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George W. Bush on shame on you (funny)

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doktorlester (7 years ago)
3 people are working way too hard to put food on their families.
Mallory Knox (8 years ago)
the question we have to ask is our children learning?
Julius Navikas (9 years ago)
he is best specialist of dope jokes :D
Sharyn Shmeshack (9 years ago)
0:11 lolol! "I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefully!"
Chump in a bathtub (9 years ago)
Obsentrics And Gynocology. idk how to spell it, but its two fields of medicine that usually work together
AlderDragon (10 years ago)
Don't you mean Breast president ever?
Sami Ham (10 years ago)
manibus1881 (10 years ago)
@Joanaldinho This is just perfect.
Philipp Berry (10 years ago)
his delivery is superb, his timing impeccable.
manchestar2 (10 years ago)
what we call it...states of nation!!!!
Nettoyeur2000 (11 years ago)
Bush et plusieurs autres membres de son administration sont des criminels de guerre qui doivent être jugés! Autrement, le droit international sera perçu comme une véritable mascarade.
Nox (11 years ago)
Now that's the real Bush. No offense, but I hate him.
Rolgi Jansson (11 years ago)
"If I made about 100 speeches a year, I'd probably have quite a few screw ups too." you dumb fuck. he's the president of the most powerful country in the world. he's a public face. you're not ment to do stupid mistakes and say stupid things when you're a public face. and bush really is a retard.
calzoid71 (11 years ago)
What an Idiot this man is. What a muppet. And the dumb arses who voted him in......it really is unbelievable. He's just done so much "good" for the world and America. lol, dumb arses.
A Yama (11 years ago)
shame on you!!!! He got copped by Micheal moor!
Sepero1 (11 years ago)
If I made about 100 speeches a year, I'd probably have quite a few screw ups too.
rtothemutha (11 years ago)
What an idiot! hahahhahaha!
rtothemutha (11 years ago)
It's our fault, Americans. I can laugh at dumb shit like this, but it's disgusting to know that we've put this on ourselves as a group, b/c there are only a little more than 50% that vote in the U.S., and we're just oblivious to the lies of media, to the lies of churches, to the lies of public education, and to the lies of our own families. We either wake up, or just point a finger to ourselves and say "Fuck us"...
Néstor Pardo (11 years ago)
Martin (11 years ago)
and people get killed because of him... what an ass
calzoid71 (11 years ago)
This would be funny if it was'nt so serious. He's a very stupid man. Makes Dan Quayle look like a genious.
tambam89 (11 years ago)
Hahahaha, what a dumbass.
Caffeine Dose (11 years ago)
this is why americans are stupid
railzip (12 years ago)
too funnny!! !

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