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Devin Cologne
Gavin reviews Devin by Aramis. A gorgeous retro chypre, this woody scent is great for the winter! Get Devin by Aramis: http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_cid_cologne-am-lid_d-am-sid_mdevin__products.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Perfume Twitter: https://twitter.com/FragranceX Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdHej_BLGaahmXJzassVmQ?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/fragrancex
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Aramis Fragrance Review - A True Classic Power Frag Cologne For Men
Aramis is a classic powerhouse cologne with deep musky notes and oily woody essence. Associated with 1970s kitsch chic, it's also a refined cologne if used in moderation. Watch our video to learn about its blend, wake & strength as well as the value for money. BUY NOW: Check price Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jbjg0W Check price Notino: http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-7656949-12240884?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.notino.com%2Faramis%2Faramis-for-men-eau-de-toilette-for-men%2F Read full review at Bespoke Unit for detailed scoring and analysis: https://bespokeunit.com/articles/fragrance/aramis-eau-de-toilette-review See our Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula (BUFF for short) guide: https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/formula/ Bespoke Unit Fragrance Home: https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/ View all our latest fragrance reviews & guides: https://bespokeunit.com/explore/fragrance/ Aramis Review: A pedigree from the 1960s, Aramis is a powerful fragrance that was released by Estée Lauder. Now something of an icon, this leather chypre should now come with a warning label. Handle with care. [01:12] Composition: Estée Lauder’s emblematic sixties fragrance opens with sweet bergamot and thyme contrasted by bitter artemisia and black pepper. The heart emerges and consists of patchouli, jasmine, aromatic cloves and sage. The dry down leaves a distinctively amber base created by earthy oak moss, labdanum and sandalwood with a leather finish thanks to powdery guaiacwood notes [03:47] Seasonality: Needless to say, the warm notes set Aramis squarely in the colder months. Aramis works best when warm from the late autumn and all the way through winter. [04:53] Wake & Strength: This power frag doesn't disappoint but it may cause death by misadventure if over-applied. With an overperforming sillage and projection, you may struggle to get it off you if you use too much. Furthermore, it's longevity can last for days so take great care when putting this monster on. [06:06] 3rd Party Feedback: Aramis tends to cause divisive reactions. Whilst some celebrate its old-school vibes, there are many that are put off by its dated character. However, men wearing this feel confident, sexy and classy. Remember to take care in choosing your audience when applying it. [07:18] Impressions: Its character means that this is best worn by worn over the age of 40 during the evening. With regards to the occasion, it can be used in low-key formal events but is best reserved for dating. Nevertheless, it may not be a success very time as it is a very masculine fragrance. [09:00] Presentation: Aramis is delivered in an understated yet retro bottle with bevelled edges and the name printed on like a plaque. The atomiser performs admirably and gives off a mist that spreads well ensuring that you won't over-apply in a single spray. Otherwise, the packaging is somewhat dated with red waves. Finally, Aramis offers exceptional value for money as you will see in the links above. [11:38] Conclusion: Aramis reveals your inner panther and pairs well with an open shirt, medallion and thick moustache. Joking aside, although it may not be as versatile as some modern fragrances, it is a warm and mature classic cologne when applied in moderation. Warm notes of leather and amber go perfectly on cold winter evenings. If you think that this is a fragrance that would be a perfect addition to your collection, see the links above to Notino and Amazon to find the best prices. We hope you liked the review of Aramis. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel for more fragrance videos, and much more men's lifestyle content. REMEMBER to comment! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this fragrance as well as similar smells, how it can be layered with others and when you'd wear it! Yours, The Bespoke Unit Team CONNECT: Web: https://BespokeUnit.com Instagram: https://Instagram.com/BespokeUnit Facebook: https://Facebook.com/BespokeUnit Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BespokeUnit Subscribe to Newsletter: https://BespokeUnit.com/newsletter/ Aramis Fragrance Review - A True Power Frag Cologne For Men: https://youtu.be/wOWXmMYS_XQ
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Thank you so much for watching guys, really hope you enjoyed having Mike on my channel :) and watch how we explain these Aramis Colognes and our first impression haha :) As mentioned all the info is just here down below so remember to expand this box for more details. • INFO To qualify for the gift with purchase and receive that awesome travel bag you just need to do is purchase of any 2 Aramis products, one of which a 100ml or larger Aramis fragrance. Thats it! Link to purchase online if you'd like: https://tinyurl.com/ybjluoou • PRODUCTS I SPOKE ABOUT - Aramis Classic 100ml, R1,195 (only available in 100ml) - Aramis Black 110ml, R1,080 (60ml is R865.00) - Aramis Voyager 110ml, R1,080 (60ml is R865.00) - Aramis Classic 24h Antiperspirant Dry Spray, R295.00 This promo will be available in major retailers across South Africa and online until the 15th of September. • SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/haylsworld • PREVIOUS VIDEO • SOCIAL TWITTER - https://twitter.com/HaylsWorld INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/haylsworld FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/Haylsblog PINTEREST - https://www.pinterest.com/haylsworld/ • CONTACT [email protected] • GEAR Cannon 600D Edit in Final Cut Pro X & Garage Band • SPONSORED Yes this video was sponsored by Aramis South Africa :)
