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How to Start a Business With No Money (Or Little Money): Dropshipping!

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Learn how to start a business with no money (or with very little). ►► Free $10,000/Month ebook: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step ►► Get SaleHoo: http://wholesaleted.com/y/salehoo (affiliate link) ►► Ecommerce store video tutorial: https://youtu.be/vQzy6rtGs3Q Please note: this description contains affiliate links Other tools & videos used/referenced: iPage: http://wholesaleted.com/go/ipage Jungle Scout: http://wholesaleted.com/go/junglescout Aliexpress dropshipping tutorial video: https://youtu.be/2CWrd2gdTIs When I say “learn how to start a business with no money” I mean with basically no money - EVERY business will require some. Using dropshipping, you can start a business with money except for a very, very small cost. Learn how to start a business with no money (or basically no money) with method A: Start an ecommerce store and dropship items from Aliexpress ($23.88) Step 1: Create an ecommerce store with Wordpress & Woocommerce When you need to start a business with no money (or extremely little) every saving counts. The cheapest way to open an ecommerce store is with Wordpress. To do that, you will need a hosting plan and a domain name. The cheapest, most cost-effective way to get that is to signup with iPage. You can get started for just $23.88. Get iPage here: http://wholesaleted.com/go/ipage Click here to watch my step-by-step video tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store: https://youtu.be/vQzy6rtGs3Q Step 2: List items in it from Aliexpress When you are listing items in your own ecommerce store, an easy way to find items for it is to go to Aliexpress and find Chinese dropshippers. Simply head over to Aliexpress and find items in the niche that you are targeting, then list them in your own store. I have a video which gives great tips/advice on how to do this here: https://youtu.be/2CWrd2gdTIs Step 3: Market your Aliexpress dropshipping store with SEO (search engine optimization) For each product page, pick a keyword that best represents the item that you are selling and then make the following modifications to it: 1. Add the keyword to the title. 2. Add an item description that is at least 400 words. 3. Add the keyword into the description so that it has a keyword density of between 1-2%. 4. Add the keyword into the first 50 words of the description. 5. Add the keyword to the img alt data for the first image on the page. Using these techniques, you will be able to get free organic traffic. This is a good way to get traffic if you need to start a business with no money and can’t pay for Facebook ads. Here is another way to start a business with no money (or very, very little!). Method B: Start a dropshipping business on Amazon.com using USA-based dropshippers. Step 1: Locate USA-based dropshippers with SaleHoo ($67) 1. Go to SaleHoo and login to your subsciption. If you don’t have a subscription you can get one by clicking here: http://wholesaleted.com/y/salehoo 2. Next, click on “directory.” From here, click on the green “search” button without selecting a category. 3. Next, filter the results by region. Select “North America.” 4. Finally, filter the results by supplier type. Click “Dropshippers.” Step 2: Go through the suppliers and locate low-cost, high-demand items. 1. Go to a supplier and open up their catalog. You may need to contact the supplier to have them send it to you or give you access as not all catalogs are available to the public. 2. Take each item in their catalog and compare it to the going price on Amazon.com. Note down items that are priced lower in the supplier’s catalog to the prices on Amazon. 3. OPTIONAL: Check how often an item sells so that you can estimate the revenue you’ll get from it using Jungle Scout: http://wholesaleted.com/go/junglescout Step 3: List the items you are dropshipping on Amazon.com There are two ways that you can do this depending on whether the item already has a listing on Amazon.com or not. Both methods are free which is great when you want to start a business with no money: 1. If the item has a listing already, then add yourself as a seller. Match your price to your competitors price so that you can share what is called the “Buy Box” with them. You can find out how to win the Buy Box by watching this video: 2. If the item does not have a listing already, then create a new listing for the item. In our free ebook (http://wholesaleted.com/4-step) we give you free tips on how to create a high-converting listing. Pick one of these 2 methods and start a business with no money (or very very little!) today. Please note: This video/description contains affiliate links.
