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COMPARE : Eastwest Hollywood Orchestral vs EWQL symphonic orchestra

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I've composed this many years ago with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (In addition with True strike, Symphobia etc...) Now I've just made a new version with the Hollywood Orchestra Series (Strings, Brass Diamond & Woodwind silver) & QL Space You can listen this new version 00:00 and the old version 01:07. Hope you'll enjoy the difference ! :) "First Action" Music composed arranged and produced by Samuel SAFA http://www.samuelsafa.com
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Alex Sumoski (9 months ago)
Any good videos on how to mix them and articulate the instruments to sound more realistic?
Frank Littlefield (1 year ago)
The differences between these two sets are exactly what they should be. It's really quite impressive how well they do what they claim to. The hollywood strings are much more overstated and punchy compared to the symphonic orchestra. I think the hollywood strings definitely work better for this type of music, but your video helped me decide that for what I'm doing, the symphonic will do a much better job. Thanks so much for the comparison.
Jesse Waugh (1 year ago)
They both sound great. Hollywood for movies, SO for a more natural sound.
barry walshe (1 year ago)
amazing piece !!!!!
Gidon Ricardo (1 year ago)
it sounds like it's mixed different. however, if I am not mistaken, they used alot more mics to sample the hollywood banks.
Jake Piccioni (1 year ago)
Man, I hope I can make something half as good as this someday.
JohnHenric (1 year ago)
Is there a way for a 17 years old student to get EW Hollywood Orchestral on a non astronomical price?
Falke Music (1 year ago)
Great. In general, the rule is to put the libraries on the fastest drive you have, and usually SSD drives are much faster. However, they still are comparatively expensive and small. So if you have several libraries such as the EW, you quickly are in the realm of 2TB+. I don't have an SSD drive with that much space, so I am forced to either buy a bigger one or just use my regular 7200 RPM external HDD. So far, I run and save current projects on my internal SSD but store the libraries on the HDD. Before I had the same setting with an internal HDD rather than an SSD, that worked fine in most cases too, though I definitely had and still have to wait a bit before all instruments are loaded in a larger project, when opening that project, that is. But once loaded, I am good to go. I am sure a larger SSD would cut that time down by a significant margin. And once you go past 30 tracks or so, you will need all the speed you can get. Still, when there is a more serious issue such as interruptions during the play, it usually is about the limits of my CPU and RAM. These definitely need to be generous. So if you don't have at least 16GB RAM and a fast CPU, you may be better off stocking up there than buying a larger SSD. But if you have an SSD or can afford one, use it. Don't take my word for it. It's just based on my personal experience and might not generalize to other systems. Maybe google around a bit and see what people in composer newsgroups recommend. Also keep in mind that you probably won't start out with complex 60-track compositions right away. So you may not need to meet the recommended specs right away and always can buy things later on when you reach the limit of your system. The minimum requirements listed on the EW website are MAC MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.1GHz or higher 8GB RAM Mac OSX 10.7 or later 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming PC MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.1GHz or higher 8GB RAM Windows XP SP2, Vista, or Windows 7 Sound card with ASIO drivers 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming So as long as you meet those requirements, you can definitely start making music. You may have to tweak the settings in your DAW to have it all work smoothly, though. There are videos and discussion forums dealing with those settings for various DAWs so that it can use the available CPU and RAM optimally for the purpose at hand. If you reach the limits of your system, most DAWs allow you to temporarily convert the midi data into audio files which take up less processing and frees up power for the tracks you are currently working on, for example. So there usually is a workaround with respect to limits, though not all may be convenient. It also is important to be as economical as possible. For example, if you use the same reverbs on several tracks, only in different amounts, you should not load a separate reverb instance on each track but use busses for the effects. If you are not familiar with busses, no problem. Again, there are good videos online that explain it all. There are also many libraries that allow you to switch on and off the instrument's articulations you do and don't need. For example, a fully loaded string instrument with all the articulations might require 500 MB to 1 GB of RAM. Obviously, you cannot load many of those at once unless you have a lot of RAM. But chances are you will not use every articulation loaded. So you may be able to cut down the needed RAM to 100 or 200 MB. And suddenly you can load 30 rather than 5 instruments. There is a steep learning curve in this respect. So if you are frustrated at first, be patient and stay enthusiastic. Like all of us, you will figure things out in time.
