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Get the Best Shipping Price: FOB vs CIF

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http://alibabacrashcourse.com/shipping-difference-cif-fob/ Get the Best Shipping Price: FOB vs CIF: How do you get the best shipping price from China? in this Crash Course video we explain the difference between FOB and CIF. http://alibabacrashcourse.com/shipping-difference-cif-fob/
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hh hh (13 days ago)
Thank you...made me ready for my exams
andy herrera (4 months ago)
CIF is paid by shipper But is it charged to you?
Motom Moto (7 months ago)
I need the FOB and CNF cost from Chennai to Hanoi to export cereals through Air or ship Can u guys help me to find the price...
Mona Iu (1 year ago)
Thank you for your explanation. Just a quick question, is CIF and DDP the same thing? Thanks!
Will Dunlop (1 year ago)
Mona Iu hi mona, CIF will get your goods up to the destination port, all destination costs (THC, delivery, duties/taxes payable by you). DDP your goods will be delivered to your door with all charges including Duties/Tax paid for by the shipper.
Matthew (1 year ago)
I still don't get it....FUUUUUUU I'm about to make my first order of 100 pieces. What does FOB Shanghai mean? Will the goods be delivered to my doorstep or do I have to hire someone else to forward the shippment?
Deperivi Animae (1 year ago)
Matt FOB gets you nowhere, you will need a freight forwarder
can export import be done through home with investment??
Peter Eastvold (2 years ago)
I have been looking around for a video explaining some of the Alibaba order page. Like walk through it... I can see the offer and price for the units at the top, then shipping, then payment. But specifying shipping doesn't tell me how much shipping is. Do you just confirm order and hope for the best? Besides that, I am wondering about the payment methods, which is safest, what do I do? Which ones are part of the Alibaba escrow?
angelina delila (2 years ago)
still don't get it.
Giovanni Saquinga (2 years ago)
Just one thing I think you are wrong. FOB just work when goods are being exported by ocean or inland waterway, so on FOB the delivery take place on the ship (not on the airport). Thanks
Chaddaine Cunningham (2 years ago)
What are the payments from the FOB destination to my port and cleared into my possession(from the buyers point of view)
Enigma (2 years ago)
Greetings & thank you for making this video however, I need major help. I live in New York and I can't figure out what port my items would be shipped to from china. Where would I find that information... pls pls
Javed Persaud (2 years ago)
Thank You! Very helpful
daniel andrade (2 years ago)
very helpful. thank you.
Yaron Rosen (3 years ago)
FOB means that the shipping destination is free?
Sivakumar Anbazhagan (3 years ago)
what is T/T ?
Sachin Jade (1 year ago)
Telegraphic Transfer of Funds.
UB-SCFI (3 years ago)
Hello I like the video a lot, may be you can make a video about THC, DTHC and LTHC, Thank you very much for the video and the valuable information.
Zaid Abbadi (3 years ago)
Been reading about CIF & FOB for an hour and didn't get a thing.. you come in and explain it in 2 minutes 😂 thanks!
Aditya Mehta (4 years ago)
can you explain EXW?
john o'connell (4 years ago)
Good video! So to clarify, with CIF the goods will be shipped to a port near me in the USA. Does CIF include USA customs, or does that happen on my end? And then would I make arrangement with a US carrier like UPS for customs and shipping to me?

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