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Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes 🌹🌹🌹
Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes Get the fragrances: ➡️ Declaration D'Un Soir: http://amzn.to/2Evtt20 ➡️ Aramis 900: http://amzn.to/2Headng ➡️ Egoiste: http://amzn.to/2HgQ5AU ➡️ VC&E Pour Homme: http://amzn.to/2HcJw2m ➡️ Ungaro III: http://amzn.to/2HgQa7G ➡️ Habit Rouge EDT: http://amzn.to/2Es1pfU ➡️ Buy Samples/Decants: https://www.perfumesamplesanddecants.com ➡️ Buy Discounted Niche/Designer Perfumes @ Fragrance.com: https://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=SxtvTuOoxz0&offerid=503820.10000542&type=3&subid=0 ➡️ Buy Discounted Niche/Designer Perfumes @ Notino: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-6187308-12760797 FOLLOW ME ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 💌 Subscribe For More Videos + Giveaways: https://goo.gl/xWnYzi 📽 Watch My Most Recent Upload: https://goo.gl/p6GP67 📽 Watch My Most Popular Upload: https://goo.gl/9Dr2Nn 🔴 Instagram: https://instagram.com/lookfeelsmellgreat/ 🔴 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lookfeelsmellgreat 🔴 Twitter: https://twitter.com/LFSmellingGreat ✅ Join My Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lookingfeelingsmelling/ Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes This is my Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men video. My Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes video. I've been asked many many times to pick out the most masculine rose fragrances for men as I hear frequently that men still do not like rose in perfumes. So I had to put this list together of my most masculine rose fragrances in one video that are also under $100 dollars for each bottle. So if you have a difficult time with rose and are looking for a few or several rose fragrances that are more butch then this is the list for you. Please watch to find ut all about these rose fragrances that are more masculine and are strictly targeted to men. As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel https://goo.gl/xWnYzi if you haven't yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! The fragrances in this Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes video were all purchased by me for this and past and future fragrance review videos on this channel. The views and opinions for Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes are all my own. If you're curious to try these fragrances please buy or obtain samples or decants prior to buying full bottles. What I might like you might not like and vice versa so I cannot guarantee you will react the same way to these fragrances as I have in this Masculine Rose Fragrances For Men | Men Can Wear Rose Perfumes video. Thank you. 📚📚📚 Read Perfume + Fragrances Books 📚📚📚 📚 Essence And Alchemy: http://amzn.to/2eJNalP 📚 Perfumes A-Z: http://amzn.to/2iyAnIj 📚 Scent And Subversion: http://amzn.to/2ep8MCW 📚 Perfume The Story Of A Murderer: http://amzn.to/2eJMnB4 📚 The Perfume Collector: http://amzn.to/2ep1Upi 📚 Apprentice Perfume Kit: http://amzn.to/2t6xpvH ▶️ Watch Rose Fragrances, Perfumes Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7TcL8qBNic&list=PLWU-mtcVz4ptasH-J4Adgs6pufC8H6uA3 ▶️ Watch Oud Fragrance Review Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DDQMdAO9_k&index=1&list=PLWU-mtcVz4pttlWMhATipgIz7PjIf9W1D ▶️ Watch Tauer Perfumes + Tauerville Fragrance Review Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5vC8fq4z4I&index=1&list=PLWU-mtcVz4ptvbK1IcsBn8giG2QOikX8I ▶️ Watch Minty Fragrances Review Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPyZxwmEcJo&list=PLWU-mtcVz4pujZOPVzPhb2IvLKJqEbR8b&index=1 ▶️ Watch Leather Fragrances Review Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPp5z0KZnWU&index=1&list=PLWU-mtcVz4psx8WPu8hZ-QOYXWvWKCHKy ▶️ Watch Tobacco Fragrances Review Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5EGQ73WD_w&index=2&list=PLWU-mtcVz4pt8RobF-Bm7YZtXGwJcIV2e ▶️ Watch Carolina Herrera Burning Rose Fragrance Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7_HXk-LLXE ▶️ Watch Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Fragrance Review Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcVcBpCjCpw ▶️ Watch Art De Parfum First Impressions And Sensual Oud Fragrance Review Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiGCYVw6if0 ▶️ Watch Indult Fagrances Manakara Review Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4vUU2tYlzU ▶️ Watch Louis Vuitton Fragrances Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWU-mtcVz4puw18A5rqriPH_xBl3yG6fg 🔵 More Info here: http://lookingfeelingsmellinggreat.com/2018/02/14/masculine-rose-fragrances-for-men/ https://youtu.be/jbBK-LWHT2w
Men's Scents of Attraction: Fragrance Review
Katie Puckrik chats with San Diego Fox 5's Shally Zomorodi about which men's fragrances trigger romantic interest and an irresistible desire to "get cozy." Fragrances discussed: Gendarme by Gendarme, Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada and Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. Shally also throws in a shout-out for her fave, Platinum Égoïste by Chanel. Originally broadcast June 15th, 2011. Fumies, I'd love to hear your favorite compliment-getting scents for men... For more info on all the fragrances, including where to buy, roll on over to my blog: http://www.katiepuckriksmells.com/2011/06/mens-scents-of-attraction.html Please subscribe!
