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NI Session Strings vs EWQL Symphonic Orchestra

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Showing you the differences between Native Instruments Session Strings (not the pro version!) and EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold. Hopefully this can help if anyone is wondering what kind of library they want. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more music, demos, and tutorials. -Andrew
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The Dhor (4 months ago)
thats not even session strings pro.... The pro version is better than ewql, but it doesnt sound "big" like ewql. Its more for chamber music or pop.
TheThunderSound (6 months ago)
East west sounds better.
veneroni serge (9 months ago)
Merci toujours intéressent..Cool Merci
حسين الطير (1 year ago)
نريد رابط تحميل البرنامج لو تكرمتو
Arianna Cunningham (1 year ago)
Those Solo Violin Samples remind me of AAViolin SoundFont.
Jean-Philippe Herbien (1 year ago)
EWQL > NI Session Strings
S-Pop (1 year ago)
"NI Session Strings" seems like to be in the 40's or 60's, but "EWQL Symphonic Orchestra" is much more harmonic to the ears, although both are very professional, just that in different styles of strings.
Ali Alyakoob (1 year ago)
Francis Mccabe (1 year ago)
Is this with session strings or strings pro?
Jahi Asad (1 year ago)
This video was done very well. Thank you for being concise and informative. I just subscribed to your channel. Excellent work!
this was super helpful. to the point, no bullshit. You are a true gentleman!
Armen (1 year ago)
reverb ?
808 Maya (1 year ago)
+Armen Avetisjan i think yes
marcelouz1 (1 year ago)
drkam6 (1 year ago)
EXCELLENT DEMOS, thank you so much for posting, this was really needed!
Cesar di Reyes (2 years ago)
It would have been better to compare each technique side by side. I mean sustain on one library and then on the other library.
kaveiros75 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the helpful video. As far as I am concerned: NI 's library sounded sweet at the more bass instruments/octaves, but rather too "plastic" and unrealistic at the higher registers. I think I will pass. On the other hand EWQL 's sounds not only more "production ready" (not always a good thing by its own), but also more realistic and better balanced throughout the whole spectrum.
porras (1 year ago)
kaveiros75 NI session strings is only 99usd. If you want something more realistic from Ni check out Action Strings, Symphony series or Emotive strings.
TheChosenOne (2 years ago)
Vienna is a whole other level of perfection for realism.
Jussi Valter (11 months ago)
there is a lot of other libraries also that sound more realistic and whole other level than these two. Even libraries that sounds better than any Vienna stuff.. And in the end, it is all about what kind of sound you need.
22172217 2217 (2 years ago)
I see hier only the session strings. And where are the EWQL?
final spindollii (2 years ago)
vienna please
Explastizin VK (2 years ago)
Toni Maverick (2 years ago)
Komplete is not a specialist of orchestral sounds, but i really dont like reverbs of EWSO (and pizz are really ugly! ^^). EW is really better for the sustain vibrato and altos (violas) are really beautiful but the other modes are not really nice for me...
Marck The Lyric Voice (2 years ago)
que alguien me diga en donde descargo gratis esos plugins
Dartikus (2 years ago)
No se encuentran pirata XD, puedes encontrar algunas librerias pirata en kontakt
Nugraha Adi Pratama (2 years ago)
Hi there. How did you do the octave slide up/glissando on the east/west?
Bray Dizzle (2 years ago)
here's my issue. I use both of these libraries and the main difference when it comes to quality is, SS needs more massaging for them to sound great. EW is great right out of the box. Also since I do more modern composing I prefer SS
Milton Isejima (2 years ago)
Finalmente alguem fez este fantastico trabalho comparativo de dois grandes fabricantes de softwares conhecidos em todo o mundo. Acho que é muito dificil comparar os dois pois depende do gosto musical, do ouvido apurado e das frequencias dos samplers, ou seja a qualidade dos instrumentos pelos quais foram originalmente sampleados. Obrigado pela postagem!
