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The Photon Jewel Thief (Behaviour Control in Public Space )

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Filming is reality-piracy, it steals the electromagnetic "image" of a thing, and reproduces it as 2-dimensional compressed file. Naturally, this is very dangerous because corporations spend a lot of time and money ensuring that the electromagnetic image is exactly what they want it to be - maximising profit, ensuring never-ending growth, and hacking the human brain into wanting more and more and MORE FUCKING SHINY STATUS SYMBOLS as deep down most people are deeply insecure. Please could gangsters not use this video as reconnaissance, stop being lazy and go down there in person! Charles Veitch [email protected]
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Text Comments (543)
One finger Salute (1 day ago)
He is going to tell them that his pussy hurts
jon bird (7 days ago)
Ha ha, theres lots of valuable stuff in the window...Isnt that why they have security on the door? To stop theft ha ha
Ty willett (9 days ago)
Fu*king commies. Great video :)
Syn Kronos (10 days ago)
Consistency man! The Photon Joule thief
Wehe He (19 days ago)
So anything more than $20.00 can not be filmed? Or what is the price, and is that before or after taxes?
Fixed Face (28 days ago)
go film a mosque you pretentious wanker
wayne johnson (1 month ago)
oh boo hoo who cares and your talking bullshit
if they want to be treated like a human being it might be an idea to act one like in the first place
john hawkins hawkins (1 month ago)
Thick as pishgite if he don't want to be filmed, just walk away. Self important thug trying to be a boss! Idiot. Failed wannabe cop, no doubt! Yeah, Why do they so Yeah after every sentence? Yeah. Ok? Yeah? IQ yeah blah blah blah Ok, Yeah,? There's no hope!!!!! Firkin idiot.
Dean (1 month ago)
All I could hear was some kind of scouse mumble coming from the security guard.
anthony cook (1 month ago)
See that last security guy he seems to know he can't go out in public to confront a photographer because he did stay on the shops premises but the other ones came out in to public and shamed themselves totally. This unruly behaviour is what is harming security companies these guys don't need retraining they need fired because retraining an idiot when they will do the same thing again and again is not worth it and if they had stayed inside of the premises protecting everyone when they are supposed to then they would have got some free advertising for the premises but no some of these idiots prefer to confront someone in PUBLIC WHERE THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY AT ALL. THEY ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS. They are just buffoons of society.
Mr007Amz (1 month ago)
Charlie Man you are over the top sometimes, that security lad was alright with you 🤨 one these days somebody is going to lamp you in the face 🤷🏼‍♂️
big bez (1 month ago)
I have just watched another video of yours concerning filming outside a Hugo Boss outlet. I would just like to inform everyone that Hugo Boss was the designer of the SS uniform and was Adolf Hitler's tailor.
David london (2 months ago)
fuck the police this isn't Nazi Germany!
giggity goo (2 months ago)
Wow are u in manchester or liverpool cos all these shop assistants are scousers
streetwarrior31 (2 months ago)
Filming the shop...a lot people will see it ahahahahah Thousands of people pass there every day aahahahahah What a sillyness And if he doesn´t want to be filmed....why the hell doesn´t he move away....ahahahahaha These guys are mental ahahahahahah
Steve (2 months ago)
That's one Scouser that should be ashamed on two accounts. One.....making an argumentative tit out of himself and two....working with Mancs!
trevor random (3 months ago)
If you don't won't to be filmed in the UK ware a burka... ☺
Stephen M-S (3 months ago)
If the store manager asked him to film Mr V he would be more than happy to
Daniel Jones (3 months ago)
So some bloke was on private property, walked into public land walks up to some guy fiming with a camera to ask not to be filmed in public.
Ian James (3 months ago)
Charles your right. Learn the laws before trying to wrongly enforce them.
Ian James (3 months ago)
it's not nice with people filming you. But you have no legal right to stop it. These bell ends are just making a drama out of a non event.
gb5uq (3 months ago)
They are on display in a shop window in a public street but the wrong people might see them???. WTF
filip30051 (3 months ago)
Actually Charles, he has all the right to call you an idiot. If you purposely look for conflict you should at least stay consistent with the law yourself.
filip30051 (3 months ago)
he also does have the right to ask you not to film, he simply cannot force you to agree.
