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Hi Guys, in today’s video I am sharing with you an Amazon Fashion Haul / AmaZon Best Buys. I decided to test out the dresses on amazon and see what the quality and service is like. This video is not sponsored I just love amazon and thought it might interest you too xx PRODUCTS SHOWN (in order): Pink Shirt Dress: https://amzn.to/2NekORl Yellow Summer Dress: https://amzn.to/2zzklXX Navy Blue Summer Dress: https://amzn.to/2zzklXX Navy Blue Maxi Dress: https://amzn.to/2Nelg1Z Grey Maxi Tshirt Dress: https://amzn.to/2JkrviD Black Baggy Harem Jumpsuit: https://amzn.to/2Jm1oYu Geometric Print Dress: https://amzn.to/2zBmK4j Blue and White Stripped Dress: https://amzn.to/2uvCksK New Look V Pinny Dress: https://amzn.to/2NfM3uH 🔴 SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a thing: http://bit.ly/2FbWccs - If you're new I post NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY at 7PM (GMT) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT FRASER'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNSx... For all advertising enquiries please contact [email protected] For collaborations email me on: [email protected] S O C I A L M E D I A TWITTER https://twitter.com/EmilyNLoves INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/mrsemilynorris FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/emilynorrisl... PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/emilynloves/ --------- FAQ's ❤ Q: Where is your accent from? A: I was born and raised to Toronto, Ontario, Canada but moved to Essex in England when I was 14 years old. Hence my mixed up accent. Q: Do you work? What do you work as? A: I worked in Marketing and PR but I am currently focusing on my vlog full time. Q: Who’s in your family? A: I have been married to Matt for 7 years, he is the love of my life! We have three sons - Fraser is 7, Caleb is 4 and baby Jackson who is 1. Q: What camera do you use to film? A: I film my videos with the Canon G7X and Olympus Pen EPL7. Q: What lighting do you use? A: I use natural lighting 90% of the time and a softbox light during the winter / dark evenings. Q: Where do you get music from? A: Epidemic Sound, Soundcloud and the Youtube Library. Affiliate Disclaimer - Some links are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small percentage from a sale via that link. This does not affect my opinion or choice on any item being featured. Thank you so much for all of your support on my channel x
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Text Comments (413)
Sharon Pienaar (1 month ago)
Please please don't say... Oh my God! I really want to support your channel but I cringe everytime you say that. Please Emily I ask you very nicely 🙏🏻
Eleni Poulos (1 month ago)
You have made some really good choices. Hopefully you can do another clothing haul through amazon
Dawid Drzewko (3 months ago)
hay sweet dress haul fashion
Rachel Timbersnakeland (4 months ago)
I just ordered an amazon dress and i loved it so much so I’m now looking for more great dresses to buy!
amytgtu (4 months ago)
What size did you get the dresses for reference please ? :)
Achsah J (4 months ago)
Basically bought the navy maxi because of you! Best decision ever
claire Nutkins (5 months ago)
I’m 14 and you are my favorite YouTuber ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Resource Choice (5 months ago)
None of them ship to the US 😞
Resource Choice (5 months ago)
Best haul in seen this year ☺️
Kate Riggen (5 months ago)
I’ve never seen anyone look so lovely in yellow
Ellie deya (5 months ago)
hi can I wear the yellow dress without bra or it's Too much ? love u ^^
55xoxo (5 months ago)
Unlooks so beatificó in Navi blue
Chessa Kali (5 months ago)
Buy some cups and you can sew them in really easily. I love some amazon dresses!
MakeLifeSparkle ! (5 months ago)
Would you please share the size you ordered in the pink dress? I am going to order it but i have no clue what size to get... thanks!!
Sophie ox (5 months ago)
What size did you get the pink dress in? I’m a size 10/12 not sure what size to get xoxo
Lauren Butler (5 months ago)
I love all these on you! Question, how tall are you? I ordered that exact dress with the spaghetti straps and buttons. The blue and white one? I agree, the fabric is definitely synthetic! My problem is I am 5”2 so I find most of these knee length and longer dresses just look so funny on me! I don’t think I’m quite tall enough for them 🙄
Kate Stubbs (5 months ago)
Have never done this before definitely good for bargains lovely dresses 👗 xxx
Berta Pašakinskienė (5 months ago)
Try to wear shoulders off blouse with the last one dress. <3 Should be nice. :) And thank you for haul.
