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RHETT AKINS -That Ain't My Truck

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Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
Country music over the past 30 years or so has become more and more infiltrated by godless girly men. Listen to the lyrics of this song. Why would someone want to be with a WHORE who simultaneously dates two separate men and then takes at least one of them in to her home to fornicate with? Smh.
cymatic 7 (1 month ago)
Plot twist: It's actually a serial killer at her house..
brianwesley28 (1 month ago)
Plot twist: She wanted to tell the other guy, in person, that it wasn't him.
Terry Quesenberry (1 month ago)
Richard G (1 month ago)
Rhett a Ram driver, we aint the cheatin kind!
Daniel Martin (2 months ago)
Saw him at Moultrie Walmart perform this same year released Inside store at snack bar. MAGA
Bad Driver (4 months ago)
This song is timeless! Awesome 👍👍
Nate Miller (4 months ago)
Thomas Rhett’s daddy
K. Holland (4 months ago)
Miss this era of country music....
Juanita Buron (4 months ago)
That aint my car or wiring that causes to run bad still not fixed after 2weeks and$300.2/26/19 dont look good my wHole world.
I should of did it and laugh about it
Anthony Haverland (5 months ago)
Those 87 people that gave this song a thumbs down don't know what good country is
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
112 thumbs down after I just thumbed down this TERRIBLE song about a whore and two girly men.
Billy Newberry (7 months ago)
he should of stolen his truck lol
Logan Till (7 months ago)
that was my truck lol
Dylan Diel (8 months ago)
Anyone that’s a fan of this song needs to grow some balls
Byron Beasley (8 months ago)
@Dylan Diel it's not so gay when you're mud ridin with your hommies and your piece of shit 4x4 gets the front left wheel stuck or your climbing a rock face and your right back wheel needs to spin slower than the left to avoid sliding down a huge fucking Boulder.
Byron Beasley (8 months ago)
@Dylan Diel lol. OBS is for queers? If so you're smart enough to know what an Electronic Brake Control Module is. But it's ABS. Antilock Braking System
Dylan Diel (8 months ago)
Byron Beasley Lol what does that have to do with this song. OBS is for queers anyway
Byron Beasley (8 months ago)
@Dylan Diel you seem like the type that wouldn't know a powertrain control module from a plastic bag. Where is the EBCM located on an 86 through 95 Chevrolet 1500 pickup?
Dylan Diel (8 months ago)
Byron Beasley you seem like the type
Otto Nicator (8 months ago)
He is "all out of Trucks to give"? He's "out of there"......
Preston Gillis (9 months ago)
He sang this song like he lived it. What an artist! He also did drivin’ my life away and did it justice.
Cassie Moore (11 months ago)
He was such a hunk..seen him in concert when I was 16..if I'd just been couple years older hehe..
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
That's disgusting. Are you saying you were a whore?
Sammy Waganfeald (11 months ago)
love is song
True true
TheNatureboy64 (1 year ago)
And it ain't my day tonight! Great Tune. Love to sing and play it often myself!
Jessica Ann Stewart (1 year ago)
Rhett was my crush as a teenager. I love this song!!
Byron Beasley (8 months ago)
Dodge had a bad electronics design in the 90's as well. their ECMs and ABS control modules were located in the engine compartment inside the air breather or mounted on the firewall. they suffered extreme temperature changes and 10x the moisture exposure vs in dash mounted control modules. Chrysler electronics were shit to begin with using cheap capacitors and poor enclosure designs, leading to premature death of critical control electronics such as the Powertrain Control Module or the EBCM
BoostLife (1 year ago)
This kind of a situation happened to me a few mos ago, but, guess who ended up coming back to me after her now-ex was a complete prick to her every day? Yep, I ended with the last laugh
Matt Hadden (11 days ago)
No Bud......he did.
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
Please don't tell me you took the whore back? That would be very, very foolish.
Nick Nottestad (1 year ago)
Best country song of all time...Wisconsin missed you, Rhett.
Sawyer Ramsey (1 year ago)
You're probably better off without her, dude
ROSS BUTTLER (1 year ago)
I love this song.
Elisa Thompson (1 year ago)
As long as she's happy. That's all that really matters.
Teresa Farr (1 year ago)
I wasn't dating this guy at the time but my ex showed up at the bar and he got drunk.so he spent the night.but my new friend brought that up when we got together.true but nothing happened.what the heck.my faught.....
Kevin will (11 months ago)
Teresa Farr u have a man
Jennifer Dijames (1 year ago)
I miss you Rhett . BUT Thomas is doing great with his music and he is coming to buffalo in June for the taste of country.
Tahnee Kelly (1 year ago)
David Coleman (1 year ago)
Grew up with Rhett in Valdosta,ga. Knew him all my life. I can remember partying with him at JPs. Rhett pitched and played quarterback in high school for Lowndes High.
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
What do you mean by "partying"? Did he date whores? If he wrote the lyrics of this song, and its about him, then he definitely dated whores.