Budget Photographer (3 months ago)
Do these clowns realise anybody could stand outside the shop for any amount of time they chose and use their eyes to observe all the details of the shop? Pull the bazooka, sorry, camera out and everybody looses their minds! Over inflated sense if authority in full effect.
GEORGE RUSSELL (3 months ago)
What a wee fanny
Mad Drivers101 (3 months ago)
he stop you getting footage
Mad Drivers101 (3 months ago)
we all need to do this its shameful to stop us if we have a camera.
lunch box (3 months ago)
i think the guard thinks he is 007 what a twat
geoff edwards (4 months ago)
Why would he want to talk, why has he approached and then said don't film?The film getting into wrong hands?If a robber wants the film of shop they will.Guard doesn't want to be filmed,it's personally do why doesn't he just fuck off out of the camera.Dick.
geoff edwards (4 months ago)
If he doesn't want him to film him why doesn't fuck off!!He approach ed him, absolute idiot mentality.
C’est Moi (4 months ago)
James Bond works part time as the doorman security for a watch retail shop.
Musical Performances (4 months ago)
If the guy doesn't want to be filmed, he needs to simply walk away...….the f'kin knob!
Rob Wrong (4 months ago)
"Gangsters" could just go and LOOK at the shop. Paranoid, stupid and authoritarian.
johnnybgoodeish (4 months ago)
James Bond the security guy!
Big Shaq (5 months ago)
'You Have no Right to Film me' We'll Its a Public Place Security Enforcing Public Property
David Colley (5 months ago)
your much to polite with these guys you must watch Nast Nathaniel doing American Audits on YouTube
Ton Nugent (5 months ago)
I know this is an older video, but here's the thing; this is a great video to show one particular part of our 'Authoritarian State's' behaviour towards members of the public whom they have occasion to deal with and then realise that no offence has been committed... they become muddled and confused and can't answer the questions and so call it in for the police to attend, saying the member of the public is being "difficult". They interpret the member of the public's explanation of the law and refusal to obey a request, which isn't a law, as difficult. It's kind of a defensive mechanism authority has when cornered - they just can not accept (the majority of times) that the public may just be correct.
Kasif Zihad (5 months ago)
Think Charlie met his match there
Shush_ Ya_Mush (5 months ago)
you must have been watching a different video to me
Wayne Power (5 months ago)
Tell him to go see get to fuck he don't want to on film cos he's on the dole. Well he's saying fuck off
blakeyonthebuses (5 months ago)
Why not stop filming so they can assault you?
Colin Simpson (6 months ago)
Complete and utter tosser
Lurvelegg Outdoors (6 months ago)
Who are all these glorified buss driver looking guys? Pretend police??
Tory Boy (6 months ago)
Looks a shit area
Dream Day (7 months ago)
Love what you do for a living, it’s a dream job, enjoy z day
Stew Scott (7 months ago)
Hats off to security. This guy is a knob!!!
Keith Whitty (7 months ago)
Fxxk off and you won't be on the video. Lol 😂
Cult Watch (7 months ago)
Security should be sacked
OMG WTF (7 months ago)
3:15 Heavy footfall, which is nice!
fred nerk (7 months ago)
A flash mob with cameras is needed
Me you and the Animal (7 months ago)
Put a hi vis jacket on someone, they think they are authority. Wankers
Me you and the Animal (7 months ago)
Don't want filmed? Don't walk over a camera and say you don't want filmed. If you just stayed away, there'd be no problem. Dickheads
Gavin Mcinally (7 months ago)
Fuckinhell. I thought this shit only happened in the states
Gavin Mcinally (7 months ago)
Does the shop have cameras?
69Phuket (7 months ago)
Manchester is where all the Scousers go for werk! And why the East Lancs Road is Rammed I bought a 25 quid Russian Stopwatch from that Mappin & Webb... For my Dad (timing music) I took it out of the box and dropped it. (Not working) I took it back and for 20 quid they fixed it..15-20 years ago but a good shop!
The Poet McTeagle (7 months ago)
A couple of ARSEHOLES !
