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Deep House Music for Fashion Show, Parties, Lounge - DJ Mix Playlist Summer 2014

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Text Comments (164)
Gonzalo Molina (2 months ago)
58:00 name of the track please!!!!....great mix, I listen the mix when I edit stuff, it brings me up, thanks!!!
fredy londoño (2 months ago)
House Ly-un (2 months ago)
39:51 good
Megan Donovan (6 months ago)
You betta WORK........... I love this shit! La-da-deeeee....... La-da-da..... I best start working out, now I got that right music, and it feels so good....
Good job
Tamarra Gelenidze (6 months ago)
great job <3 add me @tamarragel on IG
Emric Kabal (11 months ago)
perfect mix
MHD DJ (1 year ago)
20:02 plz?????
Raul Mendez Ortega (1 year ago)
Escucho esto cuando estoy cocinando, me siento relajado y en paz 😋
Emmett Harrris (1 year ago)
You must be an alien, this house music u put together is outta this world!
baliebox 4916 (1 year ago)
very 90s sounding love it
El Niño (1 year ago)
Nice Mix! CHeck out this lil House track I made on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/rezon-3/come-on
정영준 (1 year ago)
feels like im chillin at an airport lounge rn lol
Cozy Home TV (1 year ago)
если ты российский ставь ☀лайк
PenDraco Comics (1 year ago)
Dat song in 44:22 is really catchy.... Anyone knows the track name?
NEW AGE (1 year ago)
I fucking love you JaBig
NEW AGE (1 year ago)
A Breckenridge (1 year ago)
16:35-22:00 my fav part
Malena D (1 year ago)
cool :P
Helton Soares (1 year ago)
Absolutely wonderful piece 22:12 - 28:04
Richichi Montilla. (1 year ago)
Good music.
Luis Sagastume (1 year ago)
this is amazing dude !!!
prodigymyth (2 years ago)
17:18 track name?
Imi Juhos (1 year ago)
Deep Zone feat. Ceybil Jeffries - It's Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way) (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix)
A Breckenridge (1 year ago)
the track is called " its gonna be alright"
supmahdude (2 years ago)
A Breckenridge (1 year ago)
house music
Fizzloz (2 years ago)
Rate my tmog
FreshDnB (2 years ago)
Daniel Feralol (2 years ago)
money's tight
Destiny's Fashions (2 years ago)
what';s the name of the first song? Somebody , anybody...please? thanks
Unknown User (2 years ago)
How can someone create a mix and not even show a playlist, it's sickening lol (selfish?) sharing is caring?,
Rafael Acosta (2 years ago)
I Love It
Crazy Elephant Music (2 years ago)
Hello there. Please visit my channel. Thanks ♥♥♥♥
Supreme Gurl (2 years ago)
Whats the first song ?
Dot Com (2 years ago)
Dot Com (2 years ago)
song at 16:35?
A Breckenridge (1 year ago)
Deep zone (Sean MCdube remix) "its gonna be alright".......your welcome,hope this helps.
Dot Com (2 years ago)
if you can fit all those grimey clothes in one bag you're a broke ass nigga
Nikos Nastas (2 years ago)
nice sounds!!!
Yo Ree (2 years ago)
this is exactly what i wanted to listen to at the fashion show. thanks jabig.
Gricelda León (3 years ago)
Deephause músic for the fasion mix.
Onj Glover (3 years ago)
whats the name of the first track?
lilia joseph (3 years ago)
whats song is @39:00
Salih Nesim (11 months ago)
Oh my god tell me about it !
El Niño (1 year ago)
I know right!
Colin P. Dungu (3 years ago)
This set really rocks! Just open and play, and let the music take you to another place and time! What is the song that starts about 4:30?
ms.hadeel (3 years ago)
Ahhh your mixes are simply the best!
Anatol Yegorov (3 years ago)
Ja big best
SevenFoot Pelican (3 years ago)
That's a really cool bike. What kind is it?
Psi34ax (3 years ago)
+Seven Foot Pelican BLB La Piovra
Spectreman (3 years ago)
dominiqueCK (3 years ago)
anyone know the song @ 58:00?
dominiqueCK (3 years ago)
+dominiqueCK it's sinforia della notte. replied to my 6-month-old comment b/c of the power of shazam.
Adonay Rocha (3 years ago)
Nothing better than hearing this in a day with rain.
Adonay Rocha (3 years ago)
Sounds greath also
Mo.Newman (3 years ago)
+Adonay Rocha Nothing better than hearing this at an evening taking the coast drive at sunset :)
Donnie Phamz (3 years ago)
i love it tks
Great job, JaBig, so much different styles to discover and enjoy, to sooth or to motivate,  whilst working, at home, on my writing and visual creations!
