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How To Get Rich I Productivity Secrets I Mind Blowing!

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Text Comments (328)
Natalie Sunshine (9 months ago)
😝😜😛hello there I'm so in love with you Ralph I can't wait to see you again 😍💓🎶you make my💓🎶😝
Julie Brierley (1 year ago)
Ralph I need your help I'm a 49 year old woman no job I know I have lots of skills I'm trying to focus on my passions I've been journaling since I've been 10 I don't read them I just right to my way of releasing I want to be productive just having a struggle and not just doing it because I don't like that I have all these ideas but I just don't do it can I love to talk love to talk any advice Jazzy jewels love you my friend and thank you
Reginald Green (1 year ago)
Did we figure out his age yet? 33? He nvr did a solar return vid? &this vid was so click bait!
Star Child (2 years ago)
really loved this guy that i have recently got into having come across his YouTube videos. The enlightenment​, the wanting to help others, be a guru and spread the word......charges £350 for a one on one hour appointment that i am yet to read anything positive about?????????
Jacqueline Escoto (2 years ago)
Thank you and bless from Nicaragua <3
Aline Cross (2 years ago)
Please tell me you actually got become your greatest version tattooed on your butt
Wyatt Burnett (2 years ago)
your like a medaforical alpha m.
A lot each task a set time period.
CheonHoPark (2 years ago)
You are a lovely guy. Your positive energy and happiness spreads even here as I cannot help smiling with you.
Serge Storms (2 years ago)
Hey Ralph, most phones today have a priority setting in which you can add rules as to when and/or if the phone will activate. I have a priority set for my sleep time and added a rule stating that only certain contacts, i.e. mother or father, are the only calls that will be allowed through during that time. No need to turn it completely off, just set priority time and any additional rules. Been great.
prxda (2 years ago)
is that background real or a green screen
rrr rrr (2 years ago)
The Comments was at 333 <------- next view is about 3.33 lol
Bjorn Tessendorf (2 years ago)
GamerSkull (2 years ago)
Man you are the best talker ever! So inspiring your videos! Love it! <3
Fire Dragon (2 years ago)
thanks so much so inspiring lol!
Beth Bartlett (2 years ago)
Platinum Ralph - yes
Nirmala penumarthi (2 years ago)
Hey Ralph, just wanted to know what is the significance of the chain and pendant that you are wearing?
Brenda Findley (2 years ago)
As always, your videos are on point. You have definitely inspired me to become a better version of myself. My 2 year old grandson has gotten use to you as well. He says very often, "CAN I GET A HELLOOOOOOOO THERE!!!??? 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Pamela Ferraroni (2 years ago)
you are really fantastic! Thank you very much to share your wisdom!
Erika Gravino (2 years ago)
You are flourishing 💜💜💜 thank you for your gifts
Alan Freeman (2 years ago)
Thanks for your honesty Ralph..
cy world (2 years ago)
I found that if you tackle problems when they come up, you'll initially be slow to solve the problem but you are preparing yourself for the day when you'll need to draw upon that knowledge and skill to fix that same problem in the future.. Over the period of time you'll develop a lot of knowledge and skill to solve various problems. At that point forward, the 20% effort to produce 80% productivity is the efficiency factor that you'll have achieved in your life!
Heather Fleming (2 years ago)
Your jacket is on point @RalphSmart <3
Briana Navarro (2 years ago)
Love itttt 🌞
SimsaLumen (2 years ago)
Perfect video to clean up while watching :D <3
Chris pierce (2 years ago)
What's the difference in nutritional value of chia seeds vs growing the chia and eating the sprouts?
Romer Castellano (2 years ago)
Ralph how do you get views when you first start youtube!!! It seems so hard to get people to watch your videos :(
Romer Castellano (2 years ago)
This is the most positive comment section on youtube
Alison Stewart (2 years ago)
why does he says "slow motion this side" ? :)
Mi Chele (2 years ago)
Ralph! You are so goofy and so stinkin' adorable. I love your videos. You remind me that I need to lighten up. Thank you!!! XOXOXO You are a blessing and we need more of you in the world!!
Yaniz Pineda (2 years ago)
I just realized I unknowingly unliked this video, I'm sorry. I love this video
Rachida Kühnel (2 years ago)
Can somebody name this song in the background or link it for me?
