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Katéa - That Ain't Love

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thatkatea Instagram @thatkatea Twitter: @thatkatea Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1CB8hd6 iTunes: http://apple.co/1H9JtQb Tidal: tidal.com/album/44590545 Deezer: http://bit.ly/1CEc5M1 That Ain’t Love I am chasing shadows Where should i begin You are fighting demons Struggling with sin. Feel my body tremble As you make me fly. But baby when you hold me We're just two getting by. Cause that aint love That aint love it aint true. That aint love that aint love Its what we do Tell me something to believe in Im dying for your lies But that aint love that aint love It aint true. Feels good when you hold me I forget the rain I can tell you want it Tell that youre in pain. And could call me betty And i could call you al, But baby when you love me, You know you aint my man. Cause that aint love... I am chasing shadows, Where should i beging Tell me something to belive in Cause im dying for your sins That aint love That aint love it aint true That aint love that aint love Its what we do That aint love... Director, DoP, Nadi Hammouda Edit, Juha "Hanhi" Hanhinen Make up and style Oona Heleena Models, Simona @ Fondi Models Meido @ OH Models Clothes: Miia Magia Design, Anne-Mari Pahkala, Fiona Timantti, Outi Pyy, Musta Höyhen boutique, Kirsi Nisonen, Alessia Cassara, Emilia Nyberg, Roosa Emilia Ronkainen, Supertrash, Fendi. Special thanks: City of Helsinki and Theatre of Kouvola and Esa Kurri/ Theatre of Kouvola Katéa management: Sami Peura /Sam Agency Oy Ltd
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Text Comments (13)
alpha leonis (8 months ago)
well done this song is apart of me now and forever
bundi karwego (2 years ago)
dope track....amazing strong voice you do have there
Jonna Viitanen (2 years ago)
That voice 😍😍
Jonna Viitanen (2 years ago)
That voice 😍😍
Anton Froloff (2 years ago)
Tälle ei vaa ole ostettu tarpeeksi Spotify-mainoksia, feikkikuunteluita venäjän serverifarmeilta ja iltalehtinäkyvyyttä.
linking _dime (3 years ago)
San Dels (3 years ago)
Wonderful performance!
SKYCRY Official (3 years ago)
This is an incredible song!
spocksmindmeld (3 years ago)
I can't wait for your album! I love this song and Bury You is amazing! You are wonderful and I can't wait to see you live some day.
Pietro Di Santillo (2 years ago)
Indie Song Of The Day (3 years ago)
His voice is so powerful Katèa is impressive.
Saga Järvinen (3 years ago)
"His" XD
yuj1ro (3 years ago)

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