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Quickly and Easily Create Custom Scrollbars that Look Awesome

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Today's Question: Do you use a Mac or PC for design and/or coding? -- In today's tutorial, we're going to use something called "simplebar" to very easily create custom scrollbars. This will help us get rid of the "one size fits all" default scrollbar, and create one that's more cohesive and consistent with your UI design. Simplebar: https://github.com/Grsmto/simplebar - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS weekly! My site: https://coursetro.com My personal FB account: http://fb.com/logodesigner Coursetro FB: http://fb.com/coursetro Coursetro's Twitter: http://twitter.com/designcoursecom Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/a27CKAF ^-Chat with me and others - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who is Gary Simon? Well, I'm a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I've created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn, Lynda.com, Pluralsight and Envato Network. Now, I focus all of my time and energy on this channel and my website Coursetro.com. Come to my discord server or add me on social media and say Hi!
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Text Comments (150)
DesignCourse (8 months ago)
Be sure to smash the SUBSCRIBE button! - My answer for today's question: I started out 20+ years ago as a gamer / coder, and therefore I went straight to Windows. Ever since then, even after getting into design, I found that I was able to easily create and build everything I wanted within the Windows PC environment. I'm also big into customization and building my own PC's. I may actually purchase a Mac soon (only if it's the Pro version) just so that I can cover some of the Mac exclusive apps.
Dr ROLFCOPTER! (2 months ago)
Could you make a video how to block all custom scrollbars in chrome/opera? It is the most annoying feature of all time in blink browsers.
Ujjwal Kumar (8 months ago)
Marcus Wiedner (8 months ago)
Nice tutorial. Thumbs up. I use a PC - because PC is for poor people. 4:52 - or just CTRL+K Z for Zen mode.
Aniket Kariya (8 months ago)
DesignCourse Great! You should also make game / coding tutorials if you can. Love your videos.
RAP TANGER (1 month ago)
Zayad Najdaoui (1 month ago)
I use PC
Myles Gmail (1 month ago)
i use Mac (thx for the video, i'll tweet it)
Ashish Toppo (2 months ago)
Samwel Walter (2 months ago)
Can you do a tutorial for angular 7 custom scrollbar plugins, cant seem to find one.
Staniel Petrov (2 months ago)
Guys please help, how can i use smooth scrolling with this plugin? :) Thanks
Moritz Schottmüller (2 months ago)
Need some help pleease :) I have two different divs, a #black one and a #white one. So I need two different scrollbars in order to be visible in both divs. How can I make a css rule that targets only the #black div? And the scrollbars seeme to be a bit transparent, so the divs background-solor shines through. How can I change this? Thank you so much
Artsiom Auhustsinovich (3 months ago)
He just showed how to use a plugin...
emil emerek (4 months ago)
Ssocial blade (4 months ago)
How to make horizontal scroll bars just like HUBSPOT website
Kuze Hibiki (5 months ago)
Hi did anyone same with me cant hide the original scrollbar
Kuze Hibiki (2 months ago)
cus I have another js same with the scroll js using some same function thing
Kuze Hibiki (2 months ago)
+Mayura Ramanayaka yes, I use margin and padding make the scroll bar overflow hidden
Mayura Ramanayaka (3 months ago)
did u find a solution?
Ken Chang (6 months ago)
PC, I don't want to spend the money to switch my software :-o
SyntezY (6 months ago)
PC with 24" screen is a masterpiece for coding but in the future i want 2 or even 3 screens.
Youtube L (6 months ago)
I use PC. I am using since Window 95. The Ske with 95
Seth M (7 months ago)
PC | i7 64gb ram GTX 1080 | Adobe CC
nick stockley (8 months ago)
I use both pc and mac, nowadays with cross platform tools like vs code and nanobox used together with git I switch from my pc to macbook and everything is the same.
Tyler Hartsock (8 months ago)
PC never owned a mac
Ajaykumar verma (8 months ago)
auto-hide is not working
Alem Kahrovic (8 months ago)
Perfect timing.. i am working on a project where i need to implement a scrollbar on a page and this tutorial is all i need thx man 👌 by the way i am using only mac for my Work. Because it is more stable and faster then pc
Gururaj Moger (8 months ago)
Nice.. please build chat ui that u shown in middle.. that was too nice..
Sadegh Barati (8 months ago)
how to add it to body ?