You are so right about spending time alone. I isolated myself from friends and everyone else for 9 months and that helped me to start and grow my business. When passive income starts to flow in, then you can do whatever you what... then TIME becomes more valuable than money, and little by little life fills up with colors.
Daniela Pappagallo (2 years ago)
Ralph you are fantastic!thanks a lot for sharing your greatest version
Royuu (2 years ago)
wow!!! 99% from 1% Can you please tell what the secrets that 1% people know????????? please
mena seven (2 years ago)
Nice Peroto s law 20% effort give you 80% result. The universe want us to work smart not hard.
Valiant Freedom (2 years ago)
Cuz guru knows these things he can sense this
Amara Daniel (2 years ago)
The most relevant thing on The internet
Kelly Taylor (2 years ago)
You are amazing! 🙌 Thank you for all you do! 💜💜
iwestin (2 years ago)
iwestin (2 years ago)
How to deal with a ALS person WHO can't tell what the needs is? A person WHO is clear in the mind.....and slowely die infront of your eyes....
Jenna Heiskanen (2 years ago)
he's really talented in summarizing
Chara (2 years ago)
hemp seeds have omega-3s <3
Ley Lah (2 years ago)
so are you rich? cuz ur giving tutorials on how to be rich :D
Rafael Farias (2 years ago)
I'm interested to know your religion ralph
Spilled Emotions (2 years ago)
Does anyone know if butter is good or bad? When I eat waffles I spread butter over the whole waffle on each side. Is that bad? Should I stop?
Spilled Emotions (2 years ago)
Buffalo Indigo Thank you! ☮️💙
Maria Alexandra (2 years ago)
The November Boy Scientifically speaking, it can happen. If you're concerned, reach out to your doctor and mention you are unsure if the butter is affecting you. What I was getting at, is your body will know if you can't eat butter. You will feel sick, sluggish, tired, gain weight, and break out in acne (things American society seems to have normalized). When I asked if it was local, that was more of an environmental factor. If it's store bought, it could have been factory farmed and come from a horrific place and that energy is all bad, keep in mind that you are what you eat so if you take in bad energy food, it sits inside you. Most people don't know to release bad energy, and that can cause disease. Most people are lactose intolerant, but if the butter isn't negatively affecting you, then I would not worry too much about it... Honestly, I would worry more about processed cereals, treats, breads, and produce you eat. I hope this helps a bit!
Spilled Emotions (2 years ago)
Buffalo Indigo My mom buys the butter from the store. It says " Shedds spread country crock country fresh taste, real taste from real ingredients. She says using so much can clog up my arteries. Is that true?
Maria Alexandra (2 years ago)
The November Boy Does it make you feel bad after, do you experience bad acne breakouts the next day, and do you buy butter that's directly from a local farm? Ask yourself these and you will find that answer. The body knows everything if you give it half the chance—sending love to you. ❤
Norma Tee (2 years ago)
Don't understand
Kelly Taylor (2 years ago)
Norma T Keep watching more Infinite Waters videos! You'll catch on! 😊
Wavito (2 years ago)
I just like his videos cause he always looks high
Nicholas Khrushchev (2 years ago)
Does anyone ever feel sensations in their pineal gland ?
ALY (2 years ago)
So your telling me not to watch your videos
ITused TObeME (2 years ago)
Too much focus on get rich stuffs.
Jake Moran (2 years ago)
When I first read the title I saw "How to get bitches", looked at the thumbnail and thought "wow this channel has taken a turn"
Magnetic Minds (2 years ago)
Thanks Ralph.
ToHealthWithYou (2 years ago)
Love you
SauceVaultVlogs (2 years ago)
I was eating when watching this video.
Amanda Okoli (2 years ago)
do you really have a tattoo on your butt??? Ralph???
so good
SassyL62 (2 years ago)
Turning my phone off right after this video:) thank you Ralph... you are beautiful!!!!
Kelly Taylor (2 years ago)
SassyL62 😊💜
abc 699 (2 years ago)
very nice
Kenfolk (2 years ago)
I can't thank you enough for this one. I really needed to hear this today. So so grateful for you and your wonderful videos. Much love! and have a wonderful day, Ralph!
