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Access 2016 - How to Make a Database - Part 3 - Importing Data

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Mohsen Nagiub (24 days ago)
Thank you, this is very helpful
Joseph Zuber (5 months ago)
can you add another field to an existing database?
Magikarp Used Splash (1 month ago)
That's in the first video lol
Big Nose personl (9 months ago)
May you fix the sound? It is burning my ears. But the video is well made though.
Design and Deploy (9 months ago)
Old video with an old mike. I did make an entirely new Access series from scratch with much better audio and went a little more in depth. In retrospect, I think I jumped around a little too much in this first series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjQdzlVqKOk&t=25s
Morgan Glassco (10 months ago)
Great series so far. Enough detail without being too fast or slow. Thanks for the lessons!
James Foskey (1 year ago)
how would you import info from a particular website?
Daryl White (1 year ago)
Great training. If I can ask a question: I want to design a database for the purpose of keeping track of different Luncheon items with assigning these items to different people to prepare. The Luncheon items will change with each event. The people assigned to prepare the items will also change with each event. What Tables do you recommend setting up? Not sure if I should set up a Table for each separate Menu item or a Table for a Complete Menu? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Design and Deploy (1 year ago)
I have a tutorial about cascading combo boxes. That is probably what you would want to do. With cascading combo boxes, the value of the first box determines what is available in the second box. In this case, the event (the first combo box) limits what dishes are available in the second combo box. you then have a third combo box that is not part of the cascade and that would be the cook/preparer.
Christon Han (2 years ago)
This company must be Umbrella Corporation.
TurtleGamez (2 years ago)
OMG Best video ever 😱😱😱
Angie Baker (2 years ago)
Thank you for your knowledge! It is super easy to follow. I need to add merge excel files. For example: I have a master document (currently in excel). That file has been broken down into parts for other users to edit. Now I need to bring back together all these files. There is a "key" for the items that uniquely id's the item in each excel document but the edits are difference categories (they match the master) just not all files have the same categories. I have watched your Part 1,2,3, video and part 3 was exactly what I need but when you imported duplicate records it just added the records so you then had 2 of the same. Is there a way to override the information in the database when importing files? But only overriding some of the fields specific to each import?
Reginald K. Little (2 years ago)
Help me understand what is the difference between 2010, 2013 and 2016
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Unfortunately, I don't have enough exposure to 2010 and 2013 to say. I only know minor things like data type MEMO was replaced with Long Text. Things like that.
Reginald K. Little (2 years ago)
I wish you were located in Indiana i need your help with a church membership database
Charles Sotis (1 year ago)
I'm doing one for a Veterans Group in Georgia. I'm not super experienced, but if I can answer or help in some way, I'd be very happy to do so. Tell me your problem.
Reginald K. Little (2 years ago)
Modify and fix a pre-existing one
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Are you  creating a new one or trying to modify/fix a pre-existing one?
John Rodriguez (2 years ago)
So far so good with Part 1 - 2 very good detailed. thanks
Giuseppe Pesce (2 years ago)
HI, I have a complex set of data in excel, these are with 2 header and I would like to keep them in access. Can I create a database in this case?
Adrian Doyle (2 years ago)
Hey, thanks for the video. It helped me out a lot. I have a question regarding the form, and it would be great if you were able to answer, I'd really appreciate it. If I'm creating fields in a table (say, fields 1, 2 and 3) and I only want people to be able to manually input data into field 3 if they make a particular selection from a drop down menu in field 2, is that possible? For example, if field 2 is called source, and has a drop down menu with the options "book", "journal", and "website", and I want somebody to put in a URL in field 3 any time they select "website" as a source, but I don't want field three to be available to a user who selects "book" or "journal" is it possible to do that?
Adrian Doyle (2 years ago)
Brilliant. Thank you.
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
Yes, you would set field 3 to inactive on the form and then you would attach to the event of clicking/changing the dropdown a VB script that checks the value of that dropdown. If set to "website" you would then activate field 3.
praveenkumar hunk (2 years ago)
How To Close The Ribbon Permanetly Once Spreed Sheet is Created .And Only Admin Can Access Like Edit ,Adding ,Customization.
Design and Deploy (2 years ago)
There's a bunch of ways. If you change the file name from .accdb to .accdr it will shut off ribbon and make the table/query selector inaccessible as well. Simple way to lock down the structure of the database. Also, as a .accdr they don't need Access to run, they just need the free Access runtime software.
Kris Maly (2 years ago)
I enjoyed watching this video and recommend to others Host seem to be an expert in Access Database Teacher tone is also very good one can easy understand. Please keep post some more videos Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteership. Than a bunch

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