Martin Vos (3 years ago)
54:00 typical JaBig mix track ! :)
Positive Affirmations (3 years ago)
We have the same ear for music, Martin! :) I also saw your comments below other videos and you mentioned mostly the parts I love the most! Btw. do you know the name of this song?
Belz3lga (3 years ago)
Nada tan bueno para retomar el ritmo como un set de JaBig. Congratulations for this great mix! n_n
eldo59 (3 years ago)
23:00 keep coming back to this one!
teempc5000 (3 years ago)
Son of Dragon by Liquid People
pelaillapower (4 years ago)
Gamraoh (4 years ago)
What song is @21:50 
Jerry Kinion (4 years ago)
I'm digging the bike. What king is it?
Black Sand (4 years ago)
Чале (4 years ago)
Nice bicycle.  And good music. 
Ge Was (4 years ago)
Good day
Ge Was (4 years ago)
Good , très bon son j aime . Good d'ayant all.
B Lewis (4 years ago)
Pino Griggio (4 years ago)
Bravo JaBig! Tu sera toujours au top, pour moi! Merci
Eirini eirinaki (4 years ago)
U dont deserve 180k- subs! Man u rule! 
Good morning, thank you for this exceptional selection.Hat off from Florida.
What is the first song?
Super Bananners (4 years ago)
for those looking for a tracklist, just get the shazam app.  Works on all these songs
MaliceDaModeler (4 years ago)
In life we all have a job to do and sir your primary purpose here on earth is to inspire.... So somebody please get this man a raise!
Sam Logan (4 years ago)
Nice turn at about 4:26.
Latif Abdellatif (4 years ago)
DJ Spivey,JaBig,DJ Raphael Too
Latif Abdellatif (4 years ago)
You are always the same,GooD;
SaulVelascoMusic (4 years ago)
Tracklist bro? Please! :)
Chris (4 years ago)
Make em understand Ja, house is the only way! Baltimore showing u much LUV!!!
Mpho Monyela (4 years ago)
It would be great if you could also provide the playlist...
Daniel Romero (4 years ago)
Thanks Jabig once again!!! always excelent!!
Nkakzola Africano (4 years ago)
this is why I subscribe to Jah Big.........nice one man thank you
Greg Kors (4 years ago)
Praise Jahh
Pointblank Records UK (4 years ago)
Jabig...! My choice when banging a bitch
Бинго Бонго (4 years ago)
F Albert (4 years ago)
Wow a first for +JaBig No playlist!
jason stone (4 years ago)
Come on Jabig don't pull a "Paul Arruda" we need the track-list..
Lynn Cooperman (1 month ago)
Shirmy Shaykkh (4 years ago)
Ooh yeah, How about you drop a playlist brotherman. this are dope sounds and would like to own a few.
Wish I could have met you while you were visiting Chicago.  While you were at Millennium Park, I was on the Green Line CTA Train headed south.  I wanted so badly to turn around just to come meet you.  And get in a selfie!!!!  lol...  Safe travels to you and your family!
Thank you so much JaBig!!!!!!  CIRQUE DE FASHIONS
timiq34550 (4 years ago)
Merci de nous faire partager votre musique....... Toujours un très bon choix
mosima collin Tlabela (4 years ago)
where are u from?
mosima collin Tlabela (4 years ago)
I shld visit Canada any link where  I cn download ur mix
Zebron Phiri (4 years ago)
RhythmicExcursions (4 years ago)
Crazy Cool House Mix, JaBig.  Keep on keeping on.  :-)
Michael Webb (4 years ago)
House music all night long! Carry on the tradition!
Kazir Chouibi (4 years ago)
Impeccable as usual
DJ Spivey (4 years ago)
Nice Job Bro!!!
Lady Lox (4 years ago)
Got much love for DJ Spivey and DJ JaBig! U brothers definently put the 'house' in house music! Keep 'em coming!
frank green (4 years ago)
Lucas Jang (4 years ago)
<3 seaside
Tsuyoshi Souda (4 years ago)
remy sanchez (4 years ago)
Šimon Franko (4 years ago)
what is that jabig thing
Dean Baker (4 years ago)
This is the dogs gonads,lv it
Houston Dallas (4 years ago)
What??? No track list? Come on Jabig.....
Johnny Crowder (4 years ago)
Would love to know the artist (female) performing love song @ approximately 44:00 into the set
Johnny Crowder (1 year ago)
Nadirah Shakoor..... Just a Breath Away is also nice
El Niño (1 year ago)
Who is it?
Fabiana Vix (4 years ago)
Só na cara de " Blasé."
MsLuisette (4 years ago)
Where are u out of?
MsLuisette (4 years ago)
Ok thanks!
The5damage (4 years ago)
+The5damage Canada* 
The5damage (4 years ago)
He lives in Montreal, but he is from south africa.
Risha D (4 years ago)
I am so happy to have found you,your sound is fire
Agustin Recoba B. (4 years ago)
love your bike!! and your set! haha

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