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Peter A Edwards (13 hours ago)
A good video Sarah even though the title seemed a little odd. I can understand what it is saying, though there are bound to be people that think you really do mean no money. Starting any business either by investing time or capital is still a cost. Sorry this comment is a little late will watch again as I sometimes think watching something once does not do a video justice.
cashmonyz (2 days ago)
update on world of harry website? lol :)
Wholesale Ted (2 days ago)
It got taken down. That's why I recommend staying away from IPs! 😂😉
Jenofre Montero (4 days ago)
i just checked the website World of Harry and it is now down..https://www.trustpilot.com/review/worldofharry.com
Wilfredo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Hi what do you think of 3dcart , compare to Shopify and Woo Commerce? (WordPress).
PaganMeagan (1 month ago)
If anyone is watching this video today and wants to create a logo for free use CANVA its easy and free
John Paris (2 months ago)
all these videos are a lot of fun, however noone talks about other hidden costs wich will reduce the profit if and when we find a winning selling product like this for example. Talking about other hidden expenses, is that in order to be legal on the worldwide market, you cannot just buy and sell products online, without paying taxes, health insuranse and everything else it is requiered in each country. So, after a few months watching you and other ecommerce gurus, I have the feeling that you were getting hired from big platforms like "Shopify", "Oberlo", etc, in order to advertise them and make more profits for them and not for us individuals and potential enterpreuners. Cheers
carlos santos (2 months ago)
Using aliexpress is not competitive
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs (3 months ago)
This is rip off. They buy your data from drop ship suppliers, so they can show this video, which is telling of drop ship industry at large. They make money on back end. You'll end up with Bipolar or another bogus disease. Be careful...they want your e-mail, so offer free book, once they have that, they know everything about you, & their cult will start cutting you off Sounds like science fiction, butt it's true Perhaps you're already inside their clutch
Ishita's blog (3 months ago)
I can't sell with Ali Express...they take 15-20 days for delivery...my customers will not wait for their product that long...then how can method 1 work?? Also, can you please make a video on what customs and regulation should I be looking at paying for importing my goods from India or China? How should we go about calculating those?
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs (5 months ago)
$23.88 is no money
Satya Narayana (6 months ago)
Hi wholesale Ted, I am from India. I have a doubt for payment method. If a customer pay the product and checkout then what we do? We go to login to the Shopify and check the product customer order, we pay the money to the product or not, otherwise it automatically customer pay the ordered money with his card and transfer the money from him to my PayPal account and automatically cut the one to my PayPal to item in the supplier. Then remaining amount holds in my PayPal account. This is the process or not. Can you explain it.
Sheriff Saani (6 months ago)
hello, Wholesale Ted, i have three questions for you.... *After being able to make profit or income from my $23.88 budget shop, can i take your $63 course without abandoning my $23.88 budget shop? *Also, do I need to write articles for each and every product i display in my shop on my website? *Lastly, is it necessary in writing my own terms and conditions as part of my shop details?
Aninja (7 months ago)
How she said the wand name. Oh it hurts.
Graysen Blackwell (7 months ago)
I tried to get you free book and then nothing, but you are still trying to sell your monthly course. What is going on?
Wholesale Ted (7 months ago)
Did you watch the video? You were offered a special offer for my course but it is separate from the ebook. Check your different email inboxes. You need to find the ebook confirmation email and then you can get the ebook - absolutely free :) again, it has nothing to do with The Dropship Club, they are separate things.
Kelly McIntosh workshops (7 months ago)
I love your vidoes! They are the best I have seen. I have been using your advice to set up my shopify store. You mentioned in a video to mention in the shipping disclaimer, "due to high demand, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery." Is it ok to say "due to high demand" on all of my products? What are some other examples of reasons for the 2-4 week shipping times?
WighTShadoW (8 months ago)
you did a great job on this information and thank you so much for clarifying the algorithm for google.
