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Little Miss Magic - Jimmy Buffett
A nice little slide show of my daughters set to Jimmy Buffett's Little Miss Magic
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Jimmy Buffett-Little Miss Magic
Studio version of "Little Miss Magic"
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Little Miss Magic
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Little Miss Magic
An old Buffett song I love and have always related to my daughter. I recorded a live version of the song and infused various clips I'm starting to digitize from old video tapes.
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Ava "Bean" Little Miss Magic
Daddy and Ava "Bean" chilling by the pool in Costa Rica
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Little Miss Magic - Jimmy Buffett #2
Hope you like I did if of school and for my friend like family to me.
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Little Miss Magic-Jimmy Buffet
Just a video of my husband and daughter
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Little Miss Magic - MrNorms Karaoke (unplugged)
Jimmy Buffet wrote this for his daughter, my wife liked it when she had her daughter and now we like it for our granddaughter. Wow, how time flies.
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Little Miss Magic
A dream come true to have "Daddy's Little Girl" singing with me :)
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Little Miss Magic
Mat Palmer does a really nice Jimmy Buffett cover with a tribute to our "Little Miss Magic" (aka Lillian!) with backup on the harmonica by Tom Scott and Erik Anderson on the guitar. Another Summer Concert Series hit!
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Little Miss Magic
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Little Miss Magic - I got leid on SpoonerRadio
This video won!!! thanks Spooner! Uploaded via Windows MovieMaker... which was a mistake. Audio artifacts and skips were not in the raw foootage, sorry about this... Live and learn. I got leid on SpoonerRadio http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19106 http://spoonerradio.com/login.php Song by Jimmy Buffett - 1980 Special guest Ailish Shea JT
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Jimmy Buffett - Little Miss Magic 8 bit
Jimmy Buffett - Little Miss Magic 8 bit
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Little miss magic 2018
Maycee kaye valencia
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Little Miss Magic
Sara and G
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Little Miss Magic by Keith Hagger
Keith Hagger performing 'Little Miss Magic' at the Streetlife Museum. Live Hull takes place every month at the Museum and hosts a variety of Live acoustic acts, dance troups, theatrical performances and craft activities. Hull Museum Education in association with Warren Records.
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Little Miss Magic 9.7.2018
For Erin From Dad ❤️ Jimmy Buffet Cover
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Paul Ruel Little Miss Magic for my girls.wmv
Little Miss Magic for my girls!
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Little Miss Magic (Official Video) - The Quicksilver Kings
The official music video for Little Miss Magic by The Quicksilver Kings. Want to hear more? Follow the links below: ~ Buy ~ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/little-miss-magic/id1181457313?i=1181457379 ~ Stream ~ https://open.spotify.com/track/4NlwB4TEkc69cPRpmc6SNt ~ Follow QSKS ~ http://thequicksilverkings.com https://facebook.com/thequicksilverkings https://twitter.com/quicksilverking https://instagram.com/thequicksilverkings https://soundcloud.com/thequicksilverkings Little Miss Magic Written by The Quickilver Kings & Stewart Baxter Directed by Patrick Mateer Starring Lisa Franklin as Little Miss Magic Steve Brodie as The Kinky Wizard Keith Hagger as himself
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Little Miss Magic
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Little Miss Magic - A Little Miss Story - Read Aloud for Kids
Mr. Tickle's tickling is out of control! Can Little Miss Magic conjure up a solution? Learn more: http://amzn.to/2xMNuZZ
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Little Miss Magic...Amberlin
I love my daughter and want the world to know it. Thank you Jimmy Buffett for the song.
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Anne and Morgan dancing to Little Miss Magic at Anne and Steve's wedding
Anne and Morgan dancing to Little Miss Magic at Anne & Steve's wedding - May 16, 2007
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Little Miss Magic turns 18!
Little Miss Magic turns 18!
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Little Miss Magic - Jimmy Buffett
The beautiful "Little Miss Magic", by Jimmy Buffett, featuring our beautiful daughter Gabriella.
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Little Miss Magic - Rainbow Connection
Catfish & Flip Flop - Filmed at the Bearcat Getaway in Lesterville, Mo. July 18, 2015
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Little Miss Magic
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Little Miss Magic To The Rescue
Recorded by my Nokia Phone. Little Miss Magic To The Rescue
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Elyse: little miss magic
Music jimmy buffet
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Little Miss Magic - course
cantering a course
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Little Miss Magic
Dedicated to our little princess, Kyra.
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Jimmy Buffett Father-Daughter Wedding Dance
Our amazing daughter married an amazing guy. I took her to her first Jimmy Buffett concert at the age of 7 and we have been going ever since. We thought it fitting to make our Father-Daughter dance reflect the Margaritaville state of mind. Enjoy! -Charles
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Little Miss Magic
Kyra (age 3)
Views: 35708 Jim Reilley
Little Miss Magic
Video Clips of My Granddaughter, Millie.
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Day 1 and 2 Little Miss Magic 2017 Store Level Edition
Day 1 and 2 of our Little Miss Magic Store level edition held at Villasis and Manaoag, and Mangaldan and Dagupan. With our winners: Leo Marie Haberia (Manaoag) Emma Overstreet (Dagupan) Gellene Anne Gimutao (Mangaldan) Mallory Johanne Oriel (Villasis)
Philip Steenbergen - Little Miss Magic (demo)
Little Miss Magic is a song I recorded in the spring of last year. If you're interested in more of my music, hit Subscribe to stay updated. To listen to other projects I'm involved with, go to: http://www.philipsteenbergen.nl/muziek/ And to connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhilipSteenbergenFolkGuitar/
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Study Abroad Series - 1 - Little Miss Magic
Study Abroad Series Week 1 release: Little Miss Magic, Jimmy Buffett cover by Tyler Northrup
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Jimmy Buffett Bring Back the Magic
For those of you wanting to listen to JB, I thought a few train pictures would be more interesting than looking at an album cover still. For those of you wanting to look at train pictures, a little JB is so much better than silence. Pictures are from the Strasburg RR and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
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little miss magic
still for the only 2 woman in my life
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