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You Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For FREE in 2018
You Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For FREE in 2018 If you missed the update deadline to upgrade to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 then do not worry, you still have a chance to upgrade for free, just watch the whole video to see how to Upgrade to Windows 10. Don't want to lose your data? not a problem, using this method says all your programs and data, but its always best to make a backup of your data before you start. So if your looking to upgrade to Windows 10 for free this is your last chance. Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 32bit or 64bit Upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 32bit or 64bit Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 32bit or 64bit Remember if your upgrading a 32bit Windows operating system your only be able to upgrade to Windows 10 32bit OS. Join our forum http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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Windows 10 tutorial: Upgrade to April 2018 Update, 1803, Assistant tool
These are the steps to upgrade to Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, using the Update Assistant tool. More details ➤ https://pureinfotech.com/windows-10-april-2018-update-1803-download-assistant/ Download Windows 10 Assistant tool here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Follow on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/@Pureinfotech Subscribe Here ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/Pureinfotech How to do a full backup of Windows 10 ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1Nv3MlAXSI How to prepare and do a clean install of Windows 10 ➤ https://pureinfotech.com/clean-install-windows-10-1803-april-2018-update/ Windows 10 Update Assistant Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Windows 10 April 2018 Update install Upgrade to Windows 10 April 2018 Update Download Windows 10 April 2018 Update Download Windows 10 1803
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One Tool to Fix All Computer Problems
One Tool to Fix All Computer Problems If you work in the computer repair industry, then this video is right up your street, TTS Tech Tool Store is a awesome tool for removing malware and fixing common computer issues, these could be related to post malware removal. Malware can render some programs and windows functions useless once removed, TTS can take care of all these problems. TTS can even create customer reports which is very handy for techs to show what was do and fixed on that computer. UVK has been making useful tools like this for years and is a front running when it comes to malware removal tools. This tools runs on all windows operating systems, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. it can be run on a USB also. This tool is always getting updated with new features, the latest is Windows troubleshooters. Features: Aero Effects Troubleshooter App Compatibility Troubleshooter Audio Playback Troubleshooter Audio Recording Troubleshooter Device Troubleshooter DirectAccess Troubleshooter File Share Troubleshooter HomeGroup Troubleshooter IE Performance Troubleshooter IE Security Troubleshooter Internet Connection Troubleshooter Maintenance Troubleshooter Network Adapter Troubleshooter Network Inbound Troubleshooter Performance Troubleshooter Power Troubleshooter Printer Troubleshooter Search Troubleshooter Start Menu Troubleshooter Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter Windows Update Troubleshooter Windows Update Web Troubleshooter WMP Configuration Troubleshooter WMP DVD Playing Troubleshooter WMP Library Troubleshooter So what you waiting for? download yours now. Download http://www.carifred.com/tech_tool_store/ You can post your video requests on my forum. Need help with computer problems? why not join our forum http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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how to get windows 10 for free
A step-by-step tutorial on How To Upgrade To Windows 10 for FREE ▬▬▬▬ Video Synopsis ▬▬▬▬ This is a short step-by-step video on How To Get Windows 10 For Free. In this video, I explain how to optimize Windows 7 to Upgrade Windows 7 To Windows 10 in the fastest possible time. My upgrade time was less than 60 minutes. Before you proceed with the Windows 10 free download, I will explain the difference between the Windows 10 32 bit Download and the Windows 10 64 bit Download. I'll also show you how to check windows version you currently have installed and how to optimize it for using the media creation tool to download windows 10. This walks you through the pagefile and how to disable Windows defender. Click on the URL link below to get the Windows 10 ISO Download. ▬▬▬▬ Table Of Contents ▬▬▬▬ 1. The Difference Between 32bit and 64bit 0:50 2. Upgrade Architectures 1:29 3. Upgrade Editions 2:27 4. Product ID 4:01 5. Pagefile Optimizing 4:41 6. How to Disable Windows Defender 6:15 7. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool  6:50 8. Create Windows 10 Bootable USB 9:16 9. Windows 10 Display Settings 13:58 ▬▬▬▬ URL Links ▬▬▬▬ Windows 10 Free Download ▻ https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Rufus – Bootable USB ▻ https://rufus.akeo.ie/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Windows Activation Checker Tool For Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Windows Activation Checker Tool This tool helps to check the activation of windows 10/8.1/8/7. If you do use VL (Volume License) or RTM (Retail) version of windows, then this will show the exact validity for your operating system. Download Link: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/807629e836/ (HACK PEDIA) Subscribe: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HackPediaIT?ref=bookmarks YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/c/+HackPedia9 Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/HackPediaIT Google Plus+ : https://plus.google.com/+HackPedia9 Blogger: http://hakpedia.blogspot.in -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Hack Internet Download Speed 2016 | IDM | HACK PEDIA" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bHvjDmP1VQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Free Upgrade to Windows 10
How to upgrade Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 for free Legitimately through Microsoft assistive technologies upgrade tool. https://www.microsoft.com/accessibility/windows10upgrade
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Tool Active Windows 10 Online - digital license key
Like and subscribe my chanel : https://goo.gl/JjCQ2m ────────────────────────────────────── Link download tool: ver 10.08: https://goo.gl/d25tkd Key Retail/OEM https://goo.gl/oXQgV7 Support for : Windows 10 Core (Home) & Windows 10 Core (Home) N Windows 10 Home Single Language & N Windows 10 Professional & N Windows 10 Professional Education & N Windows 10 Professional Workstation & N Windows 10 Education & N Windows 10 Enterprise & N Windows 10 EnterpriseS (LTSB 2015, LTSB 2016) & N
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This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer supported. Error
If you get the "This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer supported. Please download the newest version and ensure that your system clock is accurate" and have already made sure that the checker tool is the latest version and that the time and date are already correct, here is a rather simple workaround to be able install necessary packages and updates to your machine. NOTE: Use Internet Explorer 32-bit version not the 64 bit. Just go to the KB page you were on the original browser with internet explorer and install the validation add on, then the page will let you download the update. Twitter: @Purkkaviritys
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Windows XP Update Integration Tool
This lets you integrate SP2 and SP3 with your Windows XP setup files. Download: http://sidney.spaceportorange.com/svn/Windows%20XP%20Update%20Integration%20Tool.zip
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Upgrade firmware Lumia 535 RM-1090 with Windows Device Recovery Tool.