JohnHenric (1 year ago)
Thank you, that helped me a lot! One last question, do you recommend to download these files on a SSD or is the HDD ok based on loading time when using the programm?
Falke Music (1 year ago)
My pleasure. I know how frustrating it can be to see wonderful software and sound libraries and not being able to access them because they are too expensive. For the student discount, you can access seven of their products, including the gold version of the Hollywood Orchestra. However, they split it up into sections. So the brass section would count as one, the string section as another, and so forth. So you would reach the 7 products for $15 dollars merely for the Hollywood Orchestra and not be able to look around further. If you want to check out other products as well, I recommend at least the $30 dollar a month license, for together with Stormdrum 3 and the Symphonic Choirs, Hollywood Orchestra would give you most of what you need for some serious film or game composing, though the latter two products are just two I enjoy. They are by no means necessary, as you can hear in the video. The discounts offered are independent of the license. It's not as if you get the discount because you purchased a monthly license. Most companies such as 8Dio and EastWest offer 50% off or more at least several times a year--usually around Black Friday and Christmas, but sometimes also during regular months. My point there was simply that you could play around first and save some money if you decide you want to actually purchase one or more of their products and then wait until they offer a good discount on whichever product you are interested in. As a general rule, don't buy anything for the listed regular price, for you almost always will get it for at least half that at some point during the year. Alternatively, if you find that you like many of their products, it might be worth to just continue paying the all-included license and maintain access to all of their products. In the past, I have purchased stuff that I ended up not using much, so I regretted it. The license model helps avoiding that. But, as I said, some are critical because it seems that, once you use their products in a composition, you likely will keep paying the license, at least as long you haven't finished the song for good or think you might edit it later. These libraries are huge. The string section alone consists in 46GB of data because they recorded a lot of articulations. So make sure you have a reasonably fast internet connection and no upper cap. If you are only allowed 100GB a month or such by your provider, you may want to keep track of how much you download to avoid extra fees for going over the max. And finally, if you have never worked with professional libraries such as these, make sure not to be disappointed at first. While they sound good out of the box, the realism that you hear in the video comes from a lot of editing. In fact, panning, adding expression, working with the EQ, etc. is what breathes life and realism into these library-based compositions. Editing usually takes the majority of time when you create film or game scores. So if you find the sounds static or artificial at first, that is because the midi data needs some serious editing first. I just thought I give you a warning, since I have seen some that were disappointed at first until they saw how to properly work with the libraries. There are lots of good videos on YouTube that explain how to do this, though. Good luck!
JohnHenric (1 year ago)
wow thanks for the very detailed answer! So I could basically purchase the license for one month, try out all samples I would have access to and then I would get a discount on these? How much would that discount be?
Falke Music (1 year ago)
Yes, there is. EW currently offers access to 7 products for $15 dollars per month license subscription fees for students, called the ComposerCloud. For $30 dollars a month you have access to most of their products, but functionality is somewhat limited. For example, you cannot choose between varying microphone positions, which you in the end need if you want your orchestra to sound realistic. Finally, for $50 dollars a month you have access to almost all, if not all, their products, full functionality. The idea is that you pay for the license and in turn can download the products of your choice. Some people don't like the license/cloud model because, once you stop paying, all your downloads won't work anymore. That might be bad if you want to access your compositions later on. However, it allows you to play around with the libraries and see whether you find any of them intriguing, whether you like the sounds, the workflow etc. To be safe, you also can save all tracks of each song as audio files, which would allow you to mix the songs you composed later even if and when you don't have a license anymore, but of course you could not edit the composition itself anymore. I like the model because it allows you to pick the exact products you need. For example, I have very good string libraries from other companies. So I don't really need more strings from EW. But I like some EW brass better than that of other companies. So rather than having to buy the whole orchestra, I could just go ahead and purchase those for much less money, if and when I decide to cancel my license subscription. $15 to $50 a month is not a trivial sum for a student, but it is more affordable than having to pay over a thousand dollars for the basic orchestra, solo instruments, storm drum samples and such, though the basic orchestra does not cost that much, actually. There frequently are deals on the Hollywood orchestra which allow you to purchase it for under $500 in the platinum edition (under $200 for the gold edition that has the limited functionality addressed above). That is a good price for a full orchestra of this quality. However, I realize that that might be too much for a student. I hope this helps. Best of luck.