Megan Chipres (5 months ago)
I looooove the yellow one on you! ✨💛
Craig Westcott (5 months ago)
I loved ALL the dresses! I would like to see the comfy gray middy length dress with a sash or long decorative scarf at the waist gathering. You could mix up the colors and patterns, since the dress is a neutral gray. You could even twist the sash into a rosette on the side. Would be so pretty. ~Craig's wifey
lau lau (5 months ago)
My favorite was the blue maxi dress. I have it in green! So comfy.
Jacqueline Horton (5 months ago)
Also love the denim. Hugs
Jacqueline Horton (5 months ago)
Love the blue/yellow dress's, Emily. But love the silver shoes, where did you get them from?
Story Bear (5 months ago)
You look absolutely stunning in navy blue!
Lucy Dawn (5 months ago)
Why did I never think of Amazon for clothes?! Haven't been able to find and decent affordable dresses...till now!! Thanks Emily, you look stunning in all of them x
Teacher 2 Mommy (5 months ago)
Thank you for doing this. I love affordable fashion!! I’m a teacher and all of these are comfy and work friendly dresses! I’m all about comfy stuff! Thanks again!
JAMIE CROSSLIN (6 months ago)
I love the harem pant jumper I actually have it in 2 colors. I like to wear with a fun cage style bra so you can see a little. It’s great when gets hot here in TN in summer. I wore to my 5 y/o bday party at a splash pad and it was great
Liat Shechter (6 months ago)
Loved it all! Great picks. Side note: because these dresses aren't available for shipping to Israel, I looked it up and it's all on AliExpress! So if there's anyone like myself to whom this isn't available.. There's a way :) It's slightly cheaper there but I'd definitely pay the extra couple bucks to get it next day :)
Jen Buenaflor (6 months ago)
I love all of them on you! Pretty bummed out that I can't buy any of them. They all say they don't ship in the U.S. Aside from that, I loved this haul/try-on!
Caterpillar Cross Stitch (6 months ago)
Sorry Em if this has already been asked but I’ve just been looking at the first pink dress - medium is a 10 and large is a 12. I’m not sure which one to go for. Which did you wear? Are they true to size? Also do they have free returns in case they don’t fit? Thanks! X
Happy_mummy86 (6 months ago)
I’d never think to look on amazon gorgeous dresses love the maxi ones and the stripes one x
Leah Bryant (6 months ago)
I love these! You look great! 💕
Agnieszka Kowalska (6 months ago)
is any of them you were able to nurse?
lovemushroom2312 (6 months ago)
U look great in the pink, black and denim dress. I especially like the black jumpsuit on u, it is flattering on your body shape.
Sarah Ocallaghan (6 months ago)
I love the fashion on amazon. A few years ago i bought six summer dresses to wear on holiday abroad and i still wear them today. They have kept their look so much so they seem brand new. For 2.99 a dress it was my best buy!! I loved the first blue maxi dress you put on, blue is my favourite colour.
mommyof3 (6 months ago)
The navy version. Agree 👍🏼, better than the yellow! I think that alllll these dresses are super cute.
midou forever (6 months ago)
The blue dress is so beautiful.. n sexy of course
midou forever (6 months ago)
All clothes look so great on u emily... u r so beautiful
Taposhe Rabeya (6 months ago)
Emily you look so radiant and beautiful. Hair is so glossy and stunning x
Rachel Snyder (6 months ago)
Emily all these dresses were so cute! Loved this video. The dresses I wanted don’t ship to the states. Bummer!
Danielle Price (6 months ago)
Also...can say what size that you ordered in the dresses! P.S. for all American viewers I found the first pink dress here: https://www.amazon.com/Angashion-Womens-Dresses-Short-Sleeve-Pockets/dp/B07CZWPM6J/ref=sr_1_9?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1531746621&sr=8-9&keywords=women%27s+button+down+dress&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011
Danielle Price (6 months ago)
I love this video! Make more amazon fashion haul videos! The only thing...I need an American version, as not all of the dresses for Amazon in the UK are available in the US!