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My 3 all time favourite fragrances
My three most personal scents that send me down memory lane, while still standing the test of time! Givenchy Insensé, Alain Delon Iquitos and Aramis Havana!
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Hubbys Cologne Collection feat Hubby (Mens)
twitter, vine, instagram : @JessePrestonx Follow Hubs on Instagram :@dhopkins30
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What Colognes Did Winston Churchill Wear & Are They Relevant Today?
Paul and CP of Bespoke Unit discuss some of the colognes that we know Winston Churchill wore from historical accounts. Watch our video to learn about the fragrances that Churchill wore day-to-day. BUY NOW: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KYB34E Floris Special No. 127 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2J2kyXq Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ynpAoP CONTINUE WATCHING: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Full Review: https://youtu.be/xh8-pw8BkuQ Floris Special No. 127 Full Review: https://youtu.be/9Dj9RO4Rch8 4711 Eau de Cologne Fragrance Review: https://youtu.be/lCyrzOMdVww READ ARTICLES: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Review: https://bespokeunit.com/articles/fragrance/penhaligons-blenheim-bouquet/ Floris Special No. 127 Review: https://bespokeunit.com/articles/fragrance/floris-special-127/ What Colognes Did Winston Churchill Wear: There are three reported fragrances that Winston Churchill wore: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, Floris Special No. 127, and Creed's Tabarôme Millésime. Although the Creed cologne is absent, have Blenheim Bouquet and Floris No. 127 in our video today. Penhaligon's, Floris, and Creed all began as British fragrance houses, likely part of why Churchill used these scents. You can see links to our individual reviews of both Blenheim Bouquet and Floris No. 127 below. [01:44] Part 1: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet This is an eau de toilette, however, it functions more as an Eau de Cologne. This is due to its rapid drydown with few distinct scent phases. Overall, It's quite linear in profile. Lemon, lavender, and lime populate the head, while pepper, pine, and labdanum musk define the base. There are no heart notes to this fragrance. Though it's very short-lived, it's a great scent to splash on around the house after washing on a hot day. Because of this, we find it comparable to Mäurer & Wirtz 4711. [02:37] Part 2: Floris Special No. 127 By comparison, this is a much deeper fragrance than Blenheim Bouquet. It's similar, with a lavender and citrus head, including bergamot and petitgrain. Petitgrain is a citrus note that is both earthy and bitter in character, and here it persists into the heart. The heart of Floris No. 127 is very floral, due to a bouquet of geranium, rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine. Earthy patchouli and labdanum form the base, indeed very reminiscent of Blenheim Bouquet. All in all, these fragrances are similar, but Floris Special No. 127 is more floral, and Blenheim Bouquet more citrus. [03:31] Part 3: Are They Wearable Today? In our opinion, while Blenheim Bouquet is wearable in certain situations, you must be mindful of its short duration. It's a great refreshing summer fragrance for evening leisure time at home. Because it is an older scent, it does not make a bold statement like contemporary masculine fragrances. One applied, it's easy to pick out over other smells, such as stale tobacco. Blenheim Bouquet is wearable today as part of a grooming regimen, for instance, after a shower. You might also put some on a handkerchief on a hot day in order to dab some on your neck. Blenheim Bouquet and the similar Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 are also good for putting on your pillow before sleep. Floris Special No. 127 is a much more approachable fragrance reminiscent of retro fragrances like, for example, Estée Lauder's Aramis. The earthy labdanum and patchouli is something you'd expect from retro fragrances. It's a touch soapy, with a floral lightness to it and, overall, an inoffensive, pleasant scent fit for the office. We say office because it's too refined for casual occasions, but not necessarily suited to more formal settings. Finally, Creed Tabarôme Millésime, reformulated and rereleased in 2010, is characterized by tobacco notes, as its name implies. This re-release is more an homage to Churchill himself than a re-creation of the original Tabarôme Millésime. Men often wore fragrances like Blenheim Bouquet, Floris No. 127, and the similar 4711 because they rose above the ever-present smoke. At the time, gentlemen's clubs and workplaces were thick with tobacco smoke at all times. Try out the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula here: https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/formula/ We hope you enjoyed this discussion of fragrances Winston Churchill wore, why he chose them, and their relevance today. