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Amway XS Energy drink Demo with Red bull | Amway product demo

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Text Comments (29)
Khanabdullah Abdullah (1 month ago)
xs wale se kitna paisa liya...
Neelam Udar (2 months ago)
Red Bull pine Wale afford ker sakte h nd this drink is safe nd suger free.... ND with using that products cn start a great apportunity.. Take more information 9667446732
Gufraan Khan (2 months ago)
Ankit Kumar (4 months ago)
Ankit Kumar (4 months ago)
Parmila Malik (5 months ago)
Sir pite hue ki video kyu nahi banae aap ne
Rahul Yaduwanshi (5 months ago)
Do contact for the business opportunity 9170171710
One two (5 months ago)
wow.. is this milk?
Arhan Rakib (11 months ago)
hahaha... fake
Loki Laufeyjarson (7 months ago)
Don't believe everything on internet... GO AND TRY THE REAL ONE BY YOURSELF !
Insanee 007 (11 months ago)
Just because it does that to milk doesn’t prove anything.....
Sinderpalkaur Kaur (1 year ago)
Vry nice sir
Thank you so much kindly like and share the video
chandra mohan sharma (1 year ago)
Hello KKS, Is this Demo officially claimed by Amway?
NANO FILMS (6 months ago)
Baljit Singh (1 year ago)
chandra mohan sharma yes it is!!
Somnath Patra (1 year ago)
Product costly aam admi nehi le sakta hai
Rahul Yaduwanshi (5 months ago)
Product costly nhe hota hain product ke Value hoti hain ye depend hum par karta hain ke hum uss value ko apne life me add kar sakte hain yaa nhe
Neeraj Pal (6 months ago)
Bro have u ever used and or purchased it, I think never, 99 percent people say Amway product are very costly and all these 99 percent people never used any product or purchased, but those people used and purchase it they say it's worth money
Sharanya Majumder (1 year ago)
Somnath Patra Gold is always precious but Gold is Gold. No other product so good as Amway.
Baljit Singh (1 year ago)
Somnath Patra le sakta hai!!
Suraj Jamdhade (1 year ago)
What is benefit of energy drink
MicroBot (1 month ago)
@KK Sinha: Motivational Speaker Redbull have more than 650kJ/100ml ... Amway power drink have 8 kJ/100ml ... you'll get more energy from green tea than this energy drink :DDDDDDD you can't be srsly
Suzaham Sukiman (9 months ago)
Same thing I want to ask you, what is benefit of soft drink?
Instant energy
Descent Rules (1 year ago)
Bro can help telme..for skin (male) which one good ? Vitamin c(amway) or vitamin b plus (amway)
Vitamin C
Descent Rules (1 year ago)
Ohhh wow...
Thank you so much kindly share the video

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