Ami Elizabeth (6 months ago)
I’ve never thought of Amazon for fashion before!! I actually love all of them. I wonder if the button up dresses you bought would have enough growing room for an early baby bump? I’m 10 weeks pregnant but already showing and am looking for some easy to wear dresses. You look amazing in them all by the way, the pink dress really suits you x
Hayley P (6 months ago)
I love so many of these! Will need to wait til I get my post-baby body back.
Becky Marriott-Levett (6 months ago)
I have that navy dress, thank you for the tip of tying it around the bra.
Olivia My Sunshine (6 months ago)
I like the second blue dress 😊 good video! Xo
Mrs Vera (6 months ago)
All the dresses are so pretty
Grace Kennedy (6 months ago)
Wow really surprised, really nice options. You look great in everything.
Angela Farias (6 months ago)
Emily Norris (6 months ago)
You say potato....I say amazin
Rhandi Lee (6 months ago)
I need most of these, right now
Isabelle Preciado (6 months ago)
I love all of the drssses you picked out! I really like your fashion style 😊👍
Helen 1984 (6 months ago)
Yellow colour looks perfect on you. Lovely dresses alla of them.
TeamStein Mummy (6 months ago)
The pink one is my favourite and spotted your insta post with it on 😍 I would never have thought about amazon for dresses before xx
Giselle Esmeralda (6 months ago)
I have the navy blue short sleeve dress, only mine is in army green & long sleeved. I wore it for Christmas, since I was pregnant 😁
Mrs E (6 months ago)
How do you get back in such great shape so fast after having babies? Is it just genetics, because you look so amazing. I am massively pregnant with my first baby and I hope to get back in shape asap after birthing. I need all the advice I can get.
Melb 1988 (4 months ago)
I’m a first time Mom and just gave birth to my son 6 months ago. My advice is to wear waist trainer right after a week (don’t wear it if you had a c sect) . I was Size SMALL before pregnant, during my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and was size M-L. Postpartum I got back to my original size Small. No baby belly.
Chicken Permission (6 months ago)
Has anyone told you that you look like Cersei Lannister?
Loved this ❤️ The navy maxi dress was my fave xxx
Play Teach Love (6 months ago)
Emily, you are a true beaut! I have never thought to buy fashion on Amazon, although I suspect it might be a bit trickier for plus size women like myself!
Julie IheartH2O (6 months ago)
Gray one is my favorite
Ems 132 (6 months ago)
Hi Emily. Love your style. I love the navy maxi. Would you say they are true to size? Thanks.
Abigail Crouse (6 months ago)
Ah emily! You are just so sweet!
Samantha Bullock (6 months ago)
WIN! :) loved this video! I have the work style dress it’s super flattering but you defo do need a slip underneath don’t you lol! ;) still love all your videos your doing a great job! X
Sharon (6 months ago)
emily you look amazing in all the dresses but the punk one its the best
Ria Ri-Ri (6 months ago)
Ooo I love the navy dress I bought a similar one in white for a yacht party in Dubai but it didn't come on time 😩 that's a great hack to tie it around your bra. The maxi navy is gorgeous too. Omg Krisp can't believe they still exist lol. Adult baby grow 🤣🤣 I love the work dress, I'm buying that as I'm going back to work next month. I like the button down striped dress looks comfortable especially dealing with my 2 boisterous baby & toddler. Great video Emily xxx
Lynsey Moffett (6 months ago)
Great video... And its actually a good thing you couldn't be bothered to put a slip on... Keeping it real as always Emily... Thats why you are so loved!!! Xx
Fiona Burrows (6 months ago)
My fave was the tshirt grey maxi! What sizes did u go for?
Alicia Humphrey (6 months ago)
you have really great taste I liked all of them!
Alicia Humphrey (6 months ago)
you have really great taste I liked all of them!
Golda Girl (6 months ago)
I never knew Amazon sells dresses and The dresses look beautiful.