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel for more fragrance videos, and much more men's lifestyle content. REMEMBER to comment! We'd love to hear your thoughts on these fragrances as well as similar smells, how they can be layered with others and when you'd wear them! Yours, The Bespoke Unit Team CONNECT: Web: https://BespokeUnit.com Instagram: https://Instagram.com/BespokeUnit Facebook: https://Facebook.com/BespokeUnit Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BespokeUnit Subscribe to Newsletter: https://BespokeUnit.com/newsletter/ What Colognes Did Winston Churchill Wear: https://youtu.be/KBD51xlSEN8
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Full review of this fragrance as requested by Tall Dark and Handsome from Fragrantica.
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Aramis Devin 100ml/3.4oz Eau De Cologne Spray Perfume Scent Fragrance for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-devin-100ml-3-4oz-eau-de-cologne-spray-perfume-scent-fragrance-for-men Devin by the design house of Aramis is a timeless classic, first introduced in 1978. Top Notes are Bergamot, Galbanum, Artemisia, Lemon. The Middle Notes are: Jasmin, Carnation, Pine, Thyme, Cinnamon. Finishing off with the Base Notes Leather, Olibanum, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk, Moss, Patchouli,and Labdanum
Sometimes I really want to own these fragrances, but I can only wish... Hope you enjoyed the video! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KISSSAIDSASS? sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow/Add me on other social media Email - [email protected] Snapchat - Stevesnap88 Instagram - Steveinsta88 https://www.instagram.com/steveinsta88/ Facebook - SteveRandom https://www.facebook.com/SteveRandom88/ Business Inquiries: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Audio Library – No Copyright Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA No Copyright Music - Free Audio Library https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2iczXFcRRg5nN_IVQOXIaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E338aF6QHu8 Erik Lund - Summertime ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Aramis Devin 100ml / 3.4oz Eau De Cologne Spray Perfume Scent Fragrance for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-devin-100-ml-3-4oz-eau-de-cologne-spray-perfume-scent-fragrance-for-men Devin by the design house of Aramis is a timeless classic, first introduced in 1978. Top Notes are Bergamot, Galbanum, Artemisia, Lemon. The Middle Notes are: Jasmin, Carnation, Pine, Thyme, Cinnamon. Finishing off with the Base Notes Leather, Olibanum, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk, Moss, Patchouli,and Labdanum
Aramis 900 (1973) fragrance review
An eternal blast from the past! The 70's at its best with a vivid rose that shines beyond any perfume market trend...
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Aramis 900 (Fragrance Review): A Scent for the Working Man
Fragrance review of Aramis 900. I love this one, it's inexpensive, old-school masculine, and perfect for work.
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Aramis Havana (1994) Fragrance Cologne review
Aramis Havana (1994) Fragrance Cologne review
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8 Fragrances Initial Impression (From Starlin)
thanks starlin enterprise for the courtesy of this video fragrances that i reviewed are: 1. CK All 2. Mr. Burberry EDP 3. Dunhill For Men 4. L'occitane Neroli De Nabeul 5. Franck Olivier Night Touch 6. Mont Blanc Legend 7. Aramis for Men 8. Havana By Aramis Facebook page of Starlin Enterprise: https://www.facebook.com/starlin.enterprise1988/
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Havana by Aramis fragrance review
A fantastic, exoticly dense scent with great personality and well above average performance! The "Gentlemens Edition" version.
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Aramis Cologne for Men 240ml / 8.1oz Eau De Toilette Splash Aftershave for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-cologne-for-men-240-ml-8-1oz-eau-de-toilette-splash-aftershave-for-men ARAMIS designed ARAMIS in 1965. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, cumin and jasmine. Blended with notes of patchouli,  amber and musk, ARAMIS is a formal fragrance.