Imam Syauqani (2 years ago)
Thanks mate! Nice info about this bad boys ochestra instrument~ really appreciate your works :)
Frisson (2 years ago)
EWQL sounds better i have Sessions Strings and not a fan of it
jamie miller (2 years ago)
Try Loegria from Albion, I assure you you wont be dissapointed. Some of the most emotional and articulate sordino strings I have ever heard (ewql Inc) also has some interesting patches aswell. Not great for massive epic arrangements as it has a softer sound to it, I would hazard ewql and cine strings 2 for that. But Loegria is phenomenally realistic for a smaller arrangement string section sound.
Frisson (2 years ago)
+Lavish BeatsTM just download them dude lol if you really like them buy them but if just wanna try them out i think its ok to download them and try them out before spending your cash lol 
Lavish Beats (2 years ago)
+Frisson Word word. I just bought Native Instruments 'Emotive Strings' anyway. Cost me all my damn cash lol but it sounds hella good so far :)
Frisson (2 years ago)
+Lavish BeatsTM native instruments is just the plugins and sounds not from Logic X, but from Sessions Strings i don't think its all that IMO. compared to what i just heard against EW that sounds more real. all good :) 
Lavish Beats (2 years ago)
+Frisson Cool. I use Pro X as well. so intuitive yet easy to get around. I was just wondering though if the DAW would have any effect on the functionality of the two string plugins. now that you've said you use Logic I might look into EWQL instead. Thanks ;)
OneJ Official (2 years ago)
what vst do you like most for epic music (like Audiomachine, Position Music, Two Steps From Hell...)? I have NI Komplete, so action strings, session strings, the giant, etc... I found making realistic epic music a little hard with them... would you suggest me to use EWQL?
RxshanTV (2 years ago)
I read somewhere eastwest wasnt working too well in maschine. I've seen your other vids using maschine so i was wondering if that was true because im really considering going with composer cloud over purchasing komplete 10. However, i want to be sure it will work well in maschine.
CmDeR Nigel (2 years ago)
could you give me the progression that starts at 2:16, it inspires me alot but i cant seem to find the notes myself
coprhead6 (2 years ago)
+CmDeR Nigel  I got you bro Cm Gm Fm GMsus4 GM Cm BbM EbM AbM GMsus4 Ddim w/ violin melody ascending to GM And finally, a Cminor in the low strings :D So in counterpoint its: i - v - iv - V i - VII - III - VI - V iio - V - i
Niran D (2 years ago)
Hello Andrew, I think some of the strings section doesn't seem to have staccato articulation on EWQL gold.. Do you think is there any alternative way to score staccato articulation beside spicatto?
Jake Strom (3 years ago)
EWQL has more warmth, and NI is brighter. It sounds like they're both needed but for different things. Like a metal mix already has a lot of low end, so NI would probably work better.
Shochu F (3 years ago)
This is great, but would have really liked to hear it switched between libraries for each phrase. Nonetheless, thanks so much!
nano (3 years ago)
ewql actually does use kontakt by and large
Brad Anders (3 years ago)
I like this list of vst's: *NI- Symphony series- Brass Collection *NI- EMOTIVE STRINGS *NI- Action Strikes *NI- West Africa Discovery Series *Ilyaefimov- Duduk *Ilyaefimov- Irish Tin Whistle *Ilyaefimov- Bawu *NI- Kontact 5 *Synthology- American Concert Grand D *NI- Action Strings I guess it's a bit expensive though... $2,243.73
Brad Anders (2 years ago)
I do have to say, duduk, and guitar are my top favorites by them, though, I might be gaining a liking to the low tinwhistle. However I would still need to try it out. :)
Frisson (2 years ago)
+Brad Anders I have half of them, duduk is amazing, check out Nylon Guitar by IIyaefimov
Brad Anders (2 years ago)
Wow... Looking back at this, after doing so much more study, these all kinda suck IMO. X) 
GoDxism (2 years ago)
+Brad Anders Yeah but...torrents! :D
Kevin Schick (3 years ago)
Nice to see another Reaper user. :-) Just trying Kontakt recently with the factory library. You make it sound quite nice. For some reason the ends of string notes for me are somewhat abrupt, and I find I need to learn more as I get odd sound transitioning from note to note in strings. Never heard of EWQL before. Sounds like I need to look into it.  Also being fairly new to Reaper, I am curious how you got those bends of some parts. I have messed with velocity in the midi editor, but haven't been brave enough to play with pitch.
