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Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

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paul amrod (4 days ago)
The Symphonic Choir of East West has many more possibilities for realism. It takes some work but every second is worth the time. I have very sensitive ears and I hear a distinctive difference from one software to another. I am speaking of course to classically trained composers. I wish East West luck with this software for other writers but I purchased Symphonic Choirs.
Cory Pelizzari (4 days ago)
That is true. While Hollywood choirs has a smoother sound when free-playing with the word builder, Symphonic Choirs had so much more detail and variety in articulations and fx, plus a boys choir and soloists to round it out. How East West can charge double the price for Hollywood Choirs is beyond me (actually, the reason is so they can reel in more composer cloud subscribers by hiking up the price of their new libraries, but don't tell anyone because customers aren't supposed to be savvy enough to know that).
Jeff T (9 days ago)
When in doubt, pinkie out!
Cory Pelizzari (9 days ago)
Yes! Finally someone who noticed.
Maximilian Gockel (1 month ago)
Thanks! Your honest review saved me 599$.
anast dime (2 months ago)
The main reason you wanna buy this library is because of the word builder. No other library does that. If not, then stick to other libraries and their Kirie.
Jeff T (9 days ago)
That's literally all that draws me to it. That and that it's 60% off this month.
J Hummelgaard (2 months ago)
I have Requiem light, I love it but it does not do soft phrasing. I am looking at Freyja from Strezov but it seems so limited with regards to phrasing. In any case I really appreciate your honesty in this review :D
Chris Schlee (3 months ago)
Good review - exactly my thoughts. I have got most of the existing choir libraries these days and right now IMO nothing beats Strezov´s Wotan, Arva and Freyja (and hopefully soon Storm Choir III) for a lyrical and epic sound, Fluffy Audio´s Dominus for sacred music (especially once their upgrade will be released with separated voices SATB and more words for realistic ecclesiastic liturgical stuff), Tarilonte´s Mystics for medieval stuff, 8Dio´s Requiem Pro for the choir effects and Performance Samples´s Oceania for fast high energetic situations. While I loved Symphonic Choirs MANY YEARS AGO I also was a little bit disappointed of HC - especially because: 1. Legato 2. No Boy´s Choir 3. "Just" an updated version of the old wordbuilder while I expected something totally groundbreaking and new. But well. Each product has its niche and situation where it can shine. Even HC would not be useful for what I do (and if I needed something like that Symphonic Choirs stil does the job on a similar level IMO) there will be people out there who get what they wanted I guess.
Joshua Smith Composer (4 months ago)
I feel you're very right in this review. In most use cases you'd be better off going with something from 8dio. They have some pretty fantastic stuff with a very efficient workflow. However I went ahead and picked this one up for my own personal (both media and non media published) compositions primarily for the custom wordbuilding. I was always fascinated by how the latin translation of One Winged Angel in Final Fantasy 7 described Sephiroth's character so well. And because of that I've always wanted to write in my own lyrical content to choir libraries I work with. Again I feel like my use cases are very rare in today's market but for me it was a personal choice between that and the slurring legato. Luckily libraries with slurred legato are relatively cheap as you mentioned ;)
Benny Griswold (6 months ago)
Yan Barcelo (6 months ago)
I was thinking of buying this library, but your review makes me think twice. An option I'm considering is subscribing to Composer Cloud where I'll be able to test Hollywood Choirs and maybe a few other EWQL libraries. Thank you for the detailed analysis.
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Great honest review, very helpful, thanks a lot!  EW is offering a crossgrade for owners of Symphonic Choirs to Hollywood Choirs this week (Platinum for $399).  Still on the fence about this.  It seems like the question comes down to do I really want to upgrade the word builder to a newer version for $399?  I don't know...
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
By the way, really like your composition at the end of the video.  And it shows HC can sound good too, thanks.
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Wow, thanks so much for the honesty and the truth, much appreciated.
Cory Pelizzari (7 months ago)
Hollywood Choirs is the only library that offers custom word-building for a choir, but if custom lyrics are an actual requirement for a composer it's much more beneficial to hire a small choral section. When the custom phrases are played in the library, they aren't crystal clear or articulate the way you'd truly want them to be. They're more of a "sounds around about right" result than anything. What you get for the price will more than likely frustrate you than satisfy you, truth be told.
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Just went to Performance Samples and Fluffy Audio's websites and took a look at their choir products.  It seems that Hollywood Choirs is the only library in the market (other than the older Symphonic Choirs) that allow you to type your own lyrics and sing them out, am I correct?  If building my own words is a requirement, are there any other choices?  Thanks a lot.
Sheldon Tam (7 months ago)
Thanks, will take a look.
StewieSwan (9 months ago)
Well this makes me feel better about not being able to afford it lol
J L N (9 months ago)
BINGO! You nailed it...if you're looking for realism, the lack of legato makes this product almost worthless.
Stephen Mills (10 months ago)
I have a lot of choir libraries and feel the Strezov choirs really deliver. 8Dio Insolidus is quite impressive too for a lyrical style library with it's arc syllables that produce a very beautiful realistic sound when played correctly. Still waiting to see on what Spitfire can deliver. Thanks for the presentation!

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