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$40 vs $400 Dress Shirts || The Best Dress Shirts || Men's Fashion 2018 || Gent's Lounge

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Today we are talking about our favortie dress shirts at every price point from $40 - $400. Our Favorite Shirts: Eton: http://bit.ly/2xJF5rW Twillory: http://bit.ly/2MYRIoz The Tie Bar: http://bit.ly/2zrJaDk Mizzen & Main: http://bit.ly/2QZWllo Anto Beverly Hills: https://www.antoshirt.com/ ______________________________________________________ Connect with us: Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1LjQ0ZZ Follow George on instagram - http://bit.ly/atlsNmsn Follow Blake on instagram - http://bit.ly/blksctt_ Join our Community - Chat with us : http://bit.ly/1rS55px Shop Gent's Lounge Products: http://bit.ly/1yGQ1zR Business inquiries: [email protected] -GL
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Text Comments (108)
Super Angry Penguin (8 days ago)
I wear either Eton or nothing. Every other shirt is beneath me.
Gent's Lounge (8 days ago)
Living the dream.
coolintake (1 month ago)
good stuff. next time, more in depth on the material and construction of the shirt...this way consumer understand true value and can justify price
Wavy Goods (3 months ago)
You should do a full canvassed suit review by the tie bar.
cas wise (3 months ago)
Stop saying "on point" every other sentence....
Ben Heinatz (3 months ago)
I love a nice collar and all, but honestly, nothing gets me going when it comes to shirts like hand work does (much like with a suit). Seeing those beautiful little stitches in the collar, on the yoke, and around the gathered sleeve head. A hand sewn placket with a hand- embroidered bar tack halfway up. The gorgeously imperfect button holes, with giant chunks of mother of pearl attached by crow's foot stitches. Hand sewn moves with and conforms to your body better because the stitches have more flexibility and are sewn in a more natural shape. Those rigidly shaped, tightly sewn stitches from machine-sewn shirts just don't match up. Most of my favorite off the peg shirts come from Naples, and since my first Napoli shirt, I could never go back to machine-made with any true satisfaction. Here are my favorites, in order if what I perceive to be best. As always, your mileage may vary: 1. Kiton 2. Luigi Borrelli 3. G. Inglese 4. Isaia I've never tried, but I desperately want a bespoke shirt from Anna Matuozzo! Maybe one day I'll make it to her little Neapolitan workshop.
Yobo Lion (3 months ago)
If it’s collar you want then you need Italian made! Preferably bespoke!
Nik Man (3 months ago)
Dear sexy thunder thighs do avoid white tight trousers at all costs
Joyce Año (3 months ago)
That bearded guy's shirt is too tight. To paraphrase Grace from Will & Grace, he looks like he's wearing Danskin on his man skin.
Sharif K (3 months ago)
buy latest suits from amazon.com please click the link for more details: https://amzn.to/2P2Hq8Q
bally2203 (3 months ago)
No Esquire?
Ito Fermin (3 months ago)
Another one goes down! Congrats George, excellent videos as usual
Alex Raphael (3 months ago)
Eton. Zegna. Canali. ... in that order.
Mattias alou (3 months ago)
Eton & Thomas Pink its the way to go
atopalian (3 months ago)
Ya Anto representing for all the Armenians out there WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Alex Howell (3 months ago)
Eton and Thomas Pink.
Kevin Tran (3 months ago)
Eton's are totally worth it for value wise. They come in many fits like extra slim, slim, contemporary, and classic. What's great is that they're convertible cuffs so you wear cuff links with them, they're easy care shirts so you're able to wash them in the machine, and hang dry. Also, if you're wearing them for long periods of time your body heat absorbs into the fabric and keeps it "wrinkle resistant".
Sharif K (3 months ago)
buy latest suits from amazon.com please click the link for more details: https://amzn.to/2P2Hq8Q
kongmw (3 months ago)
Ledbury for RTW, spier & Mackey for MTM
Lokistar13 (3 months ago)
Getting married? Congratulations!
Marios Paulos (3 months ago)
Isaia, Kiton, Turnbull & Asser
JAMES (3 months ago)
Congratulations on your wedding and I wear Van Heusen and Stanford dress shirts and you both look amazing
Evan Nolan (3 months ago)
Calvin Klein Extreme Slim because it’s the only dress shirt that has ever fit me perfectly (quality is meh and fabric is meh)
Eye Heart Sushi (3 months ago)
I recently ordered a Calvin Klein white slim fit shirt (not extreme slim) via Amazon and it fit wonderful.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
But fit is number one!
Omar Jimenez (3 months ago)
Holy smokes Blake! Where did you get that red blazer?
Anthony Johnson (3 months ago)
Great video. I thought I'd seen everything on dress shirts. Nope, this video really clarified some things, and just did just a great job of explaining other things,...especially related to collars and plackets. I also liked the shirt companies you selected. Thanks.
Lorne Kaiser (3 months ago)
Suitsupply Egyptian cotton shirts are high quality and cut with high armholes. Very tailored. Hugs the chest and tapered at waist with zero billowing. And built-in collar stays! Cost: $99.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
That would have made our top ten for sure!
