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A few EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold strings harpsichord flute

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Mr W (3 months ago)
This video is one of the reasons I bought my first East West Library years back. Thanks Torley!
Valerio Minicillo (9 months ago)
In EWQL Symphonic Orchestra there's not PORTAMENTO and GLISSANDI for solo violin?
Nguyen Ivy (1 year ago)
Hi Torley, is your vst that loud? My version volume is very low? is it because of my DAW? I use Fl Studio? Thank you!
William (1 year ago)
Nguyen Ivy If you are using a midi keyboard you may need to adjust the velocity sensitivity. Should be in the top left corner in the main player window
Gabe Sanchez (1 year ago)
Ahah organic trance
Benjamin Tuckett (2 years ago)
What Piano is That?
David Granec (2 years ago)
please i need help ....i want to set plug in east west Gold orchestra on ABLETON but it not works
Arlyne Perla (1 year ago)
did you ever figure it out? I have the same problem
kp singh (2 years ago)
it was great! you got great piano skills. Can you make some tutorials for that or possibly share some resources.?
Internet Police (2 years ago)
cinestrings is better than this shit
Caleb H. (2 years ago)
So planning to but some of these EW's. Does symphonic orchestra include exact copies of hollywood brass/woodwinds/strings/percussion in it? or is it just some patches out of each of them?
patrick starshooter (2 years ago)
I've always been curious..okay so you see how your playing the high violins notes with your right hand and the bass notes with your left hand. are you playing exactly the same notes/chords for both hands or is the bass different? and if it is, how do you determine what notes to play? I hope that made sense :/
SoundToyzAreUs (1 year ago)
You can play what you want as long as it corresponds with the key the tune goes in. Playing just the same notes left/right will work but will quickly sound boring. Try to experiment and use you ears. Or learn some chord basic theory.
patrick starshooter (2 years ago)
+ACIDBURN6661 Thank you! that was really well put. I have to learn music theory lol.
ACIDBURN6661 (2 years ago)
I'm a bit late on this but I feel like someone (or maybe even you) could benefit. Generally speaking the left hand plays the underlying chords in a progression. Then, the right hand will play the melody within the scale of the song. So to answer your question, yes, he is playing different notes. But in block chords where you are playing a bunch of notes at a time you will, sometimes, play the same notes in different octaves, but generally with different voicing's (playing at different times). "How does he determine what notes to play"? With certain chord progressions you will have certain scales that will work with that progression. if you have a scale in mind and you play a progression that fits that scale you can play any note within that scale and it will (most of the time) sound good. You could play a combination of these notes to form more chords within that scale and progression to "make it sound good". And also, practice.... That's the major way to be able to determine what to play right there on the spot. I hope this wasn't too complex but I tried to simplify it as much as I could :\
Smokezz 000 (2 years ago)
From my experience i can tell you he has a lot of practice and dedication with the piano lol I dont even know how he does it but I hope one day I can be as good as him
David Matrai (2 years ago)
funny character, inspiring man!
Asim Searah (2 years ago)
Cud u inform me which player I are using....mine has Kontakt and I m really not happy with that player. Also how cud u play this library on another player?
Asim Searah (2 years ago)
Cud u inform me which player I are using....mine has Kontakt and I m really not happy with that player. Also how cud u play this library on another player?
Give me this library!!! Please bro)
Baro tema (2 years ago)
Hi, someone can tell what version of EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold is this one ?? Thanks
natkutje182 (2 years ago)
Wonderful playing! inspiring man
Captain Mike Meloni (2 years ago)
2:38 - wich sound / preset is that again? sorry i cant tell form the screen
Zane Goen (1 year ago)
Bartok Pizzicato. it's a type of pizzicato where you let the string slap against the fingerboard.
Jeffrey Middelveld (3 years ago)
5:35. Love this lick. Those library though, I just ordered the Gold version. Most realistic and advanced orchestra VST on the market I think.
Louis A. Josephson (3 years ago)
Does EWQLSO work with Sibelius?