Silver (7 months ago)
security who do they think they are dont film me but i am walking up to the cam .we film you but you must never film us .bunch of dicks
Michael Zukerman (7 months ago)
I realize this video is old but I just ran across your videos and I gotta tell you this shit is ENTERTAINING! I spent 25 yrs in television news and sports and have been told what to and not to do 10 million times by every nimrod with a tin horn hat to cops and firefighters and on and on and on and on and this stuff is fkn hilarious! I've subbed LOL
It's Pretty Big (11 days ago)
Fucking legend charles
Charles Veitch (7 months ago)
Michael Zukerman thank you Michael! I hope you enjoy the other videos as much too xx
ivan carter (7 months ago)
Both The security guards are outside the shop they're supposed to be guarding with the door open and Tom dick or Harry can nip in and steal the watches they're supposed to be guarding
Steve Smith (7 months ago)
mmh tell those scouser pricks to shut up and go back in inside
Kheldaurus (8 months ago)
I hate these kind people, who provoke with their filming to just to get an reaction and a confrontation. Get a better hobby or get a job.
Silver (8 months ago)
how can these bods stand out side a shop all day and then walk up to the cam and say dont film me may be thats why they just stand out side a shop all day
Mark G (8 months ago)
Not obeying what I say = being difficult.
Roger Lane (8 months ago)
There is a viscous circle now in the UK as society becomes more lawless, private security is increased. Law abiding citizens have less freedom as a result.
David Rosas (8 months ago)
Keep up the great video stuff.
WoundrousMindTrick (8 months ago)
Thickest UK accent I ever heard. Talking of course about the guy at 0:08. Where is he from?
Warrior Of Truth (8 months ago)
People take their JOBS way too seriously. they need some time to meditate.
mr sosé (8 months ago)
These poor people, you are hurting them Charles
jangle jim (9 months ago)
what a moron security, where do they find these idiots ?
Stephanie Bowens (9 months ago)
All this shop owner had to do is turn around and take his miserable life back to the shop and close the door.
The Hound (9 months ago)
I goto Manchester a lot but despite looking out for him I never see Charlie, some of his vids are hilarious, the best being the guy who kept chasing him during some filming that was going on
Joost Brouwer (9 months ago)
where do they find all these bozoos?is there an academy that cranks them out? i dont want to be filmed,so i go stand in front of a camera
ILLFilms (9 months ago)
I believe Spooner, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Cicero, would all take pride in what you are doing. Right O Smashing Job Chap!
Jack Sung (9 months ago)
A couple chinese girls walk by at 3:40. talking loud about "Is it really this street" in chinese. It's actually funny LOLLLL
J Teves (9 months ago)
ahahaha.. i love how the guy says i'm willing to talk to you off camera... 9:16 but meanwhile he's done nothing but flap his jaws the whole friggin time.
Hopski (9 months ago)
If he wanted to stop being filmed he should have just gone about his business and that would have been the end of it. If I was looking to rob that store my memory would be my best asset. How would they react if you stood at the window looking at the watches for an hour? No commonsense whatsoever and no idea...
carkus 77 (10 months ago)
Does this community officer work for the shop? Its weird how they have no law to enforce but seem to follow suit of the stores.....that in itself does not Portray an honest look fact...letalone lawfull.....🤔
carkus 77 (10 months ago)
Its thrre problem not charlies they aproached him in public space.... the fact valuables are in display is there problem only not charlies......mabye one should close there eyes so valubles are not looked apon as eyes and a brain is not lot different for a cameras memory bank......go complain to gov if dont like the law.....instead of witholding ones freedom of movement in public... Sensitive is not our problem sorry well done charles... gets into wrong hands hmmmm ok so whats stopping the wrong hands from just using there own eyes and legs to go look for themselfs? Dont forget you tryd to say he wasn't allowed to film in public.....Birmingham accent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im an aussie to........your happy for cctv to film you daily but nothing else...there filming you slso but you cant film them im confused? 🤔........go back inside your shop......he is right if you stay inside shop there is no story smh........
