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"A New Tomorrow" - EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold demo, Composed by Chris Ryan

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Just got my hands on these amazing sound samples from EastWest... here's my first attempt at achieving that cinematic "Hollywood" sound. Composed in Garageband, 2009.
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Maribel Delgado (2 years ago)
OmG!!! This is awesome, beautiful. I love it...
alfamusicacreativa (2 years ago)
bellilsima! no tendras el proyecto de cubase para poder estudiarlo? gracias!
Glob0912 (2 years ago)
wonderful ! A masterpiece !
djrmonix (3 years ago)
Was this all done in EW Gold? Or any other 3rd party plugins aside from any mastering.
djrmonix (3 years ago)
I could imagine this in 24. Very well done maye.
Pete Fine (4 years ago)
Chris, hope you are still around and reading comments- I am a symphonic composer in Tucson with a bunch of stuff on CDBaby, etc. I was very moved by your short demo- beautiful composition and nicely orchestrated. Keep in touch! Pete Fine
Lee Kalamazoo (4 years ago)
very nice
Destini Beard (4 years ago)
Beautifully done!
Michael Kavanaugh (4 years ago)
Awesome job. Beautiful music.
SHOTARO50 (4 years ago)
Etienne Smit (4 years ago)
So I got the plugin, but my knowledge on orchestral arrangement lets me down...would you at all be willing to share the file so we are able to see what plays what? really really awesome, inspiring indeed. I'd even pay for this knowledge!! LOL
Chris Ryan (5 years ago)
Thanks so much! One day I hope to revisit this piece... we'll see!
Etienne Smit (5 years ago)
This one really moves me, that whole Gladiator kind of feel. One could almost imagine being carried by the music.
Etienne Smit (5 years ago)
I really do like the way you speak of song structure, it makes sense and helps me to understand classical music better. What a wonderful piece man, you should complete it.
Etienne Smit (5 years ago)
Pretty awesome man, cant wait to get this plugin
MikeDrumsForFun (5 years ago)
connecting my midi keyboard to the interface. Do I run the midi chords in to the interfacE? Or just the quarter inch from the keyboard in to the interface? I will be getting EWQL Gold soon, how do you like the product?
Joachim Heinrich (6 years ago)
Wonderful track! I love it!! ;-)
shea durston (6 years ago)
Hey, have you panned any of these instruments in the mix? Did you add any reverb to add depth in the music? It sounds awesome! Keep it up!
alxdmusic (6 years ago)
Beautiful! :)
Chris Ryan (6 years ago)
Personally in a piece like this I'd either have them double the basses an octave above or double the French horns in unison. If I were writing this today I'd probably orchestrate it differently, but as it is, trombones are pulling all of the heavy lifting in terms of tonality!
so i don't need any cellos the get that underlying sound to frame the melodies?
Chris Ryan (6 years ago)
Honestly, a romantic sound can be achieved with pretty minimal orchestration - this has basses, trombones in closed harmony, a French horn countermelody, and violins in octaves on melody. Everything else is just to add color! Personally, I'd say start with closed brass chords and a violin melody and build from there.
what are the essential instruments to get the same type of sound?
Marc Placencia (6 years ago)
Anybody have a review for the "Silver" package?
1Qomodo1 (6 years ago)
Mister I find this track briljant!!! I've been listening this track for months now! Manly tears have been shed! Peace
Daniel Carlos (6 years ago)
muito bom! perfeito
Chris Ryan (6 years ago)
Garageband - nothing fancy for this one!
Nickolas Jaques (6 years ago)
What DAW did you use?
Chris Ryan (6 years ago)
@DontForgetYourDreams Thanks! Nope, this is what it sounds straight out of the box.
DontForgetYourDreams (6 years ago)
Great!!! One question: Did you use any Equalizer or Compressor?
dandoneganfan (6 years ago)
Absolutely great! It cannot find any difference to songs from Hans Zimmer and co. you could use this song without any problems in a big hollywood production.
Navid Khorassani (6 years ago)
NiCe!!! Wonder To Be Continued!