TheCrisisX1 (3 months ago)
My boss told me about Eton then i saw the price tag, laughed and walked away
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Your boss has good taste.
Dominic Tolentino (3 months ago)
where did you get that brown polo from?
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
kietkopelli (3 months ago)
Duchamp everyday, Eton special occasions, Kiton when I need to gloat.
B. Tome (3 months ago)
Not fan of department stores, but Eagle shirts have been a good find.
MR DYNOMITE (3 months ago)
200 plus for a shirt ok I want 13 of them
Demetrios Levi (3 months ago)
That Anto shirt's collar and placket...holy crap. I feel you, George. I'm a sucker for a good collar. What do you think of Tailor Store? I have one of their shirts, but it fits so bad, I had to tailor it myself, but I don't know if that was because of my own crap self measuring. Awesome vid as always, guys
Demetrios Levi (3 months ago)
+Eye Heart Sushi Ok that's great to know because I really like their site and fabrics...thanks! And sushi is the bomb 👌
Eye Heart Sushi (3 months ago)
Demetrios Levi I have one Tailor Store shirt and it’s my best fitting shirt. My wife helped me with the measurements. It looks like we didn’t understand how to measure the sleeve length but they emailed me saying something wasn’t right so after a few email exchanges we “settled” on a number and the shirt was perfect.
MRZsiir (3 months ago)
A gentleman who can afford the best shirt would wear something from England. Great examples of dress shirts are Turnbull and Asser, Hildich and Key or New and Lingwood which are made in England. These companies are located on Jermyn Street, London. Turnbull And Asser shirts can be seen in many movies, just like James Bond, Kingsman and also many famous people chose to wear these shirts, just like Prince Charles, Charlie Chaplin, George Bush, and other famous people throughout the history. I would choose an Egyptian 2 ply Super 100-120s cotton shirt for every day use. I would not go higher thread count as they are more vulnerable. Definitely a double cuff Oxford or Herringbone White shirt would be my first choice. Im a big fan of Winchester shirt. These shirts have white collar and white cuffs. I would avoid non iron shirts, I think a gent would never wear those shirts. Rather iron them after every washes at home as I would not take these to dry cleaner. A great dress shirts are made to measure from 100% quality cotton, wool or linen materials. It can be silk but this material are more expensive. I was wondering why did not show any plain white shirts in the video.
Matt Lauer (3 months ago)
You don't need to spend $400 to get a good quality properly fitting dress shirt. That is for people who have more dollars than sense. I wonder how many people who spend that kind of money on their clothing ever make a donation to a charity. Look at that Mannafort guy-he spent $15,000 for one coat. I don't think he'll be allowed to wear it in prison. My brother is a high profile lawyer and I doubt he would spend anything close to that on one bleeping shirt. Most people feel putting your kids through college and saving/investing for the future is more important than spending excessively on clothing.
Matt Lauer (3 months ago)
If you care about your health and appearance the last thing you should be doing is smoking. You don't have to be a doctor to know that. These guys are young and think it's cool. Older and wiser people know people who got sick and died prematurely as a result of alcoholism and/or smoking. There's nothing cool or attractive about stained teeth or a wrinkled face or a big beer belly.
Ben Heinatz (3 months ago)
+Matt Lauer You're calling them immature when you're trolling them on YouTube. If you aren't into clothing and think it's wrong to drink alcohol or smoke cigars, why are you here? Perhaps you have an internet addiction and can't help but watch random YouTube videos and leave comments with nasty comments and unrelated arguments; now THAT is unhealthy! I hope you get the help you need, Matt Lauer; you are a sick individual. God that would be hilarious if this was the fired Today Show Matt Lauer...talk about throwing stones in a glass house! Keep up the excellent work, GL! And try a Kiton or a Borrelli shirt: YOLO!
Matt Lauer (3 months ago)
You're also promoting drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking cigars which are things people shouldn't be doing if they are trying to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Drinking can ruin a person's life and smoking speeds up the aging process. And don't give me that everything in moderation thing. It's that kind of thinking that has gotten this world into the trouble that it's in with drug addicts all over the place. You may be too young and immature to understand these things at this time.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
You’re acting like we didn’t say it was expensive in the video..... it is a lot of money. It’s also an amazing shirt. When you spend your money supporting people that are passionate about their craft and have a high quality product to back it up it shows respect to the craftsmen and women.
Gottfried Osterbach (3 months ago)
I bargain hunt Turnbull and Charvet with the occasional Eton or Borrelli thrown in. My cheapest shirts are Charles Tyrwhitt, Brooks Bros, and Cordings. Anyone can dress well on a budget with the resources available online.
Daniel Decker (3 days ago)
Man I love the way Eton and Turnbull & Asser feel.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
EscobarStyle (3 months ago)
The Tie Bar all the way... BUT... you KNOW I want to try 1 Eton shirt one day 👍🏻
JC Bélisle (3 months ago)
Eton is amazing. My mon gave me one when she came back from Germany (thanks mom!) and fuck they’re good. Hardly wrinkles, detailed and the fabric is just so sweet. Always have cool designs too.
