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"DRINK THIS SHIT!!!" A commercial for our latest product, ENERGY TO THE MAX!!! ENERGY TO THE MAX!!!'s ingredients consist of: Caffeine Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin F Vitamin L ENERGY!!!!! Intense Amounts of Steroids Human Feces Electrolytes Blue Shit Crack Cocaine Red Bull Some Leafs Fried Rice Gatorade And a bunch of other INTENSE shit we found lying around! Side effects may include: Intense Exploding Burning Diarrhea Intense Heart Attack Intense Stroke Intense Erectile Dysfunction Intense Heart Failure Intense Paralyzation Intense Sex Intense Uncontrollable Rage Intense Groin Shrinkage Intense Numbness Intense Boner And in sever cases: Intense Death "DRINK THIS SHIT!!!" May attract intense opposite sex... May not be appropriate for children under the ages of two...
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