Micah Lindstrom (2 years ago)
+woobiboobi732 http://www.soundsonline.com/composercloud
Johann Sebastian Bach (2 years ago)
If you got one for free. PLease share
Johann Sebastian Bach (2 years ago)
for the soundset
Micah Lindstrom (2 years ago)
+woobiboobi732 ehh?
Johann Sebastian Bach (2 years ago)
+Micah Lindstrom Just pay another 100 $ :):):):):)
Sebastian Loyd (3 years ago)
sounds so artificial in 2015! However you're a great musician
Wesley Mucik (3 years ago)
sweet demo/tutorial I likeith
Raouafi Slim (3 years ago)
Harpsichord oh my god, am downloading this now. 
Gaharaiden Soetansyah (3 years ago)
can i use it on Cubase 5?
bauerklos music (3 years ago)
Classy Classical (3 years ago)
Wow you can create beautiful music in this software. When you started playing at 0:59 my jaw literally dropped :o
Gevork Bagdasarov (4 years ago)
can i use this for fl studio?
TheLimetoe (3 years ago)
Yes :)
Yaşar (4 years ago)
playing shitty pop songs on a harpsichord are you fuck**ing idiot you dumbass
Iridescent Noise (3 years ago)
+King Elton fuck outta here stupid ass hater douche.
Eden (4 years ago)
1:07. Just amazing! And freestyled.. omg
rabbyraptor (4 years ago)
0:59 man, 0:59.
MisterMirandi (4 years ago)
I'm a minute into this video and I already love this man!
Manuel Arslanyan (4 years ago)
Orlando Diaz (4 years ago)
Great sounds. Unfortunately, EW and iLok together represent the absolute worst customer support in the world. Sooner or later you will regret having purchased a product from EW. Especially, if it uses the iLok copy protection. Trust me on this. You WILL regret it.
well... i got the mails from ilok and east-west. the emails were lost in junk-folder. at least they answer to your emails. thats good.
if someone is interested: i am selling my not working ilok (but not physically broken. the green light still lights up) with original software/boxes and invoices for 500€. but you have to spend another aprox 90€ with this backup RMA program for PACE/ILOK. my ilok includes licenses for: EWQLSO Gold + gold surround + gold close expansion (so like platinum), Goliath, FabFour, Symphonic Choirs + Apocalypse Expansion, Fab Four, Voices of Passion, Ra, Pianos (full Version), Quantum Leap SD2, Quantum Leap Gypsy. just contact me: [email protected](website: www.toxu.eu).
+Orlando Diaz  Same problem here. my ilok1 with aprox 1500€ ewql software is not recognized by my pc anymore. the ilok-website offers a RMA recovering service, but i have to pay 45$ for shipping the ilok and aprox 50$ again for the service. i am afraid, that when they got my ilok, they tell me, that there are no ewql products on this ilok. i have the invoice and the ilok, but my ewql products arent registrated on any ewql- or ilok(pace) websites. i wrote some messages to ewql and pace/ilok, but they didnt answer to me. i have absolutly no trust to websites without a telephonenumber or hotlineservices, who dont even answer to my emails. and they want me to pay aprox 100$ to send and check my broken ilok? no reaction from eastwest, pace/ilok and my german eastwest-dealer tells to me, "sry, if your ilok is broken, you re screwed!". i never buy a product which need a ilok-dongle again.
JDTheMessenger (4 years ago)
Terrible. I truly wanted to buy a copy. Sonically, it's perhaps the most legitimate symphonic choir on the market. I looked into others but they aren't quite as good. The closest ones to it were 8Dio and Soundiron, and they're also wonderful, but they only work with Kontakt, and I refuse to dish out 400 and another 600 for any of their choirs. EWQL seems to me the only library that's supremely well done and available to be an add-on to most DAW's (although I'm sure I'm wrong. If anyone has any ideas, let me know). But now with the whole iLok controversy (I read somewhere that they don't even have a phone number for hardware troubleshooting - uhm, excuse me?), I'd rather let some of my artistic dreams collect dust until another program comes along.