Aramis Cologne For Men
Aramis was created in 1966 and dedicated to men who appreciate tradition and classic. Aramis Cologne is distinctly masculine, authoritative, warm and provocative - Brought to you by www.ismellnice.com
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Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Fragrance Review | YSL Men's Cologne Review
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Fragrance Review | Men's Cologne Review Join The B Gang: http://bit.ly/2teeg03 *WATCH IN HD* Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube's authority in men's beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today's video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews the modern classic fragrance L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Purchase Here: http://amzn.to/2uH8N1X Send Product Review Rates Request & All Business Inquires to: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discount Codes: •Get Discounts on ScentSplit ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2r3FGEh (Purchase Cologne Samples / Decants Here) •Get Discounts on WristSociety ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2touvr7 Use code "BigBeard" to save 10% •Get Discounts on Taseyar Beard Products ➡️Purchase Here: https://fbit.co/5XRt Use code "J5DLW7BZ" to save 30% •Get Discounts on Luxury Scent Box ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2r3FGEh Use code "BigBeardBusiness" to save $5 •Get Discounts on Maestros Beard Products ➡️Purchase Here - http://bit.ly/2o29Iph Use Code "BBB" to save 10% •Shirt Provided By: Beard Money ➡️Purchase here: http://bit.ly/2oBu9pO Use Code "BBB" to save 10% _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Equipment: Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2gVOZkX MacBook Pro: http://amzn.to/2uqMV7 Box Lighting: http://amzn.to/2vzrzFn Ring Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gVR6pc Memory Card: http://amzn.to/2gVW4Sx _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Beard Regiment: Collagen: http://amzn.to/2s7QelF Biotin: http://amzn.to/2u4h0sk Boar Bristle Brush - http://amzn.to/2rAk7Ik Black Plastic Comb - http://amzn.to/2stWzoG Maestro's Beard Wash - http://amzn.to/2qOKWrf Maestro's Wood Beard Comb - http://bit.ly/2sFBhUo Maestro's Beard Butter - http://amzn.to/2rUKtrP Tom Ford Beard Oil - http://bit.ly/2rHGkGy Killer Beard Oil -http://bit.ly/2sFKqMz Metal Hair Pick - http://amzn.to/2rralKc Olive Oil Hair Sheen - http://amzn.to/2rHFc5Z Honest Amish Beard Wax - http://amzn.to/2rUBJlh Sundown Naturals Vitamin E Oil - http://amzn.to/2qW9aiq _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make sure you LIKE👍🏽, COMMENT🗣, SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE NOTIFICATIONS BUTTON➡️🔔 so you don't miss any new videos‼️ Already subscribed to Big Beard Business on YouTube? 🎥 Connect with Big Beard B on Social Media Big Beard Business Blog: http://bit.ly/2rSCtb4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2mWDkFd Instagram: http://bit.ly/2oiALxh SnapChat: LordKingBuck Disclaimer: All tips, tricks, topics, and advice discussed on this channel are a matter of my personal opinion. I'm strictly sharing my own experiences. Try at your own risk. Presented By: A.G.E. Productions LLC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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A to Z= H. Aramis Havana Review
Review of Aramis' 1994 release, Havana.
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Aramis Adventurer 110ml/3.7oz Eau De Toilette Spray Cologne Fragrance for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-adventurer-110ml-3-7oz-eau-de-toilette-spray-cologne-fragrance-for-men Adventurer by Aramis is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Adventurer was launched in 2014. Top notes are lemon, bergamot and black pepper; middle notes are geranium, lavender and wormwood; base notes are patchouli, cedar and seaweed.
