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Tajik Afghanistani Girl Shakin it For Uzbeks And Pashtuns

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qataghani kostezani
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tommy cadelina (5 years ago)
fucken pashtuns
arunabhatapadar (8 years ago)
Hurray for Tajik girls !
ermimerke (9 years ago)
wow !!!!!!!!
Sakalty (9 years ago)
she is mastu sarkhush, so what? Cute and sexy, Go girl!
Ami Jan (9 years ago)
wa wa kharabe nashi dokhtare watan
mike Adams (10 years ago)
this is very lame,your rich history? what the heck have you ever did for anyone but yourselvs all those all those years you talk about but not a road or school you stil live in mud huts ! get real stop living in the past
EnsaanYemAfghaan (10 years ago)
they are tajiks, they came from Tajikistan and iran to entertain the Afghan people. Afghans (Pashtuns) would never do such things.
Sakalty (10 years ago)
she is pretty
WithOutAnyDoubt (11 years ago)
FUCK you losers. It is some Baghzameena type of a girl. Suckers. There are whores everywhere including the Yahodees and Uzbekz

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