Nicolás de Elia (3 years ago)
excellent ;)
Poiios Poiios (3 years ago)
What is the name of the original song you played on 3:22?
Jeffrey Middelveld (3 years ago)
They both sound amazing. Not really important if you put a reverb on EWQL.. the true sound is there :)
Greg Elchert (3 years ago)
Keep in mind, Session Strings is designed for a more "pop" sound (like most NI instruments), whereas Symphonic Orchestra Gold (as the name implies) is more classical-sounding. The mic techniques, preset EQ, and post-production are very different for each style, so it's a really good idea to ask yourself what types of productions you'll be using a string library for. If you're going for "Long and Winding Road" and you buy a library meant to be used in disco songs, you're always going to be disappointed.
WestWildern (3 years ago)
what version of EWQL did you use for this video? Sounds superb
Daniel Millard (3 years ago)
What... is.... that song? The one played at the beginning of the video??
Beautiful Orchestra Core music on intro :D :D
Shankovich (3 years ago)
What sequencer are you using?
PutinWithAnimals (2 years ago)
+Andrew Chellman The Reapers are coming!
I have Reaper4, and Recomposer95. I want QLSO VSTi.(^_^;)
Andrew Chellman (3 years ago)
+Shankovich Reaper! 
ALG500 (3 years ago)
Thanks fopr teh video. I have EWQLSO Gold but the demo of NI Session Strings sound great to so I think I go for both.
Art Vasch (3 years ago)
Why is this is terrible audio quality?  Can't tell a damn thing.
jonesgerard (2 years ago)
+Art Vasch Youtube ruins great audio, not that you'd notice, hahaha
Jules Barry (3 years ago)
+Art Vasch - get a better set up, or clean your ears of wax, the sound is excellent IMHO, naturally.........,
Andrew Chellman (3 years ago)
+Art Vasch Maybe not the best but terrible? Really? 
DarConall (3 years ago)
I own them both. But got the Pro version of session strings. EWQL sounds really 100 times better. I actually heard that already while working with them. Always using EWQL.
André Santos (4 years ago)
What version of that EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold software are you using?
jatnng2 (4 years ago)
EWQL all day everyday
naya ramirez (4 years ago)
tomsize simeon ---- loud strings.......................where are them strings from
Juance DG (4 years ago)
EWQL is much better!!!!!
Renaissance Man (1 year ago)
get both that is the way to go. I love Komplete 11 Ultimate for the massive library of synths, instruments and other useful goodies. I would get EWSQL for the two packages of Hollywood Orchestra and Symphonic.
Kevin McVann (4 years ago)
So you play Session Strings DRY  and EWQL in Reverb ?  Not Bias then ?
SomTam Thai (1 year ago)
You can order EWQLSO with 3 microphone positions. So you can have the sound dry. http://www.soundsonline.com/symphonic-orchestra The Platinum version has 3 microphone positions. It´s $500. but sometimes they have deals on their page and you can save 50% so it would be $250. Another option is, buy the gold version for $200 and buy the solo microphone position. I guess it was $80 a few years ago. You will find all informations at their website.
Ploni Kalendoni (1 year ago)
Hi Harrysound, my suggestion might be too late. However, I'd recommend having a look at a VST plugin called "De-Verb" (you can buy it at plugin alliance) which reduces reverb in audio. There's demos out there. I bought it but haven't installed it yet, so I cannot tell if it would achieve the desired effect to make the EW strings sound more intimate.
Hayate Yoshida (3 years ago)
+Kevin McVann That's because EWQL was not recorded dry. It was recorded in a hall to capture the real acoustics.
Harrysound (3 years ago)
Have you used East west strings? I'm looking for a close medium sized studio sound. i would rather have them dry with no reverb and add my own convolution. i take it it's possible?
Quinton Millow (3 years ago)
Also sounds like the vibrato is a little slower/more expressive on the EWQL and some different EQ stuff going on. Hard to judge for me. Thanks for the upload.They both sound pretty good to me.
George Piazza (4 years ago)
No comparison. Wish it was Session Strings Pro; that seems more on par. The EWQLSO just sounds more realistic. Listen to the slides; the pizzicato, the slurs. That's where the differences show.