中野優作 (1 year ago)
What is the articulation for the strings at 0:27? I am looking all over my Hollywood Strings library for the fast-paced random spiccato strings...
Ishmael Hutson (1 year ago)
Wow! You're an awesome composer. I happen to like the first one more.
El Buhdai (1 year ago)
Which one is better? I need to know which one to buy.
El Buhdai (1 year ago)
Cool, thanks!
Tiver Music (1 year ago)
EW Hollywood Orchestra is better. To me EWQL Symphonic Orchestra is far too old, since most patches don't use the Mod-Wheel.
Rose Winebrenner (2 years ago)
The more recent one sounds brighter and clearer. You must have remixed it in addition upgrading the sounds. It's a great piece!
Goc Official (2 years ago)
GREAT SOUNDS mate, this vst i need to open via Kontakt or i only need to instal in the DAW ???
Logan Hackney (2 years ago)
8dio - Majestica is probably the best Orchestral out right now, they're sound production is insanely good!!
Cris Garcia 6 (2 years ago)
is there a torrent for hollywood
Kyle Hottel (2 years ago)
For real though, the quality is unsurpassed for the amount they're asking for it. It's less expensive than all the other software in its class. Just save up and buy it.
Jamie Bales (2 years ago)
There's a website where you can buy it to pay the people that worked hard making it.
Doug Cox (2 years ago)
They sound like the difference between hi-fidelity and not-hi-fidelity.
Aleksander Otulak (2 years ago)
HELP ME TO CHOOSE (EWQL vs Hollywood Orchestra)!!!
Judas Whaley (2 years ago)
Well EWQL is the company.
Sean Florentz (2 years ago)
eqwl sounds realer.. .the other one just sounds like metal gear action music .. unless u wanna do music 4 games
Zvonimir Baljak (2 years ago)
did you do it in cubase?
David Matrai (2 years ago)
wwaaoooo Samuel! It is very professional! Incredible, I like it!
Rohan Naik (2 years ago)
First of all, great composition!! As far as the libraries go, I think the washed out effect of the Symphonic orchestra will work better with picture since movie scores have to stay under the picture and Hollywood orchestra is so in your face (At least with close mic positions I guess). But that highly depends on the context of the cue, the kind of film you're scoring and lot of other factors as well. The upside of using Symphonic orchestra is that you will not need to do a lot of work mixing-wise to send the score backwards as opposed to with the Hollywood orchestra. But the downside is that if you deliberately want to achieve that up close and in your face feel (which you can achieve with the close mic positions in Hollywood orchestra), it will not be possible. Anyways, that is just my opinion. Anyone else feels the same way?
john busby (2 years ago)
I agree to an extent.  I think having the mic positions available is invaluable as opposed to not having them.  you can always go back into play and re-mix the mics to achieve different feels and overall mood.  you can even turn mics on and off.  personally, I prefer Hollywood :)
Craig Haylett (2 years ago)
Oh boy! I'm still on harmony Assistant for my music notation. I wish I had something like this.
Reachland2 (2 years ago)
I have these but don't know how to make a music....
Kraflyn (2 years ago)
+Reachland2 Which part is lacking exactly? Cheers.
Christos Nikolaou (2 years ago)
Huge difference ... day and night I would say ! The Hollywood ones have more definition.. the strings have this hardness and detail in frequencies that make them sound more realistic.
Jacob A. Cadmus (2 years ago)
Great comparison! No doubt that HO is more modern and premium, but considering how old SO is, it surprisingly still holds up. Of course that's more in line with the skills of the user than the sounds themselves. SO is still one of the best all-in-one entry level libraries out there.
Legna Zeg (2 years ago)
great work btw!
Legna Zeg (2 years ago)
yeah, i think the new version sounds wider, bigger, right?
Charmand Grimloch (2 years ago)
Sounds great. One question: Do you have compress or eq the hollywood Brass? I often feel that the 3 trumpet patches are a bit kind of harsh from mf - ff, sometimes even phasing? Not sure about that. I mean not in your music piece here, but I experienced that problem. Any idea?