Brianna MMM (2 years ago)
Once upon a time I was really depressed and then I found Ralph Smart
LazYxGamer (2 years ago)
I don't usually believe in all this talk of mass consciousness all moving towards a new energy and stuff because there wasn't really any proof that we are all ascending or moving together towards the good. But I have been going through the Ascension process and I also attend university and work part time and am growing up in a really religious family. I try to convey to my sister a lot about things like astral projection and how religion is not all that it is but it really had no affect. Now I think that people only start to awaken or hear about it when the universe or their higher self or whatever allows them to. I was frustrated that no one would really understand my ideals and thoughts of the world, the corruption, and life and gave up trying to convey it to just ordinary citizens even to the point of questioning of why I even started to ascend in the first place and if it's worth it. But recently I have trying to become extremely productive in studying and catching up with the rest of my following students and just needed guidance. I mediated on it and ask for help from up above a few weeks ago and suddenly I came back to this channel after a long time away and thought "wow" "he knows exactly what I want". Just seeing how others feel the same way as me about many things is just reassuring and is keeping the love and gratitude in my heart. Thanks to Ralph and to everyone trying to make this world rich and beautiful with nature, the animals within it, and peace and understanding.
Eric Augustsson (2 years ago)
Whats "the cat down the road" all about? Great videos btw Ralph!
3DM Productions (2 years ago)
Moment of silence granted!
Live Well (2 years ago)
Ralph is it true you're making your videos private. If you do we will be really sad :(
Kelly Taylor (2 years ago)
Bubble Gum I haven't heard anything about that. He loves making videos for people. It would be sad, but I don't think it's true.
Brandt McCall (2 years ago)
All of life is interconnected and precious, vegan for life. I agree Ralph plant based protein vibrates much higher than animal based, and it gives a lot of energy.
Jon Nothing (2 years ago)
Ralph eats so much fruit that his nose is turning into a strawberry.
Bonjur Bondziorno (2 years ago)
I read that vibrations from mantra helps to clean the brain. This is how I understand where the calcium may subside and there is more of it if we become old Probably humanity starts to 'attack' the cow nipples 6000 years ago. Milk is main source of this evil ... Ok. I do the rest of 'math' now including my limited informations. The body adapt to 'suck' from diet what is needed - I mean ,you not always consume 100% from what you eat and this 'beggar sucking' is how do I explain myself the 'replacement of missing puzzle' ...because I I I I think we need calcium ,or different calcium ,or something like calcium I live without milk ,but I love cheese and I also need my 3rd eye <3 love u bro
Brian CroisY (2 years ago)
*Ya l'huile de lin pour l'omega 3 sinon =)*
J S (2 years ago)
~ 9:20 ; 'Portulaca oleracea' have some omega 3 too. There must be some other sources ;)
J N (2 years ago)
Thank you so much
jjboogerking onehunna (2 years ago)
Stephanie Willems (2 years ago)
Yesterday I was in such a bad place emontionally, so I tried to send Ralph a telepatic message. Just as I was thinking about him the house cat bumped the door open, jumped on the bed and started licking me. I just think it was very special since Ralph always talks about 'the cat down the road' and I had to share it with someone.
Sooo I've been watching your vids for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday the literal "cat down the road" jumped up on my porch. He's been stalking me, waiting for me whenever I come outside lately. I really can feel this cat's energy. It has a super kind soul, and I try to give it food & milk. It's very cold here right now, but I'm allergic to cats so I can't take it in. So I try to be kind and help it out. (Oh as I was typing this Ralph said, "just like the cat down the road, it says hi!".) NOW THAT'S SYNCHRONICITY! My point is... my eyes have recently opened for the first time! "Can I get a Hellooooo?!"
HyattLyfe (2 years ago)
the cat was saying it hears you and it cares for you!
Dylan Nickerson (2 years ago)
I love how the universe gives you what you need at the right time <3
Da.Nobody Nameless (2 years ago)
thhe best time I'm creative is when I'm alone with out bomb shard ments from other people and thhatsa book in it self....yup the moment I paused it started already so back to canceling thhe back ground noise oof other eoples negative energy
Chanell Monroe (2 years ago)
Wow I swear every time I'm going through something he talks about it. I needed this.
Antz 104 (2 years ago)
For the past few days I wasn't feeling very productive and all the energy I was using was going to nothing. I wasn't getting anything done. Then Ralph posts this video. I found that to be quite spectacular.