Saeideh Mn (8 months ago)
So this is only for Google Chrome or what???? I'm so tired of getting results that are useless JS that only works with one case or it has to be resized each time or it's just the useless webkit which only works with Chrome ..........
Oğuz Akankan (8 months ago)
when I work, i use Mac, If I wanna play games definetely PC
Tomas Töws (8 months ago)
I use a PC. But I have been using a Mac for a year. To be honest, I am a Windows guy ^^
Jamshed Iqbal (8 months ago)
Zach Baird (8 months ago)
PC :)
GeneralA6 (8 months ago)
oh dmn very nice plugin. it solves the issue of creating a scrollbar that overlays elements for clean beautiful design.
Jeremy Coleman (8 months ago)
Everything at home runs some version of Linux (Elementary OS, Solus, ChromeOS w/ chrubuntu) and if I need Windows it goes in a VM. I don't have time for any dual boot nonsense these days when virtualization is so close to hardware performance. At work it's Windows 10.
Rafal Redlich (8 months ago)
I use a mac. Stability, plenty of quality software, unix bash out of the box. 5k iMac is the perfect machine for designer/developer.
Ali Afghah (8 months ago)
Mac user of 17 years. Current setup: 15-inch MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) Ultra-wide 2K LG Display
olajide awoyinka (8 months ago)
I use PC.. i cant afford a mac now
Notto Åsland (8 months ago)
I use iMac. Love it.
Paul Hacker (8 months ago)
Cristian-Alexandru Radu (8 months ago)
I use PC!
Bruno Marques (8 months ago)
yea.. i couldn't make it work on my angular app :(
Ali Al-Jabur (8 months ago)
I use pc but I wish I can code on a Mac
Simon Hall (8 months ago)
I use PC for design & code.
MattyB Raps (8 months ago)
Do you have your courses on Lynda.com too?
Arshad Moolla (8 months ago)
Hey Gary. Can you please make a sass tutorial?
Emilio Jeldes (8 months ago)
I'm using Mac right now. I had a lot of troubles developing with pc and a few months ago i bought a 15 inch mid 2015 Macbook pro and it's been awesome. Just like on Linux but much more smoother, so now my pc is only for occasional gamming lol.
Julio Vergara (8 months ago)
I use both
WebBinary (8 months ago)
Mustafa Bikhri (8 months ago)
Pc For Alllllll ;p
Ghillie Wolf (8 months ago)
this is great, i am surely gonna use this to my nodejs chat project
KsaSpartacus (8 months ago)
Great , thank you .
Encore 4K (8 months ago)
Designer/Coder on PC, Mac is just to simple for me.
Joaquin Mayer (8 months ago)
Muhammad Adnan (8 months ago)
Thanks pc
Kyle Blackmore (8 months ago)
PC. not becuase I like it, but so I can also run steam at the same time. The only reason I use pc at all
brahim BOUSSADJRA (8 months ago)
I use PC
Jordi Hoven (8 months ago)
Can you do a video on EasyTimer.js?
Álvaro Díez Martínez (8 months ago)
I use PC for coding. Great video by the way! Thanks!
Diana von Ow (8 months ago)
Mac at my home office. PC at work. But I don't realy care. I take whatever works! 😉
BBOY DAPSY (8 months ago)
I use Windows laptop. I can't afford a Mac (they are too expensive). :/
Jason Wier (8 months ago)
Mostly Linux.
_Mohamed WS_ (8 months ago)
I'm using a pc for both, my argument is that I'm broke and can't afford a pricey Mac.
Othman Ben (8 months ago)
Linux no more Windows
Diogo Oliveira (8 months ago)
I use Linux! Why didn't you mentioned it?
Ahmed Raza (8 months ago)
Gave like even on the start coz I knew its going to be awesome with no doubt ;)
ok-ahmed (8 months ago)
I use PC 💻
MD. ASHRAFUZZAMAN (8 months ago)
I use mac as my main coding environment and use windows for testing :)
Khalil Ch (8 months ago)
Mac ... No viruses :)
Jaspreet Singh (8 months ago)
Manjaro Linux (Deepin Desktop) and Windows 10 dual boot.
Jaydip Agola (8 months ago)
Hello sir I am using pc Please create video how to create one page scrolling website...
Kattie (8 months ago)
Love your channel 😊 Alway watching your new videos. I've learned to code on my pc, but now at work I'm using laptop nad have ubuntu on it.
