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EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Tutorial: Combine different strings articulations

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how to combine different strings articulations with fluent transitions. Presented to you by Lars Eichstaedt. Like, share and subsrice if you like it :)
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el-Odysseas (1 year ago)
Dear Lars, First of all thanks for the tutorial.I guess, that sometimes combinations of articulation can sound unnatural, mostly because they cannot being played with an acoustic instrument.For example changing so fast between legato and pizzicato (like in your example at the begining of the video) it's not possible (or at least very hard).Imagine the violonist playing quarters in legato, that end with pizzicato/spiccato sixteenth notes. Many greetings!
Pluvia Aeterna (2 years ago)
learned many good things from this tutorials,keep up the good work!
Brad Peterson (2 years ago)
Thank you. It's educational to watch your thought process and how it evolves
CreativeEar (2 years ago)
Hey Lars, Thanks a lot for the tutorials! Your video on realistic staccato strings were the best investment of 40 mins in a long time. Do you plan on uploading new video's anytime soon. Would love to learn more on brass and percussion!
22172217 2217 (2 years ago)
too much blah blah in your videos
Great tutorial.
Sidnei Felipe (3 years ago)
are you going to make more videos?
user5134 (3 years ago)
Thanks for the great tutorial :) One suggestion: I would love to hear a before-after comparison at the beginning or the end of the video to realise how much your modifications changed in the whole process!
ministryinsong (4 years ago)
I enjoyed the tutorial, I'm about to install the plat plus my only regret is I wanted to hear the finished work together to see the difference from the start.
AspirRok (4 years ago)
You might want to check out Embertone's Friedlander violin and Blakus cello, really amazing and realistic virtual instruments. They are very easy to use and learn. You do not need to have the full version of Kontakt 5 in order to use them. Just go to the Native Instruments website and download the free Kontakt player. The violin was 120.00 USD and the cello was 110.00 USD when I bought them, so I do not know how that exactly equates to Euros. But check them out on the Embertone Sampling youtube channel, anyway. They are brand new and very good!
Lukáš Červený (4 years ago)
Sorry, but it doesn't sound realistic at all...
Hal Burton (4 years ago)
Thank you Lars. These are very helpful tutorials.
MrRemmeh (4 years ago)
Thank you lars your tutorials are amazing and very detailed please keep them coming, they help alot.
VirtualMusicTutorial (4 years ago)
tnak you very much :) glad you like. If you have questions, just ask :)

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