Paweł Ostrowski (3 years ago)
Sounds great.....
Ariel Pedernera (3 years ago)
Fucking genious! This is amazing!
jamierko3 (3 years ago)
Thank you for the upload. Could you please tell me which you like best and why? I am thinking about purchasing.
your work is brilliant, so punchy and expressive... I have to go back to work ;)
Upon the Circle (3 years ago)
dude this is sick. this was done with a midi keyboard?
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+TheJayKellz I don't own the drum Hollywood series...I've made the drums with True Strike (read the description ;)
Upon the Circle (3 years ago)
even for the drum packages they have?
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+TheJayKellz No there are no loops at all
Upon the Circle (3 years ago)
So are EW packages just loops or are the presets instrument sound? it always seems like they are just loops because under the description it says produced by "such in such" definitely interested 
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+TheJayKellz Thanks! Yes it is done with a midi keyboard 88 keys
1000buffalos (3 years ago)
I just purchased the Hollywood Diamond Series--I have been using EWQL Symphony Gold, and Goliath, Silk, etc. I just had Todd Pearson build a Mac Pro from a 2010 frame with a 3.6-6 core, 32 GB RAM, and several SSD drives for streaming. I am still using my Scarlett 18i6 from my old MBPro system, and have only built up work with 16 midi tracks, being forced to bounce tracks due to system limitations. What do you suggest to get 32 tracks of Midi?
cult YDJ (3 years ago)
Good Job N Nice Work Very Thanks
Yaser Abdallah (3 years ago)
great music, good job *thumbup*
Gary Fluke (3 years ago)
Very good stuff! For anyone who wants to hear more of the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Gold version, I have posted my first composition using it.  It is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXhIKb6kfnw.  I used an iMac with only 4G of ram, but have since upgraded to 16G of ram.
Sound Galaxy (3 years ago)
To me it sounds like they are not mixed the same way. The Symphonic Orchestra sounds much weaker, not mainly because of the samples, but because their voume levels are much lower in many parts of this piece than the Hollywood stuffs'. And to me it sounds like there are some parts (layers) are missing from the Symphonic Orchestra version, for example some higher register strings. For example in SO I can't hear the higher octave strings layer, in HS starting around 0:15 , and in SO startin around 1:22 . I'm not sure if that is because of the different mixing. At least that's how I hear it. Before you upload a comparison like this, you should make sure that you mix them the same way to get a fair comparison, (I think you should at least match the volume levels of the 2 versions). So, I think this is not a fair comparison, but maybe it's only me... Don't give me wrong, please, I just tell what I hear and think. (By the way the piece is just great! I wish I could write something like this! :)) Have a nice day!
Steven Zimmerman (7 months ago)
The reason is symphonic orchestra aimed to stay true to realism. Hollywood orchestra allows you to play a higher register that the real instrument cannot reach.
Alex Fenty (1 year ago)
Agreed..if the symphonic track was mixed over bolder it would sound close to the hollywood orchestra. No drastic difference in sound to me at all.
IvoryStrike (1 year ago)
+Bruno Dzogovic That sounds like a very good description! I would imagine Hollywood Orchestra to have that characteristic cinematic sound to it. Symphonic Orchestra, while can still probably accomplish the same task and vice versa, is more meant for that true to life sound of a classical symphony.
Middlestep [official] (1 year ago)
The first sounds more aggressive, due to compression and the character. However, Symphonic Orchestra sounds very natural, just like you would listen in a concert hall not a movie-inspired composition.
Juancho661 (2 years ago)
+Sound Galaxy Very true in what you say and also, I noticed in the violins, maybe its because of the mix I don't know, at around :30 The Orchestral Series for what seems like the portamento slide glitches as opposed to the Symphonic series at around 1:36, sounds not very clear and crisp and for the Symphonic series that part of the violins expressiveness sounds much better. But everything else sounds more powerful with the editing elements included in the Orchestral Series. It would be nice if you can clarify that part or even just the violins side by side only with no reverb or too much room.
Ville ms (3 years ago)
Excellent job !! I am a novice composer, and I love your videos! inspiring! To do similar work to this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_sKrgoUmJE) which EWQL you recommend?