Charlie Angel (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this comparison.
Devin Taylor (4 years ago)
I can't believe Session Strings doesn't have vibrato................. wtf
Quinton Millow (3 years ago)
+Devin Taylor LMAO!
Kong Wee Peh (4 years ago)
+Devin Taylor Vibrato is very common or a must when you really need to feature your string in a mix. Non vibrato work better than when you just need string presence, just a supporting role. NI session really work better in this when you are doing pop stuff,
Devin Taylor (4 years ago)
+Kong Wee Peh Obviously.. But you know what is also very useful in some situations? Vibrato.
Kong Wee Peh (4 years ago)
I use Session String and non vibrato is very useful in some situation.
Mrgigagooga (4 years ago)
SS sounds bit more "cleaner" than EWQL imo
AlienUnderAttack (4 years ago)
Just pointing out that Session strings is a pretty good background fill for EWQLSO :P Or any other string VSTi really
JoelFoustGaming (4 years ago)
Boy, those EW strings are amazing. No wonder they're used in film. 
JoelFoustGaming (4 years ago)
+Jonathan Priest - Composer My comment really was meant to express my opinion that, compared to NI, EW is better. That's really the point I was making. I know hollywood strings is better for overall string samples. 
J. Daniel Christiansen (4 years ago)
K3WRO (4 years ago)
Looks like I'm getting Symphonic Orchestra Gold
K3WRO (4 years ago)
-once I get money-
Rafal Rudawski (4 years ago)
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra sounds much, much better, much more naturally. All other products are too much sterile and don't sound good. Recording hall reverb/environment  is the key ;) Not just sterile samples from studio like other companies do.
JUK3BOY (4 years ago)
You can always add your own convolution. It's what I did with edirol orchestral when I couldn't afford the big budget stuff. It didn't sound all too bad either.
Kevin Vang (4 years ago)
EWQL is better...
Jordan Harris (4 years ago)
Session Strings Pro is much better has has many different articulations.
Alexandru Neagu (4 years ago)
+4tBrutes use kontakt player, it's free on the website....
Samuel (4 years ago)
+Andrew Chellman Session Strings Pro is better than EWQLSO?
4tBrutes (4 years ago)
Yeah, but it is Kontakt based, right? So it is even more expensive.
Andrew Chellman (4 years ago)
Yes, I agree
Jesse T (4 years ago)
The dynamic range on some of my instruments is smaller. I use EWQLSO Silver, is that why?
wd25a (4 years ago)
The DAW used here is Cockos Reaper.
JUK3BOY (4 years ago)
heheh! heh! Cockos! Uhuhuh!
qasion (4 years ago)
Will EWQL work with ProTools10?
qasion (4 years ago)
+CharlieM780 Yes I will work on it, thanks. 
CoolUsername (4 years ago)
I'm sure you can do it with some tweaking.  You'll need to find some 'soft' sounding violins and cellos in there and layer them with some thick chords.  Turn down the attack level so the strings fade in, and then crank the reverb (either in EWQL or your sequencer—your choice).  There's probably some good tutorials to achieving different sounds as well. 
qasion (4 years ago)
+CharlieM780 So far, hmmmmmm, disappointed, can't get the sound I need. Maybe I still don't know its full features. I am looking for the strings sound on Vangelis' Bon Voyage. 
CoolUsername (4 years ago)
Oh, man.  You're going to love it!  You're welcome. 
qasion (4 years ago)
+CharlieM780 I ordered it, can't wait. And thank you.
XPiRiMiNT (4 years ago)
Let's work on something epic!!! Send me stems
Dexter Bass (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Carlo Berto (4 years ago)
How do you use different sounds in the same MIDI track? Thanks for the video
Lavish Beats (2 years ago)
+Camilo P (STATiS) lol
Camilo P (4 years ago)
+jatnng2 Nah, just you
jatnng2 (4 years ago)
+Camilo P u too
Camilo P (4 years ago)
+jatnng2 fuck off
jatnng2 (4 years ago)
ur question is stupid
guitarman3190 (4 years ago)
This is a very misinterpreted and misleading view of session strings. Session strings is very limited. Native Instruments will even tell you that. The REAL deal is Session strings pro and Action Strings, which gives you a TON of different varieties at superb quality!!! Note for the record, I'm in no way shape or form dissing EWQL because East West makes great stuff!!! but there is a lot more you can do with SSPro and Action Strings as well!!
andrewchellmanmusic (4 years ago)
You have a point that SSPro is a much more featured plugin...but how is this video misleading? I show the presets exactly as they come...don't see how that can mislead anyone. 
santiA7X1 (4 years ago)
What is the name of the song at the beggining?
