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Story Behind the Product | Focus & Energy

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Dyanne Gavin (2 years ago)
I had my son scanned at Dr. Amen's clinic in Fairfield, CA in the year 2000. I appreciated the work he was doing but it wasn't possible for me to continue treatment with his clinic because of the distance. Well because of a doctor referral from Dr. Amen to Dr. Hugh Ridelheuber in the San Francisco Bay Area, I lost my job and everything I had. Dr. Ridelheuber prescribed 4 kinds of stimulants for my ADD until I was completely strung out. At the time I had completed 7 1/2 years of college and was a literacy coach (I taught my peer teachers) in a very nice public school district. Over the 1 1/2 years being treated by Dr. R I would tell him my obvious symtoms of being addicted to all the drugs he prescribed me (and my son.) Well in 2002, I lost my teaching job after realizing the extent of m y addiction to Dr. R's treatment. I changed my insurance to partially pay for the $175.00 an hour he was charging me and whenthe pharmacy couldn't fill my prescription until I got a new pre-authorization from my new insurance I REALIZED THAT HE HAD ME KNOWINGLY ADDICTED TO MANY STIMULANTS. I stopped immediately but didn't want to abandon my students because I was teaching in the classroom again and I was asked to resign or they wouldn't reccommend me for re-hire. I lost everything. I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GET TREATMENT FROM DR. AMEN BUT BECAUSE OF THE REFERRAL TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED HORRIBLE DOCTOR ------ I HAVE NO MONEY. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME...I NEED YOUR HELP DR. AMEN, SINCERELY, DYANNE GAVIN (650) 465-7299

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