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Spirit of the Wind Princess - Original Composition - EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold

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A track I made, using ONLY instruments from East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (EWQLSO). The idea was to put this legacy library through its paces, to determine if it can stack up to all the modern sample libraries that have been released since then. Inspired by Joe Hisaishi and his work with Studio Ghibli. Composed, programmed, and mixed by Jacob A. Cadmus. http://jacad79.wixsite.com/jacob-a-cadmus Made in Cockos REAPER 5.
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Sergio Rodríguez (12 days ago)
Hi Jacob, it's a great composition, thanks for share! Could you help me? I see you use Reaper and EWQLSO and I want to know how I can play my midi compositions with EWQLSO in Reaper... But I've could not open EWQLSO instruments in Reaper... Oh please help me!!!!
Sergio Rodríguez (12 days ago)
+Jacob A. Cadmus Thank you!
Jacob A. Cadmus (12 days ago)
Thank you! Unfortunately I don't use Reaper anymore, as I have moved on to Logic Pro. Not sure whether you're on Windows or Mac, but this link is a helpful guide for both platforms. It's meant for Waves plugins, but the same rules apply to East West PLAY. - https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-find-your-plugins-in-reaper
정진우 (22 days ago)
Cool. What is the name of program ??
Rodrigo Cardozo (23 days ago)
gio heuvel (1 month ago)
This is great! Somehow it sometimes stylistically reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu's music as well. Nice.
Yuriy Lehki (1 month ago)
Where'd you get the piano sound? I don't think it comes with EWQL.
Ron Moone (29 days ago)
It might be the Steinway B in the percussion>wood folder. It's still a terrific sounding piano with a small footprint, it stands up extremely well against the latest libs.
Gabriel Nogueira (1 month ago)
woooow, so sofisticated! I am beginner at using midi for compositions... maybe someday I get on your level! :D
jrmagrelis (2 months ago)
Jacob...great song...greetings from Brazil...
shaun03a (2 months ago)
sounds like something straight out of hollow knight. brilliant work
Jorge Donis Del Alamo (3 months ago)
hmmm, dark souls reference...
Jorge Donis Del Alamo (3 months ago)
Not exactly the same chord, but the feeling is the same. I'm surprised you didn't take any inspiration : https://youtu.be/mvvFnR0kJFw?list=PLA69C1EEA3355844F&t=138 vs. https://youtu.be/9O0sql1hukg?t=46
Jacob A. Cadmus (3 months ago)
I guess so? I've never listened to Dark Souls before.
Rathernot Disclose (4 months ago)
anyone compared the gold vs platinum vs diamond editions of EWQL instruments?
Alex IG (2 months ago)
I think gold is good for background platinum for a orchestra only recording and diamond for badass soundtracks
Imitation Krabs (5 months ago)
This is beyond brilliant. You are a genius!
Drinner D (5 months ago)
How does EWQL Symphonic Orchestra work? I mean, is this Software with it's own systems, programing and interface, or are these just fantastic samples that work with any composing program? If the latter, are there only certain programs that work with this?
Rainbow Friends (25 days ago)
You can use it as VST
Drinner D (5 months ago)
wow... I'm speechless. This is amazing, and most of all.. convincing! Incredible work!!
Very nice please for a tutorial!
ToastedCigar (7 months ago)
Very well done, I absolutely love this! Btw, how do you start the composition process? Do you figure out a good chord progression first on which to build the song, or do you start with the melody?
DAGMA (7 months ago)
Beautiful track Jacob!As Always :)
Happyfox Productions (7 months ago)
2:09 till the end was epic
Rodrigo (9 months ago)
Did you use a MIDI controller to record this?
TAKAHIRO (9 months ago)
Hello. I'm Japanese TAKAHIRO. A wonderful video. Your channel is registered. Please also register my channel. Please take care now😃
Bryan W (10 months ago)
24GB of ram and i still can't get this to work this well.
Bryan W (10 months ago)
computer doesn't run out of ram. program just loads upto 8 gbs of samples than craps out on me.
David E. Harris (10 months ago)
Great music!  What DAW is this?
Jacob A. Cadmus (10 months ago)
Hey thanks! The DAW is Reaper 5
Footage for Sales (10 months ago)
What computer you have? How much ram?? 32? 128? 256 or 512?)
Jacob A. Cadmus (10 months ago)
I have an outdated PC build with an i7 3770 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and all mechanical storage.
Clayton Dantas Barbosa (10 months ago)
Astonished, amazed!!!
MrCubuc (11 months ago)
Morten Malvik [] Composer (11 months ago)
Impressive stuff! I have EW SO Platinum, but never managed to get this good sound. You inspired me to use it a bit more. =)
Logan Yeck (1 year ago)
And this is just the gold???
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Sebastian Dorn (1 year ago)
Wooowwww!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO so wonderful. I like it! I love it. You have my Abo.
Ewertom Marinho (1 year ago)
Very good work. Congrats.