Orlando Diaz (4 years ago)
+JDTheMessenger I'm currenty down, for example.It's been over a week. I sent iLok my original EW email with all my serials, a screenshot of their license manager software not recognizing the iLok. Proof of ownership of the iLok. It's serial number. I've told them all I've tried. Yet. everyday they send a new email with another question. The last one being a request for a screenshot, which was the first thing I sent. So, they're not even keeping track of what I sent them. They are perfectly aware that I'm unable to use my EW libraries. So, they play the delay game to see if I'll pay the ransom for a new iLok. They should be brought down completely at this point. EW offers fantastic libraries, but they don't seem to mind losing a customer every time an iLok breaks. I mean, who would ever buy from them again after being down for days on end and dealing with the scamming thieves at iLok?  I mean, I'm just one case. Google "iLok disaster" if you want to see iLok in action (all manner of stranded users, thousands of lost licenses (including the notorious Pro Tools disaster), etc, etc. ad infinitum. It's a lottery. If you get lucky and your iLok never breaks and your licenses are never lost and you never need much from iLok, then you might be happily enjoying the EW libraries without anything at all to complain about. Don't take my word for it. Just do your research and know what you're getting into.
superkaboose1066 (4 years ago)
I could listen to you play all day, what keys were you using?
Jordan Rago (4 years ago)
mastermindmusics (4 years ago)
Dearest Torley,     I would like to extend my deepest apologies regarding the comment I made about your hand gestures.  I truly meant it as a tease, and not an insult. I forget that not only is it difficult to convey tone when writing words, but also that not everyone shares my sense of humor that is sometimes vulgar and offensive to others, however I assure you I meant my comment to be as a good ribbing, not an insult or trash talk. I am truly sorry if I hurt your feelings.  I am a very loving, caring, compassionate, and considerate individual and I hope that you can forgive me if I hurt yours or any others feelings in my jest. I am a classical composer at heart and music to me is Audible Emotion(copyright). I also sometimes express myself better through harmonies than with words because when one hears harmonies, one is less likely to confuse what the composer is trying to convey than if one is reading words. I posted a couple vids post haste to satisfy those that doubt my abilities and assume that I have no talent and am incapable of composition. I actually wanted to be more thorough and post many at a time, however because of my comment a lot of individuals started to insult me and call me names. I never said that I am a genius however I WAS invited to join mensa because my cousin is a psychologist and I tested a couple times for fun with my lowest score being 165. Those that were privy to insult me will probably say ...yeah right!!! WHAT...EVEEEERRRRR. Torley,  I thoroughly enjoy your videos and truly hope you can accept my apology and forgive me.  I hope you watch and enjoy my videos. I actually bought some sound libraries because of your vids. so cheers! and God bless you. Francisco Silva aka MASTERMINDMUSICS, ANTHEM, Papo
Laughter Train (4 years ago)
the people that don't say yeah right will wonder why you're trying so hard to sell yourself.  stop selling your intelligence-real or not.  you sound like a child.
Best ICO (4 years ago)
будто же он заебал
david theproducer (4 years ago)
3:46 to 3:51 what the fuck did he just say ? :L
D.M. Louis (3 years ago)
+david castillo the piano its a steinway piano its only 8 mb it's not a big piano
Octopus On Fire (4 years ago)
Love the cheerfulness and the ubercool shirts!
Glass Elevator (4 years ago)
I must know the song you played at 4:47
Steffen Daum (4 years ago)
Think its from the movie Armageddon :D
ADENS SKY (4 years ago)
pretty sure it was the main screen song of gauntlet NES 
Alex Avalos (4 years ago)
Which version of the software is this?
#JMB JokerMansBeats (4 years ago)
Ive been watching all your vids on youtube for quite sometime now & Your tutorials sold me on buying Goliath & Symphonic Orchestra Gold. Thanks again
very inspirational and entertaining thank you!
