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Goo Ru Style | Fashion Tips From Beyoncé, Vanessa Williams & Tila Tequila's Stylists | WE tv

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Subscribe for more Goo Ru Style: https://goo.gl/1CiBkL Goo Goo Atkins shares her fashion and glam friends' secret weapon fashion tips. Ty Hunter AKA Beyoncé's stylist suggests to always wear undergarments, Anthony Bradshaw who's worked with various celebrities like the Kardashians as well as Tila Tequila says the most important thing is to love the skin you're in, and Vanessa Williams' hairstylist Chris Gees advises to keep hands out of hair! What is your secret weapon? Share with us in the comments below! Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GooRuStyle Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GooRuStyle_WEtv Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WEtv Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WEtv WE tv Instagram: https://instagram.com/wetv/ WE tv Tumblr: http://wetv.tumblr.com/ Official Site: http://www.wetv.com/ Goo Goo Atkins brings you the secrets to true fashion and beauty. It all starts with inner peace and embracing your size, seeing the value in yourself, as well as feeling confident being you. Let Goo inspire you to feel good in your own skin by working with what you've got!
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Text Comments (39)
mica Taylor warrick (2 years ago)
I love Goo
Yvonne Westerman (2 years ago)
Where can I find the necklace and head band your wearing
Lourdes Arbos (2 years ago)
i wanted long hair so i started drinking pills for hair , skin and nails I also began rubbing coconot oil on my scalp and a great hair dresser ofcourse my hair is now longer than ever almost reaching my butt. Coconut oil is great for scrubs, hair, makeup removal esp, around the eyes and I also cook with it. I dont rub it every day just once a week and i wear alot of buns to go to work. But on the weekend honey i let my hair loose.
Tiama Johnson (2 years ago)
Ummm Chris skin care secrets please!
Deidre Davis (2 years ago)
I appreciate you telling wearing undergarments so many need them but don't wear them. That is so not cute. I said it not cute. Ladies.
Ginger Tansil (2 years ago)
Great Vid, yet again!
tcarri05 (2 years ago)
I LOVE how you go in on hair style and hair COLOR! Light pink??? OK GOO!.. friendz oozing in GOO!
doublenickelzeta (2 years ago)
We have gotten away from wearing good foundation garments and it really makes some women look sloppy. We need to get back to it. BTW, Goo, the camera LOVES you!
Stephanie Mcbride (2 years ago)
I LOVE YOUR MANY HAIRSTYLE.I would really love to know how u do your hair with with the hair scarves.
Adi Myers (2 years ago)
Can you show us how to die undergarments?
diana johnson (2 years ago)
Goo you are cool do you leave Mitch in The garbage
Sandreal Smith (2 years ago)
Goo Goo you go chica. :-)
Faith & Fashion (3 years ago)
Jackets, jackets, jackets! A jacket can pull together ANY look. From dressed up blazers to simple white denim. You just can't go wrong with a jacket.
Sharon Williams (3 years ago)
GooRu Style Rocks! Love your show
MsShell1125 (3 years ago)
My all time secret is having a great handbag and jewelry will always pop an outfit.
Ebony FB (3 years ago)
Heyyy Goo! I recently started watching your videos and OMG, I love them! The only things missing are the links for all of the fabulous pieces and websites that you mention in your videos. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas & creativity...I am inspired! Please keep the videos coming!
Casandra Rush (3 years ago)
also would say short or long hair
Casandra Rush (3 years ago)
what type of jewelry will you say for ivory gown with no straps
patrice w (3 years ago)
what are your tips for brides on a budget?
GARNET 87 (3 years ago)
Tiana Martin (3 years ago)
Goo Goo please help, my birthday is coming soon and I to know what's the proper under garment for your belly and booty lol. Also, what color would go great with a Gray bodycon skirt? Please help! Sincerely birthday girl
MARGIE DANIELS (3 years ago)
Ms.Googoo, you are great!
Carol Allen (3 years ago)
aquaphor serves so many purposes
Yolanda Castleberry (3 years ago)
Great fashion ideas . Loving your videos
Farida Mgwami (3 years ago)
Goo please do a work wardrobe Monday to Friday
Nanabutterfly94 (3 years ago)
Goo Goo, I am addicted to your show! Love your style! You need your own show!
denmark 8896 (3 years ago)
Your friends are just as beautiful as you are. Birds of a feather...
OhSoNaturalGirl21 (3 years ago)
Best type of clothes for body types are a good subject. Im a little top heavy and i have the toughest time trying to find clothes that takes fits my body type.
Kristi Colvin (3 years ago)
OMG. I never ever watch a full add on YT but you're a doll! Instant subscribe and I will be stalking your socials!!!
itsme!! (3 years ago)
My secret weapons are perfume and lotion
Raquel Rene' (3 years ago)
+Donnie B meeee
Donnie B (3 years ago)
Mine too! Unfortunately I know a few with allergies to scents.
Theresa Nichols (3 years ago)
Too please to a review of pear shapes. I find it difficult to wear dresses due to my pear shape.
T. Hammons (3 years ago)
Chelsea Brantley (3 years ago)
Goo is it possible for you to do a video with some fall & winter looks??
Missesjonquil (3 years ago)
love these style vids!!
Debra Colbert (3 years ago)
Googoo i want threaded eyebrows but have doubts. What else can i do to make them look rich and thick?
linda La londonienne (3 years ago)
Googoo you look amazinnnnng
Mary Watson (3 years ago)

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