Steve Anthony (10 months ago)
Security guard at 8 minutes changes the point of contention from filming the store to filming the security guard In an attempt to try and stop Charlie from filming.
terence beech (10 months ago)
haha how ironic the street name in the background is called police street hahahahahahahahaha check about 19mins 31 secs
terence beech (10 months ago)
ok he stated it about a min later
Kim Jong-un (10 months ago)
I had a tear in my eye when that poor security guard told us how paranoid he was.
Cr500 Kev (1 year ago)
Security guards are a joke jobs worth
David Paterson (1 year ago)
He's full of shit working and claiming benefits at the same time. Or he's a bigamist and a cheat. He certainly doesn't do sensitive work cause he's a test.
Dave R (1 year ago)
If you don't want to be filmed don't walk up to the camera
New Thought (1 year ago)
Dispatch need to ask exactly what the problem is and then decide if police should be deployed. SO MUCH time and money will be saved this way.
nasman007 (2 years ago)
Dumb ass SIA security guards! typical.
Jonathan Rogers (2 years ago)
I loved it when the security guy asked you what you were filming for. so you told him it was about them over stepping there authority. he says no it's not??? you replied yes it is he still said no it's not.. as if he knew and you were giving the wrong reason. " what an idiot" I'm guessing a decent I.Q. and an understanding of the English language is not a requirement to be security... but we all know that. I actually worked in security a few years ago and the intelligence level was low to be polite. I couldn't stand to have to engage with them as they could not hold a conversation with words with more than two syllables..
Daniel Jones (3 months ago)
I know a bloke who works in security he speaks 3 languages fluently and can play countles musical instruments!
Options Forward 2.5 (2 years ago)
lmfaaoo!! very good plan charles wel do the shop together what times the raid so we can invade looool XD
Jonathan Rogers (2 years ago)
Expendables what the fuck does loooool mean. because my understanding of the acronym is laugh out loud. so you try to express you found it more amusing by using an acronym for laugh out out out out out loud. it's your poor grip of English grammar that I find both sad and amusing..
Sonic Boom (2 years ago)
*Car in wrong hands is a dangerous weapon, for fox sake should we all stop driving?* I don't get it how the hell they are employed in security without basic knowledge of the law?
LebenVergessen (2 years ago)
Only one of those security guards seemed to deal with it in the correct way and he looked the youngest of them all.
This video should be retitled "two idiots and a cunt"
Jonathan Rogers (2 years ago)
Col. Nathan Jessup why! I didn't see you in the video.
David Paterson (2 years ago)
repeat robot
zomg222 (2 years ago)
I see the rent-a-cops in UK are as brain fucking dead as in USA. If this stupid fuck didnt want his face recorded all he had to do is fucking WALK AWAY. Holy shit, can people be this fucking stupid?
Lóránt Mályinkó (2 years ago)
:_( We can't do it in our country. It is forbidden.
dean johnson (2 years ago)
hes quality
Alice (2 years ago)
Security all know each other so they'd have been on their phones informing each other about the cheeky @% $#& with a camera making his way down the street filming.👍😃
JiM Beamer (2 years ago)
Great vid ... but why are you so nice to these morons ... ffs.
David Horrocks (2 years ago)
you new what reaction you would get. thats why your doing it. Because of people like you the laws will change. at that point you will stop. we're losing and your not helping. we can discuss this all day.
David Horrocks (2 years ago)
just because you can doesn't mean you should. your being asked not to film your being antisocial people feel uncomfortable you filming them can you stop this before someone gets hurt.what happens when you cause distress to someone with a medical condition. mental or physical cause someone to have a heart attack or break down. then you have broke the law
Angela Kim (2 years ago)
No im saying that yes sometimes he needs to respect others but you cant tell a person that other people are bothered by it when they aren't or dont care. Also you can't say somethings illegal when it isnt.
David Horrocks (2 years ago)
+Angela Kim so what your saying is its ok for Charlie to film what he wants and who he wants. so it must be ok to film him and his family when hes out and about. dont film my baby thats not right thats what he would say. and then accuse people of doing wrong
Angela Kim (2 years ago)
problem is, if you dont want to be filmed dont be in the way of the camera and yes maybe sometimes he shouldnt do it but people have no right to tell him its against the law that they made up. so..... yeah also if you say the public is botherdled by his filming then what about the people in the backround

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