Metaphonik (4 years ago)
You're so good. Did you have a piano master or you learned it by your self?
sureshan (4 years ago)
You are simply amazing man....keep it up :D
mastermindmusics (4 years ago)
Sorry bro but your wanna be concert pianist left hand gestures make you look super douchie and make me not wanna watch your vids.
Rob (5 months ago)
mastermindmusics kindly copulate with yourself sir. Thanks
kumada84 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Drader "So take your own advice, realize that you've been outed as a creative thief, a liar and amazingly ignorant as to what foley is." I know it's five months late, but it's so nice to see people who know what words actually mean. :-)
kumada84 (3 years ago)
+mastermindmusics I know it's five months late, but I can't help it. "I didn't Lie about anything, and I stole nothing. I clearly posted that the videos were not my own..." I once stole an apple from the supermarket. But I told people it wasn't mine before I ate it, so it wasn't theft.
kumada84 (3 years ago)
+Laughter Train Ah, I missed this whole thing! Thanks for baiting him for as long as you did - it's very fun to read. I wish he hadn't stopped! LOL
Laughter Train (3 years ago)
i'm as done hating as you are begging for this to continue.  you've been proven to be a liar, you're a disingenuous bullshit artist and to top it all off, you are actually the hater that initiated all of this with your failed attempt to shit on somebody.  so no, I'm not done pointing out the low-life that you are-which you try to deflect as hating.  do you not notice that you have ZERO support?  do you notice that you spend all of your time declaring everyone else being wrong and/or a 'hater'?  drader and so many others point out that you're just another troll and they are ALL wrong according to you.  i point out that you lift other people's content, and that you don't know what foley is and i'm wrong.  people with way more credentials than your ZERO credentials point out that you're clueless about foley and take other people's work on the videos you posted and THEY are wrong.  everyone is wrong except you.  you're a useless hack, content-stealing, taking-credit for others' work troll who keeps saying 'let it go' but you keep coming back merely for attention but acting like you don't want it.  you don't have to be honest and actually own up to the blatant facts because we all know you never will.  but you COULD just stop posting in hopes of keeping this alive.  but you don't.  you keep coming back as though you're going to convince someone.  anyone.  you're not going to.  you really are living in an arrested little world of childish disillusion.  why don't you post some actual content that is original audio and original music of your own?  show us all what a great talent you really are!  show us the brilliance!  that mensa level brilliance that had them knocking on your door repeatedly, and you turning them down.  that repeated claim still makes me chuckle.  whenever i think about that claim, i imagine all of the powers that be at mensa, sitting at a big table, wringing their hands saying 'mastermindsmusic... the one that got away'.  even your name is funny because you have NO music.  i give you credit: your trolling is kind of lazy and hamfisted and over the top, but you're still good for a chuckle because of the absurdity.  can you do more of that please?
lazicful (4 years ago)
You know a video's gonna be awesome when it starts out with the words: "I do suppose!"
Rasitha Ferdinando (4 years ago)
Hey Torley, What's the keyboard you're using? Does it has weighted keys? I'm looking for a weighted key piano which has a mod wheel.
Lassi Tani (4 years ago)
No problem, yes it does feel almost like a real piano. Though it has a bit heavier touch, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Easy to play soft and quiet, but also strong fortes. And it's not too expensive either.
Rasitha Ferdinando (4 years ago)
+Lassi Tani Thanks. Does it feel like a real piano? If so, I'll definitely consider it as it will take less space than a p200, also less weight of the unit!
Rasitha Ferdinando (4 years ago)
+SyMTiK I have a Yamaha DGX-300 with 76 keys but not weighted. What I'm looking for is a 88 key, mod wheel and graded hammer action keyboard (as close as it can get to a real piano) for composing and get skilled in playing piano. Have to read a bit about what midi features the p200 lack. If they're in my DGX-300, then I'll go for it.