Jaden C (1 month ago)
That's cool. I used to have the biggest crush on him 😆. I moved to Stilwell OK but kept my 229 number
Evelyn 70s (3 months ago)
Really badass
Robert Kahn (6 months ago)
That's Badass
Justin Watson (1 year ago)
Good song but I guess he should have bought a Chevy 4x4 hahaha
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
@Jay Bad mother fucker What does that mean?
Jay Bad mother fucker (22 days ago)
then it wouldve said "that aint my truck in his drive" xD
Teresa Farr (1 year ago)
Awesome Song ! Love it
Isaiah Smith (1 year ago)
Stalker style, way back.
Sonny Dean (1 year ago)
90's Country Rocks!
Travis Keith (21 days ago)
Dallas Johnson (1 year ago)
Thought of breakin down the door...little crazy disguised by a catchy melody
Mikey Alderete (1 year ago)
Love it🍻
Street Speed 979 (1 year ago)
Song of my life
Street Speed 979 mine too bro
Sarah D (1 year ago)
Jane Marsh (1 year ago)
Sing along song doing 55 down the Rd..,,,,,,,....
laughingcat (1 year ago)
One of my all time favorite songs-great driving song-and true country
Travis Keith (21 days ago)
Dale Bettis (1 year ago)
This happened to me 3 weeks ago
patricia jefferson (1 year ago)
I love this song!
Geni Cook (2 years ago)
my song yee eye
Bite Me (2 years ago)
he can have the girl I'm taking his truck lol
r suarez (2 years ago)
Lived this scenario many many moons ago. ;)
Sterling Crandall (2 years ago)
This happened to me once... in the Summer of 1995!!!  I'm sure she's completely self-absorbed in her life, good or not, to never remember,  This is LIFE!!!  I Look it up... divorced 4 times since.  HMMM... I was the problem?
funtrucker66 (2 years ago)
Jesus, if I had a dollar for every time that happened to me...
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
THEN STOP DATING WHORES! Sex is for marriage; and marriage ONLY!
Joshua Ervin (24 days ago)
I’d have a few bucks myself lol
Jeremiah Fisher (1 month ago)
RIGHT!!! I wouldn't be out here polishing semis
Jonathan Collins (4 months ago)
Id have 8 dollars
nemesisgenius (2 years ago)
Rhett Akins first of 2 #1 Billboard country hits. Hit #1 on 9-23-95.
Stella Hansen (2 years ago)
ove love love ❤✊
5keeper7ful (2 years ago)
The intro sounds like "Only in America" by Brooks & Dunn.
Jeff C (2 years ago)
5keeper7ful it was out before that song came out
WHYWHYWHY (3 years ago)
Don't own anything yet you own the money from the ads you run on the video! nice work 66k views whats that $95 on something you don't have any ownership to.
eric webb (3 years ago)
love love love ❤✊
Madeline Salinas (3 years ago)
Great music
Elisa Thompson (1 year ago)
Madeline Salinas yes it is!
Elizabeth Parks (3 years ago)
love this song its one of the best old country songs ever
Karen Davis (3 years ago)
You guys think with something different for once and just maybe.That could've been you in the house.She's not thinking bout A truck.GOSH!
Teresa Farr (1 year ago)
Karen Davis Like ur comment
daniel kelly (2 years ago)
Karen Davis holy God that was funny!
GMC Jae (3 years ago)
lol this is my buddy's life story right now.. fuckin girls lol
fastwheels87 (2 years ago)
What da you do? Women! Can't live with em, can't live without em!
sorry to hear that. Prayin it gets better.
Andrew Schmidt (3 years ago)
One of the best songs of all time
Jesus Christ is Lord! (17 days ago)
This song is horrible! It's about a girly man who dated a whore!
Mark Ellsworth (7 months ago)
@mark mccormickSummer of 1995 actually. Classic song.
Mr99RICH99 (7 months ago)
Country songs yes!!
Dylan Diel (8 months ago)
You guys are pathetic
auto Tuner (1 year ago)
freakin classic
Roger Goff (4 years ago)
I know why she chose the other guy, it's in the line " that Chevy 4x4 in her drive", Rhett was probably driving a Ford. HaHa, actually they are both Chevy's, but the other guy had a nicer one. The girl's a golddigger.
Mr99RICH99 (7 months ago)
Byron Beasley (8 months ago)
@Devin Rice you mean that 1992 Chevy 1500 king cab with 350 CUI 400 HP V8 with throttle body injection and 4 speed electronic controlled trans ?
Devin Rice (11 months ago)
No it wouldn't have because he would have never made it to her house in a Ford
Roger Goff (2 years ago)
funtrucker66 (2 years ago)
Roger Goff If he had a Ford... this situation would never have happened lol
bill thurman (4 years ago)
this one hurts lmao
Autty Cal.27 (4 years ago)
Sandy Vigil (2 years ago)
Autty Cal.27

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