skin material is a foam core that adds fire resistance and isolating properties, furthering the applications the Structure-Lite panels can be used in. A key component of ICI's composite panels is their unique thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material. This skin, owned and manufactured exclusively by ICI, forms the outer layer of the panels and offers unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels. The special manufacturing process ensures the bonds between the fibres and thermoplastic material are nearly impenetrable. Impact resistant, impervious to water and made with 100% recyclable materials, the thermoplastic fibre reinforced composite skin material gives ICI's Structure-Lite panels their incredible durability and versatility. Unlike most fibre-reinforced materials, the thermoplastic skin can also be formed into various shapes, making it ideal to use in the transportation and marine industries. How are the Structure-Lite panels used? Currently Structure-Lite is being used mainly in the transportation and prefab modular housing industries but the applications and uses are virtually unlimited. The panels are used to create unique cargo containers, similar to the current metal containers on the market today but with some remarkable attributes. Half the weight of steel, ICI's containers can also fold flat when empty making for easy transportation and fast assembly. The panels are also being used for truck bodies where their lightweight is drastically reducing the fuel consumption for major logistic firms. In the housing industry, the panels are being used for ICI's EcoScape product line. General labourers can assemble these prefab modular homes in a few days, making them ideal for countries in need of emergency structures or for those who just want to build up their housing infrastructure without spending a fortune on construction. Formable, durable, recyclable and cost-effective, the versatile Structure-Lite composite panels can be used in nearly any application. Already being used for truck tonneau covers and marine docks, they are also being developed for use in blast mitigation and ballistic panels. Strong, lightweight and long-lasting, they are proving to be the ideal replacement for many traditional materials and are bringing innovation to stagnant industry sectors.
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Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Metric Helmet | 60 Second Product Review
Order Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Metric Helmet: https://www.btosports.com/p/troy-lee-designs-se4-metric-composite
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Motion Design Composite Showreel 2017-18
Combined Showreel of Freelance Projects, Motion Designing, Compositing, Video Production, Business Promo and Product Tutorials Special Thanks to Trilok, Ateeq, Nehal, Anshita & Chandan
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Steel Composite Girder Bridge Wizard
In this webinar the Composite bridge wizard is presented which will be part of Midas UK's new module released at the end of August 2015. The new wizard is presented along with its flexibility regarding modelling, analysis and design. What does this wizard generate for you ? 1. Geometry 2. Boundary conditions 3. Loading 4. Construction stages and composite sections for construction stages. As a result users can save all the time it would have taken them defining these information The result extractions and details regarding the designs (composite and steel) are presented in detail.
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Sports Product Design | Kodi Whitfield
Learn more: https://around.uoregon.edu/kodi-whitfield Watch him talk at WINGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J3pwYLpysQ With a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree from Stanford and his love of sports, the transition from football player to sports product design graduate student at the University of Oregon seemed to be a natural one for Kodi Whitfield. The School of Art + Design's sports product design master's program at the UO's Portland campus is developing the next generation of innovative designers to inspire athletes around the world to play harder, run faster, and push the boundaries of their sport. Students who graduate from this program will be capable of making strong contributions to the sports design culture of Oregon and the world at large.
Owens Corning new proprietary modeling tool app for pultrusion composite applications
Owens Corning new proprietary modeling tool helps analyze and benchmark product performance and part design, hence create value through process and profile design improvement. Based on raw material data, processing data and part design specifics, it calculates potential mechanical performance improvements, it shows how PulStrand™ 4100 glass reinforcement can help with up to 33% average faster wet-out, and helps run faster with less line downtime and fewer part defects. Discover our glass fiber technologies at CAMX 2015: http://composites.owenscorning.com/events/camx-2015.html? Follow us on: - Twitter: http://twitter.com/OC_composites - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/composite-solutions-business
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Specialized Venge Interviews - Brad Paquin, Composite Design Engineer
Brad discusses the attention to detail given to the carbon layup - both manufacturing techniques and materials - that provide the Specialized Venge with it's uncompromising stiffness. Get the whole story at http://venge.specialized.com
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[EN] (EN1994) Composite Design 2013
Scia Engineer offers a solution for the design of composite steel-concrete columns and beams. It calculates their strength, stability and stiffness. It also performs the fire-resistance design. Composite steel-concrete beams EC 4: The composite steel-concrete design module designs composite beams at the final (composite) stage (EN 1994) and at the construction (non-composite) stage (EN 1993). Composite steel-concrete columns EC 4: Several checks are performed according to the ultimate limit state: resistance of members in axial compression, combined compression and uniaxial bending, combined compression and biaxial bending and influence of transverse shear on resistance to bending.