How to Upgrade winphone 8.1 for the Microsoft Lumia 535 RM-1090, Mobile Firmware used Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.11.34101 Upgrade easy. Please watch: upgrade Nokia Mobile playlist: https://goo.gl/ecrWTe Flash firmware Samsung Mobile Playlist: https://goo.gl/buXZVq Link Subscribe: https://goo.gl/VJ16Td Link Fanpage:https://goo.gl/oM4aWT G+:https://goo.gl/pEKQ4W Thank you! Link Tool :
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How to download Windows 8.1 Free directly from Microsoft -  Legal Full Version ISO - Easy to Get!
See in my video how to download Windows 8.1 for free. This is directly from Microsoft download store, the legal full version of download Windows 8.1 operating system. The Windows 8.1 download is free and legal that allows you to make a Windows 8.1 USB bootable flash drive or DVD media disk from a Windows 8.1 download. This is all done by following my Windows 8.1 tutorial that shows the downloading of the Microsoft Media Creation Tool that does all the work for you through prompted steps. Watching my quick tutorial it will be easy to see how to download Windows 8.1 for free full version 32 bit or how to download Windows 8.1 for free full version 64 bit in no time at all. Here's the Microsoft Media Creation Tool download link for Windows 8.1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8 If you need to install Windows 8.1 again because you lost your Windows 8.1 media or need backup media my video is right for you. Or if you are one of the many people who for whatever reason just don't like Windows 10 upgrade and want to go back to your previous Windows 8.1. Than you might need to do a full fresh clean Windows 8.1 installation, either by a USB bootable flash drive or with a Windows 8.1 media disc or ISO disc image. Once the Windows 8.1 ISO download is completed and resides on your computer, you can then burn a Windows 8.1 bootable DVD installation disc with the built-in DVD image burner within Windows 8.1 OS for free. You will see how to do this and more in my video tutorial IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows 8.1 ISO is free to download, however when you go to install the OS, you MUST have Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 valid product key for the installation of the media to be successful and legal. Also note that this is Not a torrent, this is Not a fake, this is Not a illegal copy of Microsoft Windows 8.1. This is a real legal Windows 8.1 download directly from Microsoft and provided by Microsoft to make a USB bootable installation drive or Disc Image for install or backup media purposes.
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How To Use Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool [Complete Tutorial]
This tutorial will show you guys how to download, install and run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool in Windows. From Microsoft: This tool checks your computer for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software (including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom) and helps to remove the infection if it is found. Microsoft will release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month. The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 computers for and helps remove infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing the outcome, including which, if any, malicious software was detected and removed. The tool creates a log file named mrt.log in the %WINDIR%\debug folder. This tool is not a replacement for an anti-virus product. To help protect your computer, you should use an anti-virus product. Microsoft will release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month. New versions will be made available through this web page, Windows Update, and the Malicious Software Removal Tool Web site on Microsoft.com. To have the newest versions automatically delivered and installed as soon as they are released, set the Automatic Updates feature to Automatic. The version of this tool delivered by Windows Update runs on your computer once a month, in the background. If an infection is found, the tool will display a status report the next time you start your computer. If you would like to run this tool more than once a month, run the version that is available from this Web page or use the version on the Malicious Software Removal Tool Web site. Please review KB890830 for the list of malicious software that the current version of the tool is capable of removing as well as usage instructions. Also, please be aware that this tool reports anonymous information back to Microsoft in the event that an infection is found or an error is encountered. The above KB article contains information on how to disable this functionality and what specific information is sent to Microsoft. It is strongly recommended that you review KB891716 before you consider deploying this tool in an enterprise environment. The user must be an administrator to run this tool. This tool will not run on any version of Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows NT 4.0. Note that this download is now a multi-lingual tool. For all supported languages, the same tool will show the correct language depending on the language of the operating system. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 , Windows 10 Tech Preview , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server Tech Preview , Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung)
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How to Download Windows 10, 8, 7 Without Media Creation Tool
How to Download Windows 10, 8, 7 Without Media Creation Tool This is a quick and easy way to download Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 ISO from Microsoft without the need of Media Creation Tool * Where to download windows 10 for free * Where to download windows 8/8.1 for free * Where to download windows 7 for free Download Windows 10 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Download Windows 8/8.1 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows8ISO Download Windows 7 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows7 ——————— My Social Links: 🔵 View My Channel - http://youtube.com/Britec09 🔵 View My Playlists -https://www.youtube.com/user/Britec09/playlists 🔵 Follow on Twitter - http://twitter.com/Britec09 🔵 Follow on Facebook: http://facebook.com/BritecComputers 🔵 View my Website: http://BritecComputers.co.uk 🔵 My Official Email: [email protected] Looking for cheap games and windows software? Check out SCDKEY and Grab Yourself A Bargin!!! and use discount codes below: 3% game code BR02 10%software code BR01 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL - https://goo.gl/t5eQwb Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global - https://goo.gl/bovKbZ Conan Exiles Steam Key Global - https://goo.gl/YBPZpy Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Steam Cloud Activation Key - https://goo.gl/1TcjXb
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How to config FrSky S6R receiver with STK tool
How to config FrSky S6R receiver with STK tool Useful links - Driver for windows: https://goo.gl/6lN9Ew S6R product details page: https://goo.gl/7aTclQ Buy now page: http://www.frsky-rc.com/buynow.html
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Defrag Tools #192 - Windows Update and Windows Upgrade
In this episode of Defrag Tools, we talk about Windows Update and Windows Setup. We describe the different technologies, what each does to download the software, prepare the installation, and finish the installation. In the next episode, we'll dive deep into the logs, showing you how to troubleshoot an installation issue.