Joop WOW! | Honest Men's Fragrance Review
Watch my video review of Joop Wow. Joop Wow is the brand new fragrance by Joop. Launched on February 1, 2017, this men's fragrance has woody notes at its heart. If you're looking to buy a new Joop aftershave, this could be the one for you. In my Joop fragrance review, I'll go through the packaging; what Joop wow smells like; and the Joop Wow price. The Joop Wow advert model is Swann de Falco and tells the story of a strong-willed, free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others. If you like Joop Homme or Joop Jump, I'd recommend you try and smell Joop Wow. See where to buy Joop Wow below. #MensFragrance #JoopWow #TheScentThatMakesTheMan #HonestReview #ManForHimself Read my Joop Wow review here: http://manforhimself.com/joop-wow-honest-fragrance-review/ _______________________ FEATURED PRODUCTS: JOOP! WOW! - 60ml - http://fave.co/2kgU3i1 -100ml - http://fave.co/2jXbK7u ______________________ I'M WEARING: - Polka dot shirt - http://rstyle.me/n/b3uwuwb6ah7 _______________________ IN THE BACKGROUND: Superdry Winter Flite Jacket http://rstyle.me/n/cdkz25b6ah7 _______________________ MY HAIRCUT: - My hair was cut 1 week before this video was filmed. It was a 0.5 clipper back and sides. - The top comes down to the top of my nose. - It's longer in the front than the back. HAIR STYLING: - Aveda Thickening Tonic - http://rstyle.me/~8EvEo (throughout) - Blumaan Fifth Sample - http://fave.co/2kgZnBR (when I'm talking) - Lockhart's Matte Clay - http://robin.yt/2jfuDn (with roll neck) _______________________ FOLLOW ME! Come and follow me on... Facebook: /ManForHimself Twitter: @ManForHimself Instagram: @ManForHimself Snapchat: @ManForHimself Check out my blog too: http://www.ManForHimself.com ________________________ SUBSCRIBE My YouTube channel is a destination for men's style, lifestyle and grooming. I make videos showing how to achieve different hairstyles and haircuts; exploring grooming products; and showcasing men's seasonal and trend led style and fashion. ________________________ MUSIC: Angels - Lakey Inspired - https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/angels ________________________ This video is not sponsored.
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Men's Day to Night Fragrance | Introducing Aramis Modern Leather
Men's Day to Night Fragrance | Introducing Aramis Modern Leather Aramis x Carl Thompson London as with many other major cities of the world is a fast-paced environment. Our lives can be extremely busy with work, personal life, family, friends, fitness and mine is no different. I thrive on pressure and I love remaining busy. I’ve been blogging now since 2014, yet many people do not know what I do day-to-day, so when I had the chance to sample the new Aramis Modern Leather fragrance, I wanted to tie it in to a typical day in my life day-to-night. So in this video I'm going about my day as if I would every week day and showing how you can dress day-to-night, yet it is all complete with an incredible day-to-night fragrance. SHOP ARAMIS MODERN LEATHER: http://bit.ly/2xENwac For more information, connect with me via my BLOG: http://www.carlthompson.co.uk OR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hawkinsandshepherd/ Thank you for watching, Carl x
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Aramis Havana Review (Throwback Thursday)
Aramis Havana 1994
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Perfume Geek!  Fathers Day Scent Memories
Hello Fragrant Friends! In this video, I'm taking a scent filled field trip down memory lane, to share the fragrances and smells that remind me of my favorite guys! You probably know what several of them smell like already....bet your grandpa wore some of these too! :) My Mothers Day scent memories are right here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m45n09wYnWA Perfumes Mentioned in the Video: 1. JHL by Aramis 2. L'Occitane Eav des Bavx EdT 3. American Crew Forming Cream (Hair pomade) 4. Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion 5. Azzaro Chrome 6. Old Spice After Shave 7. Vitalis Hair Tonic 8. Demeter Paperback 9. Demeter Beeswax 10. Demeter Earthworm 11. Barbisol Shave Cream Original scent 12. Demeter Tomato Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/jadainga99/ Tell me your favorite scent memories! There is NOTHING like scent to take you back to a time or place.... Until next time, stay fragrant, my friends! Jada and Gandalf the Cat!
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Aramis 900 Herbal 100ml / 3.4oz Cologne Spray Perfume Scent Fragrance for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-900-herbal-100-ml-3-4oz-cologne-spray-perfume-scent-fragrance-for-men Aramis 900 Herbal was introduced in 1973. Refreshing and crisp blend of herbs giving it the perfect scent for evening.
Classic Colognes - Aramis, Global Shave Americano Razor, Wilkinson Sword Blade.