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@Onibubu666 This is normal Gold Edition, one mic position! The key to getting a good string sound is selecting the right patches, and then adjusting the attacks / releases of them so that all of the notes flow and overlap slightly as they would in a live orchestra. Hope that helps!
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@ManiMcLethal Thanks! Nope, this is just EWQL Gold - the snare is in the percussion folder!
Vas a Querer? (7 years ago)
Man, this is just beautiful, no there other words to express it... only a question, is just the east west orchestral gold edition, or something more? i say it 4 the snare..
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@GWSFilms Thanks George! Another piece in search of a movie... if you've got anything coming up film-wise, definitely let me know.
xunap (7 years ago)
rly good
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@BarrelsPolesandJack Thanks, glad you enjoyed! A lot of my music tends to have a very Americana feel to it... if you have time, check out "With Glory in Their Eyes!"
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@Palakto Hey, I was a young aspiring SO user just a year ago... actually, I'm STILL a young aspiring SO user! :) For realism, my suggestions are: use a sustain pedal, use samples with swells in them, and adjust their envelopes in PLAY. I find that extending the tails and decreasing the attacks, especially on string samples, can work wonders! You want the music to flow, not to sound like individual triggered samples. Hope that helps and feel free to message me if you have any more questions! :)
Eric Poretsky (7 years ago)
hey can u msg me please im having installation problems
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@Fallenbrook Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it! If you're looking for other pieces composed using Gold Complete, feel free to check out "Go West, Young Man" on my channel---I think it's a much better representation of what Gold can accomplish. Enjoy your purchase, you won't be disappointed!
John Silver (7 years ago)
Chris, very moving. I just picked up Gold Complete today. I am installing the discs as we speak. I started hunting down demos like this using Gold but much of it sounded canned and tinny and amateurish. I was getting discourages. Thanks for putting your heart into it. I can't wait until the last disc is finished installing. I don't think I'll be getting to bed tonight. :) A very mature and emotional piece. I'd like to hear more.
WoodenYouKnowIt (7 years ago)
WOW O WOW!! That is impressive!! Who would ever think that all this sound could come from a plug-in module. Aint technology great but your vision is excellent as well.
Ascension (7 years ago)
Amazing ,Healing for the soul,expension of the inspiration,LIFE,BEAUTY,LOVE but way too short!!!sadly
Chris Ryan (7 years ago)
@mitchnutt216 Neither of which I've heard, whew! Haha thanks, I'll be sure to check them out... I'm still thinking about turning this one into a full work.
Themenkreisel (7 years ago)
sounds very good
Shane Murray (7 years ago)
cracking that! =)
Christian Reindl (7 years ago)
really great! Respect!
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
@JbFilmMusic Hey, thanks! Funny story, this theme was actually part of a full orchestra piece I wrote a few years ago... I rediscovered it and this is what I was able to salvage. But I'm definitely open to revisit it in the future!
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
@jazzmatik I use a Yamaha KX8 and Garageband.
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
@danpianoman1 I think it's $495, but I got mine with a buy-one-get-one-free deal through EastWest.
DHMusic (8 years ago)
This sure beats GPO...
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
@innerdeth Hmm, unfortunately I only have experience using it with Mac. But I'm sure if you check out the Hardware section of the Sounds-online forum they'll be able to help more than I can!
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
@innerdeth Hey! Ok, so you open up Garageband, and in the Track Info box under "Instrument Generator," click it, and select "PLAY." Then, to open it up, click on the Edit tool on the right side of the Instrument Generator row and it should open up. Let me know if that helps
Chris Ryan (8 years ago)
Thanks! I only use about three of the ensemble patches that came with Voices... honestly, I wouldn't shell out the money for it if I were you, but it does get the job done for what I need it for.
Paul Owen Music (8 years ago)
Hey man, really really nice piece! was wondering whatn you think of the Jam PAck voices? is it any good? time to check out your other stuff me thinks.....
karencm09 (8 years ago)
pianowayne (8 years ago)
Are you kidding? On Garageband?! WOW.

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