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Windows 10 & 8 & 7 activation tool
download link : http://www.bit.ly/2mVqyDU windows 10 activation key windows 10 activation windows 10 activation crack windows 10 activation key generator windows 10 activation error 0xc004f034 windows 10 activation phone number windows 10 activation key 2017 windows 10 activation error windows 10 activation troubleshooter windows 10 activation error 0x803f7001 windows 10 activation key windows 10 activation windows 10 activation code free free windows 10 activation key windows 10 activation problem windows 10 activation torrent windows 10 activation crack windows 10 activation tool windows 10 activation key generator windows 10 activation key free download windows 10 activation key windows 10 activation windows 10 activation key free windows 10 activation error windows 10 activation 2017 windows 10 activation key 2017 windows 10 activation free windows 10 activation key free download 64 bit windows 10 activation key free download windows 10 activation problem is windows 10 a system software is windows 10 a better choice than windows 7 windows 10 activation key windows 10 activation windows 10 activation error windows 10 activation code windows 10 activation key free windows 10 activation required windows 10 activation crack windows 10 activation key generator windows 10 activation tool windows 10 activation message windows 10 activation free windows 10 activation app microsoft toolkit microsoft toolkit mydigitallife microsoft toolkit reddit microsoft toolkit 2.6.6 microsoft toolkit.exe microsoft toolkit 2.6.2 microsoft toolkit official microsoft toolkit 2.6 beta 25016 microsoft toolkit 2.5.3 microsoft toolkit 2.6 beta 5 microsoft toolkit microsoft toolkit download microsoft toolkit windows 10 microsoft toolkit 2.5.4 microsoft toolkit 2.6 beta 25016 microsoft toolkit activator microsoft toolkit.exe microsoft toolkit torrent microsoft toolkit 2.5 beta 5 microsoft toolkit download free microsoft toolkit 2.6.6 microsoft toolkit microsoft toolkit windows 10 microsoft toolkit download microsoft toolkit windows 8.1 microsoft toolkit 2.6.6 microsoft toolkit 2.6.2 microsoft toolkit 2.5.3 microsoft toolkit 2.6.7 microsoft toolkit office 2016 microsoft toolkit 2.6 microsoft toolkit microsoft toolkit.exe microsoft toolkit windows 10 microsoft toolkit download microsoft toolkit activator microsoft toolkit for windows 10 microsoft toolkit exe microsoft toolkit 2 microsoft toolkit windows 7 microsoft toolkit review microsoft toolkit windows 10 download microsoft toolkit tutorial key windows 7 key windows 8.1 key windows 8 key windows 10 home 64 bit key windows xp key windows 10 features key windows 8.1 pro key windows key windows 10 free key windows xp sp3 key windows 10 key windows 10 pro key windows 10 home key windows 8.1 pro product key windows 10 product key windows 7 key windows 10 key windows 8.1 key windows 7 product key windows 8.1 pro product key windows how to find product key windows 10 product key windows 7 ultimate key windows xp key windows 10 pro 64 bit key windows 8.1 key windows 8 key windows 7 key windows 10 home key windows 7 ultimate 32 bit key windows 10 pro 2017 key windows 8.1 pro 64 bit key windows 7 professional 32 bit sp1 key windows 8.1 pro where is my key windows 8.1 what is the cd key windows x p service pack 2 my 1997 firebird will not crank if you turn the ke key windows key windows 10 pro key windows 8 key windows10 key windows 10 enterprise key windows 7 key windows 10 home key windows xp key windows 7 professional key windows 7 ultimate key windows 10 free key windows 10 education
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Flash Drive Repair Tool
MalvaStyle USB Repair Version 3.0.4 Now available! The Search Function is back. Download Link : http://malvastyle.com/disk-repair-application-by-malvastyle/ Join my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/malvastylesolutions Thanx to the guys from CJSecure at www.cjsecure.com for assistance. - You can buy us a coffee if you like ;) http://ko-fi.com/A584HVD The Test option in the new version will be the diskpart button (basically the test button tried to repair the device to determine whether or not it will be able to) So I've replaced the test button with the actual repair button and added a chkdisk option and factory software lookup function. Additional Tips: 1.) when the windows cannot detect your usb device: typical (driver related fix) is to go to device manager, and locate your usb device. then you need to right click and select uninstall (to uninstall the default driver) restart pc and try again.. windows will automatically reload the drivers. 2.) Samsung Kies software causes usb devices to become un-detectable.. Uninstall everything (Samsung or android related if needed) and if still no luck for advanced users only (on own risk).. You need to go into regedit and delete all samsung folders. Windows uninstall does not remove them completely. Hit Ctrl+R or Start, click run and type in regedit On the left side, you will see 5 folders Open (+) HKEY LOCAL USER expand(+) Software Go down to anything that says Samsung, right click and delete folder. Do the same for HKEY LOCAL MACHINE and HKEY USER Look in every software folder to see if there is anything Samsung Delete everything Samsung Select your pen drive or flash drive from the list provided. Make sure the correct device is selected for repair. press the repair device button. Optional: the flashboot website address to get additional drivers for some devices. http://flashboot.ru/iflash/
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Samsung Tool Pro Activation _ Product Not activated in This Card
z3x samsung tool pro download http://www.mediafire.com/file/oo97sh7avhzv5vh/SamsungToolPRO_By_Gsm_Flashing.zip How To Activate Samsung Tool Pro After Update Samsung Tool Pro _Product Not activated in This Card samsung tool pro activation problem z3x samsung tool pro activation free
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Fix all Windows Update Errors on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Solve Windows update error or installation failure. Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. how to fix windows update failed to install how to fix windows update error how to fix update error on windows 10 how to fix update error on windows 8.1 how to fix update error on windows 8 how to fix update error on windows 7 windows update errors problem updating windows 7 Microsoft update problems windows 7 windows update fix tool windows 7 problem updating windows 8 Microsoft update problems windows 8 windows update fix tool windows 8 windows update registry fix windows 8 windows update registry and service fix windows update stuck windows update not working windows update failed windows update not installing Links to downloads as show in video: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=3020369 https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=3172605 PATREON: $2 a month for access to all videos! http://www.patreon.com/KirtKershaw DVD & DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE: https://www.DreamForce.us SUBSCRIBE to learn more Microsoft Office tips, tricks and shortcuts! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videotrainingpro LET'S CONNECT! -- http://www.facebook.com/KirtKershaw -- http://www.linkedin.com/in/kirt-kershaw-33874410
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Firmware Toshiba HDD Update Tool