This video is one in a series where I try some classic Aftershaves and Colognes. The newer Shaving generation might not have heard of these classics. Also, trying out a new razor, the “Americano” from Global Shave Company in Canada for the first time. I’ve heard great things about these razors and will be trying them out. Thank you for watching. Subscriptions appreciated. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmDQvPCIOsrDUAdzrwKHHQ/videos Twitter: https://twitter.com/kenkirkup Instagram: https://instagram.com/kensurfs/ Websites used in this video: http://www.shavemama.com/ Aramis is a division of Estee Lauder which was launched in 1964 to focus specifically on fragrances and grooming products for men . Named after a character in the Alexandre Dumas classic, “The Three Musketeers”, the original Aramis men’s cologne was launched simultaneously with the brand and was intended to be a high end fragrance marketed to the mature and wealthy set. Aramis 900, Aramis Devin and JHL were also of the same class and it was not until the mid 1980s with increasing pressure from the younger and sexier appealing brands such as Calvin Klein and L’Oreal did they launch a line with the younger audience specifically in mind. Shave Soap - Derby Blade- Wilkinson Sword Germany Razor - Global Shave Club Americano Brush - Ever Ready Black Badger Aftershave - Aramis #wetshaving #shavelikeyourgrandpa # #wetshave #shaveoftheday #shavesoap #razorock #wetshaveloyalists #safetyrazor #straightrazor #wetshaveloyalists #sotd #shavetheman #moonsoaps #sebumgold #pacificshaving #trigodon #paa #phoenixshaving
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Aramis 900 Herbal Cologne
Justin reviews Aramis 900 Herbal by Aramis, an herbal, greenish 70s fragrance. Get Aramis 900 Herbal by Aramis: http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_cid_cologne-am-lid_A-am-pid_677M__products.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Perfume Twitter: https://twitter.com/FragranceX Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdHej_BLGaahmXJzassVmQ?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/fragrancex
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25$ NICHE FRAGRANCES Ft: Genre Parfums! (these smell good)
Email me at [email protected] This is https://www.facebook.com/GenreParfums/ of Louisiana some DARN GOOD FRAGS MAN! Devin Breaux is the man! https://www.instagram.com/nichramsey_
Fragrances with Lex - Aramis by Aramis (1965)
Fragrances with Lex - Aramis by Aramis (1965)
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Alluremart.com: TUSCANY by Aramis (MEN)
If you're interested of purchasing this product, pls. visit http://www.alluremart.com/tuscany-by-aramis-men.html
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Aramis Havana 100ml/3.4oz Eau De Toilette Spray EDT Cologne Fragrance for Men
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/aramis-havana-100ml-3-4oz-eau-de-toilette-spray-edt-cologne-fragrance-for-men Havana, the city that produces the ultimate in masculinity, the Cuban cigar. Picture the aroma of tobacco as the smoke envelopes you and serves as a calming influence from the bustling day around you. The fragrance Havana will have affect you similarly as you allow its luxurious spicy notes to swathe you with a masculine sensuality. For the romantic occasion when good is not good enough when better is expected. Havana, the utmost olfactory experience.
Genre Parfums - New Fragrance House
Sorry I completely messed up the owners name its not David its Devin Breaux and I read the label completely wrong I thought the E was a B, which is why i pronounced it Genr-B. (Sorry) The Facebook group is called Genre Parfums Neighborhood. So far i am very impressed guys, dont be afraid to check them out. Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe
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ARAMIS Classic Eau De Toilette Spray
You know where to buy at best price: http://on.fb.me/18R1XTt http://ow.ly/mtctS
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MarpzTV - G-man - Kush Is My Cologne (EXCLUSIVE)
MarpzTV - G-man - Kush Is My Cologne (EXCLUSIVE)
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Havana Cologne by Aramis Review
Justin reviews Havana by Aramis. TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, Justin here, and today I'm reviewing Havana by Aramis. Named after the capital of Cuba, this 1994 release is dominated by accords of wood and warm spices. It opens with notes of basil, artemisia, caraway, and mandarin, leading into a strong tobacco heart note, supported by carnation, fir, and cinnamon, and ending off with notes of vetiver, oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood. I think it's a great option for fall or winter night wear, and I love its intensity and how long it lasts. That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this review, and please, don't forget to follow FragranceX on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Get Havana by Aramis: http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_cid_cologne-am-lid_H-am-pid_490M__products.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Perfume Twitter: https://twitter.com/FragranceX Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdHej_BLGaahmXJzassVmQ?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/fragrancex
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Fragrance Review 25 : Aramis 900
A strong green & woody cologne for men
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Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentree Acqua di Parma
I review a wonderful Oud fragrance from AdP, thanks to Devin!
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Alfred Dunhill Fresh Cologne 100ml / 3.3oz Eau De Toilette Spray Men Fragrance
Visit the product's page here: https://perfumebrands.net/products/alfred-dunhill-fresh-cologne-100-ml-3-3oz-eau-de-toilette-spray-men-fragrance Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill is a Woody fragrance for men. Dunhill Fresh was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel. Top notes are lavender, green notes, freesia, basil, mint and sage; middle notes are mimosa, iris, violet and freesia; base notes are coumarin, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar.