KemetBrotha17 (9 months ago)
Thank you SOOO much
Sang Nguyen (10 months ago)
5:00 model A
Sang Nguyen (10 months ago)
hey Sarah I don't see your reply to the comments on your vids so how could your watchers really believe in what you teach ?? Actually i have a lot of questions to ask you about the model A . Is the model A still working now ?
Sang Nguyen (10 months ago)
Anyway is the model A still working now ? if it is , could you please tell me the monthly cost needed to keep the business going throughout the year ( coz 23.88 dollars is just the money to start building the business right ? ) ? . Besides my study work , i can invest 4 hours a day for this , is that ok ?
Sang Nguyen (10 months ago)
ok, I'm sorry for not really knowing that. This video is awesome BUT scrolling down the comment section i don't see any comment getting replied even the comment that kinda prove that what you said in the video were kinda wrong . Actually as a university student , the video gives me hope to start an online business with very low cost BUT scrolling down the comment section what i see are kinda disappointing .
Wholesale Ted (10 months ago)
I also recommend these days people focus on Aliexpress dropshipping due to changes with Amazon that I discussed about in later videos.
Wholesale Ted (10 months ago)
That isn't a fair comment at all. I reply to hundreds of comments every month. My YouTube partner manager told me they were impressed with his often I replied compared to many channels. I can't answer all questions because answering questions is time consuming!
Jamez Monroe (10 months ago)
I'd rather say tits by tits instead of seents by seents ;)
ElephantHooves (11 months ago)
I love the videos I am only a teenager that is why I am hesitant on starting a store. I should start one soon. I want to start one so I can help my family financially and maybe myself too.
Robert Stine (11 months ago)
I am just starting I love your show keep it up good job
Ms. Anderson (11 months ago)
Hi can i still use this info or is it a updated version
Dd f (11 months ago)
King illusionist (11 months ago)
If i page provides a website for 23.88 why need shopify where we pay montly? Pliz reply
Truett Thurow (11 months ago)
Looking for a mentor. Can anyone assist?
Joshua Johnston (1 year ago)
$24........... nice
Intuit Box (1 year ago)
You said we should not copy and paste anything when writing our description. but the plugin auto import item and all description. do i need to modify the title and description or clear all description and re-write my own description with new title for the item imported ?
OPT PR (1 year ago)
Hi. Thank you for the wealth of info you provide. It’s been quite some time since you made this vid so things may have changed and I want to see if everything you’ve mentioned is still applicable before I dive in. Is drop shipping on amazon a risky model? I heard somewhere that you can get your account banned if the company you drop ship from runs out of stock and your amazon customer doesn’t receive the product in time. Also, are there more expenses beyond sale hoo like memberships or anything else? Thank you. Have a great day.
zaks news site (1 year ago)
29:02 hey sara. my question is what is the advantage of starting up dropshipping with a credit card that will make you require no start up money for purchase order?
Jeremy Tan (1 year ago)
Isn't the product in 8:45 a trademark since it's Harry Potter? Is this allowed?
anythgofnthg (1 year ago)
So that's what middlemen call themselves..."dropshippers"
mouad NV (1 year ago)
this still working ?
Kaelin Foley (1 year ago)
Why don't you just buy from china in bulk and deliver to the Amazon Warehouses in the US ?
Renee F (1 year ago)
So if you choose to do drop shipping on Amazon platform (like mention at end of video) then you wouldn't be a Amazon FBA act holder but merchant fulfilled as supplier is sending straight to customer, correct?
HomeVdz (1 year ago)
Is there any way to automate the buying of products from the drop shippers? It would be nice to take the order and then a program to take the details and place the order with the supplier.
please how can I get a credit card
Azz (1 year ago)
What about receipts? Will they not get a receipt with the product x amount cheaper than you sold it to them?