Firmware Toshiba HDD Update Tool http://buta.sovexi.ru/Firmware%20Toshiba%20HDD%20Update%20Tool TOSHIBA HDD FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL Version1. Unzip the file. TOSHIBA HDD FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL Version1. Toshiba 320GB SATA. Hard Electronics: See. TOSHIBA HDD FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL Version1. Sales Contacts; Product Inquiries. Crucial memory and SSD upgrades - Toshiba Satellite S8xx. TOSHIBA HDD FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL Version1. DATE: 10 Nov 2011: CATEGORY: Software: DESCRIPTION: Satellite. TOSHIBA HDD FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL Version1. Firmware Toshiba HDD Update Tool
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Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair
Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair You can also try Windows Boot Genius (http://bit.ly/2OVTlZn) to repair Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista to fix all Windows won’t boot, blue screen, black screen, etc. effectively. If your having computer problems like reboot loop or corrupt windows files using Automatic Repair to repair Windows 10 is a good start. Automatic repair or Start up repair can fix, resolve and help recovery of some common issues in windows 10. This solution may not fix all of your PC Boot up problems, but is a good starting point. It can resolve corrupt registry keys and Windows update related issue. Another common computer problem is having a corrupt software driver or program. Running Start-up Repair on your computer can fix problems that keep windows from loading on your computer or laptop. Remember this tool is not a one fix for all tool, it has its limitations, but all is not lost, you have other options open to you like, system restore, System image recovery, Refresh your pc and Reset your PC. Step 1: Place the CD or USB in your drive and proceed to boot from it Step 2: When the install screen pops up, look to the bottom left and select "Repair Your Computer". Step 3: You will now see a screen that says "Choose an option". Select "Troubleshoot", then "Advanced Options", and then "Start-up repair". Remember backing up you're data on a regular basis can save you s lot of hassle in the long run. Need help and advice on another computer problem? join our forum for free http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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How To Download Windows 10 Iso Anniversary Update Using Media Creation Tool |Techelpe | windows#007
Download and install Windows 10 Iso Anniversary Update Using Media Creation. ▶Update: download windows10 iso file without media creation tool◀ http://bit.ly/2fddmqv HELP US TO GROW TECH COMMUNITY BIGGER ▶http://bit.ly/techelper While the release date of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is August 2, 2016, not all users will receive the update on that date as Microsoft plans to roll it out gradually. Microsoft plans to deliver the update via Windows Update starting 19:00 CET, and via the Media Creation Toolkit at around the same time. Update: The new version of the Media Creation Toolkit has been released. Make sure you check the version after download to make sure it is the updated one. Instructions on how to do so are listed in the download and install chapter. Using the Media Creation Toolkit has two advantages: first, you may get the update earlier, and second, you may download and create installation media instead of updating the PC directly. This way, you can perform offline updates among other things. Note: We suggest you back up important data before you continue. Ideally, create a system backup so that you get an option to restore it if you run into issues during the update or afterward. The update should pick up all files and programs so that they remain available. Some programs may be removed however if they are not compatible with the new version of Windows 10. Download and install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1. To get started, head over to Microsoft's website and click on the "download tool now" button to get started. This downloads the Media Creation Tool to your system ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 ) 2.make sure you got the right version, right-click on the MediaCreationTool.exe file and select Properties. Switch to details, and verify that the version reads 10.0.14393. 3.run the program, accept the agreement.then you get two options choose "Create installation media for anther PC" 4.next window language, architecture and edition leave defaults click next 5.and then choose "ISO file" click next tool will download Your windows10 ISO file this videos may help you: 1.upgrading windows from ISO file without burning or mounting CD/USB drive: http://bit.ly/winfromISO 2.Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update Manually:http://bit.ly/win10anniversarymanually 3.Whatsapp Client On Your Windows 10 Pc Without Browser: http://bit.ly/whatappONwin10 Most Recent Upload ▶ https://goo.gl/xX8GXy Most Popular Upload ▶ https://goo.gl/9OlY72 view full channel here ▶ https://goo.gl/5f3BhZ HELP US TO GROW TECH COMMUNITY BIGGER ▶http://bit.ly/techelper ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔵Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/techelperin 🔴Facebook: http://facebook.com/techelperIn 🔵twitter : https://twitter.com/techelperin 🔴google plus : https://plus.google.com/techelperin ◀◀supporters▶▶ 🔴http://Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/gardengradute 🔵Facebook: http://facebook.com/gardengraduate 🔴twitter : https://twitter.com/gardengradute 🔵google plus : https://plus.google.com/gardengraduate 🔶youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jayaprakashmudaliar 🔷facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jayaprakashmudaliar 🔶twitter: https://twitter.com/jaya_mudaliar 🔷google plus : https://plus.google.com/+jayaprakashmudaliar ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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Windows 7 product key free - WAT Remover tool - permanent activator
Download link : http://bit.ly/watremover-download Make your windows 7 genuine for life time. This is a great opportunity for us to activate windows 7 without any activation key. Today I want to give you a nice tool that will help you to get life time genuine windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 is need activation key. We have already tried many times by using activation key to make Windows 7 genuine. But most of the time we face problem that windows showing a notification after 30 Days for activate windows. Sometimes after Activation we see that windows also ask for activate windows again. So toady you don't have to worry about this kind of activation notification. Just now get the genuine windows 7 within two minutes. The tool is WAT Remover which is very easy to use and to activate windows without having any serial or product key. You don't have to crack windows to make genuine. WAT stands for Windows Activation Technology. Microsoft use it to trace the Windows Activation Status. How to use Wat Remover Tools: # First Download WAT Remover : http://bit.ly/watremover-download # Now before extract this tool turn off your Antivirus Real Time Protection. Because All Antivirus takes this type of tools as a virus. But this is not a virus. # After turn off antivirus now extract Zip of WAT Remover. # Now Open WAT Remover # Click on Remove Wat and wait for few moment. # If it says for restart windows then click OK and now after restart your PC Windows Activation Done for Life time. Windows never will ask again for activate to make it genuine. Now you can turn on antivirus real time protection. If you use this tools to get genuine windows believe me this tool never going to harm your PC. And from now you will never face any notification for activate windows. I hope this tools is helpful for all of us who want a genuine windows 7 without having any problem for lifetime. And now you can also update windows from Microsoft directly without facing any problem.