Lassi Tani (4 years ago)
M-Audio Oxygen 88 is a really nice weighted keyboard with mod wheel and many more switches. I have it, and I love it! http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Oxygen88.html
SyMTiK (4 years ago)
+Rasitha Ferdinando no problem. that seems like a really good deal, as long as you can try it out in person though. i like yamahas graded action, its a bit heavier than others, but i prefer a heavy action. however, if you are looking for a midi keyboard, the p200 might not be what you are looking for as i have heard that it doesnt have great midi capabilities. also, i have not been able to find a digital piano that had a mod wheel which worked in midi mode. another midi keyboard option is the akai mpk88. the akai mpk88 is a good deal if you are looking for a lot of features. the keyboard is not graded sadly, but it is fully weighted and its a decent weighted feel too. one complaint is that the keys are a tad noisy, but i didnt mind when i tried it out in store. you can get one for $520 at guitar center right now, which is a great price as it normally costs $800.
martyfriedman666 (4 years ago)
Whats the song at 4:15?
yavuz selim (4 years ago)
eviym la senii maynakk adam
Macafee (4 years ago)
3:08-3:40 beautiful 
Captain Crazy (5 years ago)
Still using the 88 key i see?  Got mine the other day =-D
Francesco (5 years ago)
What's the song at 4:47? please çç
Ali Hallal (5 years ago)
do you have pianos gold and spaces by ew?
Ali Hallal (5 years ago)
thanks alot man i will message you! my soundcloud is bigboyproductions but keep in mind all my uploads are first draft demos not complete ones
Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu (5 years ago)
Hi, I have both. you can ask me from [email protected] soundcloud.c o m /hur-ozan-cerrahoglu
Ali Hallal (5 years ago)
idk what to get the ew package or komplete 9!
Jon F. Carlssen (5 years ago)
3:03 Whats the name of this song? Too awesome!!!
Dennis Vlaanderen (5 years ago)
It's a note triggered event, so if you can know to articulation notes you can just add it anywhere in a recorded MIDI clip.
Didrik Westberg (5 years ago)
I don't know if you got an answer on this question yet, but you just play the notes that correspond to the different articulations (The really blue notes) in the piano roll in your DAW. They can change throughout a melody.
Exximuss (5 years ago)
Some of those string sounds really sounded familiar to a theme in touhou.
mohamed abbas (5 years ago)
ok call me an idiot BUT how on earth to get this to work with notion 4 ? any idea???
Branislav Šetina (5 years ago)
does this work with fl studio?
Turkooyze (5 years ago)
yes you can
Camile Vadin (5 years ago)
same for me :/
uJard (5 years ago)
so glad i found this plugin
jbmears (5 years ago)
You can go back and put in Keyswitches on a second recording 'pass', but may have to go back and edit the midi to make sure that all of the changes are recorded to the correct notes. (Sometimes certain keyswitches bump into each other if you're changing often). Many folks do it this way- record the melody, then go back for performance articulations. Some changes will have to be made due to patch variation, playing it in right the first time is fastest....but....
Ryoga Kauffman (5 years ago)
Gauntlet Legends 4:15 =D
ssrrapper (5 years ago)
jumpupmassive (5 years ago)
sounds fantasitic, might go and get it. thinking about adventuring into some orchestral soundtrack but may be a bit hard since i mainly produce drum and bass haha and i cant score to save my life, just a bunch of midi files lol. great vid! :)
tjeerd van oord (5 years ago)
me too and i love savant! :D
Michael Gaffney (5 years ago)
You can go back and record over the track again, since it's midi. And press the keyswitch note corresponding to whatever articulation you want, during the recording. if that makes sense
Ken Gorab (5 years ago)
4:10 sounds like a Savant song!
do the pogram work with midi?
drkam6 (5 years ago)
Amazing demo! Thank you very much indeed!
Mark Weller (Vidiau) (5 years ago)
You sir are awesome. *subs*
DamageIncM (5 years ago)
Oh, and what probably "caused" it, is that I deleted a track, one of those called "Channel number slash number", while it was playing, and then it crashed, so it was stuck. So I closed down the whole thing to be safe and just reopen the recently saved project, I didn't really change much anyway. But then, all the instruments in the Patch were gone, which is weird... Also, would you know how to load a patch?... I can save one but I don't see a load-function, which is even weirder.