GenZMommy (3 months ago)
Azz no
Jelle Otter (1 year ago)
Whould camping gadgets be a good store idea ? I have no idea what sort of items to sell
Golden Eagle (1 year ago)
Stip by Stip
steve Bosden (1 year ago)
You haven't got a clue how to teach anyone anything. You are now getting boring and anoying. All you are doing is getting commission From Alibaba etc. You promote Alibaba but do not tell anyone all the agro etc. Setting up a online store. Think about what you are listening too. I recommend. You have never set up an online store. Stop lying to everyone on YouTube....
A F (1 year ago)
Is it pratical for an Indian guy
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Definitely - I know several successful dropshippers based out of India.
Gabriel Amodeo (1 year ago)
The only fear I've got right now is using my credit card to buy , say, 1k USD in 2 weeks, then having people asking me for refunds. What then? I'd be screwedd for 1k or whatever sum they would ask a refund for, or does the wholeseller refund my money as well?
facial supremacy (1 year ago)
holy crap Sara!!! That loud theme music. your voice THEME MUSIC!!!!! ))))))))
Bonnie Brown (1 year ago)
Is there an easy way to temporarily turn off your Amazon selling account for reasons such as taking a vacation, or for health reasons? You wouldn’t want customers to be purchasing from you if you’re not around to purchase their item from the drop shipper.
Jose Truchado (1 year ago)
I don't know how you can recommend the Ipage server, they are awful!!! their PHP installation is old and they don't support SoapClient module which is essential for most Wordpress plugins and when you try to get a refund from them they are impossible
Catssom25 (1 year ago)
I'm from the UK. How would I work salehoo with dropshipping on amazon UK? Also do you have a step by step guide book for all these videos you? Great info :-)
isaiah valera (1 year ago)
Yes I accept what you have written - it's more risky than it sounds to make money online shops and someone could easily lose more than you make. Be careful and get help from other people that have already succeeded. I looked round many websites and discovered a lot of great help by searching google on sites like Ecom Turbo Tactic. I wish you luck and hope you profit soon!
TheCozmikTruth1 (1 year ago)
Your channel is AWESOME! The amount of information! 😱😅
Drew Fleury (1 year ago)
RIP ears @ 1:55
saleh abuzir (1 year ago)
hi, may i ask please, let's say i have a store on woocommerce and someone bought a product from me, do i get the money immediately from paypal? Thank you alot.
Aaron Curry (1 year ago)
Aliexpress does not take payments from PayPal. Only credit card payments. So, you cant use the money from the sale, you have to use a credit card.
The Belle LLC (1 year ago)
This video is awesome & i like your accent. Thank you
aghildev Dev (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah, Thanks for all your videos relating to dropshipping. I have started a website www.yogadgetz.com from your inspiration. However now I am in middle of confusion on the marketing part - though followed your facebook ad suggestions still not getting the sales as expected. Is there anyways you can browse thru my website and provide me ur valuable feedback. Thanks for all your help so far!!
Sid's Dairy (1 year ago)
Viral Hacker (1 year ago)
Stip by stip jheeeeeze
Freezer Dweller (1 year ago)
i think you forgot about the monthly fees from amazon to open a store .?
King illusionist (11 months ago)
ThisISETHANBRADBERRY! Individual accnt doesnt pay fees..
Joseph Cole (1 year ago)
this is why wholesale ted is my favorite dropshipping video
Amy (1 year ago)
I love your videos so much. Thank you!
Sonic Fiction (1 year ago)
I posted my first item on ebay yesterday, and 3 hours after my account is suspended. Item was some type of binoculares that I find on one dropship supplier's site. I have no idea what was my mistake, but I am sure that I am done with dropshipping on ebay.
Alice Moraes (1 year ago)
Hello there, I really like your videos, they are straight to the point, yet I still have some doubts. Like the Amazon Fee Calculator. I don't get the Shipping Costs parts, so I'm probably using it wrong. When it's Free Shipping on Amazon I have to delete the value on the 'Amazon Shipping Credit' box on the calculator and then put the actual shipping value that the supplier has? If you guys or anyone could help me, I would really appreciate! I feel like I'm losing time on this, because it affects my research and the whole process. Best Regards!
