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Welcome to a Life on a Whole Different Level http://www.newearthscam.com BOOST PERFORMANCE AND PHYSICAL CAPACITY SHARPEN CLARITY AND IMPROVE REACTION TIME COMBAT CELLULAR OXIDATION AND ACCELERATE RECOVERY TIME* PROMOTE JOINT HEALTH, FLEXIBILITY, AND RANGE OF MOTION* Whether you scale mountains, hit the gym hard, or simply lead a jam-packed high-stakes lifestyle, these all-natural superfoods will give you the EDGE you need. Boost performance with the BEFORE pack, with powerful ingredients including cordyceps and lion's mane mushrooms, wheatgrass juice, bee pollen, eleuthero, green tea, turmeric, Gingko biloba, noni, and of course, our own Wild Bluegreen ™ Algae. Accelerate recovery and exibility with the AFTER pack and its powerful plant-based enzyme blend, glucosamine, chondroitin, UC-II® collagen, and Wild Bluegreen Algae.* The individual product names tell you the whole story: Drive - Maximum Energy™, Focus - Maximum Clarity™, Rebound - Maximum Recovery™, Flex - Maximum Flexibilty ™. Get your EDGE from whole superfoods! http://www.newearthscam.com
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