JANICE KERR (6 months ago)
JANICE KERR (6 months ago)
Erica Aguilar (6 months ago)
OMG Emily you have definitely inspired me to shop amazon for dress. Since you skin complection is light you look good in ANY color. I love how you look in yellow dress, not to mention how beautiful it is. My fab were were was the first navy dress, the yellow and the first.I like the last one as well
As They Roam (6 months ago)
So, Emily...I'm just wondering if there's anything that you *don't* look good in?? 😍The pink dress is my pick of the bunch, even though Id look like a potato if I wore it! 😆💗
Kristin Moras (6 months ago)
I LOVE the grey maxi dress and the black jumper style one. I wouldn't normally be brave enough to order off of Amazon, but you review is making me want to now!
louise gooch (6 months ago)
I love love love that black jump suit on you !!! Loved the navy dress too xx
emilylikessmakeup (6 months ago)
I'm definitely going to buy the first two dresses! The blue striped dress is one I own but from eBay, so I know what you mean about the material but it doesn't need ironing you're right. And it's super easy to chuck on for work, especially as we have no aircon or fans 😂
Kimberley Watts (6 months ago)
I order that pink dress and the baby grow lol 😂
Anam Ali (6 months ago)
I ordered the pink dress because I thought the buttons would open to be able to nurse but when it came I realised they don't open :(
lgall040 (6 months ago)
Wow never would have thought of amazon, love the navy blue maxi dress. Thanks Emily 😃
Danielle Sulbury (6 months ago)
Hello! Can you please tell me what size you are wearing in the first pink dress? Xxx
Anne N. Idris (6 months ago)
She’s such a barbie dolllll 😍
Gemma Horsley (6 months ago)
You could try match them with a lemon/blue bra?
Sadia Fambam (6 months ago)
You are such a sexy lady.All nice dresses.
Me, mine and Ours (6 months ago)
You can literally pull anything off ☺️ you look fab in them all!! Need to lose more baby weight then I’ll check amazon out 😁 xx
Gabriella Kantor (6 months ago)
I love all of the outfits!! Can you do another morning/evening routine please!
Shelby's Nutts (6 months ago)
The "adult baby grow" look FANTASTIC ON YOU. Wear it out you look amazing!
LeAnn Verhoff (6 months ago)
Emily, I literally bought the navy blue maxi last week and I love it so much as well!! Amazon for the win ☺️
Lucie M (6 months ago)
Heyyyyy!♡ You're slaying that yellow dress girl☆♡☆! Super cute. Love you Emily. Love all looks. Keep em all. Sexy blue stripe too with nice pockets.
S Leanna (6 months ago)
Blue tie dress looks absolutely beautiful! 😍
Marycke Pienaar (6 months ago)
So beautiful, maybe a bralette to wear with the yellow as well as the navy dress. You are stunning x
_s. (6 months ago)
You look gorgeous in all the dresses esp the pink! how do you stay in such amazing curvy yet slim shape ? 😍😍 Need a video on that ! Xx
Anna Chung (6 months ago)
I loved all the dresses!! I like the gray one and yellow/navy. Thanks for sharing Emily. You looked beautiful in all of them!
Susana Sánchez (6 months ago)
God! I loved the yellow and blue dress!!! SO PRETTY!
MammaG (6 months ago)
No to yellow in my opinion , everything else looks great on you ! You have such a great figure for dresses x 🌻
Emma (6 months ago)
Loved the dresses! You look amazing in all of them! Unfortunately, they are not available in the US :(
katelyn Glass (6 months ago)
What size did you order in the blue and yellow dresses
Megan Sonnenberg (6 months ago)
Try a sticky bra with the yellow dress!
Charito (6 months ago)
Sexy mama! Way to go girl!
Amanda Haynes (6 months ago)
Love the dresses!! The navy blue maxi is my fav😊
Lindsey super mum (6 months ago)
Omg i didnt even know amazon did clothes. I order from amazon all the time too. Im a bit obsessed lol. You cost me a fortune woman! The dresses are lovely. I love the last dress i want to get it. Your shape is so lovely you look amazing in them all but i dont like the babygrow thingy it just looks odd ha ha sorry x

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