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CompoSIDE Webinar 12 | Design of Cost Effective Composite Components using Pultrusion
This webinar will focus on the key aspects of designing parts and structures in Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) made of the assembly of 1 or more pultrusion products. Pultrusions enable cost savings within the composite supply chain. Covering the main topics of materials selection, ply generation and laminate construction, we will show how pultrusion profiles can be created and evaluated with ease and confidence. Parameterised profiles and models can be used to identify ideal combination of shape and materials to evaluate costs and structural performance. Finally, more complex models can be adopted for grillages and similar structures using load cases to understand the limits and failures of such structures. In this webinar you will learn how to:  Perform an initial selection of materials to suit your project goals, targets and constraints  Stack materials to build plies, calculate properties with integrated micro-mechanics  Build and analyse laminates with Extended CLT capabilities  Create parametric pultrusion profiles, assign the material properties and calculate reserve factors to meet the structural performance requirements while reducing costs and weight  Apply your profiles to beams or more complex structures to validate your designs The webinar will feature a live demonstration of how CompoSIDE addresses the above steps within a centralised platform and accessible environment to all engineers working with composite structures. Website: http://www.composide.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/composide_ltd LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/composide
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Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs
Learn more about this webinar including accessing the course slides and receiving PDH credit at https://www.aisc.org/education/continuingeducation/education-archives/practical-implementation-of-composite-floor-designs2/
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Carbon Fiber Composite Manufacturing
Carbon fiber and epoxy resin wet layup for tube component. CNC manufacturing, vacuum bag cures, and significant post processing were done to produce the final part. Inner and outer surface control with soft tooling design.
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Webinar: LUSAS Steel and Composite Deck Design - 12 Nov 2015
This webinar highlights the steps involved and benefits obtained in using the LUSAS Steel and Composite Deck Design software option, that carries out comprehensive calculations and design checks to EC4. The presentatation sessions cover: defining section geometry, LUSAS modelling, viewing results and generating full reports. (Version 15.1)
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SOLIDWORKS - Composite Curve
See more at: http://www.goengineer.com/products/solidworks/ Learn about the composite curve feature in SOLIDWORKS. This feature helps the user combine multiple different entities like sketches and curves together. Quick Tip presented by Ronit Mukherjee of GoEngineer. About GoEngineer: GoEngineer delivers software, technology and expertise that enable companies to unlock innovation and deliver better products faster. With more than 30 years experience and thousands of customers in high-tech, medical, machine design, energy and other industries, GoEngineer provides best-in-class design solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, CAMWorks and Agile PLM. http://www.goengineer.com http://www.facebook.com/goengineer http://www.twitter.com/goengineer https://www.linkedin.com/company/goengineer https://plus.google.com/+goengineer
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Bondtech Composite Autoclaves
Bondtech Corporation is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of composite and glass laminating autoclave systems. Visit our website at www.bondtech.com
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Ecoste CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels Installation.
Get Free Samples & Complete Knowledge :- https://goo.gl/qO8fIl Contact Us At : M : 9555075075 W : https://goo.gl/qO8fIl E : [email protected] A New Product Clad-EX (3D Decorative Panels) Have Been Launched By ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite. Clad-EX is one of the most innovative & decorative Cladding product suitable for Exteriors & Interiors. These panels are used in designing upscale residential & commercial projects. Ecoste 3D PVC Panels are available in numerous designs in your favorite color which makes your wall completely gorgeous with 100% Water & Termite Proof Life Time Guarantee !! Check Which Is Paint is Perfect For 3D Wall Panels :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fre43y4LCq8
Composite Product Photography Timelapse | Logan Jacob Photography
Decided to upload another timelapse of me editing in post. Enjoy!
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