DamageIncM (5 years ago)
I must add, the weirdest part is that it's for one track only, the other track I have keeps working. What's even strange, it doesn't help if I completely recreate the track that's not working, it just does the same, and I don't even duplicate it, I really make a new track. Is this a known problem or am I just once again screwed with some kind of weird bug?
DamageIncM (5 years ago)
Torley, I have a question if you still see these comments (or anyone else that knows about this software): I have an older version of Symphonic Orchestra I guess, but I have a very annoying problem. Something happened which resulted in the virtual instrument its patch going empty every restart of my recording program. So, say I've added a bunch of instruments into the same patch, the next time I restart, those are gone and the midi of course has nothing to play back.
Vincent (5 years ago)
i like this man...then i'll go to see all of his videos ! mouahahaha
OverLeveled (5 years ago)
The articulations are triggered by notes, so all you have to do is go back and insert the notes you need at the points you need. For example if C1 triggers pizzicato, just go back intro your song and put in a C1 at the point you want to switch to pizzicato.
fightyourfat (5 years ago)
Thank you for your help
Knute5 (5 years ago)
Very helpful. Thanks.
Knute5 (5 years ago)
EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold. There's Silver below (fewer articulations) and Platinum/Diamond above (close-mic'd and other enhancements). I have this exact same library.
Rael Thomas (5 years ago)
@xuan8839 yes, you can load it into kontakt
Geoff Barone (5 years ago)
dumb questions - but once your patch is laid down, can you go back into the track and change articulations at specific spots? or can this only be done when you're laying down the track live.
fightyourfat (5 years ago)
what package is this?
fightyourfat (5 years ago)
Found this video while looking for a good vst for orchestra i'm soled on EWQL
LunateLights (5 years ago)
personally prefer* Oops?
LunateLights (5 years ago)
I personally EWQL's *chorused* sound over over cinematic and VSL (Although the vienna solo string instruments are hard to beat), + I like the choirs. But I've never heard of LASS before and fell in love with it after listening to a few samples. Actually considering this as an alternative to the Vienna Ensemble (pro). Thanks again for the share~
Sergi ox (5 years ago)
please name of the song at 4:15
PonE - Sharp (5 years ago)
How come your EWQL Gold has a harpsichord but mine doesn't? Literally the only worthwhile harpsichord vst I have ever heard.
glfontao (5 years ago)
Thank you, very much for the useful information. Best Regards!
LunateLights (5 years ago)
Encore and Finale are basic midi viewing / notation software. This is an entirely different realm, and takes midi to an entirely different level. Simply put, this type of plugin (Which is what EWQL is, when you boil it down) is designed for use in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). With such a program, you can record real audio, create midi, manipulate midi, effects, etc--the possibilities go on. What you're hearing is raw midi data being revoiced through EWQL. And that's just this plugin alone.
LunateLights (5 years ago)
The EW Strings are a definite leader in quality among string packages. Ofc some things won't sound natural for certain voices (Especially from note to note). But, this is where things like Attack / other envelope controls apply. You can MAKE voices legato. It isn't impossible.
Mickey Hopson (5 years ago)
You started playing Lord of The Rings and I passively clicked the "subscribe" button, also, this sounds amazing and so real.
Oliver Molnar (5 years ago)
that's Lord of the Rings - The Shire, sir :D
Romulus Boieru (5 years ago)
Awesome, thumbs up !!!
James Jin (5 years ago)
Can the EWQLP can be used with Knotakt or using its own sort of loader or something in the DAW?
Commander Bentley (5 years ago)
Zoran Calic (5 years ago)
I don't know, I am classicaly trained musician, and when you played second note, it was evident that you play synth. If you play one note, it is ok, but more than one, it sound like my old akai samples 15 years old
snarkbaited よはん (5 years ago)
0:59 Damn dude.
1234banban (5 years ago)

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