Firmware Intel Ssd Update Tool
Firmware Intel Ssd Update Tool http://ud.reruzin.ru/Firmware%20Intel%20Ssd%20Update%20Tool Para descargar los drivers para INTEL SSD SOFTWARE FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL compatible con, Unix, Mac OS, Mac OS X Puma. Windows 2012, Windows 2008 The Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool provides the firmware update capabilities for the following Intel® Optane™ Memory and Intel® Solid State Drives. Support information for Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool related to product highlights, featured content, downloads and more. Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool. Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool версии. SSD-накопителей Intel. Um den Treiber für INTEL SSD SOFTWARE FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL herunterzuladen für, Mac OS, Mac OS X Puma. Intel SATA SSD Firmware Update Tool. Имя файла. This download is also valid for the products listed below. Intel SATA SSD Firmware Update Tool. Intel Ssd Firmware Update Tool. Intel Ssd In A. Kingston Ssd 1tb. Samsung Pm800 Ssd Software Mac If you are an Apple* or Linux* user, use the Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool. Firmware Intel Ssd Update Tool
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How To Activate Windows Ten | Using Microsoft Tool Kit
Download Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GmtKShprhJYevHOkJPkAZ_255NIKvWKH Like Support Subscribe And Share For Any Problem Contact Facebook : www.facebook.com/ibadofficial
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Permanently activate Microsoft Office 2016 Pro plus Without any software & product key [100% Safe]
Active Microsoft office 2016, Microsoft office 365 Proplus without any software or product key. Here i have shown how to activate microsoft office 2016 without any software and product key and this process is 100% safe. You don't need to download any kind of software or patch or crack for this. Just follow the process and it will be done. Please comment below if you face any kind of problem. Activation text : bit.ly/office2016txt I recommend everyone get your own Office Professional Plus 2016 product key from https://www.windows-services.com/ Use the coupon code "10OFF" to take an extra 10% discount. Cheap Office Professional Plus 2016 Key https://www.windows-services.com/info/Office-Professional-Plus-2016-product-p-11.html [THIS VIDEO ONLY FOR EDUCATION PURPOSE] If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later. activate microsoft office professional plus 2016, how to download microsoft office 2016 for free, how to activate office 2016, activate, 2017, activate office 2016 for free, activate office 2016 by hand, activate office 2016 without software, use office 2016 at no cost, windows 8.1, software activation, office 365 permanent activation, ms office, ms word, license activation, microsoft products, office 2013, office 365, cracked, windows 8, windows xp, windows 7, windows 10, microsoft activator, microsoft toolkit, activate office, microsoft office 365, activate office 365, permanently activate microsoft office 365 without any software (updated 2017), serial keys, keygen, activation codes, updated
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Activate any Window OS - Free Product Key - USING Microsoft Tool Kit
Windows / Vista Operating System Key Activation In Just 1 Min - Without Buying Product Key - Just Using Microsfot Tool Kit Adfly just ONE SKIP :::: http://quamiller.com/4Jdz ::::
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Download Official Windows 10 ISO without Media Creation Tool
How to download Windows 10 ISO file without using Media Creation Tool (from Official website ) Download Link : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO/ windows 10 direct download link,install windows 10 without media creation tool windows 10 iso download,download windows 10 iso full windows media creation tool download,windows 10 pro download download windows 10 setup file,windows 10 repair download windows 10 iso direct download download windows 10 setup file windows 10 download iso 64 bit with crack full version download windows 10 64 bit full version Windows 10 32 bit download window 10 download for pc full version
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Windows 10 | Upgrade mit dem Media Creation Tool
Windows 10 - Installieren leicht gemacht: ▶ http://bit.ly/1DkjTZN Auf Windows 10 mit dem MediaCreationTool upgraden - wer immer noch auf die Upgrade-Bestätigung wartet, kann das System so direkt upgraden. Wie das genau funktioniert, erklärt das folgende Video, mit dem wir durch den kompletten Upgrade-Prozess auf Windows 10 führen. Das Ausgangsbetriebssystem war Windows 8.1. ▶ Mehr heiße News: http://on.pcgames.de/1999m1U ▶ Kanal abonnieren: http://on.pcgames.de/1gR7TSo ▶ Helft uns mit Amazon-Käufen: http://amzn.to/1u9tYyA Abonniert unseren Kanal hier http://on.pcgames.de/1gR7TSo Unsere Playlist der Top 100 PC-Spiele http://on.pcgames.de/1bKdO62 PC Games Website http://www.pcgames.de PC Games auf Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pcgames.de PC Games auf Twitter http://twitter.com/pcg_de
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Windows 10 Upgrade with Media Creation Tool 1809 Test