Started listening to Ralph in April of last year at 300 thousand subscribers. Hitting 900 thousand in the next week or so. A million is right around the corner. Cheers🎸🐶🌴😉
GazisMagic (2 years ago)
Hey infinite waters! Love ya man and I truly appreciate the daily love your sending((:
Daniel Galaz (2 years ago)
Bro, you have no idea how much I appreciate your energy. Your commitment to spread knowledge and wisdom. Your enthusiastic approach to becoming better.  I've followed you for quite a while and you have all of my support and respect. PEAAAAAACE!!!!!
Anon Anon (2 years ago)
Your amazing
olga sewell (2 years ago)
You inspired me and I am in day 6 as a Vegan. I have been eating meat for over 44 years. After watching and learning that we also inherit the DNA ( suffering of the animals we eat) we carry in each of our cells all that fear base karma from the cow, the lamb, pig.. That hit my core and I chose to go Vegan. I am feeling very happy and motivated to decalcified my pineal gland and see what is coming soon. Olga
TammyJ Fox (2 years ago)
Ralph..the weather was getting to you in this video. This was the first time I ever noticed you appearing uncomfortable. 80% non verbal and 20% verbal;). Thanks for sharing!!
jialauren (2 years ago)
You are so refreshing!
Dinorah N. Oliva (2 years ago)
Hi!!! Ive missed you!!! I dont know why I dont recieve notice of your new videos!!!
Smart Ralph freaking Smart!
Mr. Power (2 years ago)
Ralph how do you know so much about life? You come up with all this on the spot.
Alan L (2 years ago)
Helllooooooo there!
Cosmic Affiliation (2 years ago)
Thank you Ralph you are awesome, inspiring, and always helping me on my own Youtube Channel :) I LOVE YOU BROTHA, KEEEP SHINING BRIGHTLY
Sãn Tua Fr̃i Sun El (2 years ago)
Thanks man you keep me motivated somedays
Five Star (2 years ago)
Hey Ralph, about how much of chia seeds should 1 have (amount), and should it be a daily thing ?
Five Star (2 years ago)
now that sounds good 2 me! thanks a bunch for your help, so verymuch appreciated ; ) Many Blessing's 2 U!
Chara (2 years ago)
Five Star You could use them as a garnish.
Five Star (2 years ago)
oh sorry I meant to say if they can be just as effective if simply taken raw as is without soaking or any other process? I just dont like the jellyish way very much..lol
Chara (2 years ago)
Five Star No boiling required for chia seeds.
Five Star (2 years ago)
Hey thanx so much! ; ) I was also wondering if you can take them without boiling but just raw as is?
Tice Rippy (2 years ago)
love your jacket
Janny Bennett (2 years ago)
lol Ralph! you were close - I had an afternoon nap,and woke up at 3 not 4 😉 and I had a dream. that I wet my phone on purpose,took it to pieces and put it on my drawers.Drove into town,blacked out then woke up with my youngest on my hip,my keys in my bag but I had forgotten where i parked my car lol!Then I headed off to school to find my older daughter 😂 how's that for a sign!!! Thank you my friend ✌ ♥ 🌈
Phuc Coi (2 years ago)
Coco C (2 years ago)
Thank you
LaLa Murmurs (2 years ago)
was just saying early day was a productive time 4 me. March Pisces here like you. Ralph... you have been a gateway to so many of our awakenings. Kisses.
PhillyAffiliated (2 years ago)
I'm speechless. All I can muster up is THANK YOU! This video is blessing me so!! ❤❤❤
Chloe Prescott (2 years ago)
We are a lot alike it seems, I'm a lefty daydreamer morning person, a vegan that wanted to be a geologist when I was young, etc etc etc. I can relate to u SO MUCH
RAJIV TIWARI (2 years ago)
Woooohooo 😇😇 Another day on planet Earth!
RAJIV TIWARI (2 years ago)
Kelly Taylor, O yeah, I like my way 😎.
Kelly Taylor (2 years ago)
RAJIV TIWARI I like your mindset! 😁💫
Gracie Edwards (2 years ago)
Hi everyone... I have been deep diving for a while now and I resonate with Ralph and the rest of you deep divers. I feel like you will like my art work check me out please :))) https://www.etsy.com/people/paintingfaery

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