Andrew Chellman (4 years ago)
My own! 
Bob Pierre (4 years ago)
Wow. This is Amazing. May I use some of your scores as background music. I am making some youtube drawing tutorials, where I will paint heroes, villains and monsters and I think your music will be very helpful in conveying some mood. I will of course give you credit in the desciption box, plus I will mention you in the videos. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks.
Andrew Chellman (4 years ago)
No problem, use anything you'd like! Thanks for checking. Do you have the MP3 files? 
lazicful (4 years ago)
EWQL is clearly superior!
D.P. Tallinn (4 years ago)
Thank you!
DC-Friends (4 years ago)
Thank you for posting ... very helping in comparing ...
Ali Hallal (5 years ago)
i am ordering thier cc2 package 1hdd unreal price - i just dont like one vst - thier woodwinds are meh but then again im not a big fan unless its special!
Ali Hallal (5 years ago)
not tryna diss k9 but yea lol ESQL WAY BETTER
meomarte (5 years ago)
That´s not up to the sample library. It is determined by your host software aka DAW (Live, Cubase, Logic etc.).
meomarte (5 years ago)
I only liked the trills on EWQL. Why so much vibrato? It´s everywhere. Session Strings sounds more like strings to me. Less room I guess.
Andrew Chellman (5 years ago)
EWQL runs inside of PLAY, a VST sampler. Not Kontakt!
LeadingLeoMusic (5 years ago)
question... Is EWQL for kontakt? or is it a standalone VST? thanks
TheHelifly (5 years ago)
so what is more realistic? Native instruments or East West?
Andrew Chellman (5 years ago)
Gold only has stage mics. Platinum has 3 mic positions, but it's quite a bit more expensive.
Metalpazallteway (5 years ago)
Does EWQL have the room manipulation opt'n? Also known as stage, surround, distance, room mics etc?
Ryoga Kauffman (5 years ago)
Love stacatto, it's so epic <3
GamerGirlPs3 (5 years ago)
Am I able to compose with musical notation, or is there only piano roll?
marcelouz1 (5 years ago)
I have used these two libraries . No, the sound makes the diffrence .Session strings is used for disco music and EWQL can be used in any kind of music but it is better for Symphonic orchestrations .None Comparison, but if you need a really excelent strings with pure sound and articulations.The Vienna Special Edition it is a great alternative for you Marcelo Uzcategui
Andrew Chellman (5 years ago)
I like it more because it's not a phrase library like Action Strings. But they have totally different sounds
McGiaemma (5 years ago)
is session strings better than action strings?
Dario Bacher (5 years ago)
FortePiano and staccato from Session Strings were unexpectively good i think
delf4eg1 (5 years ago)
Yes, you're right. Older version was for the Kompakt shell (which is compatible with a Kontakt), and new version have its own shell.
delf4eg1 (5 years ago)
It's true for an older version of EWQL, which was done for Kompakt shell, and that's why it can be played in Kontakt 4/5 too (they're compatible). But new version got its own shell.
Anna Cuijpers (5 years ago)
Do you have a link? :)
BLAZE45 (5 years ago)
session strings sounds the most realistic but I think EWQL sounds better honestly
Harrysound (5 years ago)
I have session strings pro, its great sounding but seems less flexable than say something the VSL library included with kontakt. I'm interested in EWQL but really i should master what I already have,
GiuseppeCdH (5 years ago)
col legno.. lol
Andrew Chellman (5 years ago)
It does! I didn't include all the articulations here
Ivan Gonzalez (5 years ago)
What is the theme of spiccato? please answer. thanks
Andrew Chellman (5 years ago)
Yep, an iLok

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