¶ When you had to upgrade from an older operating system to a newer one, you would come across a number of problems. With the Media Creation Tool 1809, the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has been a smooth transition. I did upgrade to Windows 7 in 2016 for other computers when Microsoft allowed users of Windows 7/8 to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but I ran across problems. There were some serious problems, like the operating system using up too many resources. When this happened, the hard drive would constantly be spinning, so when this happens the ram is being allocated to other functions. As a result, the performance of your computer drops to the point it is noticeable. On one computer, it was so bad that I could not use the computer at all. For other computers that had a lot of CPU power, and ram I didn't encounter any problems after upgrading to Windows 10. ¶ ¶ I used this program to upgrade 7 computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and I had no problems whatsoever. Before I upgraded to Windows 10, I was thinking about doing a reinstall for Windows 10 after I activated Windows 10. I tested a few computers for several hours to see if I would see the same problems as before, and I did the test for a few days as well by turning the computer off and on again. Initially, the hard drive would spin at 50%, but after 10 minutes it would subside. I guess, I don't have to reinstall Windows 10 on any of the computers I upgraded. ¶
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How to Install any Firmware with Windows Device Recovery Tool
Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) will download and install only the latest version of the software available for your device. This tutorial will show you how to use WDRT to install ANY firmware version you want on your windows phone device. That is, you can upgrade or downgrade. For example, go from wp 10 to wp 8.0, or from wp 8.1 to wp 8.0, or whatever you want. STEPS: 0) Download the firmware you want to install (only the .ffu file) 1) Let WDRT downloads the last firmware version for your model (that's what it does). When the download is completed, close the program before the installation starts. You don't have to have the last firmware version installed on your phone, but you have to have it on the WDRT folder. 2) Go to the location where WDRT stores the files: c:/programdata/microsoft/packages/products/ 3) Duplicate the folder "RM-xxx" (your model) containing the files WDRT downloaded. You'll have two folders with the same content, like "RM-xxx" and "ARM-xxx", for example. 4) Go back to the place where the .ffu file you want to install is and copy it. 5) Enter the "ARM-xxx" folder and paste the .ffu file. 5) Now you have two .ffu files in "ARM-xxx" folder. Copy the name of the original .ffu file that was already there before you paste the other .ffu file and delete it (the original one). 6) Rename the .ffu file you've just pasted with the name you just copied. 5) Open WDRT, select your phone, and click install/reinstall. After the program checks the compatibility of the files, the message "switching the phone to flashing mode" will apear, as soon as it happens, go back to the "Products" folder and rename the folder "RM-xxx" to something else, like "RM-xxxA, and rename the folder "ARM-xxx" to "RM-xxx". This has to be done quickly, before the installation starts. 6) If everything is OK, the installation will start and you'll have your firmware installed. With this method i finally got my lumia 620 working again, after the touch screen stopped working due to an accidental upgrade. I couldn't use any other method because both my lumia volume buttons were broke, so the flashing process needed to be automatic.
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Fix ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ Error on Windows
► Download this tool to fix PC issues and speed up your system : https://goo.gl/8qEVfY ► Read the article with full solutions : http://windowsreport.com/12007-your-windows-license-will-expire-soon-windows-8-1/ You can get the "Windows License Will Expire Soon" error on Windows 10 and in this video we're going to show you solutions for solving the issue, but those solutions will be available to use only for those who have a genuine copy of WIndows. ► Check out our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/WindowsReport/ ► Subscribe to the channel : https://goo.gl/DyvXgW ► If you found the video useful, don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to our youtube channel.
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Upgrade firmware Lumia 630 RM-978 with Windows Decive Recovey Tool.
How to Upgrade winphone 8.1 for the Microsoft Lumia 630 RM-978, Mobile Firmware used Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.11.34101 Upgrade easy. Link Subscribe: https://goo.gl/VJ16Td Link Fanpage:https://goo.gl/oM4aWT G+:https://goo.gl/pEKQ4W Thank you! Link Tool: http://bluenik.com/Xf7
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Upgrade Windows 10 easily Via Media Creation Tool
In this video you will see the How to use Media Creation Tool to successfully Upgrade to Windows 10. Despite repeated trying I was getting Windows Update errors. After trying to find the fixes for errors nothing worked. Your error might be small problem. Try searching for your error code and you might be able to solve it. If it doesn't use Media Creation Tool as last resort. If you have a slow connection it will be very time consuming. This link might fix your problem the easy way http://adf.ly/1MEU2g Media Creation Tool: Download the OS version according to your Device, Check first. If your OS is 32-bit version click the below link. http://adf.ly/1MET21 If your OS is 64-bit version click the below link. http://j.gs/6JuT Note: You should take backup of your device. Also create system recovery drive. I am not responsible for anything.
