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Ryan Phillippe Shirtless on "Secrets and Lies"

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Top 5 "Clothing Optional" moments with Ryan Phillippe on ABC's "Secrets and Lies" drama series.
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Lyndsey N (1 month ago)
Giulia Campagnolo (7 months ago)
Ryan sei un sogno di uomo ....sexi e adorabile figo da paura...i love you
ashgyllenhaal (1 year ago)
Man he is SO SEXY 😛
Der ist ja auch schon heiß Feger Ryan Pfillipes
Samantha Pateman (2 years ago)
Why did I not know about this program?! So I now know what I'll be watching for a while.
Fabricio Crasher (2 years ago)
Do u know who is Christina aguilera? Is she famus in US?
BenG694 (3 years ago)
That was a clever advert. Now excuse me while I melt.
moran gozali (3 years ago)
so so hot!! hope season 2 soon
Cassie Justine (3 years ago)
God. Ryan is so damn handsome. Just a straight gorgeous man. You can tell that he hasn't never got any plastic surgery which is a good thing. Just natural handsome guy. Also he is extremely down to earth and deeply cares about the world. Always liked him for a reason.
Chelsea Canales (3 years ago)
As Yako, Wacko, and Dot would say on Animanics: HELLO NURSE!!!!
Julie Casanova (3 years ago)
hey of course!!!!
Arnold Larson (2 years ago)
Julie Casanova
perwin lyngaard (3 years ago)
How do you know he is going to be in s2
Julie Casanova (3 years ago)
Ryan phillipe still so hot!!!! Can't wait to see him again!!! lol miss you!
Cassie Justine (3 years ago)
+perwin lyngaard no. he is not going to be in secrets and lies season two... His last appearance was in secrets and lies season one. He is going to be in a new tv show called shooter.
perwin lyngaard (3 years ago)
do you think he is going to be in s2
Cecak Dinding (3 years ago)
Ashly Nicolle (3 years ago)
kiesse Santos (3 years ago)

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