Svein Sørmo (8 months ago)
Awesome video as always, and spot on! Can U pls do some more Angular Animation. U'r Stagger one was just fantastic? Thx in advance.
Cookie Monster. (8 months ago)
So PC but running on linux. Question might be what OS are you using rather then what System, unless your after a PC or Mac, not the OS . If people say the OS your running answer would be mac, windows or linux. System it would be PC or mac :P
Svein Sørmo (8 months ago)
Historically, I use a PC, both portable and desktop. Will have a Mac Pro by the end of this year. After W10, I'm satisfied with my PC.
Arian Mozafari (8 months ago)
Dylan Sleith (8 months ago)
I used PC for designing and coding but just ordered a Macbook Pro which will be used to design :D
Jorge Renteral (8 months ago)
I use Windows at Work and trying Deepin in my house, I also have a Mac but that is my wife's working machine.
praveenraj sr (8 months ago)
I use PC for Design and coding, by the way i'm just a beginner Thank you very much for the cool scroll bar! Can you please make video on this effect http://www.phosphenefx.com/credits
Usman Zill (8 months ago)
I can't afford Mac so windows pc 😃
Usman Zill (8 months ago)
I was waiting for that thanks 😊👍🏻
Milan Drazic (8 months ago)
I use win10 for coding cose Don't have money for Mac 😊
Alessandro (8 months ago)
Yes!! Thank you !! I'm trying to do this at work :)
Pulkit Sharma (8 months ago)
I use pc due to high upgradability ✌🏻
robinzon sokhashvili (8 months ago)
i use DesignCourse <3
Paul Cozma (8 months ago)
I use pc with Ubuntu. Mac is too expensive. I don't like windows.
kotos.net (8 months ago)
PC here
Urgen Dorjee (8 months ago)
I have been Windows user for many years, I wish that I could buy a Mac but it is really expensive though, and i hope sometimes in future i may own one. Anyway, Gary can you make a tutorial "Google Photo API on Angular 6". Thanks
Oussama Boughizene (8 months ago)
X1Zeth2X (8 months ago)
I use Arch Linux on my ThinkPad x220 and Gentoo for my desktop
Chagam Ajay kumar Reddy (8 months ago)
Anibal Suarez (8 months ago)
I use Pc...
kwok keung Lau (8 months ago)
I use Mac
DaMiK83 (8 months ago)
PC with Linux Mint on it, and so far loving the switch from Windows
Lucas Adriel De Lima (3 months ago)
Me too :)
Pescovisck (8 months ago)
I have a dual boot with windows and linux, can't afford a Mac 😢 'cause i live in Brazil. I started designing on windows with Axure, and now i'm testing Adobe XD. I always been looking for a Mac just to have a experience with Sketch. What you guys think about Sketch? Adobe XD can replace it? BTW, i use linux for coding.
Gilson Nunes Filho (8 months ago)
Pescovisck o Adobe XD não substitui o Sketch completamente pra mim. A prototipagem é melhor no XD, mas o sketch tem muitos plugins que agilizam o trabalho e os pontos de ancoragem são muuuuuuito úteis pra montar layouts responsivos.
Chris Kettenbach (8 months ago)
I use a Mac. I like the terminal better on Mac. I find it similar to Linux. Most servers I interact with are Linux VMs in the cloud. Cmd and powershell just aren't for me.
Mitchell Wilson (8 months ago)
I use a Mac with VMware Fusion and Run a Windows VM (and a Linux VM) in Fusion. Ifind myself working mostly in the Windows VM . The Windows VM running on the Mac Hardware is exceptional.
I'm use PC+Adobe XD+VS Code
Game_Over (8 months ago)
I use a Linux system
prosper obum (8 months ago)
I use a pc
Sayed Akhter (8 months ago)
I am a poor guy so using a windows
Kaushik Iyer (8 months ago)
I personally use a Mac for coding and design purposes.
Adejuwon Oshadipe (8 months ago)
I use a pc to design and code
Vivek Vanga (8 months ago)
I use PC
Leon Strydom (8 months ago)
Please consider making a tutorial video for creating a custom loading/progress bar for web -- Not just a spinning animated gif or whatever, but something that shows the actual % value as the web page loads. Please :)
Alex Zamba (8 months ago)
I use PC

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