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How to install Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool
How to upgrade to Windows 10 when Windows Update is not working Link to Media Creation Tool : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
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Windows 10: How To Easily Download and Install Windows 10 (THREE Options Explored)
Like it says in the title, I am going to walk you through how to download and install Windows 10 on your device. The method explored in this tutorial comes directly from Microsoft regarding how to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 Home or Professional edition. The free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will depend on your current version of those respective operating systems. Media Creation Tool: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Q: Which version should I install? A: (Go Under "Run Tool"): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10 Q: What if I want to downgrade back to Windows 7/8.1? A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51M_letfme8 This video explores the ways of not only upgrading the computer in which this download is performed but also how to create an ISO image or USB device capable of booting Windows 10 onto a different computer. Windows 10 FAQ's: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-faq Demonstration of upgrading to Windows 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8u6qa8KEbw This is How to Install and Upgrade to Windows 10 on Your PC. If you wish to keep all your files then click upgrade and not clean installation and key will auto activate. If it doesn't activate online automatically from the integrated BIOS product key, then you must wait for Microsoft to send a new key to your email confirmation you registered or reserved a copy with. You can still use Windows 10 in the mean time. Also remember that if you do a clean installation, you may have to reinstall some drivers (audio, etc) on the computer's manufacturer's website. Make sure you click WINDOWS 10 on the manufactures website when it asks you for which windows edition to install the drivers for. You can also restore back to your previous windows by searching "reset this pc" and clicking "reset this pc" in the search." Then click on "Restore to a previous windows version." Make sure you have a genuine purchase of windows. (You may buy from Microsoft store if you do not have) Make sure you have a USB stick to download Windows 10 files to. From Microsoft (as of 2017) in regards to the status of the free upgrade: If you use assistive technologies, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we’ve taken a number of steps to improve the accessibility of Windows 10. To learn more, read our blog that details some of these improvements. Before you upgrade, please check with your assistive technology provider(s) to learn more about their software compatibility with Windows 10. If you want Windows 10 now and are ready to take advantage of the free upgrade offer, select the button below to get started. Yes, I use assistive technologies and I am ready for my free upgrade to Windows 10. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).
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Windows 10 Mai 2019 Update: Top 5 Features von Windows 10 1903
Das Windows 10 Mai 2019 Update ist unterwegs. In unserem neuesten Video zeigen wir euch die besten fünf Funktionen des kommenden Updates, die ihr kennen solltet! ⬇ Windows 10 Mai 2019 Update jetzt schon installieren: https://windowsarea.de/2019/04/anleitung-windows-10-mai-2019-update-jetzt-schon-installieren/ ✅ Anleitung: Windows Sandbox aktivieren: https://windowsarea.de/2018/12/anleitung-windows-sandbox-aktivieren-in-windows-10-pro-enterprise/
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How to turn on Microsoft Update | Microsoft
Here's how to enable Microsoft Update, which automatically updates other Microsoft products such as Office when you update Windows: 1) Go to "Update & Security" 2) Select "Advanced options" 3) Select "Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.” You can also check out our support video on how to use Windows Update. https://aka.ms/howtoWU
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How to install Fall Creator Update or Latest windows 10 version using Media Creation tool
Get Fall Creator Update or latest windows 10 update or windows 10 upgrade using media creation tool. You can check windows 10 latest build by typing 'winver' in run windows and hit Enter. The latest build number is 16299.19: if you're still on 10240 or old versions you've missed out. You can use Media Creation Tool to install the latest Fall Creator Update, Download it and use it to upgrade the PC. Just run Media Creation Tool and follow on screen instructions as shown in this video and you get the latest version of windows 10 installed easily and your data, apps and (almost) all of your settings will remain untouched. Link for Media Creation Tool : https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10
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How to get the Windows 10 Upgrade for free in 2018
*LOOK IN COMMENTS FOR CODE* Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade
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How to activate Windows 10: Professional v1809 with Digital license 100% working April 15, 2019
How To Activate Windows 10 ( Professional full version 1809 with Digital license April 15,2019). Activate windows 10 professional with Digital License. How to activate Windows 10? How to activate Windows? How to activate Microsoft Windows? Genuine Windows 10? Activate Windows 10 Pro Edition? Activate Windows 10 Home Edition? Windows activation tool? Windows 10 Activator? Latest version of Windows 10? How to crack Windows 10? How to activate Windows 7? Windows 10 Product key? Windows 10 key generator? Windows 10 Activation? Microsoft Windows? How to get genuine version of Windows 10? Download Windows 10 for free? How to install Windows 10? Windows 10 installation & Activation? Tutorial on activating Windows 10? Windows activator download? How To Activate Windows 10 for Free? Permanently Activate Any Edition of Windows 10 How to activate Windows 10 Permanently? How to get windows 10 activation key? Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Home Download link for Windows 10 download tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Rufus Download Link: https://rufus.ie/ Digital License Activation Dowload link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ccnwlv2437ckhhh/Windows.10.Digital.Activation.zip/file -------------------My Other Videos----------------- Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019(free download and 100% working) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJBkc... Ccleaner Pro v5.56.7144 200% working keys with clean installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNHpw... YTD Video Downloader PRO v5. 200% working No Virus Alarm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CG_l... Full IDM 6.32 build 9 200% working clean crack no virus alarm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX4l1... How To: Glary Utilities (Professional v5.117.0142 with Lifetime Key April 14, 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dFtZQ59niU ----------DONT FORGET TO COMMENT----- ----------DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE---- --------DONT FORGET TO LIKE OR DISLIKE--- --------DONT FORGET TO CLICK THE RING BUTTON FOR UPDATE---
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Driver Updates for Windows 8
We unbox a brand new Toshiba laptop and check for updates in Windows 8. Find the DRIVERfighter tool at http://www.spamfighter.com/DRIVERfighter. We see here how DRIVERfighter finds updates that Windows can't due to DRIVERfighter's advanced technology.