Unknown Humanbeing (1 year ago)
Munna Kumar (1 year ago)
Can u contact me personaly if u don't mind because I telling all about it
Esi Q (1 year ago)
For buisness model A what do you do about shipping costs?
Mahad (1 year ago)
Hi, My name is Mahad and I am a 13-year-old from London. I have been wondering if u can put your products on Amazon for business model A as then there would be a wider audience and more customers.
S for Shopping (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah, 1. When I set up an online store and fulfil the order through dropshipping from China to US. How are the Customs Clearance processes taken care? 2. If it is my responsibility to clear the customs, how can I do so when I am not actually living in US?
stephaniepike27 (1 year ago)
does this information still apply to 2018?
The High Score (1 year ago)
"23 doller and 88 ceyents" 0:26
ALL-IN-ONE (1 year ago)
i live your videos you the best thank you
Clark Goodrich (1 year ago)
These videos are great! Well thought out, packed with information, and competently delivered. You're providing just what I needed. Thank you! (Please keep it up!)
Real Estate Rookie (1 year ago)
the phrase you're looking for is "little to no money down".
Nyackarch (1 year ago)
Unfurtunately she does not reply to comments or questions.
Juan Castro (1 year ago)
Do you have to have a paypal business account?..
joseph pray (1 year ago)
what i am worried about in starting a business online is : Set up shipping and tax rates. i know nothing about taxes . does eBay amazon , do it for you ?
Georgian C (1 year ago)
I love you Sarah ❤️
Danilo Gaces Jr (1 year ago)
Hi! I'm watching your video. And I found this conclusion: so you are saying that if I sell on business model a I'll use a platform for which I'll set up my own website, like Shopify? And if I choose business model b I'll be using salehoo to locate my manufacturers from the USA and I'm gonna use amazon.com as a platform for wherein I'm gonna sell my items from my manufacturers from the salehoo the same thing like in AliExpress. Is that right?
Ryan Freitag (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah. I discovered your YouTube channel a few months ago. I Have watched a few of your videos and you are very helpful. Lots of great information here. I don't know if you have already gone over this but can eBay sellers drop ship using AliExpress? I see sellers that ship from China but i don't know if those are American sellers drop shipping or if they are sellers located in China.
Ryan Freitag (1 year ago)
Wholesale Ted Thanks for the reply. Setting up my own store seems a bit intimidating for me starting out. I have looked into one item to import from China so far and I am about ready to place my order. The supplier has lowered the minimum order quantity from 1,000 pieces to 100 for me to help me get going. The only thing i am concerned about doing this is the import fees. I've already tried checking that one website to try finding the duty rate or import fee for the item and could not find it. For drop shipping I think I am going to use the SaleHoo site to find US suppliers to drop ship for me. Any other advice you have is much appreciated. I really need to start making more money as soon as possible. My full time job isn't cutting it anymore.
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Hi Ryan, it's not something I recommend. If you do that, you'll likely wrack up negative feedback since eBay buyers aren't used to waiting for items to arrive from China. If that happens, your account & paypal account are at risk. I strongly recommend only dropshipping with Chinese suppliers in your own store.
BILLY WOK (1 year ago)
Thanks for this vid it only cost me 88 seannnns
Anis Kouhen (1 year ago)
I love your videos, your style and your marketing genius. Please continue the good work!
Leighann L (1 year ago)
Your facial expressions are so cute!!!
Stefan Metodijev (1 year ago)
Sarah, is it possible to combine Shopify with Salehoo and then sell in US by targeting ads via Facebook to Americans (since shipping would be a few days instead of 2 weeks or so)? Is this feasible? Or did I misunderstand something?