EscobarStyle (3 months ago)
Gent's Lounge haha .. so messed up lol
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Just try it on haha! #peerpressure
Ashrafur Ahmed (3 months ago)
Congratulations on your wedding! My go-to for dress shirts is T.M.lewin. Great fit, material and price.
Emersonholic (3 months ago)
thom browne
Staywellfitted (3 months ago)
Great round up! I've been doing a lot of research on Mizzen and Main since stretch/performance is a must living out here in the desert. Congrats on your wedding, George! Looking to seeing how fly you boys look the day of.
David Salchert (3 months ago)
Bruli or Zegna for me
aadamoni (3 months ago)
Tie Bar Trim fit looks better than most of my custom shirts.
Sharif K (3 months ago)
buy latest suits from amazon.com please click the link for more details: https://amzn.to/2P2Hq8Q
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Tie Bar is great!
Bowtie Tez (3 months ago)
Which shirt(s) are you wearing most with Suitsupply
Bowtie Tez (3 months ago)
Gent's Lounge I’m super late but thanks for the reply! You guys keep up the great work! Thanks for the content!!!!
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
All of these! Since suitsupply suits are a bolder style we try to wear more spread collar shirts with suitsupply suits. -G
MultiMrMiles (3 months ago)
shirts: Mazzarelli, Barba Napoli
Sharif K (3 months ago)
buy latest suits from amazon.com please click the link for more details: https://amzn.to/2P2Hq8Q
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Florent Lago (3 months ago)
Guys you talked about the Ferrari of the shirts.. so let's stay Italian... go for Marol ! Great video otherwise !
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Haven’t tried Marol yet! Anto Beverly Hills makes the best dress shirts we’ve ever put on our bodies. Thanks for watching. -G
Jason Chavez (3 months ago)
Charles Tyrwhitt
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
We’ve heard a lot of good things but we haven’t tried them yet.
James Schock (3 months ago)
Eton far and away the best.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Eton rocks!
Antroz59 (3 months ago)
Funny enough I used to ONLY wear either ETON or Stenströms shirts. Recently I have testeed paul and shark and i just fell in love! ( a little pricier than Eton though ) But now I am testing Cordone 1956. I love their italian heritage! Btw I love that aEton shirt you have. I have a similar one I used on my IG (( @thesartorialchest ) yesh thats a publicity stunt ) Keep up the good work guys!
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
We’ll have to try those shirts as well and we’ll definitely check out your page. Thanks for watching!
leonel armenta (3 months ago)
When it comes to buying dress shirts, I always have an issue. I have broad shoulders and not to slim on the body. When I find the perfect arm length, the body part is to big. when I find a fitted shirt, the arm length is to short. Any suggestions besides tailoring...
pattgsm (3 months ago)
Dead Presidents - Great example. Spier & Mackay are crushing the suit, sport coat, and dress shirts and have a good base casual wear. Since discovering S&M I stopped shopping at Brooks Brothers. If Spier & Mackay improves on their outerwear (seasonal field jackets, mac coats, overshirts), Brooks Brothers, Jcrew , and BR would be in BIG trouble.
Dead Presidents (3 months ago)
leonel armenta MTM is the best way to go my guy. Try looking at Spier and Mackay. They offer shirts at $59 each if you buy 3+
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
The easiest place to tailor is the waist so if it fits in the shoulder and the arms, that’s your best bet. You can also go bespoke or made to measure.
Thai Vo (3 months ago)
I agree with Faran, was gonna say the same thing!
Sony Francois (3 months ago)
$400.00 dress shirt. Are you kidding me.
Andjelkovic Jasmin (3 months ago)
Who wants to look great and feel great, must invest in proper clothing. Damn, i will never understand people like you.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
We’re not!
Raymond F (3 months ago)
I would like to wish you congratulations on your upcoming wedding George .... Once more a answers video .. Keep up the great job ...
Sharif K (3 months ago)
buy latest suits from amazon.com please click the link for more details: https://amzn.to/2P2Hq8Q
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Thanks Raymond. Appreciate it!
BOYS WITH MANNERS (3 months ago)
Really like the shirts from Tie Bar
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
The Tie Bar is awesome!
I wear alot of dress shirts from wish and Amazon. I've found that they have fit me me more off that rack.
+Gent's Lounge Your right fit is key.
+MILFMAN1986 I buy flatseven,h2h,whatlees,parklees,and coofandy which to me is one of the best quality dress shirt. Also T-shirt.
MILFMAN1986 (3 months ago)
JINO'S FITNESS JOURNEY what brand of shirts do you buy off Amazon
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Cool! Whatever works for your body type.
Dung Huynh (3 months ago)
Hello. I'm from Việt Nam
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Paul-Andrei Serban (3 months ago)
Love your videos, keep it up! Congrats George
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Will do. Thanks!
iSeich (3 months ago)
my brand is olymp 😅
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Need to try those!
Bavan Gowribalan (3 months ago)
Congrats on your wedding bro
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Thank you!
WARMACHINE_95K _ (3 months ago)
Love these types of videos
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
There’s more in the works!
Bilal Shabbir (3 months ago)
Great vdo
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Thank you!
d_storm (3 months ago)
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
My man!

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