Devin Announces 'An Evening With...' Acoustic Tour 2019
TICKETS ON SALE MONDAY NOVEMBER 12th! Devin Townsend is pleased to announce a very special European ‘An Evening With’ solo acoustic tour, beginning at the end of March 2019 and running through April. The intimate evenings will feature Devin performing tracks from across his catalogue, as well as taking part in a Q&A where fans will get to know more about what Devin is up to at this stage in his career and the forthcoming new album ‘Empath’. This will prove to be a unique & special experience for all in attendance. He comments: Hello everyone, Devin here. I have been busy making my newest recording, EMPATH over the past year. It has been a complicated and enlightening experience in that I have gone back to my roots in terms of what my motivations are for making music, in hopes that I am able to move forward as a musician being as true as I possibly can to my motivations. The result is an album that I am exceptionally proud of, one that is uncompromised and diverse in ways that accurately represent where I'm at now at the age of 46. The past decade of relentless touring with DTP had been something that caught up with me in a big way, and as a result I felt I needed to step back from that world and analyse myself and make this music before stepping onto a stage again. The time has come however for me to take the next step in my career, and when asked about how I would like to do so, I decided the first thing I would do was a very intimate run of shows that allows me to play my music stripped back to just me and a guitar. The shows are at nice venues, and includes a spoken word element with questions from the audience as well as aspects of my entire career represented in this one show. Before I tour with a band again, I wanted to have the opportunity to play for you, and meet up with the people who not only have made my work possible, but inspire me to continue. In a world of computers and social media, to be stripped of all the bells and whistles is a very important step for my reintroduction to the live concert world. I truly hope you'll join me and I look forward to being the most honest I can be with you at these special shows. Thank you to Andy Farrow and Northern Music, Thomas Waber and Inside Out records, as well as all who have supported me during this period. I have not been as proud of an album as I am of Empath in many years, and I really needed to get this out of my system. See you at the shows. Love Devin Townsend The full list of dates are as follows: 7th March – Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, India 8th March – Levi’s Lounge, Mumbai, India 30th March – Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, Finland 31st March – Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden 1st April – Edderkoppen, Oslo, Norway 2nd April – Bremen Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark 4th April – PassionsKirche, Berlin, Germany 5th April – Stodola, Warsaw, Poland 6th April – La Fabrica, Prague, Czech Republic 7th April – Freiheiz, Munich, Germany 9th April – Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany 10th April – Grunspan, Hamburg, Germany 11th April – St-Bavokerk, Haarlem, The Netherlands 13th April – Reading 3, Tel Aviv, Israel 24th April – Bush Hall, London, UK 25th April – Bush Hall, London, UK 26th April – St George’s, Bristol, UK 27th April – City Varieties, Leeds, UK 29th April – Jam House, Edinburgh, UK 30th April – Glee Club, Birmingham, UK
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Angel Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler Cologne Review
Justin reviews Angel Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler. TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, Justin here, and today I'll be reviewing A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler, also called Angel Pure Tonka. This men's scent launched in 2016, and is a very masculine scent. It opens with businesslike mint, with a strong heart of lavender, but tonka, coffee, cacao, and vanilla dominate the scent from the base, alongside licorice and patchouli. I'd recommend this long lasting, heavy fragrance for fall and winter night wear in particular. That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this review, and please, don't forget to follow FragranceX on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Get Angel Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler: http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_cid_cologne-am-lid_A-am-pid_74412M__products.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Perfume Twitter: https://twitter.com/FragranceX Instagram: http://instagram.com/fragrancex
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Of Mice & Men - Second & Sebring ending (ft Devin Oliver)
Monster Outbreak Tour 2011 at the intersection in Grand Rapids Michigan. Shayley was sick so Austin did clean vocals most of the night with Devin from I See Stars filling in during a few songs.
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A*men Taste of fragrance review
Thierry Mugler presents Taste of Fragrance (Le Gout du Parfum) in autumn 2011, a project that unites the world of perfumes and the world of gourmet cuisine and taste. Four fragrances of the house (Angel, Alien, A * Men and Womanity) are enriched with a gourmand note or "taste enhancer." Helene Darozze, one of the most famous French chefs, was asked to make recipes for Thierry Mugler treats. The recipes can be found at the official site. A * Men ("Spicy instinct") is an oriental woody structure that combines notes of patchouli, vanilla and coffee. This edition is spiced with red pepper. Available as 100 ml EDT. Top notes: bergamot, lavender, coriander, mint. Heart: patchouli, red pepper, cedar. Base: coffee, styrax, tonka bean, vanilla, musk.
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Alluremart.com: PAUL SEBASTIAN by Paul Sebastian Cologne Spray 4 oz (Men)
Check this item at http://www.alluremart.com/paul-sebastian-by-paul-sebastian-cologne-spray-4-oz-men.html
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ARAMIS FRAGRANCE FOR MEN - GERMANY Spiked with Citrus & Exotic Herbs. A Classic Since 1964. All A Man Is. 30 second
Views: 23147 aramis

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