Stefan Metodijev (1 year ago)
It does! Thanks to you I am very seriously thinking about this stuff, it's exciting! One suggestion: You could compare Magento vs Shopify vs. Woocommerce, I think that would be a useful video.
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
It's not something I'd recommend because usually with Facebook ads you're looking to promote offers that cost less than $15, and you won't find dropshippers priced low enough in the USA to do so. What you should be looking to do in the long-term is to take your successful Aliexpress products, and to then buy them in bulk, send them to a fulfillment warehouse in the USA and sell them from there. But that is something you only do once you've got an established store :) hope that helps
My Youtube Channel (1 year ago)
Where is this accent from? She talks like a cartoon character!
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
New Zealand
Julien NOEL (1 year ago)
Hi ! Do you have some kind of a solution like your SALEHOO for businesses based in Europe?
GabRacineCarre (1 year ago)
This is a super noob question. Im from canada, so I guess I sell on canada amazon? Or maybe not? But if so, do I salehoo search for canadian dropshippers?
hunnybunny10789 (1 year ago)
Also for shipping price is that paid by the customer at time of purchase for drop shipping?
hunnybunny10789 (1 year ago)
You say to not copy item descriptions for business model 1 are you allowed to use the stock photo from the AliExpress website?
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Yes, though you can ask if you would like to be 100% safe. I've never met a supplier that said no!
danny ambat (1 year ago)
my i ask if it's Possible to start if i'm asian, based here in korea!!?? please need feedback thanks
danny ambat (1 year ago)
wow! its granted to hear that with you im happy but, I need learn how? creating i mean selling amazon while i'm here in korea and also dropshipping!! very well interested and willing to learn step by step also help finance for my family! please help me!!
Wholesale Ted (1 year ago)
Definitely! Korea is a great place to start from.
I love you :))))
Davi Jones (1 year ago)
Great content!. How would Drop shipping work if you create you own products? example:Art etc Or is this designed just for Products that already exist on Amazon/ebay?
abdullah ben abdullah (1 year ago)
my advice: Never ever pay for getting dropshippers. paying money for start dropshipping means a middleman need to eat the cake before even seeing it.
Cosmic Ordering (1 year ago)
Amazon hold the funds for 14 days and you have to pay from your fund for the item and then wait for the funds ! WHAT A FRAUD ! don't mess with amazon DO legit business but the name of the trade is give me the money to give you the honey ! Plus Amazon does not accept paypal and that's a big turn off for most buyers and sellers as well.
Awad Abu Bakr (1 year ago)
how about the packing , its not gonna have the amazon logo on it , it will have the dropshiper address and logo instead.. i think all im gonna have if i follow your method is just a bunch of bad reviews from buyers ...
Den Stump (9 months ago)
Blind drop shipping means no information at all about where package was shipped from. There is nothing at all to show you did not ship it. Some drop shippers you can even give your business info as to what you want shown and they will include a packing slip of what was shipped in package using YOUR info but no pricing.
Awad Abu Bakr (1 year ago)
btw , all ppl now will buy hary potter stuff from aliexpress directly instead of buying from your friend :)
Awad Abu Bakr (1 year ago)
drop shipping is gonna take long time up to 60 days to ship the item from the supplier from china by alibaba or aliexpress , im sure the buyer will be upset waiting so long to receive his item ..
Julie Gerard (1 year ago)
Im a little confused..if u r dropshipping the same item that is on Amazon do u still need to get ur own upc? & wat do u put on for the sku? Thanks..also im really struggling to find anything to dropship that isnt restricted or some other barrier..can u please advise how to get around this?
mo Ishag (1 year ago)
Shall we just get married
tyrone120892 (1 year ago)
I love your voice ^_^
Phoenix Wiseman (1 year ago)
Notes ; basically and literally are not the same thing. No money and basically no money and literally no money are also seperate things.
Photolation (1 year ago)
You can be a very good actor. Thanks for the video
Rafael Lopez (1 year ago)
on model B, why it has to be a USA based drop-shippers?

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