Jensen Raylight (1 year ago)
*jaw dropped
FocusMrbjarke (1 year ago)
What theme did you use for reaper in this video? Awesome piece btw :)
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Thanks! I used a modified version of the "Fusion" theme.
Trobairitz & Bard (1 year ago)
This is gold.
nickardasis (1 year ago)
Hey there Jacob, how does Reaper hold up when you're using tens or even hundreds of instruments/channels? I know most composers use Cubase/Logic for orchestral stuff but I'm interested in Reaper as I've been reading lots of good things and how stable and customisable it is.   Considering its insanely low price point, I'm seriously consider investing in it, Cubase and other DAWs are way out of my budget at the moment. I just don't want to start learning a piece of software only to abandon it for a more expensive one a few years later. Great composition by the way!
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Yes Reaper has vst3. They also added a notation editor last year I think, though I haven't messed around with it all too much. I constantly switch back and forth between S1 and Reaper, though I have the pro version of S1. Worth it for the arranger and scratch pads alone.
nickardasis (1 year ago)
Have the added VST3 support? I'm not familiar with the latest updates so I'm not sure. Also is there an import/export feature for sheet music and is there a sheet editor (even a basic one)? Have you used Studio1 v3? The mid-range version is priced similarly to Reaper and S1 has been getting a lot of attention lately so I'm considering both these two DAWs. Thanks for the reply.
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
I'd say go for it! I can confirm that Reaper is super stable, and also lightweight compared to other DAWs. The video engine is great too, making it easy to score to picture. The only downsides to watch out for are that it takes some time and frequent forum visits to set it up to your liking, and also the stock plugins aren't that great (best to have some 3rd party plugins at the ready).
Duhemsounds (1 year ago)
With good sound editing skills and orchestration like this, EWQLSO can still make awesome tracks
Xenome (1 year ago)
Finally someone that knows what he's doing... Good stuff!
Samuel LE TONQUEZE (1 year ago)
I really like this piece !! I also use EWQLSO but the Gold version. Do you think that with Platinum it is worth much better?
Really incredible! I love the piece.
Vladimir Kozin (1 year ago)
Very Cool! Sounds Great!!!
Cam Hughes (1 year ago)
Lucas Bello (1 year ago)
Holy s* that was awesome! You inspired me to keep composing and improve my skills.
GabeCastro (1 year ago)
Well done! I only just recently got my hands on Symphonic Orchestra and I can't believe what I've been missing out on. While the sound is certainly dated compared to Spitfire, Symphobia and more contemporary libraries, it's still very playable and usable. In fact, it's age makes it quick to load on your computer! And besides! as you've shown, it's not about the tools. It's the music! A wonderful track from an evergreen orchestra! :D
Nightcrawler48 (1 year ago)
What libraries you used for piano?
giroliro3 (8 months ago)
Grant Borland (1 year ago)
What a fantastic composition man, seriously. so much color, and the dynamics make the piece so moving!
Greedy Rick (1 year ago)
This is such an awesome composition! What do you think of the whole composer cloud thing? Do think its worth trying?
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Absolutely worth trying! If not for my hardware limitations, I would be using the Hollywood Orchestra via CC.
Remon (1 year ago)
very well done ! I am trying to get back into orchestral scoring and was wondering what your opinion of Reaper is for this type of work. What CPU are you using (multi core/thread?) ? Do you write using notation software first and if so, is there an integration of a reliable notation method in Reaper ? I am really looking for a program that let's me combine traditional scoring with MIDI CC editing. Thanks !
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Thanks! I'm running a Windows machine with a 3rd gen (ivy bridge) i7. Reaper works just fine for orchestral scoring; though not as feature-heavy as the big dawgs (ie. Cubase, Performer, Logic, etc.), Reaper gets better with every update. They recently added notation built in, so no external software is needed anymore. I rarely use it though, because I perform most of the parts on a MIDI keyboard and edit afterwards in the piano roll.
FanofRPGalore (1 year ago)
I first heard it on NG and didn't get to save it. thank God I found it such a beautiful piece
Peter Roos (1 year ago)
That's really excellent.
Gharun Lacy Music (1 year ago)
Well done, Jacob. As you have just proven, composition and orchestration are 100 times more important than the latest and greatest sample library. Hisaishi is a treasure, by the way. Hisaishi and Miyazaki go together like Spielburg and Williams.
quadra sun (5 months ago)
yep..a friend of mine just bought chris hein ensemble strings..and they sound like shit to me..overloaded with too many effects not even sampled every note..not worth any money in my opinion
Nils F. Lindberg (11 months ago)
Jacob A. Cadmus - If your hands made this, they are definitely right.
Jacob A. Cadmus (1 year ago)
Hey thanks! Yeah these old libraries still hold up well in the right hands; not saying that my hands are right, but close enough I guess, haha.
PhantomPianist91 (1 year ago)
It could go right into the movie, this is some amazing stuff!! Keep it up, I'm looking forward to checking more of your music!!:)
DaveKeehl (1 year ago)
just beautiful man!!!
oblstudios movies (1 year ago)
wow! certainly another great piece of work. Looking forward for working relationships.

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