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Let's Play: EastWest's Hollywood Choirs (Diamond Edition)!

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Had a lot of fun with EastWest's latest offering: Hollywood Choirs. Got to test out the Diamond edition which boasts some excellent mic positions & VR capabilities downloaded, of course, via the Composer Cloud subscription system. The wordbuilder is easily the crown jewel of this library, and it works very well. Have a look-see or listen to more here: http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-choirs
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SubRose (2 days ago)
I'm thinking on buying this because it's on sale for november, but the douth is: It's better to go for this one of the Symphonic Choirs? I kinda like more the sound of this one, I'm interested in the fact to be able to input my own lyrics to the choirs. Thanks for any feedback
I I (3 months ago)
I was expecting a range of ANGELIC female choirs and very deep resonant male choirs based on that promo picture.
Manchester Music (3 months ago)
Me too.
Tago (3 months ago)
6:40 I did naaaaht
Benny Griswold (6 months ago)
It's cool and all but i worry about how you'd go about composing a lengthy piece of music with it. The same goes for all the these choir VST's with phrase builders and that let you build a few phrases. What if i'm not trying to repeat the same phrases over and over? What do i do?
0seconds (6 months ago)
It's FLY!! Fly you fools!! :p
Et Cogito Ergo Sum (6 months ago)
you take too long on start playing
nicolashrv (6 months ago)
7:19 apparently, he pressed the last keys not at the same time, so WB mixed the first and last word (near + The) because it was starting all over again the phrase..........notice he again press and it starts from "end....is...."
BLYNDE (7 months ago)
12:37 I really thought you'd say something different after "anyway".
SuperCyberGangsta (8 months ago)
Can this be used as a plugin in native instruments maschine software? It's basically a vst, with a library, correct?
Manchester Music (8 months ago)
It’s a PLAY instrument, so it’s not designed for the NI ecosystem. That being said I believe it’s NKS compatible. But you’ll want to check their website to be sure.
Paul Haugen (9 months ago)
When I click on "Word Builder" nothing happens- also, notes played on the controller keyboard play notes and chords that are completely different than what is being played on the keyboard. What's going on here?
Tony Solomon Scores (9 months ago)
Where all da black people at...East West should think of Gospel....Rolling Stones, Sting and so many other diverse acts have.
David E. Harris (10 months ago)
I see you are using Logic. Ever use DP or Cubase?
Manchester Music (10 months ago)
I used DP briefly in school. Wasn’t for me. Cubase I’m curious about but have never tried.
Diogo Rodrigues (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video, Geoff! I use Composers Cloud library and it is nice to see a review like yours. Please keep them coming! :D Cheers!
MithraMusic (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I have to disagree about this being a good sign of progress. I don't find it too be a big step forward from their last choir library. I have used both quite a bit now and the truth is I would not pay the full price for this. It sounds a little better but that's it. Even the improvements in the word builder don't seem significant enough.
Lee Blaske (10 months ago)
Totally agree with your comments about there not being a light/dark side to this library (at least from what I've heard so far). It just seems to have that serious, dark tone and attitude, which I suppose is fine if you want to do serious, dark, menacing music. But what if you want sweet, or wistful, or ethereal, or fun, or a bit humorous? Like their previous library, I don't think this one will do that. It needs an Angry/Fun knob. ;)
Lee Blaske (10 months ago)
I guess giving EW the benefit of the doubt, the angel in their promo picture looks kind of angry and pissed off. So maybe there still is truth in their advertising. ;)
Requiem (10 months ago)
I hated their marketing for this. A lot of hype for not much of an upgrade from Symphonic Choirs. Honestly, if you already own Symphonic Choirs, this library doesn't seem to add too much other than perhaps a marginally more "warm" sound and slightly improved UI, with some cool mic positions. I would have also liked to see you do some shorts with this library, because along the lines of your criticism Geoff, I really think this library is a little too soft and I thought it would have a punchier sound. Hollywood Brass and Strings are there for that punchy, epic sound, and I thought this Hollywood iteration for choirs would be the same, but I'm kind of disappointed. I understand something like a wordbuilder is revolutionary, but after more than a decade since Symphonic Choirs, and with technology improvements, I was thoroughly hoping to be knocked out of my seat with this one. I wasn't. I would give this library a 7/10.
nicolashrv (6 months ago)
well...adds a lot to their bank accounts............never the less.........what I think they mostly did, was just ADVERTISE FUNCTIONS which you had already on the Symphonic Choirs but 99% of people didn't used, like the cross fades, plus increasing the amount of premade texts. I would really pay to see they improve that damn letter R which sounds very "English", and is totally useless to write in Latin languages............Requiem, in latin should not sound like "ruekuiem"....it is really annoying and sounds fake to the ear when you make Spanish or Latin, or even Italian text.........all because a stupid letter!!
MithraMusic (10 months ago)
Requiem you're so right, this library adds almost nothing.
MrKramble (10 months ago)
Can you make something for me.. need only a few words, therefor the pack is to expensive ;)
Busy Works Beats (11 months ago)
“I did not hit her..” lol 😂 6:40
Upside Down (11 months ago)
6:49 my favorite part.... OH hi Geoff
Ronny B (11 months ago)
why most people rather use kontakt then EW play engine,two points,1,you have to use a ILOK key and 2,one computer per licence when licence is on the computer without ILOK key,so,anoying,kontakt,sampletank and garittan dont have these limitations,so if they dont change their licence utility,no more EW for me,even if their library is out of this world
nicolashrv (6 months ago)
This is not a problem of software per se, is a problem of piracy........Kontak, Garritan etc, are all extremely pirated software, Cubase also. This is why EWQL does not compress their files and developed PLAY.......to make it less appealing for the hackers. Even if you do one day crack the PLAY and iLok, you still will need to download 4 terabytes of samples. Still........I wouldn't say you get too much difference between the Hollywood orchestra, and the Platinum Orchestra (which is already hacked and available to illegaly download online). And I would say, people use maybe 5% of the cappabilities of the program, so in the end, there is NO DIFFERENCE in your finished product.
Michael (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video Geoff. I do use Choir Libraries and don’t see anything really special in this one. Like you say, after seeing the publicity maybe my expectations were higher than they should have been. Glad to see you finally got to your new living space.
Manchester Music (11 months ago)
Happy someone else had a different impression from the marketing too. When you boil it down, it’s a great sounding library and the word builder is pretty impressive but I expected that extra *something* like a “good/evil FX engine” for example..again only because the marketing felt it was telling a story about the product.
TheDamnChicken (11 months ago)
oh hi Geoff!
monsieur171 (11 months ago)
can you please tell people at the beginning of your reviews how much it is ?
MithraMusic (10 months ago)
That seems like a bad idea. EastWest libraries have about the most inconsistent prices out there. Hollywood Strings itself used to be a grand, now the entire Hollywood Orchestra goes on sale for a couple hundred max. Etc. Plus the subscription service.
TheDamnChicken (11 months ago)
The Diamond version is 800$. :)
Manchester Music (11 months ago)
It’s subscription based so its price tag differs depending on the tier you sign up for.
TheDamnChicken (11 months ago)
I'm glad that you can play it softly with the modwheel. Happy I tried it out!
Ashton Gleckman (11 months ago)
This is bloody revolutionary! A sample library singing Tommy Weiseau! Hahaha what a story Geoff.
Ashton Gleckman (11 months ago)
You betrayed me! Your not good . You, your just a chicken... CHIP-CHIP-CHIP-CHIP
Manchester Music (11 months ago)
So how’s yor sex life
Ashton Gleckman (11 months ago)
Manchester Music (11 months ago)
do you understahnd life?

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