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How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance! (New)
This video shows you, How to speed up any Windows 10 Computer for increased productivity and better gaming experience, this method is absolutely free as well as we don't use any software to achieve this performance increase! This is a new and updated version of the old video, "How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)": https://youtu.be/Ej0L8tGCSxg ▼Links mentioned in this video▼ #1. How to Optimize Nvidia Control Panel for Gaming (best settings) https://youtu.be/Lvi-bg1TYBM #2. How to Optimize AMD Radeon for gaming (best Settings) https://youtu.be/WN8qbzHEe8g ☕️ Buy us a coffee: http://paypal.me/geekstutorial (Donate Now!) Be a patron for Geeks tutorial and support more videos like this! https://www.patreon.com/geekstutorial ▼ Join the conversation! ▼ Subscribe Us Via RSS feed ▻ https://goo.gl/B5yg8V Twitter ▻ https://twitter.com/GeeksTutorial Facebook ▻ https://www.facebook.com/GeeksTutorial Instagram ▻ https://instagram.com/GeeksTutorial/ Website ▻ http://www.GeeksTutorial.com Come to truth ▻ https://www.youtube.com/user/Drzakirchannel Contact us ▻ [email protected] (Business inquiries only. All others will be ignored.) Contact us ▻ [email protected] (Business inquiries only. All others will be ignored.) ▼CONTENT DISCLAIMER▼ This video is only made for educational and entertainment purposes, so please don't use misuse. As well as only follow the instruction, visual or verbal on the video at your own risk, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Due to the social nature of this broadcasting channel videos may contain content copyrighted by another entity or person. This channel's owner claims no copyright to said content. The broadcaster of this channel cannot be held accountable for the copyrighted content. The broadcaster of this channel is a messenger and sharer of information and strives to verify, but cannot warrant the accuracy of copyrights or completeness of the information on this channel. If you have a complaint about something or find your content is being used incorrectly, PLEASE CONTACT THE BROADCASTER PRIOR TO MAKING A COPYFIGHT CLAIM. Any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to all parties’ satisfaction. ▼ More Videos ▼ ▼How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings): https://goo.gl/N3dv15 ▼ 10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Google Chrome (2016): https://goo.gl/idmnxC ▼ How To Speed Up Any Internet 10000x Faster: https://goo.gl/NWXC4c ▼ Top 89 Google Tricks - Secret Revealed! : https://goo.gl/9nwIyG Music Information: Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music and http://epidemicsound.com Partnered with Bent Pixels: http://goo.gl/YCGusG -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to Clean Windows 10 (Make it Faster)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrsZvXyRX_4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows 8 /8.1 /10 and Windows Server 2012
Windows Update for September 2015: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 based systems. (KB890830) After the download, this tool runs one time to check your computer for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software (Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom) and helps remove any infection that is found. If an infection is found the tool will display a status report the next time that you start your computer. A new version of the tool will be offered every month. If you want to manually run the tool on your computer, you can download a copy from the Microsoft Download Center, or you can run an online version from microsft.com. This tool is not a replacement for an antivirus product. To help protect your computer, you should use a antivirus product.
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How to Delete Software registry keys from System registry on windows
In this short tutorial i have shown how to delete or clean Registry keys of any software from your windows with registry editor. Cleaning Registry keys helps avoiding errors like 'Fake serial key', 'Invalid keys', 'invalid Product key', 'wrong serial number', kind of errors specially if u use cracked/patched softwares on your computer. UNABLE TO DELETE REGISTRY FILES IN REGISTRY EDITOR? FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS TO FIX THE ISSUE. 1. Open Registry Editor. -Right click Office registry key again Select Permission..Click on 'Advance' Tab below. New window opens.. Click on 'Owner' tab Click and Highlight your Username or Administrator. Click 'Apply' & 'OK' (if you don't see owner tab that means you are already in the owner's list.Skips the above steps in this case). 2. Right Click Office Reg Key again.. Select Permission..Click on 'Advance' tab. Uncheck 'Include inheritable permissions frm this object's parent',box below. Click on 'Add'. (Click on Add in the Warning dialogue box too if pops up) Now being under permission tab,Click and highlight your Username from the list of names.. Click on 'Edit'. button. Check on 'Full control' box. check on 'Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object' box. Click 'Apply' & 'OK'. Now go and try to delete your Reg key..
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Install Windows 10 without product key, without Using Media Creation Tool - A tutorial by Anurag
download links- Rufus(usb tool)- http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Boot-Manager-Disk/Rufus.shtml dvd tool - http://filehippo.com/download_ultra_iso/ key for enabling mode in chrome is F12 key then you have to press little mobile icon showing in upper right side (the reason behind this is that if you are downloading windows 10 using windows operating system it will force you to download Media Creation Tool so use another os rather than windows like Android or LInux or u can use any mobile phone to download it easily) thanks for watching my video..
Views: 4836 Anurag Patel
HP-COMPAQ bios bin file tool
HP - COMPAQ bios file utility for laptop repair technician Download insydeflash :: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Fc6ClJdIu3djBaMHUtRjBEalU/view?usp=sharing
Views: 67805 Harshad Patel
Activate Windows 10 With Windows 7 / 8 Product Key Till 31 Dec 2017
How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 - Activate Windows 10 With Windows 7 Key - Activate Windows 10 With Windows 8 Key https://www.softsuggester.com/activate-windows-10-with-windows-7-8-product-key/ Convert Windows 7 key to Windows 10, Yes, You can activate Windows 10 with Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key and use Windows 10 for free and get free updates for lifetime. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 then don't be late. Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on 31 Dec 2017. I've come to know that in addition to official Windows 10 upgrade tool,We can use Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key to activate Windows 10 without wasting hours. I put this method to the test and my Windows 7 Pro product key managed to activate my copy of Windows 10 Pro. You can activate Windows 10 during clean install or after clean install. How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 - Activate Windows 10 With Windows 7 Key - Activate Windows 10 With Windows 8 Key
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Configuring Product Support Tool For Nokia Care Suite Works 100%
ALREADY EDITED USERGROUPCONFIGURATION FILE : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw5HkfzBiyiabjlteEx6UnVsd2s&usp=sharing FIXED Nokia Care Suite : https://d1ob5g40gc5b6g.cloudfront.net/79/783359/1248253/Nokia_Care_Suite_eng_web.exe
Views: 13157 R-win Tech

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