Tony Mar (3 years ago)
are the same?
matteo falco (3 years ago)
Hi! Great piece! I am interested in buying the whole diamond orchestra....Can you briefly explain your PC setup please?Processor, motherboard, ssd (raid?), asio driver settings, etc...how many voices can your system handle before experiencing pops or crackles? Thanks a lot! Matteo
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+matteo falco Hi! I use a Mac Pro 2010, 2.8 Ghz Quad core, 32 Go Ram, RME Fireface UC, SSD hard drive (this is necessary). No pops and crackles ;-)
마준호 (3 years ago)
Wow goooooooooooooooooood work!
Especiallyinsweden2 (3 years ago)
Hi, i have two questions :) 1. When you buy the Hollywood Orchestral package, do you get all the 3 Hollywood brass/strings/woodwinds packages separate? 2. I can hear percussion, in which of these 3 packages does it include percussion?
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+Especiallyinsweden2  Hi, 1 No....Now the Hollywood Orchestral package contains Hollywood Brass / Hollywood Strings / Hollywood Woodwinds / Hollywood Percussions. You can check East West website. 2 The percussion you heard are from another bank...True Strike.
Manu Martínez (3 years ago)
Hi! I´m very interested in buying these plugins. I have two questions for you. 1. Do you recommend buying the whole package (HollyWood Orchestra Bundle or Symphonic Orchestra Bundle) or buy them separately (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds)? 2. What DAW do you use to load your plugins? Impressive work!
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+Manuel Martínez  Hi Manuel, 1 Forget the Symphonic Orchestra, Hollywood series is much better ;-) My choice was to buy them separately...First because I didn't need the H Percussion....Secondly, cause I'm not a fan of the Hollywood Woodwinds, so I 've bought the silver version. However the H Strings and H Brass are really great, so I've bought the "Diamond" version. On my case, to buy separately was the good option. But for exemple if you want the H Percussion, maybe it's interesting to buy the package (Lower Price) You can visit the East West site to know about their offers. 2 I'm using Logic Pro X All the best
leeahegg (3 years ago)
Bravo! Can I ask you some question!?
Yaser Abdallah (3 years ago)
+Samuel Safa Composer my opinion Vienna Symphonic Orchestra great for Real classic music, but EWHO great for Film Score.
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+leeahegg  Hi,In Komplete 10 the strings you use are « Action strings » or « Session strings » right ?They are good but very limited. Indeed , this is a good idea to fill in the gap ! EW Hollywood series is a huge bank, and the first thing you have to know is that it’s very « Hungry » You need a PC or Mac Quad Core and at least 16Go Ram. (even if they say 8Go) And a SSD Hard drive. You can find their recommendations in their website: http://www.soundsonline.com/Hollywood-Orchestra There's no musical phrases or rhythmics loops like on Action Strings, you have to play/ program all your stuff. The Diamond series is very complete (Articulations, Divisi, 3 mic positions etc…) As a newbie, maybe EWHO is not the most easy to manage. You can also consider "Vienna Symphonic Orchestra" as an option https://vsl.co.at/en/Instruments/Special_Editions The edition Bundle are not expansive, and the interface is quite intuitive (in my opinion) Hope this will help you. All the best !
leeahegg (3 years ago)
Thanks for your reply and your work on the comparison on those two bundles! I have Komplete 10 Ultimate, the action strike and damage are very good for aggressive action theme. But in slow music with tension and expressiveness were ask, the brass and string section are seem like lack of energy and direction.  So, in your opinion, EW's Hollywood Orchestra is it an option to fill-in the gap! So many people say that many film music composer they will no stick with only one library. But I think in the other around, no one library can fit all kind of music, I think you do agree, right! So, I think it's time to expand my sound palette! By the way, I am a hobbyist in film music and newbie to playing this kind of grant sample library. Your opinion would be very helpful to me. Thank you so much!
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
+leeahegg Yes no problem ;-)
Nicolo P (3 years ago)
great, compare solos instrument too.
Dominique Fournival (3 years ago)
Very good work I too have the hollywood series (Strings Diamond,Brass and Woodwind Gold and QL Space) it is true that there is not any hesitation when a rendering quality difference Anyway congratulations very nice piece
Samuel Safa Composer (3 years ago)
Thank you Dominique !

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